Monday, November 2, 2015

OSCE Can't Produce Valid Criticism of Turkey's Election!

Choosing to criticize the campaign, instead. Amazing spin- whirling dervish type stuff really!
Very similar to previous reports on Syria's elections
Let's use our critical thinking skills :
Turkish election campaign unfair, say international monitors

In plain talk- OSCE can't prove the elections were unfair, so instead, they will imply the campaigns were unfair- Like I said, amazing spin.

 “This campaign was unfair and characterised by too much violence and fear,” said Andreas Gross

 The observer mission’s preliminary report said that while the elections were conducted professionally and offered a variety of choices for the electorate, the violence against the opposition and their party premises hindered their ability to campaign freely, citing the arrest of activists of the opposition pro-Kurdish HDP in the run-up to the vote.

Was there only violence against the identity politics party of the HDP?
No there was not! There was violence all around. The OSCE surely is displaying it's NATO bias, by presenting the HDP as a victim- Perhaps the HDP should end their affiliation with the PKK?!

A bit more of the observers reports:
“Candidate registration was inclusive overall, providing voters with a diverse and genuine choice. However, candidacy restrictions against those who have not completed compulsory military service or have been convicted of any of a broad range of crimes, including minor criminal offences, are incompatible with the fundamental right to stand for election,” they added.

There was general confidence in the voter register, the observers noted. However, the restrictions on voting by conscripts, students in military schools and prisoners are not in line with OSCE commitments and other international standards, they said.

According to observers, women played an active role in the campaign, although they remain under-represented in political life. While the constitution guarantees gender equality, there are no special legal obligations for the parties to nominate women candidates, they said. On a positive note, some parties implemented gender quotas and introduced affirmative measures to enhance the participation of women, they added, noting that approximately 24 percent of candidates on party lists were female, although not in higher positions.

Relinking this neat little game- Because so many need help discerning logical fallacies from facts-
It blows my mind! I'm still working at it, but, others are wallowing in absurdities and lies, spreading fanciful nonsense as if it's true-


  1. Fallacy #1

    Democracy is legitimate, especilally when your guy wins.

    Fallacy #2

    A victory for the pro Muslim Brotherhood/CIA candidate will bring peace and stability to Syria and Iraq.

    You are a partisan Penny. I come here knowing and appreciating this fact.

    I very much hope Erdogan has the good sense to join with those seeking to bring this monstrous series of wars to an end.

    1. LOL, must be one of the disinfo clowns from Syper

      Yah, the election had observers and they said the election was conducted fairly so.... go spread your disinfo elsewhere

      bring me verifiable information, back it up, or go away
      Your next comment will be deleted, troll