Saturday, November 14, 2015

NATO's Turn To Attack

 Since the Paris attacks yesterday, I've had a feeling of dread-

 Anyone who is suggesting/claiming or implying this is not a NATO stay behind/Gladio type attack, with the NATO global tyranny/war machine as the biggest benefactor, getting their 'dream come true', is blowing smoke up your skirt- Period.

Paris Attacks- Cui Bono? Think NATO's Secret Armies AKA Gladio!

Now is not the time to believe in 'blowback', unintended consequences and all other misleading nonsense- Much is at stake and cool heads have to prevail!

From my previous post:
 Sinjar: Creating a Crucial Supply Route for KurdIShIS & Annexing Iraqi Territory
 "Additionally, it sure looks as if NATO intends to increase the warfare. Any way possible. Worsening Iraq and Syria with an eye to Turkey as well. As I've mentioned.On multiple occasions. In many posts.
This is about redrawing the borders of the middle east- Weakening certain states. Strengthening others. This is about ethnic cleansing. Displacing persons. 
You want simple narratives? The war mongering  media and plenty of other so called alt media sites will spoon feed you all the drivel you can stomache"
 Now let's read this latest piece and then take the time to listen to Patrick Henningsen.
In Brussels, at the political headquarters of NATO, and in Mons, the military “Pentagon” of NATO just an hour south, officials will be working through the weekend. The 28-nation alliance, after all, is founded on one key premise enshrined in the Article 5 of its founding treaty: “The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all and consequently they agree that, if such an armed attack occurs, each of them, in exercise of the right of individual or collective self-defence recognised by Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, will assist the Party or Parties so attacked.” It is worth noting that the only country to ever activate Article 5 was the United States after the 9/11 attacks in 2001.
If France would like to become the second such country, the first step would be to call for an Article 4 consultation, which would convene the ambassadors of the 28 nations, who are in permanent session in Brussels, to discuss the situation and decide a course of action. This happened most recently in 2014, when Turkey requested an Article 4 meeting after the Islamic State attacks there.
It seems likely that an Article 4 meeting would conclude that the Paris massacres, given their scale and scope, should be considered an attack under Article 5. That would be entirely appropriate. The terrorist attacks — assuming that the Islamic State is, in fact, responsible for them — are the culmination of a long-running humanitarian disaster in Syria that has destabilized the Middle East and initiated the flow of millions of refugees into the heart of Europe. NATO can no longer pretend the conflict does not affect its most basic interests.
The fundamental purpose of a NATO mission should be to defeat the Islamic state in Syria and destroy the infrastructure it has created there. Such a mission would have the additional benefit of demonstrating that NATO is willing to act decisively when it is under threat.
Setting aside the internal disagreements that sometimes slow it down, NATO is an imposing military force. NATO has tremendous military resources at its disposal, including over 3 million troops under arms (and more in reserve), over 25,000 military aircraft, 800 oceangoing major combatant ships, and 50 AWACS aircraft. Meanwhile, the group’s 28 nations represent over 50 percent of global GDP.
A major NATO mission against the Islamic State would consist of a number of smaller, practical steps. First, according to NATO’s treaty, the incident must be referred to the U.N. Security Council. In terms of international law, it would be ideal for the Security Council to endorse a military response, though NATO would be capable of proceeding regardless.
Second, the alliance should assign one of its major joint commands to lead the planning and conduct of any operational response. Since the Allied Joint Force Command in Brunssum in the Netherlands is fully engaged as the lead command for Afghanistan, the task would likely fall to the other major command: the Allied Joint Force Command in Naples, Italy. This is the command that conducted the intervention in Libya and is one that has significant planning and operational experience, as well as deep connections to coalition partners from the region — the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Qatar, and others. NATO’s military planners should aim to include not only the alliance’s official members, but also its many coalition partners, including Sweden, Finland, and other regional actors.
A third key initiative would be to prepare NATO special forces for a central role in military operations. NATO Special Operations Headquarters in Casteau, Belgium, should take the lead in organizing intelligence-sharing among member states; it should also prepare the alliance’s joint special forces to be deployed on the ground in Syria to train and motivate anti-Islamic State fighters, gather firsthand intelligence, conduct raids, and serve as spotters for NATO and coalition aircraft.
Fourth, and most importantly in the long term, NATO should organize a training mission to work with both the combined Kurdish Peshmerga-Yazidi force operating in northern Iraq and the Iraqi security forces in Baghdad. Jordan — which has highly capable ground troops — should also be invited to participate at a high level. These efforts could be modeled on the NATO Training Mission-Iraq (NTM-I), which was in place from 2004 to 2011.
I took a lot of hell for making the claims I did about the Kurds and their allegiance to NATO- The Kurdish militias were not victims/underdogs forced into this fight. That's perception management extraordinaire! I reminded readers here to think about why the media pushed so hard on that meme? The Kurds were fully aware of what they were involved in, were willingly participating in destroying Syria, Iraq and Turkey, as they fully allied themselves with NATO. The Kurds are ready to go.
Fifth, the current U.S.-led bombing campaign in Syria and Iraq should come under NATO leadership. NATO could then increase the assets deployed in that mission by contributing additional aircraft, troops, ordnance, and AWACS aircraft, whose powerful radar provide 360-degree coverage of air battle space. NATO very effectively organized command and control over airspace in Afghanistan, and it could do the same in the current conflict.
Lastly, NATO should emphasize that it is building an “open coalition,” one that can not only include the forces of traditional allies, but also those of NATO’s traditional adversary, Russia. The Russian government claims to want to defeat the Islamic State, and it should have no lack of motivation, given the over 200 dead citizens — including many women and children — who seem to have been massacred by the Islamic State in the downing of a civilian aircraft just two weeks ago. Russia should be invited to participate alongside NATO and other coalition members against the Islamic State

Patrick Henningsen on RT


  1. Interesting twist, Penny...and Trudeau...still wet behind the ears...has promised Canadians he will take Canada OUT of the Syria operation. How can he do so now when it's going to morph into NATO?

  2. Putin, Assad, Whoever He is from Iran; AXIS OF HOPE!!!
    Canada in LIMBO,,, SAVE US!!!

  3. I'm so thankful and wish I wasn't so poor that I could buy some stock in the war machine;)

    Yes GS looks like Canada will be staying I doubt he has the Balls to tell Amerika who elected him to shove it. Sad.
    The game of the neo-conn owned by the .0001% goes on.

  4. Yep it looks like you are right Penny, the solution to the Paris attacks will be NATO boots on the ground in Syria. This New York Times piece, "To Save Paris, Defeat ISIS", , talks of Article 5 and calls for "NATO forces on the ground" whilst acknowledging "Crushing ISIS in Syria and Iraq will not eliminate the jihadi terrorist threat." So the solution to terror and violence is more War, with a dash of anti-refugee backlash for Europe!

  5. Two more ICBM launches in Russia.
    Interfax: Vladimir Monomakh test-fires two Bulava ICBMs from White Sea on Kamchatka firing range - Russian Defense Ministry

    That makes it 5 within 2 weeks.

    And after the IMF comments on Yuan SDR inclusion by December (sources)

    Interfax: Leaders of BRICS countries are deeply disappointed with absence of progress in IMF reform - Lavrov


  6. I am absolutely flabbergasted to see people claiming that France wanted to join the side show against ISIS in Syria- as if it hasn't happened?
    Reading at a few blogs and places this morning that's the talk. Before making that claim shouldn't these person making claims run along and check if that is the case? But no, just regurgitate that which others are saying!!

    So, I'm going to bold it in case anyone stops by here and wants to correct the wrong information that is about-

    France launches its first airstrikes against ISIS in Syria

    Sept 27/2015

    (CNN)The French military has carried out its first airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, according to a statement from the office of France's presidency.
    The French president's office said that the strikes in Syria, which began Sunday, were based on intelligence gathered from air surveillance operations conducted over Syria during the past two weeks.

    "Our country confirms its firm commitment to the fight against the terrorist threat Daesh," the statement said, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS. "We will strike whenever our national security is at stake."

    That's two months ago. Two months France has been bombing Syria- France has been knee deep in Syria for years- Recall years back French special forces were captured in Syria? France more then any other European nation has been deeply, deeply involved in Syria.

    France more active than rest of the west in tackling Syria

    "France’s policy towards the war in Syria has been more forward than any other western country. It was early in calling for President Bashar al-Assad to step down, still insists he must go, and recently joined airstrikes inside Syria against the Islamic State – unlike the UK, which has not taken that step"
    read here the number of fighters France has shipped into Syria

    We can all make mistakes, but claiming France wanted to be involved is a big mistake that needs fixing!

  7. France may not go through NATO in the way FP has noted

    Because I do not think they will get an OK at the UN

    But it's certain France alongside the US is considering all opportunities

    France may go with a NATO alliance, the same way as was done when NATO bombed Serbia- or Iraq
    If I can I'll put some info up in that regard

    1. but no matter which way the NATO allies go- and it has been NATO all along in Syria, Iraq- they will get their bigger, badder war on.


    3. French Aircraft carrier deployed Nov 6

    4. Telegraph article with 13 - emphasis - soldiers captured March 2012 followed two weeks later by the Toulouse and Montauban shootings

  8. Belgium attacks

    "Haaretz newspaper speculated that they may have been murdered because of connections to Israel's secret services."

    1. Also notable the inclusion of VW so prominently

  9. Of interest should also be that the Eagles of Death Metal band were ardent and vocal supporters of Israel and ANTI-BDS advocates as noted in their wikipedia page. At one show in Israel the lead singer went off on a rant about Roger Waters and the BDS movement

    Gee, now how would 3 people carrying AK-47s get into a venue unnoticed? With the band? Hmmmmmm

    1. That would be the most obvious and simple explanation. And the most likely

  10. The following blog contains a photo of the aftermath of the shooting at the Bataclan theatre. The blog author notes the lack of items strewn on the floor. No cups, No clothes, no bags, no phones, etc.

    The positions of the bodies look posed. They are lying neatly next to each on other and I don't see anyone lying on top of another body.

    And what really stands out for me is the lack of bullet holes. There must have been hundreds of bullets flying and I don't see any bullet holes. Nothing.

    Incidentally, the jewish owners of the bataclan theater for 40 years sold out on September 11th this year and moved to Israel.


    1. I saw the blog entry earlier Anthony- thanks for leaving the link if others are interested-

  11. France deployed its aircraft carrier 10 days ago