Thursday, November 19, 2015

Obama (Me) speaks for Trudeau-bama (Mini-Me) & all of Canada

Obama speaks for Canada, says both countries will soon sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

Gee and here I thought we elected our own leader? Facetious

Obama checks for string placement
Canada will soon sign onto the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, U.S. President Barack Obama said, going further than the country’s new prime minister has committed.
Obama and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke Thursday in Manila after their first bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. In his remarks, Obama seemed to cast the Pacific trade agreement as a done deal, while Trudeau has declined to take a position other than to say it will be reviewed in parliament.
“We are both soon to be signatories of the TPP agreement,” Obama said. “That’s another area we can continue to have important discussions,” he said.
 Trudeau-bama is being coy. After all it is the 'honeymoon phase' here in Canada
Obama doesn't care.
 Speaking later Thursday at a media briefing, Trudeau repeated that Canada has not yet decided whether to sign the pact and it must first be reviewed in parliament.
“Canada is resolutely pro trade, we understand how important trade is for economic growth,” he said. “That is the lens through which we will examine the TPP.”
“One of the commitments that I made was indeed we were going to have a proper consultative process during the ratification process that included parliamentarians, and I am of course committed to that.”
Trudeau-bama's liberals have a majority- He will simply dictate the policy to the 'parliamentarians' and they will vote in lock step with the edicts of the puppet leader. It means nothing for him to say he is committed to some imaginary democratic process- Lip service is all that talk is.
The TPP has a long road generally to be enacted as it requires legislative approval by all member nations. The pact — which covers about 40 percent of the global economy — goes beyond normal trade deals to include issues like intellectual property and state-owned enterprises. It does not currently include China.


  1. Toulouse

    1. I looked at the link, but, am not sure what you are getting at?
      Perhaps I need to be hit over the head in this instance, or I'm just overtired from work.

      Are you citing similarities in the incidents or the person
      apologies for my density :(

  2. Hi Penny:

    Yes, I was disappointed but hardly surprised, at Justin's positions taken at the G20...when he dissed Putin just like Harper had done. A change would have been sooooo refreshing... but, as you've pointed out...he's definitely a "mini-me".

    On another's another very confusing analysis of the Kurd/Turkish/ISIS triangle (or is it a pun intended) in the ME. Can you let me know what you think? Thanks.


    1. Hey GC, I found the article contradictory and confusing, so I can understand why you did also. It also contained plain wrong information
      Like the tired old claim that Turkey broke the ceasefire, how many times have I posted here that it was the Kurds, including the Kurds admitting acknowledging it themselves (PKK)
      And that was just one of many errors in that piece!

      I left a comment, but, have no idea if it posted or not as the commenting protocol is kind of overwrought

  3. Gee and here I thought we elected our own leader? Facetious

    WOW, there was lot of people in Amerika that thought the same thing;)

    1. There were lots of people in america who failed to do their due diligence. They got exactly what they voted for; in spite of the lofty, which i found comedic, rhetoric. Where I have been wrong is I actually believed my partners to the north were a cut above the vast majority of my fellow self-centered, misinformed citizens. I have freinds I visit near Montreal who reinforced my beliefs. I've become quite jaded after your last elections. It saddening the mirror reflects similar images.

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    3. Hey Charles

      Here in Canada it's as stupid, gullible and sucked in as every where else
      There are some of us not buying into the system, but, for the most part this country is like the US
      US= repub/dems
      Canada= Cons and liberals

      When government is the problem how can changing the name make any difference- it is the institution itself that is corrupted, completely!
      lipstick on a pig, is still a pig wearing lipstick.

      And yes it is sad for both our nations that most people willingly choose to be blissfully unaware

  4. 40% still eaves out 60.. they may be too late with this.

  5. And still voting against Un condemning Nazis.