Tuesday, December 15, 2015

John Kerry said “Not Seeking Regime Change in Syria” Or Shifting Tactics?

"The United States and its partners are not seeking regime change in Syria,” Kerry said in a news conference inside the Kremlin, before immediately adding that the U.S. continues to believe that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has no possibility of remaining the country’s leader in the future
The statement appeared to be the most explicit sign yet that the U.S. is softening its policy towards Assad and marked a significant rhetorical shift for the U.S. towards Russia’s policy in Syria, which previously American officials have said was almost fundamentally at odds with their own”
Appearances can be deceiving
 Washington had been insisting Assad must step down immediately, although recently U.S. officials have suggested that he could remain in power during a transition period. Kerry’s efforts to shift the discussion away from Assad’s personal future, seemed to bring the U.S. closer to Moscow’s position that real peace talks might be able to begin prior to Assad’s removal.

“Despite the different positions of our countries, we have shown that Russia and the United States are moving in the same direction,” Kerry said

 Kerry’s unusually long, three-and-a-half hour meeting with Putin followed a day of discussions with Lavrov, trying to explore ways of inching forward a peace process for Syria, which recently has taken on a new urgency.

The massive influx of refugees into Europe -- as well as recent terror attacks by the Islamic State -- have prompted the U.S. to begin more actively looking for diplomatic solutions to the crisis. Russia, which has launched an air campaign to prop up Assad, has also been pressing for talks and calling for the US to combine efforts to destroy the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

Both countries have been moving to try to line up a new round of negotiations that would include regional powers, such as Turkey and Iran, as well as Assad and groups from the Syrian opposition. Following today’s meeting, Lavrov announced that an international conference discussing further steps towards a peace process would now go ahead on Friday in New York.

But while Kerry’s comments appeared to mark a certain warming in relations between Russia and the U.S., it was still unclear how this would translate into a peace agreement on the ground in Syria.

 Although both sides agreed to work on a list of Syrian groups they considered terrorists, there was little indication the U.S. was now ready to work more closely with Moscow militarily against ISIS. Kerry again raised American concerns that Russia is targeting moderate opponents of Assad, rather than ISIS.

Moscow has generally treated most groups opposed to Assad as terrorists, including several groups armed by the U.S.


Remember appearances can be deceiving when you consider the news item posted above with the one directly below. All I see is a shift in tactics
Saudi-led anti-militant coalition in line with U.S. views - State Department
A Saudi-led 34-state Islamic military coalition against militants such as Islamic State is in line with what the United States has been saying its allies in the region should do, State Department spokesman John Kirby said on Tuesday.
He told reporters the United States needed to "learn a little bit more" about the coalition announced by Saudi Arabia, but added it welcomed any intensification of the effort against Islamic State.


  1. Whenever I read anything attributed to John Kerry, the words that come immediately to mind are, "horse shit"

    1. Yup, james- horseshit is the correct term I'd connect to Kerry's words!

      See how his 'change of policy' coincides with the creation of this "Saudi led" coalition to fight IS.

      That coalition ain't Saudi led- It's got US/Israel written all over it...

      Calling it by another name isn't going to change the reality

  2. It looks as if the U.S.of A. is actually dizzy if such a condition is possible for an entire country. In one of their policy driven bouts of wrath, little old me was levelled with travel strictures and so I keep my physical distance. Suits me as Donald wobble will feature plenty of wrath to foreign nationals.

    1. rubbell: are you saying you can't go to the US?
      I'm not sure and don't want to assume a thing.

  3. I agree with James about "horseshit" - Kerry might even believe his own incoherent clap-trap, and it would still be horseshit. Same with Obama.

    Speaking of clowns, Eric Zeusse is taking this matter very, very seriously, so that's some more evidence that it's just a head fake.


    1. Hi Phil- This goes to show how much I don't get out and away from the blog- seriously. I had to search Eric Zeusse and he's attached to Washington's blog? correct?

      Can't take Kerry seriously or at his word.

    2. oh and surprise, surprise- not
      the Caesar psyop is making the media rounds yet again- what's this replay # 3?

      National Post


      I debunked this crap to my satisfaction almost 2 years ago. If I wasn't believing then I'm not believing this time around



  4. Hi, Penny!

    Yes, I was referring to Zeusse's article at Washington's blog. He gets published there and at Smirking Chimp and a few other peripheral places. Always an eager believer. I probably shouldn't even have mentioned him, since it was apparently a distraction for you, but I just couldn't believe anybody would believe Kerry and Nuland.

    I really appreciate your blog and all the work you do to keep it running. Thanks!

    1. Hey Phil:
      Not a distraction at all, no worries there.

      And am glad you appreciate the blog :)
      It's nice to know.