Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Putin Warns After NATO Occupied Turkey Shot Down Russian Fighter Jet

I have long discerned between the goals/ agenda of Turkey the nation state  versus NATO occupied Turkey. Apparently I am one of a few persons who recognize and understand this extremely important difference. Make no mistake it is an important difference! NATO is working directly AGAINST the wishes of the Turkish state, concerning the creation of Kurdistan. This topic has been written about repeatedly-
As recently as yesterday: A Sober Look at the West’s Kurdish Allies. As Opposed to the Alcohol Idiocy...
 "Turkish leaders appear to be drawing a firm line against further manifestations of Kurdish separatism, especially in Syria President Erdoğan has stated explicitly that his government will not allow the emergence of a de facto independent Kurdish region in northern Syria akin to Iraqi Kurdistan. That is not surprising. Erdoğan and his colleagues fear that Iraqi Kurdistan and Kurdish-controlled areas in Syria would eventually link up to create an extensive, hostile presence along Turkey’s southern border"

Reading Putin's language below it is very, very clear to me that it was NATO occupied Turkey that shot down the Russian plane. Pay attention to Putin's words, he parsed each of them very, very carefully! Putin understands that NATO occupied Turkey shot down the Russian plane!

Directly quoting Putin:
I'm also pointing out to my readers that the Guardian is spinning Putin's quote out of context.
Nowhere in Putin's statement was Turkey specifically cited as an accomplice of terrorists
"Putin calls Turkey 'accomplices of terrorists" This is a NATO meme.

Speaking ahead of his meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan in Sochi, the Russian leader said:

"This event is beyond the normal framework of fighting against terrorism. Of course our military is doing heroic work against terrorism... But the loss today is a stab in the back, carried out by the accomplices of terrorists.  I can’t describe it in any other way. Our aircraft was downed over the territory of Syria, using air-to-air missile from a Turkish F-16. It fell on the Syrian territory 4km from Turkey.
Neither our pilots nor our jet threatened the territory of Turkey. This is obvious. They are fighting terrorists in the northern areas around Latakia, where militants are located, mainly people who originated in Russia, and they were pursuing their direct duty, to make sure these people do not return to Russia. These are people who are clearly international terrorists.
Taking into account that we signed an agreement on deconflicting with the US, and as we know Turkey was among the ones that has joined the US coalition. Since Isis has such huge resources of hundreds of millions and billions of dollars coming from illicit oil sales, and they are protected by the armed forces of other states, then it’s clear why they are so brazen, why they are killing people, why they are carrying out terrorist attacks throughout the world including in the heart of Europe.
We will analyse everything, and today’s tragic event will have significant consequences, including for Russia-Turkish relations. We have always treated Turkey as a friendly state. I don’t know who was interested in what happened today, certainly not us. And instead of immediately getting in contact with us, as far as we know, the Turkish side immediately turned to their partners from Nato to discuss this incident, as if we shot down their plane and not they ours.

- "the accomplices of terrorists" = NATO

-Deconfliction agreement with the US. Leader of NATO

-Turkey is a partner of the US coalition, NATO occupied

-ISIS has resources from illicit oil sales, the US and NATO allies have NEVER ONCE impeded or blocked ISIS from this revenue source. 

- Putin points out duplicity of NATO nations regarding ISIS oil smuggling. Russia bombs ISIS oil smuggling operation in progress- Curbing their ability to generate funds for black market weapons purchases

-Terror attacks including in the heart of Europe- NATO Stay Behinds/NATO terror.
Paris Attacks- Cui Bono? Think NATO's Secret Armies AKA Gladio!

- Turkey (nation state) and Russia have had good relations "Friendly state"- Who would want to impede that? NATO would. Because NATO is in the process of destroying Turkey

 - NATO occupied Turkey immediately conferred with their partners in crime- NATO
"the Turkish side immediately turned to their partners from Nato to discuss this incident"

It clear to me that Putin knows this was a NATO operation.


 Dear readers: I ask that you consider this question when faced with misleading claims that Turkey "moved it's border"?

Why would Turkey, the nation state, move it's border to protect Kurdistan in Syria?
The answer?  Turkey the nation state would NOT 'move it's border' to protect Kurdistan.
However, Turkey the NATO occupied state ,would indeed move/claim a border to protect Kurdistan while destroying the territorial integrity of Syria 

The Rubin CenterSyrian Kurdish Dissident: Break Syria Into Pieces

 Update # 2:

Kurdistan through to the Med:

Look at this map and think about where the Russia jet was shot down?
And boy oh boy is it good to know I'm not alone in discussing the NATO creation of Kurdistan aka greater Israel- Christof Lehman March 2015



  1. Keep this in mind from the last Turkey border incident a few weeks ago.

    "When our fighter started flying along the border with Turkey, the system showed that some sort of anti-missile defense systems were attempting to lock onto the warplane, so the pilot was forced to make an anti-missile maneuver in just seconds, and entered Turkish airspace a bit, which we honestly admitted to,” Bondarev told Russia’s Komsomolskaya Pravda daily in an interview."


    Turkey denies Russian commander’s claims over violation of Turkish airspace

    Why the starkly different narratives? Reminiscent of the Malaysians reporting on the disappearance of the plane. Confused. Out of the loop? Where the Turkish even aware that someone else was locking on? It might comport with the reported hack of Patriots in turkey (same day as the NYSE went down)


    Ukraine is also being escalated as sanctions get pushed 6 months a few days ago. IMF declares Ukraine debt Sovereign: Putin comments about looking forward to US guarantees on the debt. Then Crimea electricity sabotage yesterday after Russia bans the Ag trade with Ukraine days ago.

    ISIS video yesterday follows their "GOLD' bomb.
    Any idea why the US State Department now unwilling to back the Russian declaration of a bomb in the Sinai incident?



    1. It looks to me as if, again, the NATO nutters are attempting to get Turkey and Russia at each other's throat- for lack of better term

      As I mentioned, along with James, someone is playing 'let you and him fight'

      NATO wants Turkey destroyed- What better way then to get the Russian and Turks fighting?

      Certainly there is more to it then that, but, briefly this is how it appears to me at the moment.

      I will look at the links- thanks

    2. I had the feeling back when the story of the anti-missile defense systems attempting to lock onto the warplane that we were seeing the infamous radar spoofing that all militaries today can do. Just a way for NATO to let Russia know it was watching them closely but didn't really think they would try anything after the 2014 "Donald (Sitting Duck)Cook" incident in Black Sea where Russia shut down Aegis system.

      Israel is known for spoofing and still suspect in downing the Russian airliner since they & US were doing air drill only 30 miles from where it went down and had shot down a Libyan plane in that area previously. Not sure the "bomb did it" story works for me... hi-res pics looked like missile damage but they didn't appear till the day Putin announced the bomb.

      Pretty sure Turkey didn't move it's border for Kurds, but more to include the Turkmen in attempt to pre empt NATO "Kurdistan".

      Either way this has already hurt Turkey - Russian FM cancelled Wed. trip there and urged citizens not to travel to Turkey - used Terror as reason. Turkish Lira & stocks are down today so that's 2 hits to Turkish economy already and that's before the NATO meeting. Czech president came out basically denouncing Turkey - first politician.

      Overall NATO seems to have come out on top so far - they must be proud. ( yes the sarcasm is thick)

    3. "Pretty sure Turkey didn't move it's border for Kurds, but more to include the Turkmen in attempt to pre empt NATO "Kurdistan".

      I've read some contradictory stuff wrt the presence of Turkmen, in fact, I believe somewhere I have something bookmarked

      However, Turkey wouldn't need to move a border to protect the Turkmen in Syria. The Turkmen would be protected if they are fighting against Kurds/ISIS by SAA and Russia.

      Since this was a NATO op. It most definitely was not about protecting Turkmen- NATO would choose to displace them

      In my opinion, of course. :)

  2. Turkish blogger predicted a few days ago that Erdogan wanted to shoot down a Russian plane to provoke hysteria and boost his flagging approval rating ahead of Turkish elections.



    "Turkey's President Erdogan is planning to shoot down Russian planes in Syria, to put relations between Russia and Turkey to the brink of war. This should help him in his election campaign and save him from possible defeat and the end of his political career. A Turkish blogger, known under the name Fuat Avni came out with this troubling warning. He has been active for several years, and his denunciations of government's plans often turn out to be true.

    Our sources in Turkey believe that Erdogan out of a well-founded fear of defeat is ready to plunge his country into a state of war hysteria, shooting down Russian planes in the skies of Syria under the pretext that they violated the Turkish airspace."

    Erdogan has pushed himself into a corner with his position on Syria. His planes, under the pretext of fighting ISIS are bombing Kurdish villages, causing active resistance of both the Syrian and Turkish Kurds.

    1. The AKP party won the election- no plane shoot down required.

      I covered this November 1/2015
      So three weeks ago


      This is clearly an old article Fort Russ reposted, so I'm not getting it's relevance to what just happened

      "This should help him in his election campaign and save him from possible defeat and the end of his political career."

      Besides Turkey shooting a Russian plane down was not going to help him win an election- It would have guaranteed he would lose cause he would have looked, off his rocker, to the electorate

    2. Hi Penny,

      You're correct, but FortRuss do make clear that this is a repost of an article originally posted October 19, 2015.

      The relevance is that someone was warning that the shooting down of a plane was being considered then. The motive clearly changed, but the potential scenario was already being warned against.


    3. since AKP has won the election the motivation is gone, entirely changing the scenario- it simply doesn't make sense for turkey, the nation state, to shoot down a Russian plane-

    4. Anthony: What could Turkey, the nation, possibly gain? What could Erdogan possibly gain?

    5. Hi Penny,

      At this stage of the great game my opinion is that it is certainly not about what is in the interests of Turkey.

      I would also say that it is not about what is in the interests of Erdogan.

      Just like Merkel is screwing Germany, her own party and her own career, if Erdogan is told to act against the interests of Turkey and his own career, he will do it.

      Although, as with Tony Blair, earning the hatred and contempt of your own people actually benefits the reputation of a global tool.

      Erdogan is a tool. Turkey is another zionist occupied regime.

      The great game is heating up to fever pitch.

      This is how it must have felt in 1914 or 1939. A slow motion global car crash.

      The NWO tyrants clearly want a large scale war to further their plans and they seem to have an occult timeline that needs to be kept on track.


    6. Hi Anthony

      Merkel doesn't have to do a thing to screw Germany over. Germany is NATO occupied too- How many American bases are present in Germany?
      NATO will do as it does and Merkel will sit back and take it

      Erdogan is being quite silent on the matter- no bravado
      Just speaking to the domestic audience
      Obama hasn't even spoken with him, but will in coming days

  3. http://pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.ca/2014/11/kurd-isis-symbiosis-impending.html

    November 19/2014
    Kurd ISIS symbiosis the impending destruction of Turkey

    What about this relationship between ISIS and the Kurds? (not brand Yazidi specific)
    It's seems to be a real working relationship. I have remarked on that symbiosis, more then once here at the blog. And elsewhere too!

    FWIW: I believe the Kurdish Pashmerga and ISIS to be joined at the hip to the American/Israeli evil twins.

    It seems much more likely that there is cooperation and coordination between the Kurds and ISIS. It’s a thought that has been in the back of my mind for sometime now. When one takes a look at the land grabbed by ISIS and the desired Kurdistan one can’t help but see something taking shape. Something like a new nation.

    Time has only demonstrated my theory has been correct

  4. yeah i feel exactly like you penny i do not see any benefit from the erdogan side to such crazy attack. if someone can explain to me what kind of benefit shooting a russian plane could lead to..
    on the other end i see a tons of potential 'benefit' for the OTAN/IL side..
    I do not trust for one bit the military power in turkey.
    Erdogan profiting from the chaos in Syria to make some gain is lucid.
    But to outright risk a covert/hot war with the bear and risking to 'win' a kurdistan on your border is totally insane.
    'stupidity' is rarely a trait you find from a president/PM. no matter how much you dislike him.

    1. Hey anon 8:05

      Nah, this makes Erdogan look like a lunatic- And the western media is playing that aspect up today- comparing him to a delusional Putin
      I kid you not!

      Globe and Mail today


      "They have been, for several years now, the bad boys on the eastern fringes of Europe. Two leaders with little time for Western concepts of democracy, two strongmen with foreign policies coloured by dreams of empires lost.

      Now – after a Russian warplane was shot down Tuesday after allegedly crossing into Turkish airspace while carrying out a bombing mission in Syria – Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stand nose to nose, snarling, each counting on the other to blink first."

      All Turkey's fault for pushing the planet to the brink of global war
      While Stoltenberg calls for cooler heads
      What a show!

  5. Just saw this one - not sure if it's true but they claim to have hit Russian helicopter that was on search mission for pilots with US made TOW missile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vxxQOTCN18
    The channel is associated with "free syrian army 1st coastal brigade" which does exist such as they are... So should US be held responsible if this turns out to be true???

    1. Hi Silver Palomino
      I saw that news also and it looks to be accurate
      thanks for stopping by

  6. Yes, Penny...as I say in my latest Blog post on this topic. The Russian jet was a hit by "accomplices of ISIAS" which I listed order of importance...US being the first. I am going to link this post of yours in with mine because it fleshes out my inkling on the provocation.

    When Putin called the act a "stab in the back" I believe he was speaking directly to Obama...because he and Obama gave each other assurances in writing at the G20 meeting that this would not happen...and Obama lied (he is incapable of telling the truth about anything).

  7. We'll need a good dust up to pulverize the evil wretched contaminant ziodeviant nwo worshipping petri dish soiling neocon false leadership coup d'etat'd UN and NATO back into the sewers from whence they came. Gahd, how the Vile West Doth Suck. A Poisoned Life For BILLIONS. Unacceptable.

    1. "UN and NATO back into the sewers from whence they came"

      I especially like that sentiment :)

  8. Russian military radar shows the Su-24 carefully avoided the narrow finger of Turkish territory and the F-16 actually entered Syrian airspace (by 1 km or so) to fire the missile.


    1. Hey Feck Orff:
      thanks, I couldn't get back to you yesterday, but have just now looked and indeed the plane was 4 kms into Syrian territory

  9. Not sure if it's just me but the terrorist infighting between kurds and islamists is getting almost comical. Fake Syrian Army has given kurds in northern Syria 48 hrs. to leave 7 villages - or else!!!


    This short clip shows a patch symbol of the fighters claiming to have killed the Russian pilot. It's VERY interesting. The wolf in it looks like the one used by the ergenkon (Turk Gladio now associated with Erdogan's opposition - CHP) and the blue coloring with white crescent reminded me of the Uigyer "East Turestan" flag. That non-existant nation only supported by US NED and Germany.


  10. From KRG we find more complaining about Baghdad govt. and this quote regarding ISIS Karwan Jamal Tahir, the region’s High Representative to the UK, said: “We don’t think the major threat is Daesh, the major threat is an economic threat, and also a political threat.”


    So ISIS is not the treat but not being able to illegally sell the Iraqi oil is a major problem for them. Solution: Give us more money