Sunday, November 8, 2015

Mike Whitney- Obfuscating for NATO, AGAIN! Turkey to 'annex' Syria?

This is the second time Mike Whitney has written a piece that is picked up everywhere and is obfuscation, transference (propaganda technique- simply put: This technique involves making an illogical association between one thing and something else that is generally viewed as positive or negative. ) and full of loaded words etc

Where is Mike Whitney as the Kurds annex Syria? Or since that is NATO approved, does Mike Whitney stay silent or obfuscate that NATO approved move? As you will read Mike Whitney obfuscates...
MW- "The surprise outcome of the balloting, which was widely denounced as “unfair and marred by fear and violence by international election observers”,  has given Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) 49 percent of the vote restoring single-party rule in Ankara" 
The surprise outcome? It was not a surprise. The polls predicted the AKP win and it happened.
The turnout was very large and the pre election polls could not and did not account for the massive voter turnout.  Either way AKP was polling in the lead the entire time.
So, NO surprise outcome.

Flashback:  AKP's "Stunning Victory"?
MW: "The surprise outcome of the balloting, which was widely denounced as “unfair and marred by fear and violence by international election observers”

An out and out bald faced lie! : The election or the 'balloting' was deemed fair. The election was conducted professionally and offered a variety of choices for the voter! The problem was that violence marred the campaigns leading up to the election, that's what the OSCE said! And that violence was not limited to one party either. The fact that Mike disinfo Whitney used the word 'balloting' instead of election is obfuscation plain and simple.
Flashback: OSCE Can't Produce Valid Criticism of Turkey's Election!
"The observer mission’s preliminary report said that while the elections were conducted professionally and offered a variety of choices for the electorate...."
 “Candidate registration was inclusive overall, providing voters with a diverse and genuine choice.

There was general confidence in the voter register, the observers noted.

According to observers, women played an active role in the campaign, although they remain under-represented in political life.

Moving through the latest Whitney nonsense....
Whitney shifts over to a quote from Brooking's analyst Michael E. O’Hanlon- Where a NATO/Neo Con plan to split Syria up is presented- This is the transference where the accusation made against Turkey is actually a NATO plan, rebranded for spin.
MW- "In 2015, however, the strategy was expanded upon by Brookings analyst Michael E. O’Hanlon in a piece  titled “Deconstructing Syria: A new strategy for America’s most hopeless war”. Here’s an excerpt: …the only realistic path forward may be a plan that in effect deconstructs Syria….the international community should work to create pockets with more viable security and governance within Syria over time…"
That Brookings piece was posted here at the blog: Brookings: Deconstructing Syria-Order from Chaos 

 How can Whitney credibly get from a NATO/ neocon plan over to accusing Turkey of 'annexing Syria'? Transfer propaganda!

 If Turkey did 'annex' Syria, as promoted by Brookings,  it would be in cooperation and collusion with the already mentioned NATO plan. This would not be Turkey annexing SyriaThis would be NATO annexing Syria. And that is happening presently using the proxy ISIS as the reason to back the Kurds and have them cut off vast swathes of Syrian territory and claim it as their own. Whitney never says a word about the Kurdish theft or annexation of Syrian territory! You will read what he says about Kurdish land theft shortly, I'll give you a hint- he obfuscates using loaded language..

And right about here is where most readers will stop reading MW's piece- after having read the headlines and the lies in the first few paragraphs.. Cause sadly that is  how most people read
Whitney again:
 MW:  This is the Obama administration’s basic blueprint for toppling Assad and reducing Syria into an ungovernable failed state run by regional warlords, renegade militias and Islamic extremists

Yes, this is the Obama plan. But it's not the Erdogan plan. Nor the AKP plan? Or even the Turkish state plan? It's a US plan.

  Wait just a minute!  MW actually mentions the Kurdish militias and I am quoting his writing verbatim:
 MW- "There is, of course, a question about the Kurdish militias role in this strategy. Recently, the US has air-dropped pallet-loads of weapons and ammo to the Democratic Union Party (PYD)  hoping the group could help the US secure the last stretch of land along the border west of the Euphrates thus keeping vital supply lines open for the jihadis while establishing a safe haven on Syrian territory. Erdogan violently opposes any operation that will create a contiguous Kurdish state on the Syrian side of the border."

Let's repeat the pertinent information in that paragraph

It is verifiable that-  "the US has air-dropped pallet-loads of weapons and ammo to the Democratic Union Party (PYD)"

US Airdrops Weapons to Kurdish Militias in Northern Syria: Kurds & War Crimes!
or US Airdrops Tons & Tons of Munitions into Northern Syria- For the “good” terrorists

  "hoping the group could help the US secure the last stretch of land along the border west of the Euphrates thus keeping vital supply lines open for the jihadis while establishing a safe haven on Syrian territory"

What did Mike Whitney say in that paragraph?!Likely the only truthful statement in this article and almost no one read it!

 He wrote:  "the US airdropped pallet loads of weapons and ammo" to the Kurds so they can "keep vital supply lines open for jihadis" while "establishing a safe zone"-  I'm quite comfortable with the fact that the Kurds are indeed jihadis and the US is assisting them to ANNEX Syria- 

Whitney does not use the inflammatory word "annex' when it comes to the Kurdish terrorists- because they are allies of NATO. Rather he uses the R2P language of 'safe haven' 

The Kurds establishing a safe haven is the same as annexing territory- Period.

This is the second article Mr Whitney demonizes/transfers/blames Turkey for  NATO activities and plans! - It is quite clear to me he is promoting the R2P version of NATO's remake the ME/ Kurdistan agenda, which will inevitably destroy Turkey and Iran, alongside Iraq/Syria.  He has zero problem with NATO's Kurds annexing Syria and instead of putting responsibility for the evil destruction of Syria by NATO, on NATO, he blames Turkey.  As if !! Who is touting this man's work as credible? It's not.

Mike Whitney's disinfo exposed previously: Russia: No Arms to Kurds/Cooperating with Turkey & Mike Whitney obfuscating for NATO?

  Best Mike Whitney lie in previous post?
Then Mr Whitney get’s really absurd with this statement

“DNA samples from the two suicide bombers indicate they were both members of ISIS”

Does ISIS have some kind of special DNA?


  1. Blue-Falcon Chicken-Hawk. Allow the Deviant Puff-Stuff NWO-Enabler Whitney ZERO CREDIBILITY

    1. yah, well i'm in the middle of learning or realizing just how much disinfo is out there and it's a freakin' stunner- I also feel duped!

    Trident II missile test flight from the USS Kentucky, an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine

  3. Using Israeli Intel, U.S. Investigators All but Certain Bomb Downed Russian Airliner

    Communications in Sinai intercepted by Israeli intelligence were passed to U.S. and Britain, U.S. official tells CNN.
    read more:

    1. I read the article
      Israeli intelligence is very curiously everywhere it is needed..
      Ghouta- Israeli intelligence provided the initial intel
      The killing of Harriri- Israeli intelligence, again
      And now we have Israeli intelligence providing vital info to the US and UK, again

  4. His most recent investigation, “a coup busted”, looked into the military trial of 26 army officers accused of plotting a coup against the Sisi government. Those convicted included Major Momen Mohamed Saeed Abdel Aty, the brother of General Ragai Saeed, one of the country's most senior generals. The report prominently featured Egypt's military intelligence service. - See more at:


    2. Does make one think back to the Nayef and the former Egyptian intel chief kills?

      Apr 12
      Ex-regime strongman says he fears 'price Egypt will have to pay if Israel decides to reoccupy Sinai. 'Asked whether he plans to reoccupy Sinai, Suleiman replied: "It's possible that Israel will confront us and use its national security as an excuse to do so. Israelis are experts at presenting such excuses to the world.",7340,L-4216393,00.html

      Feb 11
      The new vice-president of Egypt, Omar Suleiman, is a long-standing favourite of Israel's who spoke daily to the Tel Aviv government via a secret "hotline" to Cairo, leaked documents disclose. The files suggest that Mr Suleiman wanted Hamas "isolated", and thought Gaza should "go hungry but not starve".

      July 12 Mr. Suleiman
      "had been no public reports that Mr. Suleiman was ailing or that he had gone to the United States for medical care, so the news of his death came as a surprise. No cause was given"

      Nayef June 16 / Suleiman Jul 19

    3. Sisi not a tough as Erdogan?

    4. thanks anonymous: going to do a post when I have more time on this situation, but, Israel is the elephant in the room no one is talking about

      How the ISIS pretext in Sinai gives Israel the in they want to take the Sinai!

    5. Also keep in mind that the IMF is negotiating with Eygpt who just took down the central banker as BBG touts another devaluation coming ASAP

      3rd devalue Oct

      Jet Crash Seen Adding to Pressure on Egypt to Devalue Pound

      Week ago

      From BBG
      "Foreign investors have stayed away from Egypt out of fear that they might not be able to repatriate their money, El-Bahey said, calling for the restrictions on foreign currency put in place by Ramez to be revoked. The Egyptian pound should also be pegged to a basket of currencies, rather than only to the dollar, he said."

      The Saudis are paying for the Egypt arms deals with RUSSIA. And the IMF is out again warning on Saudi bankruptcy as the ratings agencies pile on.

      Another peg slip sliding away???? in wake of massive gas field find

      It is somewhat curious that the Italians -Q the Putin / Vatican / Berlusconi / Superjet / diesel subs etc - seem to turn up in almost every important natgas find (Africa, Cyprus, Egypt, ALGERIA and the Saipem scandals)

      From Aug
      Saudi Arabia Breaks Gulf Silence on Peg Seen Here to Stay - note forwards have widened since the affirmation..
      From June 8
      UAE may give central bank role in setting monetary policy - governor

      From 2007
      Kuwait unhooks dinar and dollar, signaling a possible trend

      Egyptian pound WORST performer behind the ALGERIAN dinar - which is seeing the upsurge of its own stalled spring under ongoing purges, though the joint Russian statements on sharing common outlook notable.

      Egypt and UAE rumored cooperating in those Anon Libya strikes. Egypt just calls on NATO to go back into Libya as the Jihadi in Sinai and 'spillover' worry accelerates

      Going back to the comment about Egypt tourism campaign and crash. In view of the looting andn destruction of relics and antiquity, what stands out is the launch of a new ground penetrating scan of Giza and the opening of new chambers with Glyphs.

      The new scans

      Days ago
      Firefighting brigade suppresses fire at St. Petersburg’s Naval Museum

      And from Feb via CNN: Fire destroys historic documents at Moscow library

    6. UK and Dutch

  5. Curious, can anyone enlighten me as to whether or not Mike Whitney ever mentions the extensive Israeli involvement with the Kurds in Syria? Or Israeli involvement to destabilize Syria generally? Anyone? I've not seen it but it's possible I've missed it?