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Israel buys most oil smuggled from ISIS territory - report

Globes: Israel’s Business Arena

All this noise about Turkey deflects from the very big Israeli involvement. Convenient.
I covered the illicit oil trade extensively in this post: Carving Turkey After a NATO Roasting- Claims vs Reality

Israel has become the main buyer for oil from ISIS controlled territory, reports "al-Araby al-Jadeed."

Kurdish and Turkish smugglers are transporting oil from ISIS controlled territory in Syria and Iraq and selling it to Israel, according to several reports in the Arab and Russian media. An estimated 20,000-40,000 barrels of oil are produced daily in ISIS controlled territory generating $1-1.5 million daily profit for the terrorist organization.

The oil is extracted from Dir A-Zur in Syria and two fields in Iraq and transported to the Kurdish city of Zakhu in a triangle of land near the borders of Syria, Iraq and Turkey. Israeli and Turkish mediators come to the city and when prices are agreed, the oil is smuggled to the Turkish city of Silop marked as originating from Kurdish regions of Iraq and sold for $15-18 per barrel (WTI and Brent Crude currently sell for $41 and $45 per barrel) to the Israeli mediator, a man in his 50s with dual Greek-Israeli citizenship known as Dr. Farid. He transports the oil via several Turkish ports and then onto other ports, with Israel among the main destinations.
In August, the "Financial Times" reported that Israel obtained 75% of its oil supplies from Iraqi Kurdistan. More than a third of such exports go through the port of Ceyhan, which the FT describe as a “potential gateway for ISIS-smuggled crude."
“Israel has in one way or another become the main marketer of ISIS oil. Without them, most ISIS-produced oil would have remained going between Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Even the three companies would not receive the oil if they did not have a buyer in Israel,” an industry official told the newspaper "al-Araby al-Jadeed."

Full report: Israel's #1 purchaser of  ISIS oil- 

Hi Pen,
Here is the original article which is far more damning than the israeli report on it. I wrote about it a few days ago and left this link on another of your posts. Here it is again. Not to be missed, as you say :)
Thanks James!

An artists' impression of Dr Farid (Uncle Farid), the Israeli-Greek oil broker
 That's a must read. A must read.

Not to be missed!

The Weapon of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement, Coercion & Foreign Policy


  1. Hi Pen,
    Here is the original article which is far more damning than the israeli report on it. I wrote about it a few days ago and left this link on another of your posts. Here it is again. Not to be missed, as you say :)


    1. Hey james

      thanks, I'm behind on reading comments from Sunday, Monday
      stumbled on this one today and couldn't pass it up
      I will read your link, right now!

    2. James definitely a worthwhile read in full, it's included in the post- with a hattip to you!


      "After the oil is extracted and loaded, the oil tankers leave Nineveh province and head north to the city of Zakho, 88km north of Mosul," the colonel said. Zakho is a Kurdish city in Iraqi Kurdistan, right on the border with Turkey.

      "After IS oil lorries arrive in Zakho - normally 70 to 100 of them at a time - they are met by oil smuggling mafias, a mix of Syrian and Iraqi Kurds, in addition to some Turks and Iranians," the colonel continued.

      The Turks and Iranians are no doubt, Kurds, resident of Turkey and Iran. Think PKK

      "The person in charge of the oil shipment sells the oil to the highest bidder," the colonel added. Competition between organised gangs has reached fever pitch, and the assassination of mafia leaders has become commonplace.

      The highest bidder pays between 10 and 25 percent of the oil's value in cash - US dollars - and the remainder is paid later, according to the colonel.
      The drivers hand over their vehicles to other drivers who carry permits and papers to cross the border into Turkey with the shipment, the Iraqi intelligence officer said. The original drivers are given empty lorries to drive back to IS-controlled areas.

      According to the colonel, these transactions usually take place in a variety of locations on the outskirts of Zakho. The locations are agreed by phone.

      Before crossing any borders, the mafias transfer the crude oil to privately owned rudimentary refineries, where the oil is heated and again loaded onto lorries to transfer them across the Ibrahim Khalil border crossing into Turkey.

      Once inside Turkey, IS oil is indistinguishable from oil sold by the Kurdistan Regional Government, as both are sold as "illegal", "source unknown" or "unlicensed" oil.
      he companies compete to buy the smuggled oil and then transfer it to Israel through the Turkish ports of Mersin, Dortyol and Ceyhan, according to the colonel.

  2. That certainly explains the lack of ISIS attacks on Israel. You don't kill your customers.

    1. And you don't kill your sponsors and benefactors, either

  3. My God, why on earth have you retained the people of Zionism? Don't you love your creation?

  4. Hi Penny,

    When were we talking about the ancient kingdom of Adiabene and petrol for Israel? It was before my leave. Anyway before the heating up of the situation.

    Some other people thought along the same lines:

    "France and Israël launch a new war in Iraq and Syria
    by Thierry Meyssan 23 November 2015 @http://www.voltairenet.org/article189385.html

    "Why did Turkey shoot down the Russian Soukhoï 24 ?"
    by Thierry Meyssan 30 November 2015 @http://www.voltairenet.org/article189474.html

    All the best

  5. http://sputniknews.com/us/20151201/1031020501/us-fights-alongside-peshmerga.html

    This why the US rushing to announce deployments to Iraq? IS US pushing for another Presidential replacement in Iraq a midst Iraq-Russia cooperation

  6. Germany deployments and MENA: why?
    German-Mufti-WWII connections in view of Netanyahu Mufti controversy
    Israel pushing SISI (not ISIS) will not see out his term - going back to the Eni megafield find, the alleged HAMAS/SINAI deal talk and the Yinon plan about the Nile and Egyptian fields (Israel current account). Israel just called for aggressive offshore exploration

    Tunisia explosion and Algeria S400 vs. .mil/intel purges into a rumored infirm President who assures he is in control

    Yinon plan:"Israel will be forced to act directly or indirectly in order to regain control over Sinai as a strategic, economic and energy reserve for the long run. The loss of the Suez Canal oil fields, of the immense potential of the oil, gas and other natural resources in the Sinai peninsula which is geomorphologically identical to the rich oil-producing countries in the region, will result in an energy drain in the near future and will destroy our domestic economy: one quarter of our present GNP as well as one third of the budget is used for the purchase of oil"

    NO MRO pullout of Sinai but already re-militarized: Who would the insurgents be interested in attacking if not foreign troops? Russian planes?
    "Cairo sees the MFO as part of a relationship with Israel that, while unpopular with many Egyptians, brings them $1.3 billion in annual U.S. defense aid, sweetening the foreign-enforced demilitarization of their sovereign Sinai territory. Egypt and Israel argue against any precautionary MFO drawdown, saying the insurgents do not seem interested in attacking the foreign troops, who employ some 400 Sinai locals."

    The Israeli talk about the next Lebanon war (with civilian targets) and the 'big reveals' yesterday that Israel was operating in Syria - the airstrikes, buffer protection, rebel treatment and in country equipment not a dead giveaway - and the cooperation with Russia is working precursor to move on Lebanon offshore in view of the Eni find

    So why the German urgency to deploy not just to Syria/Iraq but Northern Africa? It comes after the big German foreign policy speech on return to Africa,

    1. Forest and trees? Are Kurds just a tree?

      The multidecade Artifact destruction new velocity
      Georgia to continue seeking NATO membership regardless of Warsaw Summit decision - Georgian foreign minister

      A New chamber in Egypt into tourism launch pre shootdown?
      Guardian:what treasures could lurk inside Egypt's lost chambers?

      German deployments to MENA
      Germany to send 1200 personnel to fight Islamic State

      Artifact controversies and German Deployments: HOLLYWOOD/Spectre?
      Interfax: Georgia to continue seeking NATO membership regardless of Warsaw Summit decision - Georgian foreign minister

      Jihad Watch on the Germany Egypt/Syria nexus
      "“However, below the back scratching lay a deep and dark underpinning to the relationship between the crescent and the swastika. That was, of course, a hatred of the Jews, and in particular, a desire to see the eradication of Israel.” Indeed so. Islamic Jew-hatred was a useful tool for the Nazis in gaining Muslim recruits, such as the Bosnian Muslim SS division that the Mufti of Jerusalem raised up."

      & on Egypt
      "In fact, the list of some habitués of Cairo in the 1950s and the 1960s reads like a who’s who of Nazi Germany, featuring as it did the rescuer of Mussolini, Otto Skorzeny; the ace Stuka pilot Hans-Ulrich Rudel; the leader of a notorious SS penal unit, Oskar Dirlewanger; and the particularly odious and violently anti-Semitic stooge of Goebbels, Johannes von Leers."

      & from Comments
      "Although Islamism is an independent, anti-Semitic, antimodern mass movement, its main early promoters – the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Mufti and the Qassamites in Palestine – were supported financially and ideologically by agencies of the German National Socialist government.”"

      NSA target list list destroyed by BND

      AZOV flag

      & in Afghan

      Russia China against historical revisionism
      Xi: China, Russia Should Continue to Combat WWII Revisionism

      BND spying on Vatican
      German Sweep accounts: http://uk.reuters.com/article/2012/03/19/uk-vatican-bank-idUKBRE82I0P8201203194
      Freyberg: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/9873599/Vatican-Bank-caught-in-row-over-new-presidents-German-military-links.html4

      Vatican: Papal relatives killed in crash, then fraud, then home break in

      Argentina election win

    2. @ Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Mufti and the Qassamites in Palestine – were supported financially and ideologically by agencies of the German National Socialist government.

      Do not forget that the MB was a creation of the British Intelligence in the first place. Its secret goal was the restoration of the Ottoman Empire which Britain never really wanted and the bottling of the nascent Arab nationalism (Syrian in the first place) which had a sizeable Christian component, even "disproportionately prominent in the Arab nationalist movements. For example, Michel Aflaq, who was born into an Orthodox Christian family in Syria, eventually became a communist and led the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party, a movement that would be dominated by the Assads in Syria and Saddam Hussein in Iraq" as we read in an attempt to "explain" the fate of the Christians, shedding crocodile's tears in the ME by the "First Things. America's most influential journal of religion and public life"(no less). And it goes on trying to shift the blame on Christians: "By the 1980s, however, Arab nationalism had run out of steam, while Islamism was moving into the ascendancy. Because local Christians had tied their fortunes to such nationalist autocrats as Mubarak, Saddam Hussein and the Assads, they increasingly became targets of the Islamists, who associated them with the discredited old guard. This has made Christians increasingly vulnerable in countries affected by the Arab Spring... Despite such attacks, Western governments, including that of the United States, are supporting the rebel Free Syrian Army against President Bashar al-Assad’s government, apparently judging that the tide of history is on their side." That was in 2013.
      A cursory look at the history of the last two hundred years, would show us that the "West" has always sided with the Turks in their persecution of Christians as a matter of policy (keeping the Russians out!) and begrudgingly coming to their rescue when the public opinion made it impossible for them to turn the blind eye, but rushing afterwards to protect the perpetrators of massacres (Congress of Berlin, for example).

    3. Correction:
      Instead of: "Its secret goal was the restoration of the Ottoman Empire which Britain never really wanted.."
      read: Its secret goal was the restoration of the Ottoman Empire which Britain never really wanted TO SEE DISMANTLED"

    4. Which is precisely why the Russia-Vatican relationship seems relevant.

      Or the Russian sponsorship on a conference on Christianphobia

      Putin and Pope call for release of nuns

      Frrom the article: "“I recall that President Putin talked about a concern for Christians in the Middle East, particularly in Syria,” said the U.S. ambassador. “I’d like to see if he’s got a proposal.” The Vatican statement on the meeting said the pope and Putin had spoken of the need to urgently pursue peace in the Middle East with “concrete interest of the international community, guaranteeing in the meantime the necessary conditions for life for all the parts of society, including religious minorities and in particular Christians.”

    5. Apparently the proposal is to flatten Raqqa for starters