Wednesday, December 2, 2015

If Oil Was Really A Consideration- Turkey Would NOT Have shot the Russian Jet down

From Chatham House of all places! Still this is what I call "Stating the Obvious"

Last week I was saying to my husband, it doesn't make sense that the nation state of Turkey would shoot down the plane, for the most obvious, simple, plain, common sense reason, Turkey is very reliant or dependent on Russia for it's energy needs!

That's a fact!

If oil was a consideration for the Turkish authorities in their decision to shoot down a Russian jet, they would have had good reason to hold fire.

 Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested that the decision by Turkey to shoot down a Russian military aircraft a week ago was 'dictated by the desire to protect the oil supply lines to Turkish territory'

We'll notice that is an out of context quote? 

 It is doubtful whether Putin genuinely believes his accusation. However, by raising the issue of the possible dealings between Turkish government agencies and ISIS, he has the chance to gain propaganda points in his tussle with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and in some way legitimize recent Russian attacks on targets in parts of Syria that are held by non-ISIS rebel forces backed by Turkey.
With the descent into civil war the trade has evolved, and in 2014 ISIS took over much of the crude production and refining business along the Euphrates river valley. This represented about one-third of Syria's pre-conflict oil capacity, with most of the remainder under Kurdish control.

Last paragraph broken down sentence by sentence

Economic dependence

Turkey relies almost entirely on imports for its total oil consumption of about 720,000 barrels per day.
A large chunk of those imports come from Russia. In 2014 Russia also supplied 27 billion cubic metres of natural gas to Turkey, representing 56 per cent of its total consumption. 
Russia was Turkey's largest source of imports, supplying goods worth $25.3 billion, or more than 10 per cent of Turkey's total imports.
In this context, if oil was a consideration for the Turkish authorities in its decision to shoot down a Russian jet, it would have had good reason to hold fire

Considering the reality of Turkish/Russian relations it would appear that Turkey had every reason NOT to shoot down the jet

Cui Bono? 

Keeping in mind that Turkey did not participate in the US/EU sanctions regime against Russia

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  1. I notice the usual disinfo alt media suspects are hiding Israel and the Kurdish complicity in this situation to demonize Turkey----- way to show your NATO/Israel disinfo allegiance

  2. No, Turkey did not shoot down the Russian jet to protect the oil. I believe Putin knows the macro reason for the shoot down. It was to start a war between Russia and Turkey so that NATO could close off the Bosporus Strait...thus shutting off Russia's only access to the Mediterranean for its Black Sea naval forces. This was obviously the reason. NATO had tried to do the trick with the Crimea takeover...but that didn't work as Crimea voted to rejoin Russia. So this was Plan B. I am sure Putin knows this but isn't calling NATO on it because that would foreclose any other options (such as getting rid of Erdogan via a military coup)


    1. HI GC

      "I am sure Putin knows this but isn't calling NATO on it because that would foreclose any other options (such as getting rid of Erdogan via a military coup)"

      can you clarify what you mean GC?

      getting rid of Erdogan via military coup would benefit the NATO agenda/ greater Israel etc.,
      And will happen with out without Putin- in fact I suspect this is something that may be at play- at least it can't be ruled out

    2. Putin likely wants the Plane Shoot down conflict kept on the less complicated level of Russia vs. Turkey rather than Russia vs NATO...for now, even though he knows that NATO was behind the shoot-down.

      Here's an interesting link.

      What do you think about this jewish woman fighting for ISIS?

    3. Thanks GC- that helps to clarify what you meant

      The jewish woman fighting for ISIS. Why I came across her back when that Canadian fighting with the "kurds' showed up dead!

      She was all over that one- she had his identifying papers etc
      He was the one that was supposed to have been killed by ISIS, but, that does not appear to have been the case
      I would suspect it was more a tying up of loose ends-

      "So, you see we have a problem of credibility with the accounts of YPG and SOHR? Which isn't really surprising. We definitely have Mr Gallagher in the company of YPG, but, we have NO suicide bomber car or belt being detonated. It sure looks as if YPG lied about the cause of death. SOHR further validated the bogus story by putting it out as fact. And now an autopsy contradicts the week old claim made by YPG and SOHR.

      The big question is.... Why did YPG lie about how this man was killed?"

  3. Two days ago

    Today: Political leaders in Kirkuk Wednesday urged restraint and unity after the assassination of a top Sunni Arab politician in the northern Iraqi city sparked fears of a flare-up

    Abadi getting the Maliki treatment: about to

  4. IFX:PUTIN: we hear the decision to down the plane was made by someone other than president of turkey, it doesn't matter to us

    In view of the Turks (Mil) denying the Radar lock early Oct - before the patriot removals (deniability?) - what does this Turk .mil comment comment mean: " “had the politicians kept quiet, we could have resolved the problem very fast,”"

    "Reports are emerging that the Turkish president is now at odds with his army's joint chief of staff after remarking that Ankara did not know that the warplane was Russian when targeting it; “had the politicians kept quiet, we could have resolved the problem very fast,” the Turkish media quotes an informed military source as saying"

    So now the patriots going back in...
    "The alliance has plans to provide interceptor fighter aircraft fitted with AWACS (Airborne Warning And Control System) radar units. It also wants to strengthen Turkey's anti-aircraft missile systems, and improve Turkey's air traffic control and air defense systems"

    The Killing of a Kurdish Lawyer Means Dark Days for Turkey

    Cat to mouse

    1. Ergenekon

      The clandestine state above the state...
      will check out the links and are the kurds the trees that hide the forest


    The United States on Wednesday turned down the Russian allegations that the Turkish government had been in league with the Islamic State (IS) militants to smuggle oil from Syria.

    "We reject outright the premise that the Turkish government is in league with ISIL(another acronym for IS) to smuggle oil across its borders," said State Department spokesman Mark Toner at a daily news briefing. "And we frankly see no evidence, none, to support such an accusation."

  6. I think everyone's right. There are multiple reasons behind the shoot-down of the Russian Su24 and there are multiple people behind it.

    Erdogan needs the money from the oil trade not only for his personal wealth but to have loot to spread around the various military and spooks he needs dependent on him to remain in power. He also needs the support of these same people to act when he wants to intervene militarily in Northern Syria to protect his various brands of terrorists to keep his empire ambitions alive. The downing of the jet was a warning to Russia to back off Erdogan's terrorists. He said as much a week beforehand (although, granted, he is not going to announce that he wants Russia to back off to protect his family crime operation!).

    America, the other party to the shoot-down, is run by the bankers and they need somebody, anybody, to involve Russia in a war so as to protect the US dollar. The US dollar is very weak (though the exchange rates do not reflect that . . . yet) and the only hope for its survival is to make other competing currencies (and their economies) weak. War is the traditional way to do that.

    A war between Turkey and Russia would close the Bosporus which would hurt Russia's economy and their military campaign in Syria but, most importantly, it would hurt Russia's rising image in the world. Russia would close off Turkey's energy supplies which would then hurt Turkey, of course, but the bankers do not care about that.

    The bankers would try and turn Europe away from Russia in the event of war with Turkey which would further cripple both the European and Russian economies. That's a twofer for the US bankers. Meanwhile, the US's advancing destruction of the Middle East would continue.

    Russia, I believe, is concentrating on the issue of oils sales and Turkey to chop the NATO support out from under Turkey so as to limit the conflict and make Turkey amenable to some sort of reason. Erdogan is belligerent because he thinks NATO has his back.

    Once Turkey has been exposed and subdued through lack of NATO support (or at least lack of European support), then Russia may focus on israel's (and others) part in this ISIS saga. Their hypocrisy will be much more evident and convincing once it is accepted widely that Turkey did indeed do business with ISIS and supplied them with the means of war. Then they will tie israel to Turkey.

    You build this sort of thing one brick at a time.

    1. From Eric Zuess at Strategic Culture - "Turkey Tries to Lure NATO Into War Against Russia"

      " When Turkey shot down a Russian bomber in Syria on November 24th, Turkish officials did so with the confidence that America’s anti-Russian military alliance, NATO, would protect Turkey against any possible military retaliation by Russia. And, so, Russia restricted its retaliation to merely economic measures.

      Sunni Turkey is the increasingly fundamentalist and anti-Shiite NATO member-nation; and, as such, it's doing what it can to draw the rest of America’s anti-Russian alliance, NATO, into a war by all of them to defeat Russia, because Russia is allied with the Shiite-led nations of Iran and Syria – nations that the Sunni aristocracies (especially the Sauds of Saudi Arabia, and the Thanis of Qatar) want to control, so as to have complete dominance over the Islamic world. Once they achieve that, they can then overtly and publicly support their jihadists to take over Western nations, as well, so as to establish the intended global «Caliphate»."

    2. Hey james- thanks for sharing your view
      I've a bit of a different take on this whole blame Turkey meme going about

    3. Egypt Spring Rebooted in Wake of Superfield find?

      Cairo attack a carbon copy of the Romania fire leading to the ouster of the controversial PM Ponta?

      16 killed in attack on night club in Cairo

      Israeli says SISI will not survive?

      ““The Pentagon’s man: When the 2011 uprising began, Anan was in Washington "for a week of meetings with senior American officers".


    germany picking up on the barzani split. Russia backs kurds short term but medium term problem.

    Something happening in germany

    Just becasue of the tank / weapons deals?

    Or something else?