Saturday, December 5, 2015

Always Suspicious No Good Organizations Advancing Questionable Narratives

Ribal al Assad & the "Organisation for Freedom and Democracy in Syria"
Noticed the other day this guy and his do gooder organization were all over the place.
What is up with that!? Just another No Good Organization doing the work of the global tyranny!

Who is Ribal as Assad? - And, yes, he is related to Bashar al Assad

Ribal is the Founder and Director of the Organisation for Freedom and Democracy in Syria (ODFS) and the Chairman and Founder of The IMAN Foundation which seeks to promote inter-religious and cultural dialogue and to challenge extremism.

He left Syria in 1984 at the age of 9. In an interview with the Jewish Chronicle, Ribal al-Assad claimed that "if his father's ideas had been pursued in the 1970s, Syria would have made peace with Israel at the same time as the Egyptians."[3]

Ribal and his family then moved to Paris, where he continued to live until the age of 16. He claimed that his experiences mixing with other cultures in Paris helped him develop an early understanding of multiculturalism and multi-ethnic communities; especially with regards to the Jewish community.
At the age of 16, Ribal al-Assad began High School in New York and Houston, before joining university in Boston.
 Ribal al-Assad founded the Organisation for Democracy and Freedom in Syria in 2009. Timing?

As Director of the ODFS, Ribal continued the mission for reform by lobbying senior British and European Parliamentarians including Robert Godsiff MP, Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Syria in March 2010 on the urgent need for political transition in Syria to democracy and freedom- March 2010? Timing?

The Organization for Democracy and Freedom - Something just ain’t right!

The lack of information contained at the site of his Democracy and Freedom group is strange?  For a group that’s been operating for over 6 years now?
Who we are?-  Coming soon
Events? - Coming soon
Members? Supporters?- Coming soon
You would think that there would be way more information on the website after 6 years of operation? Founded in 2009?

Personally opining, it surely appears the  ODFS  NGO is a front for a NATO overthrow. The link is there, just look for yourself.

The latest media reports being promoted by Mr al Assad and his no good organization:

Turkey's Erdogan Seeks to Invade Syria to Recreate Ottoman Empire - NGO

Mr Ribal al Assad- "He sees himself today as the leader of the Muslim Sunni world against the currently reigning Shia. He wants to recreate the Ottoman Empire. The only way for him to recreate it is by having taken Syria and going South to have all the Middle East and North Africa," he said.

Oh really? Odd. That reads like Israel's plan.

"The only country that could logically be buying from ISIS [Daesh] is them. And the international community, we have known for a while that all those fighters going to join the terrorist group were coming through Turkey and no other country," Ribal al-Assad said.

Again Ribal al Assad is describing Israel's actions, but, attributing them to Turkey? 
Makes me wonder if he is on the Israeli payroll?

*Israel buys most oil smuggled from ISIS territory - report

*Carving Turkey After a NATO Roasting- Claims vs Reality

It's no wonder I get that agenda/meme pushing vibe for this man, his "ngo' and all the media coverage..... 

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