Thursday, December 3, 2015

Farewell to Jasper

Sadly, we had to put down our cat. She was 19 years and 4 months old- making her about 94 human years old.  Yes, we've had her for a very, very long time. I realize with all the horrors in this world, the loss of our pet isn't the biggest issue for readers here. However, it hurts. A lot.
Pets have a way of stealing one's heart without you knowing it's being done.

Jasper in January/2015


  1. Sorry to hear this Penny. Having cats myself over the years I know how much it hurts and how much you miss them, they're a big part of the family. It's so horrible to get them put down, but it's part of the responsibility of caring for them unfortunately. So hard to have to do this to the animal you love though. That you gave them a good home and lot's love over the years and that they loved you back is the best thing there is and can be. The hardest lesson of life is losing the animals or people that you love. So sorry.

  2. I'm very sorry to hear this Penny. Animals are what they are - no hidden agendas. And that is why, I think, we love them so much. They provide blessed relief from the ways of man. My best to you and Dave. Take care.

  3. Sorry to hear about your cat Penny. Our cat is 16 and he doesn't look half as healthy as Jasper. I'm not looking forward to that day. Jasper isn't suffering now.

    1. My apologies galaxy582- A new name and I missed it. Fortunately Jasper was quite, quite healthy to the end-
      I wish you all the best with your cat- just enjoy him for as long as you can.

  4. Hi Penny:

    I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. As a pet lover, I know how painful it is to lose someone like Jasper, I still think about our cat, Flicka, who passed away after 14 years in 2003. I remember the first night she came to us. She was a kitten and so small I took her to bed with us and she slept all night curled up on the top of my head. It was a privilege to have known her.


  5. 19 years is a grand age for a cat. I can only imagine how many adventures he packed into his life. I still tell my children stories of our cat who died many years ago, but left so many fond memories.

    I wouldn't say that pets steal our hearts. They just remind us that we have them and allow us to exercise them without ever having to fear betrayal or disappointment.

    Jasper will be out there somewhere telling of his human companions and the crazy things they used to do.


  6. So sorry to hear that penny and RIP Jasper x in our house we love cats so much we are nearly on the level of the ancient Egyptians! It's probably too soon but will you get another? I don't think a house is a home without a cat! Like Anthony says, they never really leave you, I remember every one I ever had the privilege of living with.

  7. Pets have a way of stealing one's heart without you knowing it's being done.

    A gross understatement. There are no more devoted friends than our pets and I understand very well the ache in your soul at your loss.

    in sympathy,

  8. Penny my dear I am sorry to hear this, my heart and thoughts are with you. I remember out kitty (and kid) conversations and I know that Jasper had a wonderful, beautiful life with you both. She sure was a cutie pie.

    Massive hugs my dear,


  9. 33 years later I still miss my last dog, on a daily basis.

    But your heart heals with all those good memories of a beloved companion and ... well... that is about it. One thing my Dad used to say was that if there were no dogs in heaven he did not want to go there. I hope that applies to felines as well because I am allergic to them in this world.

    You were lucky to be so gifted with your Jasper.

    Warm hugs and sympathy.

  10. What a beautiful photo! She looks very much like one of my two. I'm so sorry you've lost her. -- Phil K

  11. Thanks for all the lovely comments- Tears just streamed down my face as I posted that pic and I've used a bunch of tissue the past couple of days-

    Jasper, was named after the semi precious stone-
    Red Jasper- Our daughter who picked her name was into 'rocks'
    When we first got Jasper we also had a hamster named Mica.
    Jasper picked us. She showed up at our house and became our cat. So very many years ago.

    John "So hard to have to do this to the animal you love though"

    Way more difficult then I had imagined.

    james " Animals are what they are - no hidden agendas. And that is why, I think, we love them so much"

    So true. So very, very true.

    GC: "It was a privilege to have known her."

    That's how I feel about Jasper. Definitely that she brought something special to us, just by being here.

    Anthony " They just remind us that we have them and allow us to exercise them without ever having to fear betrayal or disappointment"

    Anthony: That is so true and so well said :) It's funny your comment about the adventures- because when our daughter was younger her friend gave her a book called "Jasper the Adventure Kitty"- I kid you not. We still have the book.

    Sam: No cat right now. My Aunt told me not to get a cat thinking it will replace Jasper- no other cat can do that.

    Karin: Thanks :)

    And Buffy; I recall well the many talks about cats and kids :)
    She was a super cutie pie. Just a small girl. Who thought herself fierce in her younger days... ah the stories I could tell.

    Thanks Noor :) I was lucky to be gifted with Jasper- Not quite sure how we were chosen by her, but, we were so gifted.

    Hi Phil: she was in the reno room/spare bedroom- which was our daughters room- we joked with our daughter when she came home that she had to share the room and bed with Jasper who had taken it all over. Until we filled it with the necessary materials etc for us to do the bathroom reno- then Jasper got displaced from there.

    Don't think she minded cause she also had a cozy box downstairs, always, with her own blanket-

    I'm sorry I've lost her too, as much as I know it was time :(

    Thanks for sharing some of the nicest thoughts I've gotten to read in a while :)

  12. Sorry for your lost and this is the reason I didn't get new pets when the pair of whites wolves I owned or they owned me had to be put down:-(

    1. Hi jo and thanks :)
      white wolves- lovely!
      It's funny cause I bet they owned you- hubby was just talkin tonight about this goofy chasing/ hide'nseek thing that him and Jasper did
      But he said Jasper must of thought to herself" look how silly I can get him to act" I laughed.

    2. I've not seen white wolves in reality. I've seen coyotes- stalking deer
      but never white wolves

  13. Thank you for giving her a great life


    They looked just like this and most are found on the islands around Alaska