Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Russian Plane Crash in Sinai: Terrorism- Updated!


We can say that that [Sinai plane crash] was a terror act,” Bortnikov told Putin. According to the FSB chief, experts analyzed passengers’ belongings as well as the parts of the plane. “After the examination on all these objects, we have found traces of a foreign-made explosive substance,” Bortnikov said.

During the flight, a homemade device with the power of 1.5 kilograms of TNT was detonated. As a result, the plane fell apart in the air, which can be explained by the huge scattering of the fuselage parts of the plane,” he added.

This not the first time that Russia has faced barbarous terrorist crimes, more often without apparent causes, outside or domestic, as it was with the explosion at the railway station in Volgograd at the end of 2013,” He added:We haven’t forgotten anything or anyone. The murder of our nationals in Sinai is among the bloodiest crimes in [terms of] the number of casualties.”

But Russia won’t be “wiping tears from our soul and heart,” he said. “This [tragedy] will stay with us forever. But this won’t stop us from finding and punishing the culprit.”

Vladimir Putin has vowed to find and punish the culprits behind the Sinai plane attack.“Our military work in Syria must not only continue. It must be strengthened in such a way so that the terrorists will understand that retribution is inevitable,” he said.

The Federal Security Service director also announced a reward of $50 million for information on those behind the terror attack on the A321.

The Russian president asked the Foreign Ministry to “call on all our [foreign] partners” to assist in the search for the terrorists behind the attack. “We look forward in the course of this work to [help from] all our friends, including in finding and punishing the criminals," he added.

Russia will act in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter, which provides for countries’ right to self-defense, Putin said. “Those who attempt to assist criminals should be aware that the consequences of such attempts will be entirely their responsibility,” he added.
The Kogalymavia A321 air crash took place over the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt on October 31. All 224 people on board the plane were killed, making it the deadliest air accident in modern Russian aviation history.


Let's have some context! 

ISIS financed from 40 countries, including G20 members

President Vladimir Putin says he’s shared Russian intelligence data on Islamic State financing with his G20 colleagues: the terrorists appear to be financed from 40 countries, including some G20 member states. 
During the summit, I provided examples based on our data on the financing of different Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) units by private individuals. This money, as we have established, comes from 40 countries and, there are some of the G20 members among them,” Putin told the journalists.

Putin also spoke of the urgent need to curb the illegal oil trade by IS.

"I’ve shown our colleagues photos taken from space and from aircraft which clearly demonstrate the scale of the illegal trade in oil and petroleum products," he said.

The motorcade of refueling vehicles stretched for dozens of kilometers, so that from a height of 4,000 to 5,000 meters they stretch beyond the horizon," Putin added, comparing the convoy to gas and oil pipeline systems.

It’s not the right time to try and figure out which country is more and which is less effective in the battle with Islamic State, as now a united international effort is needed against the terrorist group, Putin said.

It’s really difficult to criticize us,” he said, adding that Russia has repeatedly asked its foreign partners to provide data on terrorist targets in Syria.

They’re afraid to inform us on the territories which we shouldn’t strike, fearing that it is precisely where we’ll strike; that we are going to cheat everybody,” the president said.

Apparently, their opinion of us is based on their own concept of human decency,” he added.
Putin told the media that Russia has already established contact with the Syrian opposition, which has asked Moscow not carry out airstrikes in the territories it controls.

Sputnik ISIS financed by 40 countries including G-20 nations.
 How many of these 40 nations are NATO nations? Partnered or occupied by NATO?

It is not a coincidence that Russia showed the G-20 members, information on just which of them were financing ISIS- and then afterwards acknowledges the plane crash was terrorism. 
I am of the opinion Russian officials knew with enough certainty, rather quickly,  it was a bomb.


Breaking News-   Russia doubling number of airstrikes in Syria- 25 Long Range bombers from Russian Territory
 Russia has deployed its fleet of strategic bombers to double the number of airstrikes on Islamist targets in Syria, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has announced. Twenty-five long-range bombers flying from Russian airfields will also be deployed.
 Russia fires missiles from Mediterranean on targets in ISIS stronghold Raqqa - reports
The Russian military has launched airstrikes against the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa in Syria with cruise missiles from their ships in the Mediterranean Sea, France’s Le Monde newspaper said, citing a French official.
The information that Russia has struck Islamic State positions in Raqqa has been also reported by a senior French government source, cited by Reuters.

 Russia gave notice to Washington ahead of the airstrikes, in accordance with an agreement on air safety, US official said.
  This is the second time Russia has hit Islamic State positions in Syria from the sea. The first attack was in October this year when Russian warships fired cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea to hit several Islamic State positions in Syria.
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  1. blogger has a mind of it's own today- wording I want black is appearing red- so whatever?!

  2. hi penny.. this is amazing but yesterday i was seeing recent footage of ISIS threats on washington and i noticed many of them wearing thermo form balaclavas... it looked very suspicious to me so i googled the brand and couldnt find much information about it, but google images showed me a picture from your blog and then i discovered this place and saw that you already posted about thermo form apparel being used by terrorists in 2013... could it be possible that there are brands supporting terrorism or they just set up a bussiness possibility in the war field?? excuse my archaic englis, greetings from south america.

    1. Hi daniel
      greetings to you from Canada :)

      thermoform? I recall that post! Though not as well as I should?

      It could definitely be possible there are brands supporting terrorism either in the field or being manufactured and shipped in from elsewhere
      Look at Toyota, the truck of choice for ISIS and the Kurds and Special forces

      Definitely a brand supporting NATO terrorism

  3. There is a story floting of a Russian sanctions lift as CIA CHief calls for cooperation.


    Did Putin just work out a deal? Or is it just a coincidence?

    Oct 28: IFX: Germany admits that all provisions of Minsk agreements can't be fulfilled within established period of time

    There is a Sarkozy angle here. he went to Paris days before and called for Russia thaw. Emissary, but for who given his background?

    1. Another one:
      'Topol' missile launched from Kapustin Yar hits target - Russia's Strategic Missile Troops IFX

    2. https://www.rt.com/usa/322417-nuclear-bomb-test-nevada/

    3. And now tie the bow: recall the controversy surrounding the Toulouse tape mailed to Paris

      Times of Israel
      'voice on tape claiming Paris attacks identified as terrorist close to Toulouse Jewish school shooter"


      And again the Sarkozy situation
      Europe - Sarkozy to meet Putin as French right looks to Russia

    4. In time

      "French President Fran├žois Hollande inaugurated France's version of the Pentagon on Thursday, a massive new defence ministry complex with walls designed to withstand a missile strike and a highly secure operational room hidden underground."

    5. http://pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.com/2015/11/natos-turn-to-attack.html?showComment=1447597838807#c520687157504849078

      Toulouse / sarkozy nexus a few days ago.


    6. Don't lose sight of the re-escalation in Ukraine which creates the escape hatch for no Minsk relief to the extent the US tip off and French naval cooperation is in fact true.

    7. Did Putin work out a deal or is it coincidence?
      Right now a bit early to tell but something to keep an eye on.
      I just hate when rallies are built on hope and change!

      "The triggers of the rally were two-fold. Putin and his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama discussed ways to confront Islamic State at the G-20, with Obama noting the importance of Russia’s military efforts in Syria. Both leaders endorsed a plan for a political transition in Syria forged by diplomats in Vienna Saturday who were galvanized by the Paris attacks into reaching a deal"

      This was reported on RT also

      'Putin also said he was prepared to change the payment terms over the $3 billion Ukraine owes his country, giving the government in Kiev until 2018 to settle the debt due on Dec. 20"

    8. Anonymous? Re: toulouse and sarkozy- I did read the previous comment, but, didn't follow that incident close enough-

      "Sarkozy, along with others on the right of French politics, have become increasingly critical of Hollande’s hardline stance with Russia and have repeatedly called for a more conciliatory approach."

      I detest Sarkozy, personally, but wonder what he is up to?
      And why

  4. Cooperation?
    U.S. plays dangerously in Syria, trying to use ISIL against Assad - Lavrov

    1. Is this a headline? I searched the wording and came up empty.

    2. Interfax

      also check this out from haaretz. Explain the SInjar op?

  5. If any one else here paid particular attention to the toulouse shootings and can shed some light on the Sarkozy connections, that would be great-

    And I know you guys and gals are here! :)

  6. Detailing the Kurd oil ops via Israel and GLEN

  7. Not to make light of Paris but here's Amerikas killer squad.

    Nothing changes, double down

    More false flag not sure what shooting this is.

  8. Thoughts on US border operation? No Fly?
    Good time to revisit this obscure (?) professor book...

  9. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-09-25/kazakhstan-russia-buy-more-gold-as-mexico-cuts-imf-data-show


    Picture says it all

  10. Mohammad then went on to Croatia, either by train or bus, and was registered on October 8 at the Opatovac refugee camp.

    1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kolinda_Grabar-Kitarovi%C4%87

  11. Foreshadowing makes it a nail biter?

  12. thanks anonymous and jo
    I just haven't had the time today to get here- sorry :(
    I am going to be back tomorrow
    thanks for stopping by

  13. Paris attacks ‘mastermind’ confirmed dead in seven-hour siege, as France warns of chemical attacks by Islamic State

    Replay of Toulouse. 7 hours

    1. 7 hours again- imagine that?
      I saw the news of his take down, but then there were reports that it could not be confirmed but I see now it is confirmed.

      Perhaps it will all be a mistake and oops he got away!

    2. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/checkpoint/wp/2015/04/21/report-special-forces-soldiers-killed-with-prostitutes-in-mali-were-on-bar-crawl/

      gunshots on the 7th floor

      The hostage-takers shouted "Allahu Akbar!" when they entered the building, security services sources said. AFP news agency reported automatic weapon fire on the seventh floor of the 190-room hotel mid-morning