Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Trudeau-bama: Will he take his kids for a swim in the sewage filled St Lawrence River?

I personally think he should keep right on mimicking Obama... So Canadians feel reassured about the safety of this billion litre sewage dump in the St Lawrence River. After all perception is everything?! Recall? Obama's swim in the Gulf waters. Fact or Fiction?

RT: because Canada's Broadcast Corporation doesn't seem to be covering this news. 
 Canada's new government has given the city of Montreal the go-ahead for its plans to dump billions of liters of untreated sewage into the St. Lawrence River. The city says it may damage the environment, but the government says the alternatives are worse. 
The alternatives are worse? What alternatives? Worse then what? Meaningless words. Fillers

The dump would last for about a week that is needed to make critical repairs to the city's waste-water system. Over that time an estimated 7.5 billion liters of contaminated fluid will be discharged. The work must be completed before December 5.
The plan has been in the pipeline for 18 months and approved by the Conservative government, which flipped-flopped just a week ahead of the general election making it a campaign issue. New Environment Minister Catherine McKenna put it back on track, adding some provisions for emergency response plans and an upgrade to the city's water quality monitoring.
“I wish there were a magic bullet here, I wish there were other options,” McKenna said in a conference call from Paris, where she is preparing for the upcoming UN conference on climate change. This release is far from ideal, but it is needed for the city of Montreal to perform critical maintenance on their infrastructure before winter.
“If we do not allow this to go ahead and there was an unplanned discharge, the long-term impact to flora and fauna could be significantly more,” the Globe and Mail cited her as saying.
McKenna is absolutely full of the swill that dump will release! As if an unplanned discharge will be worse then this planned discharge?! This 7.5 billion litre dump because it is planned will indeed have long term impact on flora and fauna- This woman is lying. Plain and simple! 

 The planned dump of raw sewage was criticized by some environment groups and communities living downstream on the river. A citizen petition with 90,000 names calling on finding another way was presented to the mayor.
 I'm just shakin' my head-  But of course Canada will carbon tax us all.. to 'save' the planet.
I could use foul language right about now! I really could!
BTW: where are all the phony greens?
Greenpeace is paying the usual lipservice to real environmental issues-
GP blog

"Thankfully, Montreal residents have already started to mobilize themselves by organizing events on the St. Lawrence river this weekend and sharing a petition opposing the spill until another solution is found."
Mobilize themselves, without Greenpeace. Greenpeace MIA, of course.
Phony Greens! Except for the money! That's the green, Greenpeace loves the most.


  1. But but but - uh global warming!! yeah! Carbon Tax! yeah!

    Sewage? meh.... so what?

    gods this trudeaubama craze is making me truly ill.



  2. I feel so much better that my neighbor to the north has elected a more effective evil govt;)
    They're big believers in tpp. I was wondering did they really bring the troops home or was it just Talk?

    1. Hey jo- nothings changed here- it's just 'changiness' that the people have bought into- They want to believe so they dupe themselves. I notice the media was not even covering this- but if it would have been Harper this would have been at Toronto Star, CBC, G&M but the only Canadian media outlet reporting this news early am was National Post- And Russia today?

  3. by the way Penny, I LOVE "Trudeau-bama"

    made my day! stealing it too honey ;)