Thursday, December 31, 2015

Best Wishes for 2016

I don't want to get into predictions at this time. They are actually too easy. 

Instead I will make a list of changes I would like to see take place in 2016
All equally important - Make an earnest contribution and it'll be added to the list

1 - More people talking to one another- FACE to FACE- Not through anti social media
Talk about important issues loudly so others can 'eavesdrop'

2 - Less gadget uses- Dump the smart/pain/spy phones  They are destroying the art of conversation as they suck  your souls And enough of the narcissistic 'selfies', please!

3 - Plant a frikkin' vegetable garden people! Even if it's just a few pots full of some fresh herbs. Do something to feed yourself some good quality, organic food- Save your seeds- As man has always done-  That's the real/true sustainable method of food production

4 -Learn a new skill- gardening, painting, sewing, laying floors, whatever- do something yourself.  The loss of skills in just a few generations is shocking to think about

5 - Get back to nature- for real

6 - Be kind, not cruel.  Thanks to Gwen for expanding on the kindness factor:
"LOOK for ways to be useful or kind. Some examples are: if you're at a store and you see some item that's fallen off the shelf, pick it up and put it back, even if you have to detour a little to do so.. Are you behind the elderly person who is moving too slowly for you? Slow down, take a quiet breath and be patient then look to see if that person needs help in some way - is he/she looking for something? Does he/she need help reaching something? Nothing like that? Then make a point to smile and say "hi!"

7- Stop looking for a hero- cause you're already here. And you are all that is needed to save yourself

8 -  Don't be so quick to take a pill. It often is not the easiest or most effective method of treatment

9 - Stay away from the Tell-a-vison- Intelligent people think for themselves.

10- Value yourself, your family, your neighbours and your community

11 - Support your local farmer and your local business- they spend their money locally more so then the multinationals

12 - Take good care of your pets, if you have them.
13- Always learn something new- Every single day. 

 Thanks for reading and contributing :)

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Big Oil/Banks Conquer the World: From Altered Genes to Phony Greens

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Big Oil/Banks Conquer the World: From Altered Genes to Phony Greens

 One hour and ten minutes, approximately- Worth the time to watch.
Personally speaking, I think Mr Corbett did a terrific job with this documentary, covering many of the topics I've covered all these years. Including invoking the Hydra!   A beast  I've used repeatedly, as metaphor, to explain the interconnections between Big Banks, Oil, Pharma, Agriculture, Chemical & Military.  A beast that threatens us all. A beast that serves to remind my open minded thinkers and readers that this bunch of psychos are not going to be hamstrung by the carbon agenda.  


Banking Hydra with it's oil, chemical, agriculture, pharma, military heads

The UN isn't promoting this agenda to harm/curtail 'big oil'. Rather, the UN which is controlled by this monopolistic beast is serving the Oili-garchy. Enriching the Oili-garchy. And harming you and I in the process. 

I happened across the black pope's propaganda book  recently  Invoking religious belief to sell an agenda.... Is it any wonder I always come away with a cult like impression of the pushers of this psychological operation????

Of course the black pope is a banker. The Vatican bank being one of the oldest banks on the planet. Pope Francis being the head honcho while masquerading as a man of God

 Pope Revamps the Scandal-Wracked Vatican Bank

 Profit at Vatican bank soars 20 times as it moves away from scandals of the past

The Vatican Bank: The Most Secret Bank In the World

There's money to be made in carbon trade, taxes and global impoverishment- Francis wants the Vatican bank to take it's share too.

Enjoy and get informed

Transcript Link

Oil. From farm to pharmaceutical, diesel truck to dinner plate, pipeline to plastic product, it is impossible to think of an area of our modern-day lives that is not effected by the petrochemical industry. The story of oil is the story of the modern world.
Parts of that story are well-known: Rockefeller and Standard Oil; the internal combustion engine and the transformation of global transport; the House of Saud and the oil wars in the Middle East.
Other parts are more obscure: the quest for oil and the outbreak of World War I; the petrochemical interests behind modern medicine; the Big Oil money behind the “Green Revolution” and the “Gene Revolution.”
But that story, properly told, begins somewhere unexpected. Not in Pennsylvania with the first commercial drilling operation and the first oil boom, but in the rural backwoods of early 19th century New York state. And it doesn’t start with crude oil or its derivatives, but a different product altogether: snake oil.
“Dr. Bill Livingston, Celebrated Cancer Specialist” was the very image of the traveling snake oil salesman. He was neither a doctor, nor a cancer specialist; his real name was not even Livingston. More to the point, the “Rock Oil” tonic he pawned was a useless mixture of laxative and petroleum and had no effect whatsoever on the cancer of the poor townsfolk he conned into buying it.
He lived the life of a vagabond, always on the run from the last group of people he had fooled, engaged in ever more outrageous deceptions to make sure that the past wouldn’t catch up with him. He abandoned his first wife and their six children to start a bigamous marriage in Canada at the same time as he fathered two more children by a third woman.
He adopted the name “Livingston” after he was indicted for raping a girl in Cayuga in 1849.
Cayuga- not far from where I reside. 
When he wasn’t running away from them or disappearing for years at a time, he would teach his children the tricks of his treacherous trade. He once bragged of his parenting technique: “I cheat my boys every chance I get. I want to make ’em sharp.”
A towering man of over six feet and with natural good looks that he used to his advantage, he went by “Big Bill.” Others, less generously, called him “Devil Bill.” But his real name was William Avery Rockefeller, and it was his son, John D. Rockefeller, who would go on to found the Standard Oil monopoly and become the world’s first billionaire.
The world we live in today is the world created in “Devil” Bill’s image. It’s a world founded on treachery, deceit, and the naivety of a public that has never wised up to the parlor tricks that the Rockefellers and their ilk have been using to shape the world for the past century and a half.
Continue reading at the link directly above

Some readers may recall that Rockefeller had another PR man beside the one James mentioned in his documentary- Here in Canada- Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King. I consider his father to be a traitor to Canada- but, we don't talk about that here in Canada

William Lyon MacKenzie King- Rockefeller's 'other' PR Man


 This study profiles William Lyon Mackenzie King’s role as a counselor to John D. Rockefeller Jr. in the aftermath of the bitter 1913–1914 Colorado coal strike. Mackenzie King—not his more recognized counterpart, publicist Ivy Leeprovided many of the modern public relations ideas that Rockefeller eventually adopted to alleviate tensions and improve labor relations.

Ivy Lee was mentioned in Mr Corbett's documentary- Mr Lyin (intentionally mispelled) Mackenzie is less well known but equally as disgusting- His reward? Prime Minister of Canada

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Russia sanctions Turkey? Smoke & Mirrors. Turkey to get very wintery blast

Were talkin' lack of sanctions and weather

Turkey remains important trading partner 

Recall my mention of the NATO media making too much of this sanctioning business?

Russian Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev

Turkey remains an important trading partner for Russia, and Moscow aims to minimise problems for Turkish and Russian businesses caused by sanctions, Russian Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev said on Tuesday.

 His comments, playing down the impact of recent economic sanctions.

"Turkey remains our large trading partner. Our embargo is selective, very selective, concerning food and only certain (items)," Ulyukayev said in an interview with Russian state television.
"They are designed in a way so that existing contracts won't be violated. Here we are for the time being very cautious. We don't want to create problems for Turkish business, and even less for our own business and citizens."

Ulyukayev's comments come a day after President Vladimir Putin signed a decree that widened the sanctions to include companies controlled by Turkish citizens even if the companies did not fall under Turkish jurisdiction.
At the same time Putin also ordered his government to draw up a list of exceptions to the sanctions, giving Russia leeway to continue doing business with Turkish companies if it thinks Russia would benefit.
 Stating the obvious:

If Oil Was Really A Consideration- Turkey Would NOT Have shot the Russian Jet down

An aside: Turkey is also going to get slammed with a massive snowstorm- AGW baloney and all that drivel.....
Setting the stage for the snowfall across eastern and northern Turkey is the unseasonably cold air arriving from eastern Europe. Temperatures later this week will be held 6-10 degrees Celsius (10-20 degrees Fahrenheit) below normal.

The burying snowfall to the north threatens to severely disrupt travel, both on the ground and in the air. New Year's Eve festivities may have to be canceled.
The snow will clog roads, making travel hazardous and extremely difficult for motorists. Airline passengers should prepare for cancellations and are urged to make alternate plans before the snow arrives.
 After the last two brutal winters here, I don't envy Turkey, one bit! Making that Russian energy all the more vital!

I see Mexico also got a blast of cold air and snow: 

Biggest snow storm in decades hits north Mexico
 "It's the most intense snowfall in the last 55 years," Efren Matamoros, the civil protection director in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, told AFP.
AGW, I laugh in your face and  say thank you (at least for now)El Nino!

Though the east coast of Canada hasn't fared as well as Southern Ontario, and yes we've just had our first wintery blast. But so far, more normal, if not a bit milder.  However, I expect that will change. It always does come January.

El Nino rocks winter weather worldwide

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The Kurdi Psyop Perpetrated on Canada & Almost Everyone Else

The Kurdi Psyop Perpetrated on Canada & Almost Everyone Else

The Kurdi drama continues, globally. But it's worse here in Canada because Tima Kurdi lives in British Columbia and the rest of the Kurdi clan has just arrived

If you are at all unfamiliar with the origins of this psychological operation read below:
Pictures outside of a house on the ground? Why? So the media can take pictures without going inside?
Boy on Beach Narrative Riddled with Inconsistencies
Tima Kurdi, who resides here in Canada, is a proven liar. She lied when claiming she made application for boy on a beach and his family. She didn’t. She made application for the claimed uncle of boy on a beach. But not for boy on the beach or his family.

Only when Tima was confronted with the denial of any refugee application, made on behalf of Abdullah Kurdi, by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, did Tima admit she did not make any application for boy on the beach or his family
"Citizenship and Immigration Canada said it received no refugee application from the father of the two drowned boys"
"Tima Kurdi confirmed her family had only made an official request for Mohammed Kurdi, explaining she and her husband could only afford to sponsor one brother"

That makes Tima Kurdi  a proven liar.

The alleged father of ‘boy on a beach’ was the smuggler making Abdullah Kurdi  responsible for the deaths of his own family. - period.

An Iraqi woman identified him as the smuggler. An Iraqi woman who lost her children as Abdullah Kurdi drove the boat while engaged in human smuggling

Hattip tal
Down the Rabbit hole -- now Abdullah Kurdi is accused of being the people-smuggling-boat-driver
Daily Mail- Abdullah Kurdi People Smuggler

Yes, it was Abdullah Kurdi driving the boat,' Ms Abbas told Australian TV station Network Ten through her cousin Lara Tahseen today. 

Ms Abbas said the man she paid to book her passage told her it would be safe because the driver was taking his wife and two children.

'When I lost my kids, I lost my life, how can he lie to the media?' her cousin Ms Tahseen said, translating for Ms Abbas”

Mr Kurdi confirms the Iraqi family was present on the boat but denies driving it-

Abdullah Kurdi :'I know there was an Iraqi family on the boat and two children had died - a boy and a girl. I don't know why Zainab is saying that”

Mr Kurdi can't figure out why Zainab is saying that? Really? Let me help. She is saying this because her children are dead and she wants the world to know  that Mr Kurdi was the smuggler and not some innocent victim/heroic survivor of circumstance as is commonly portrayed by the lying media.

 This whole psyop rests on Mr Kurdi and boy on a beach being victims. He has the most to lose should the truth come out- As does Tima Kurdi, the already proven liar. As I've noted previously this whole narrative relies on the Kurdi family to bolster it. Tima being the key propogator of the lie.

You may ask why am I rehashing this?

Because the Kurdi family has arrived in Canada- It’s a Christmas miracle

The media here is promoting this arrival in an over the top fashion and CBC is as usual censoring comments- In order to control the narrative The arrival was staged. By that I mean it was carefully crafted for proper media presentation.

 Tima Kurdi made a very political sounding speech

Tima Kurdi: "Thank you to the Canadian people," she told a crowd of reporters gathered around the family. "Thank you to Prime Minister Trudeau for opening the door and showing the world how everyone should welcome refugees and save lives."
The Kurdi family was waving Canadian flags and chanting “Thank You Canada” as they arrived for their photo ops.

The family waved Canadian flags and chanted in English:
"Thank you Canada! Thank you Canada!" the family chanted in English after being greeted by about two dozen family, friends and supporters.

They clearly learned to speak those words for the camera because everything else said was interpreted  through Tima Kurdi
“Speaking through his sister, who translated from Arabic, Mohammad Kurdi also thanked Canadians and their government for making his dreams come true
 Yet, they could all chant "Thank You Canada" in English and wave their little paper Canadian flags- what a nice touch for the gullible dupes in Canada- warm fuzzies and all that.

Check this picture out?:

Notice the red scarf starting to the left? Red and white crossing the entire image. Boy with red scarf. Red toque & scarf.  Red Hoodie with Canada emblazoned on the front. Courtesy of Roots, perhaps? All the children wearing or carrying some red and white, along with the flags, at the forefront of the picture?  Everything placed for maximum manipulative effect.

I left a few comments yesterday at CBC pointing out that this was obviously staged for maximum heart tugs and maximum spin- After 45 likes CBC made my comment disappear.
In fact CBC disabled three of my five comments regarding this stage craft. Because in Canada, as elsewhere, the stagecraft is necessary to sell the lies. Always

        Content disabled.

Uncle of drowned Syrian toddler arrives with family to start new life in Canada

And were supposed to get the warm fuzzies because the family was handed flags and told to chant 'canada' for the cameras- what PR company figured that stunt would appeal to the masses? A failed PR campaign

    15 hours ago



Content disabled.
Uncle of drowned Syrian toddler arrives with family to start new life in Canada

the media push on the Syrian refugee meme is getting overworked- Canadians aren't buying no matter how hard the CBC sells it

Too bad CBC doesn't care about ordinary, born here Canadians

Content disabled.

Uncle of drowned Syrian toddler arrives with family to start new life in Canada

CBC loves fiction and lying poseurs- Tima Kurdi lied- How liars are revered!
CBC- Censoring Because they Can

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Israel "Low Priority for ISIS"

Jerusalem Post:

Concerning the release of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s statement released over the weekend

I'll cut to the chase:

"Therefore, there is no need to fear: Israel is still a low priority for the Islamic State"
Israel is NO priority for ISIS. Period. 

Mythopoeia- Abu Bakr al Baghdadi

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Kurdish Militias "Win" Strategic Dam from ISIS- Syria's Territorial Integrity..

and infrastructure further compromised by the NATO backed Kurdish militias.

 In a repeat, repeat, repeat of that same special relationship between KurdIShIS- I've covered this symbiosis on too many occasions to count!

 ISIS shock troops come in first- Kurds 'win' stolen land back from ISIS and claim it as theirs-
Wash, rinse, repeat. This time it's a dam. It supplies Northern Syria with electricity and aids in joining and enlarging Greater Israel. Ooops I mean Kurdistan aka Greater Israel. The second Israel.

This group of fighers- rebranded "Syrian Democratic Forces"  are the YPG, with a few token Arabs and Christians to obfuscate reality. They were originally called the "Democratic Forces of Syria" I see that brand has moved along...

A US-backed coalition of rebels in Syria - including Syrian Kurdish, Arab and Christian groups - has captured a major dam on the Euphrates River in the north from the Islamic State group.

 The SDF, dominated by the Kurdish militia in Syria known as YPG, or People's Protection Units, has become a main force in fighting IS.

 The Tishrin Dam supplies much off northern Syria with electricity.
 The SDF, dominated by the Kurdish militia in Syria known as YPG, or People's Protection Unit

SDF/DFS covered previously:

Thankfully Islamic State Sanctions Organ Trafficking... In the English language

Ah ya. 

This document is not proof that ISIS has harvested organs. Or trafficked human organs.
This document just demonstrates, that a so called bunch of devout Islamists, who allegedly hate the infidels, actually took the time to put paper to pen, in English, for everyone to read.
Nice for perception management purposes, though.
[JURIST] U.S. special forces obtained a document [PDF] during a raid in eastern Syria sanctioning the harvesting of human organs.
Thank goodness the US special forces "obtained" this document. 
And the Jurist decided to associate the whole psyop with China! 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night

To all who stop by to read and comment, however you choose to celebrate this time of the year, my wish is that each and everyone of you have a great day! 

Many of the symbols of Christmas echo its aspect of rebirth and hope in darkness.

Holly was thought to be important because it retains its greenery right through the winter months, and as such is a symbol of summer life in the winter starkness. Holly was the male symbol of this greenery, and Ivy was the feminine, the two often placed together as a symbol of fecundity at the dark end of the year. There was also a belief that evergreen plants and trees were refuges for the woodland spirits through the winter months. Evergreen Trees a symbol of life
Christmas- Renewal, Rebirth and Hope for light in the darkness- I quite like that !

All the best to everyone who makes this blog a light in the darkness!

I'm taking a break, but have left plenty of reading and listening:
Don't miss my expose of Sy Hersh's latest psyop-

Be sure to read the piece Aangirfan wrote on the same subject - Thanks aang!

 3 interviews:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sy Hersh: "Who Controls the Past Controls the Future......."

"And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed – if all records told the same tale – then the lie passed into history and became truth: All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory"

And this is where Sy Hersh and his latest article  " Military to Military-Seymour US intelligence sharing in the Syrian war"   begin to impose yet another lie onto history to enforce the new truth over your own memory

I've been reading it over and over for the past three days. The piece is riddled with contradictions and rife with unsubstantiated claims. An unnamed source? So we can’t verify this information in any way shape or form. We can’t know if this person  exists. This is obviously problematic.

None the less there are some interesting aspects about  this Hersh obfuscation/demonization. I find the article sets up the parameters for future spin. The expose appears, at least partially, to be a preparatory narrative for the blow back meme.  And likely the the non cooperation between agencies narrative can also be extracted from the piece.  Recalling the same type of account presented after 9/11.

It also contains, what I consider to be, the framing and blaming of a future nation to be destabilized- Saudi Arabia. And the further demonizing of Turkey. Same as we've witnessed by the likes of Mike Whitney and other alt media darlings.: Mike Whitney- Obfuscating for NATO, AGAIN! Turkey to 'annex' Syria?  Also today's post: Sibel Edmonds Explains the Erdogan Takedown

Notice we got the same "annex" meme a short time ago with Turkey all set  to annex Mosul and create a Sunnistan" PKK Occupy 3 Assyrian Iraqi Villages- Turks to Mosul and more

'The rubbish about Turkey annexing Mosul- is just that. Rubbish. Turkey is in no position to annex territory- period.  I simply cannot believe the garbage in the alt media at this time! It's a complicated situation- and this simplistic blaming Turkey for the sun not rising is little more then NATO/Israeli propaganda being regurgitated"  
Reinforcing the perception management

I'll bold  the questionable parts of Mr Hersh's story
“Barack Obama’s repeated insistence that Bashar al-Assad must leave office – and that there are ‘moderate’ rebel groups in Syria capable of defeating him – has in recent years provoked quiet dissent, and even overt opposition, among some of the most senior officers on the Pentagon’s Joint Staff. Their criticism has focused on what they see as the administration’s fixation on Assad’s primary ally, Vladimir Putin. In their view, Obama is captive to Cold War thinking about Russia and China, and hasn’t adjusted his stance on Syria to the fact both countries share Washington’s anxiety about the spread of terrorism in and beyond Syria; like Washington, they believe that Islamic State must be stopped”

"Obama is captive to cold war thinking"  I’m not certain that Obama is captive to any of his own thinking let alone cold war thinking!  However if we wish to attribute the act of  thinking to Obama, as opposed to the reality of simply acting, he is actually captive to or affiliated with a one world/ dominant force thinking. Does Washington really have "anxiety about the spread of terrorism" Or has Washington used  "terrorism" to it's advantage or gain? Does Washington or Obama for that matter "believe that Islamic State must be stopped" That is the claim, but, the reality doesn't match. When a so called expose, within the first paragraph, contains multiple false claims what are we to make of the entire piece?

“The military’s resistance dates back to the summer of 2013, when a highly classified assessment, put together by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, then led by General Martin Dempsey, forecast that the fall of the Assad regime would lead to chaos and, potentially, to Syria’s takeover by jihadi extremists, much as was then happening in Libya”

“The military’s resistance" ?  The assessment regarding Syria, like Libya, may have come concluded that chaos would ensue, but, Hersh doesn’t question whether or not this was actually the desired outcome? You know, the plan? He wants the reader to assume chaos is not the plan, but, why should you or I make that assumption

By then, the CIA had been conspiring for more than a year with allies in the UK, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to ship guns and goods – to be used for the overthrow of Assad – from Libya, via Turkey, into Syria. The new intelligence estimate singled out Turkey as a major impediment to Obama’s Syria policy. The document showed, the adviser said, ‘that what was started as a covert US programme to arm and support the moderate rebels fighting Assad had been co-opted by Turkey, and had morphed into an across-the-board technical, arms and logistical programme for all of the opposition, including Jabhat al-Nusra and Islamic State

So we have the CIA shipping weapons into Syria via Turkey in a cooperative fashion but then "The new intelligence estimate singled out Turkey as a major impediment to Obama’s Syria policy"  So it's more of that blame and frame Turkey! Well isn't this a timely meme. So, Turkey was suddenly the major impediment to Obama’s Syria policy? NATO occupied Turkey. And what was it Turkey impeded Obama from accomplishing in Syria? Destabilization? No. Turkey was used as a conduit by the CIA. NATO. Anyone and everyone else.. Regime change? Again NATO occupied Turkey was the means to an end. So, I'm not getting an impediment kind of vibe.

Brief Digression: No mention of Israel's participation in all this. Strange? No mention of Israel bombing Syria for Al Nusra? No mention of Israel providing medical care to IS and Al Nusra? Why is that omitted by Hersh? Instead we get Turkey setting up rump terror groups?

Hersh will contradict his "Obama's policy" claim to inform us all that destroying Syria was not Obama’s policy- Rather it was a policy that preceded the Obama administration. So why he insists on pushing this here and now as Obama policy is beyond me? According to Hersh, who is promoting a very timely blame Turkey meme,  Flynn warned jihadis were in control of the opposition... and it was all Turkey’s fault.

Digression:  US ex-intelligence chief on ISIS rise: It was 'a willful Washington decision'
General Flynn dismissed Al Jazeera’s supposition that the US administration “turned a blind eye” to the DIA’s analysis. Flynn believes the US government didn’t listen to his agency on purpose.

“I think it was a decision. I think it was a willful decision,” the former DIA chief said.
Hmmm.. That’s a bit different then the Hersh narrative. According to Flynn, Turkey was looking the other way in accord with the US willfully deciding to ignore the intelligence assessment and looking the other way also! Seems about right for NATO occupied/US dominated Turkey. Going along to get along.
 "They wanted Assad to go but the opposition was dominated by extremists. So who was going to replace him? To say Assad’s got to go is fine, but if you follow that through – therefore anyone is better. It’s the “anybody else is better” issue that the JCS had with Obama’s policy.’ The Joint Chiefs felt that a direct challenge to Obama’s policy would have ‘had a zero chance of success’
Hersh keeps labelling this as “Obama’s policy”- It isn’t. And never was.
However, it's necessary that you believe this is Obama's baby so you can buy into the whole narrative Hersh is set to promote. Which is the JCS took matters into their own hands because this Obama policy was going to result in chaos and JCS was so concerned they had to subvert Obama's policy for mom, apple pie and to wave the flag.

If you choose to believe this was Obama's policy you can then also swallow the nonsense that JCS  supplied intelligence to the Syrian army. Except the JCS didn't provide intelligence to Syrian Army. JCS allegedly provided intelligence to others. Others we are to assume passed it on to Syrian army.  Of course there is no way of verifying if any of this so called intelligence was passed to others, let alone that the intelligence made it’s way to Syria. That would require a rather large assumption that shouldn’t be made by anyone. This is hearsay. All of it.

Note the language in all the writing:
“Germany, Israel and Russia were in contact with the Syrian army, and able to exercise some influence over Assad’s decisions – it was through them that US intelligence would be shared"
No direct intel sharing. No proof of intel sharing from Germany, Israel or Russia to Syria.

Would be? Could be? May be? It does not state through them US intelligence WAS shared with Syria.
The use of was would be a statement of fact. Intelligence was shared. But that's not what's written!
Tossing the intelligence sharing claim to the curb- Thunk!

Interestingly when one reads further down Hersh's entire  JCS shares intel with Syria narrative is contradicted.

 There was no direct contact between the US and the Syrian military; instead, the adviser said, ‘we provided the information – including long-range analyses on Syria’s future put together by contractors or one of our war colleges – and these countries could do with it what they chose, including sharing it with Assad"

Or not?
I didn't need to read that above paragraph to know claims of US passing intel to Syria were false.

Hersh's claim of everything being Obama's policy- also kicked to the curb by Sy Hersh himself in yet more contradictory information! :
  State Department cables made public by WikiLeaks show that the Bush administration tried to destabilise Syria and that these efforts continued into the Obama years. In December 2006, William Roebuck, then in charge of the US embassy in Damascus, filed an analysis of the ‘vulnerabilities’ of the Assad government and listed methods ‘that will improve the likelihood’ of opportunities for destabilisation. He recommended that Washington work with Saudi Arabia and Egypt to increase sectarian tension and focus on publicising ‘Syrian efforts against extremist groups’ – dissident Kurds and radical Sunni factions – ‘in a way that suggests weakness, signs of instability, and uncontrolled blowback’; and that the ‘isolation of Syria’ should be encouraged through US support of the National Salvation Front, led by Abdul Halim Khaddam, a former Syrian vice president whose government-in-exile in Riyadh was sponsored by the Saudis and the Muslim Brotherhood. Another 2006 cable showed that the embassy had spent $5 million financing dissidents who ran as independent candidates for the People’s Assembly; the payments were kept up even after it became clear that Syrian intelligence knew what was going on. A 2010 cable warned that funding for a London-based television network run by a Syrian opposition group would be viewed by the Syrian government ‘as a covert and hostile gesture toward the regime’.
As stated, at the beginning of my post, the policy of destroying Syria was one written before Obama
Again toss claims of this being Obama's bad plan to the curb- Thunk, goes yet more trash!

Interesting that comment about creating the concept/perception of uncontrolled blow back? The same perception management runs through this Hersh piece. Coincidence? I think not!

Now we get to the most ridiculous part, of much silliness, in Hersh's article:
 "In July 2013, the Joint Chiefs found a more direct way of demonstrating to Assad how serious they were about helping him. By then the CIA-sponsored secret flow of arms from Libya to the Syrian opposition, via Turkey, had been underway for more than a year (it started sometime after Gaddafi’s death on 20 October 2011).[*] The operation was largely run out of a covert CIA annex in Benghazi, with State Department acquiescence"
 Arms dealing from Benghazi is well known. There has to be at least 3 posts here on the Benghazi op.
By the late summer of 2013, the DIA’s assessment had been circulated widely, but although many in the American intelligence community were aware that the Syrian opposition was dominated by extremists the CIA-sponsored weapons kept coming, presenting a continuing problem for Assad’s army.

So the JCS decide to help Assad by flooding Syria with even more weapons!!! 
I'm not kidding, this increased flow of weapons from the JCS is presented as an attempt to help the Syrian government. And get a load of the "worked with Turks we trusted who were not loyal to Erdogan,’ This is either PKK. Grey Wolves. Or both. In a chaos creating 'let you and him fight' kind of manipulation.
 The CIA was approached by a representative from the Joint Chiefs with a suggestion: there were far less costly weapons available in Turkish arsenals that could reach the Syrian rebels within days, and without a boat ride.’ But it wasn’t only the CIA that benefited. We worked with Turks we trusted who were not loyal to Erdogan, the adviser said, ‘and got them to ship the jihadists in Syria all the obsolete weapons in the arsenal, including M1 carbines that hadn’t been seen since the Korean War and lots of Soviet arms. It was a message Assad could understand: “We have the power to diminish a presidential policy in its tracks.”’
This shipping in of weapons, called obsolete, doesn't make them unusable. Particularly not in the case of Kalashnikovs.  This so called 'obsolete' arms shipments coincides with the news of that time March 25/2013:

Syria: Massive CIA arms shipments..... A post that contains two, related to Hersh's story, links

CIA aids in massive arms airlifts to so called Syrian rebels....

 Weapons shipments via the CIA- visual

BTW- AK47 from the Lords of War:

Obsolete my friends? Oh, I think not AK47- wikipedia
It's all in the spin. We've all seen the images of the 'rebels' with their AK's

 It seems to me what Hersh is obfuscating with his narrative is the fact that the JCS & the CIA colluded to ensure the delivery of more weapons in a faster more efficient manner to their rebels all the while undermining the elected Turkish leadership. And, continuing to destroy and destabilize Syria.

The Hersh piece is perception management at it's finest!

 Here's the blame Saudi Arabia part:
 In January 2014, despairing at the lack of progress, John Brennan, the director of the CIA, summoned American and Sunni Arab intelligence chiefs from throughout the Middle East to a secret meeting in Washington, with the aim of persuading Saudi Arabia to stop supporting extremist fighters in Syria. ‘The Saudis told us they were happy to listen,’ the JCS adviser said, ‘so everyone sat around in Washington to hear Brennan tell them that they had to get on board with the so-called moderates. His message was that if everyone in the region stopped supporting al-Nusra and Isis their ammunition and weapons would dry up, and the moderates would win out.’ Brennan’s message was ignored by the Saudis, the adviser said, who ‘went back home and increased their efforts with the extremists and asked us for more technical support. And we say OK, and so it turns out that we end up reinforcing the extremists.’
Despairing the lack of progress? In what context? Saving Syria? I laugh!

The CIA summons their agents from "throughout the Middle East to a secret meeting in Washington"  and tells them to stop supplying weapons so the moderates would win out?

What a bunch of baloney! There are so many weapons now in place. IS and Al Nusra are well supported by their own smuggling & extortion rings. Aided by Israel, the Kurds and who ever else is on the ground supporting them, making this claim laughable. Stop supporting the extremists. What a joke! After the CIA and the JCS opened Pandora's box they present a narrative of trying to reign it in as a face saving measure. Face saving. That's all!

"message was ignored by the Saudis" Bad Saudis- but not bad Israel

'And we say OK, and so it turns out that we end up reinforcing the extremists.’-  
Oh look it's the "unintended consequences narrative"!

Hersh's article continues. But, I'm done. I see his expose as nothing more then a rewrite of known history- To spin what really happened- reality & fact- into a face saving work of fiction that can be spun off  into any number of directions. It's imperial propaganda. All you have to do is not believe it!

Sibel Edmonds Explains the Erdogan Takedown

Most important points: Erdogan is under the Gun. As has been mentioned here for well over a year now!  The Alt media is indeed singing from the same playbook as NATO- I've made note of that on any number of occasions-  

"We talk about the hypocritical and nearly-unanimous coverage of Erdogan’s abuses and how and why this narrative is converging now to finish the US/NATO task of removing him from office to usher in a more pliable puppet"

James and Sibel lament the lack of diverse coverage regarding the obvious and impending destruction of Turkey- Obviously they don't read my blog! Since I started talking this up and finally writing about it over a year ago! All the while taking a ton of flak for this theory.
I disagree with Edmond's analysis regarding the Kurds being tossed aside- Used and abused. The NATO allied militias signed on to this destabilization and I don't have an ounce of sympathy for them! They will get their 'just desserts'. When you sleep with the dogs your sure to get fleas!
As for the media commentary- It's all the same, anyway.

Stay tuned for my analysis on Sy Hersh's piece.... Were going to talk Turkey and more.
I've been working for three days on it. It will be the last post before taking a few days off.
Trying to leave some good reading and listening for those who will stop by :)

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Porkins Policy Radio- The Case of Jeffrey Epstein

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I'll relink the older posts later- Gotta find them first

Hat tip majestika!
  1. Hey Penny. Funnily enough I was listening to a very interesting podcast on Mr Epstein courtesy of Pearse Redmond @ Porkins Policy Review - worth a listen if you have time :-)


Monday, December 21, 2015

Turkey’s Reluctant Return to the West

Today's Zaman Oped

Interesting title. Particularly the use of the word of reluctant. Reluctant tells us that Turkey is not so eager to go along with the West. Aka US/Israel. Reluctant informs us that rather then being willing to return to the west, Turkey is being forced or coerced back into the Western fold. To the detriment of Turkey’s well being. Cohesion. Territorial Integrity.

Reluctant defined : feeling or showing doubt about doing something : not willing or eager to do something

While this oped is aimed at the Turkish audience, including a warning for the Turkish populace to consider the consequences of this return, the non Turkish audience should  also comprehend that Turkey is being pushed into a dire scenario.
“Inspired positively by the early outcomes of the Arab uprisings, Turkey was almost convinced that the time was ripe for grand changes. The Islamist rulers of Turkey have never been happy with the Western genetics of Turkish foreign policy. There were grand projects in the air in those times, such as flirting with the Shanghai Five or buying a missile system from China. Turkey's leadership of the Muslim world was another leading priority.

Things changed quickly. As of 2015, Turkey is a de facto isolated country, both regionally and globally. One may even argue that relations with some Arab states today are even worse than when the Arabs were uprising against the Ottomans in World War I. This is a crucial problem: How did Turkey become a state that has no contact with several Arab states like Libya, Yemen and Egypt? What is the main dynamic that caused this? The answer, I believe, is simple: Turkey once thought that it had the capacity to rule the Arab world. As a result, Ankara became engaged in many domestic issues of various Arab states. The engagement strategy failed for two simple reasons: First, Arabs do not want Turkey to lead them. Second, Ankara does not have the needed material or non-material power to realize such a grand engagement in domestic Arab affairs.
I believe the author contradicts himself in the section highlighted above. Ankara (non NATO occupied Turkey) would have surely been aware of their limitations so how could they have then believed that they were going to lead the Arabs. Were they encouraged to lead? Was non NATO Turkey set up to fail- Forcing it back into the NATO fold?
It is an unwritten principle of Turkish history: Turks are pro-Western by necessity. Politicians like Mustafa Kemal Atatürk were also ideologically pro-Western. But the Islamist actors of today's Turkey are also pro-Western, as there is no alternative to offer security to Turkey. Thus, Turkey is moving from the ideological Westernism of Kemalism to the strategic Westernism of Islamists. As of 2015, Islamists in Turkey have no alternative other than the NATO/Western system to protect their interests against potential aggressors like Russia. It is thus a reluctant Westernism.
Russia. A potential aggressor? Considering Turkey's energy dependence and trade with Russia, aggressor doesn't come to my mind. However, NATO occupied Turkey would interpret Russia as an 'aggressor'
Though strategic, Westernism in Turkish foreign policy requires complex changes. 
Turkey first canceled its plan to buy a missile system from China. Then declared it wanted to normalize relations with Israel. Recently, US President Barack Obama asked Turkey remove its troops from Iraq. All are normal. Since Turkey is becoming close to the NATO/Western camp, one cannot imagine Turkey's problems with Israel not being solved. A similar development may be seen on the Egyptian side.

Today, the Islamists are pushing Turkey toward a strategic Westernism. This is mainly through a system for security and its institutions. It is not like the previous ideological Westernism that prioritized Western values such as human rights and democracy. Thus, it is not the EU, but NATO, that gives the color of Turkey's recent pro-Western strategy. However, Turkey's strategic Westernism has limits. To begin with, this would keep Turkey on the periphery of the Western bloc. Security-oriented Westernism has no, or very limited, capacity to transform Turkey into a Western power. Thus, its impact on domestic Turkish politics in terms of democratization is also very limited.
NATO occupied Turkey vs Non NATO Turkey
Turkey's basket has two key strategic advantages that can be marketed to the West: The first is the recent revivalism of Russia. The second is the set of various problems caused by the Middle Eastern regional system such as radicalism, terror or the Syrian crisis. As usual, it is Turkey that can best offer help in those two fields, no other states!

Conventional logic would say it is in Turkey's favor to play this role. However, it is yet to be clarified if such a peripheral role in the Western system would also be in favor of Turkey in the long term. The role Turkey is today assigned by the Western system has a natural capacity to erode Turkey. This role may erode Turkey's democracy, domestic peace and sociological balances in the long term. I am sure no pragmatic Western leader would think of this, but this is necessary homework for all Turks”

Turkey's recently assigned role, western assigned, will erode Turkey's democracy, domestic peace and sociological balances in the long term. I am quite sure Western pragmatic leaders have considered this fact. In fact, by my reading, it seems the western pragmatists have planned for this erosion of the Turkish state.  I do hope the Turkish populace has or will consider these moves against Turkey.

From earlier:

Barzani describes PYD as ‘so-called Kurds' over attack on Syrian Kurds

Barzani describes PYD as ‘so-called Kurds' over attack on Syrian Kurds

Daily Sabah

I can’t even recall the number of posts here at the blog noting the absolute lack of cohesion among the varying peoples labelled “Kurds”? Alongside the reports of  abuse dished out by the NATO affiliated alphabet Kurd militias against the non participatory Kurds. Don’t discount what Barzani is saying here. His description of PYD/YPG/PKK abuses against non affiliated Kurds is accurate
and correlates with other news items I’ve posted. Pay particular attention to the report by the Peshmerga commander- He describes how the Peshmerga had planned to take back Sinjar but the PYD/PKK prevented the attack. This blocking tactic is, to the best of my understanding, what we have just witnessed with regard to Mosul.

*What’s Behind the Iraq/Turkey/ Mosul Spat? Mosul is still today in Iraq!

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Masoud Barzani said on Saturday that "so-called Kurds" would one day regret what they have done thanks to the PKK-affiliated Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Syria. Talking about the incident in which PYD militants attacked a ceremony on Dec. 17, Kurdish National Flag Day, held by the Kurdish National Council of Syria (ENKS), Barzani condemned the attack and said, "Even the occupiers did not do what those forces have done. One day, they will regret it and be ashamed of it."

At the event, members of ENKS wanted to celebrate national flag day by using the KRG's flag; however, PYD militants scattered the group and detained several members of the council.

In a statement issued on the KRG's website, Barzani said he appreciates those who challenge the PYD, labeling them "so-called Kurds." The flag used by the KRG is not accepted by the PKK terrorist organization and the PYD.

Previously on Tuesday, Northern Iraq's Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) criticized the umbrella organization that includes the PKK terrorist group, the Kurdish Communities Union (KCK), accusing it of causing trouble for the Kurds.

"Why do you not solve your problems with Turkey if you do not have enmity toward it?" Barzani asked in an official statement. The party heads the KRG.

"The KDP is used to statements by the KCK that aim to undermine its reputation," the statement read, noting that the KCK's policies are "wrong" and cause instability in Kurdish regions.

*PKK Challenges Barazani in Iraq- One ring to rule them all?

According to the KDP, the PKK has ruined hundreds of Kurdish villages, forced residents to flee their homes and has prevented the KRG from providing social services in the affected areas.
That is an accurate statement. The PKK has ruined hundreds of Kurdish villages and forced residents to flee- We have surely noticed the Kurdish refugees fleeing? Alongside the all the others?
In an interview published in the al-Araby al-Jadeed daily, a military official from the KRG previously said that the PKK and the PYD are making the fight against DAESH more difficult for the peshmerga forces.

A peshmerga commander, Qassem Shasho, told the daily that they had hoped to launch an attack against DAESH at the beginning of November in Sinjar, a strategically important location in the region, but the PKK and the PYD prevented the planned attacks.

*Sinjar: Creating a Crucial Supply Route for KurdIShIS & Annexing Iraqi Territory

 That's the kicker in all this! Ridding the area of most of the Kurds while creating a "Kurdistan" or Second Israel- Call it creating Greater Israel by stealth

*Kurdistan aka “Second Israel”- Ethnic Cleansing the Indigenous of the Middle East

Friday, December 18, 2015

Mosul: A Strategic Prize in the New Middle East- Destabilizing Turkey Continues

I've had Paul Davis Op-ed's here previously. Below is another one.
Is there a coming fight for Mosul? The answer is: Yes
  While the Iranian backed Shia militias are working with the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) to push ISIS out of Ramadi ....( Coincidentally the US "inadvertently" killed Iraqi soldiers" ) little has been said about the liberation of Mosul.
Kurdish presidential Chief of Staff Fuad Hussein recently announced an upcoming meeting between the Kurdistan Regional government, Turkey and the United States to discuss strategy in the fight against ISIS. It is interesting to note that while Hussein said this would be with the full knowledge of the Iraqi government they will not be attending.   Mosul is likely to be on the agenda and while Mosul is the second largest city in Iraq the Iraqi government has shown little interest in its emancipation.
An upcoming, meeting between KRG, Turkey and the US to discuss strategy regarding the liberation of Mosul. But, the Iraqi government in Baghdad won't be attending. According to Paul Davis "the Iraqi government has shown little interest in it's emancipation" Utter nonsense! Mosul is an important city. Oil. Water. Strategic. There is no way in heck Baghdad is not interested in its "emancipation" 

Consider the PKK /YPG vs KRG dynamic when continuing to read...
Paul Davis continues...

" The Peshmerga would be the best chance, in conjunction with the ISF, to achieve this goal but the Peshmerga are not trained to do so. To fight in Mosul is to fight in urban terrain.
* U.S. To Provide Arms Soon To Iraqi Kurds To Fight IS 

The Peshmerga allied with ISF would be able to achieve the taking back of Mosul. But the ISF is busy in Ramadi, and the US is busily killing the ISF too. With the ISF out of the picture, what will happen with the KRG Peshmerga? Obviously they will not be able to take the city without assistance. This may have been where Turkey had come into the picture when they moved tanks & troops into  the Mosul area, in cooperation with Barzani.

Until the US intervened: 

What’s Behind the Iraq/Turkey/ Mosul Spat? Mosul is still today in Iraq!
 So Biden's call, which resulted in a limited Turkish withdrawal, sets back the removal of ISIS from Mosul. If the US was truly at war with ISIS and really wanted Turkey to participate in ridding the globe of ISIS,  why request or demand a troop withdrawal from such a strategic area?  
My suspicions are the Barzani Kurd KRG allied with Turkish troops were going to move on Mosul- Hoping to kick ISIS to the curb and block the favoured PKK! The US put a stop to that.

Back to the Paul Davis piece. Picking up at fighting in urban terrain.
City fighting is bloody and costly and time consuming for any army. Most armies are trained in open warfare not in what the west calls “Military Operations on Urban Terrain” (MOUT).

Mosul had a pre ISIS civilian population of 1 million and an estimated 600,000 today. Mosul is a much larger city than Ramadi and has been under ISIS occupation longer. Tikrit was almost depopulated allowing airstrikes on targets inside the city. Ramadi is proving problematic for airstrikes attempting to avoid civilian casualties. Fighting in Mosul will be done house to house with little air support as targets will be hard to detect and ISIS will mix in with and hid behind civilians knowing the US and coalition air forces will not knowingly bomb civilian targets.

Once inside the city Iraqi forces will find IEDs and other traps everywhere. ISIS fighters will be well concealed and in covered positions. As fighting proceeds street to street and house to house, every car may contain a bomb and every house may be rigged. As casualties mount the Iraqi forces may, and the Iranian backed Shia militias will, begin to slow and then stop fighting. Should the better trained and motivated Peshmerga forces be involved in fighting inside of Mosul, they will probably continue to fight before they are cut off and find themselves alone. It is most likely that the Peshmerga will be used as a blocking force to contain any ISIS fighters trying to escape Mosul. Peshmerga training and equipment is more designed for this.
If the Peshmerga can't fight house to house- Who can?

Paul Davis tells us all who can. It is the PKK/YPG alliance or as like to call them KurdIShIS.
They can go in and win yet another  'stunning victory' against ISIS. As they have on oh so many occasions. Easy enough of a win, really. When at the top is  the one ring to rule them all. The one umbrella that shelters all the alphabet terrorists- NATO
  The most reasonable action, if any, to come from the tripartite meeting will be to leverage the recent Kurdish victory in Shingal to continue to isolate Mosul from ISIS and cut off supplies while forces in Syria continue to pressure Raqqa. Operations in Raqqa will also be mostly Kurdish as the YPG solidifies its gains and presses it defense.

 Don't recognize the name Shingal?  It is Sinjar.  Or it was Sinjar. Sinjar, Iraq. 
 Sinjar (Arabic: سنجار‎, Sinjar; Latin: Singara), also known as Shingal[2] (Kurdish:
Paul Davis is using the Kurdish name for this freshly annexed territory. MSM and chicken little alt media didn't even mention that this territory was forcibly removed from Iraq. Yes, by force! NATO backed Kurdish militias and US airstrikes. 
However, all my readers were duly informed more then a month ago! 
Sinjar was disputed territory. Baghdad wanted to hold onto it. But the US and it's Kurdish militia terrorists PKK/YPG and the newest Yazidi militia trained by the PKK took it over and it's gone from the country known as Iraq. As I mentioned November 13/2015- Creating a crucial supply route and annexing Iraq's territory.

Flashback:  Sinjar: Creating a Crucial Supply Route for KurdIShIS & Annexing Iraqi Territory

Paul Davis  "Turkey has the only military capable of supporting the needed actions. Should Turkey begin to play a major role the continuing deterioration of the region will be exacerbated.
   A new strategy is needed and a new Middle East will emerge from it. The proposed meeting in Erbil is a good start in this realization but the new map cannot be drawn by Turkey and the United States.
Paul Davis knows that Turkey will want to participate to block the Kurdish state from being created and that can't be allowed. "Should Turkey begin to play a major role the continuing deterioration of the region will be exacerbated"
So a minor role would be acceptable with hand picked participants no doubt
Paul Davis specifically cites the fact that Turkey cannot participate in redrawing the Middle East-
He already knows the US is. Paul Davis doesn't tell us who should draw that map. Only who shouldn't. Very curious.

Kurdistan aka “Second Israel”- Ethnic Cleansing the Indigenous of the Middle East

US airstrikes "Inadvertently" Kill Iraq Soldiers

Inadvertently. Of course.

Varying reports- As many as 30 killed. Some reports of 20. Below claims 10.
What is interesting is these Iraqi soldiers were making targeting ISIS...

The U.S. military said it is investigating an American airstrike that may have inadvertently killed Iraqi soldiers near the city of Fallujah.

It said the airstrikes were done in coordination with Iraqi forces. It said the U.S. will investigate what happened and has invited the Iraqis to participate.

When asked how many Iraqis may have been killed, the U.S. military command known as Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve said, "The coalition is investigating the incident and will make further details available when appropriate."

Were Iraqi forces making too much progress against ISIS? 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

US Pulls Temporarily Deployed Fighter Jets from Incirlik, Turkey. Mission Accomplished?

 Updated! Scroll down.

On December 16th it was reported -  "US military says pulls 12 fighter jets from base in Turkey"

Pay attention to the time frame, please.

US Defence Secretary Ash Carter- Addressing US troops at Incirlik, December 15/15

WASHINGTON: The U.S. military said Wednesday it was pulling 12 F-15 Eagles and Strike Eagle fighter jets from Incirlik air base in Turkey after deploying them there last month.
A spokesman at the U.S. military's European Command told Reuters the aircraft had completed a temporary deployment.
A temporary deployment?

The date was November 24th/2015. An F15 shot down a Russian Su24 over Syrian territory
Just 23 days ago. Curious, No? Mission accomplished? Possibly!


Stars N Stripes

Some date prior to November 12/2015 the US moved six F-15c's to Incirlik, to guard Turkish airspace from Russian 'violation'
  A separate wave of six F-15C aircraft, also from Lakenheath, arrived at Incirlik.
Their main mission is guarding Turkish airspace, which Russian fighters have violated on several occasions, U.S. European Command officials have said previously.

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