Saturday, December 26, 2015

Kurdish Militias "Win" Strategic Dam from ISIS- Syria's Territorial Integrity..

and infrastructure further compromised by the NATO backed Kurdish militias.

 In a repeat, repeat, repeat of that same special relationship between KurdIShIS- I've covered this symbiosis on too many occasions to count!

 ISIS shock troops come in first- Kurds 'win' stolen land back from ISIS and claim it as theirs-
Wash, rinse, repeat. This time it's a dam. It supplies Northern Syria with electricity and aids in joining and enlarging Greater Israel. Ooops I mean Kurdistan aka Greater Israel. The second Israel.

This group of fighers- rebranded "Syrian Democratic Forces"  are the YPG, with a few token Arabs and Christians to obfuscate reality. They were originally called the "Democratic Forces of Syria" I see that brand has moved along...

A US-backed coalition of rebels in Syria - including Syrian Kurdish, Arab and Christian groups - has captured a major dam on the Euphrates River in the north from the Islamic State group.

 The SDF, dominated by the Kurdish militia in Syria known as YPG, or People's Protection Units, has become a main force in fighting IS.

 The Tishrin Dam supplies much off northern Syria with electricity.
 The SDF, dominated by the Kurdish militia in Syria known as YPG, or People's Protection Unit

SDF/DFS covered previously:


  1. The SDF Kurds are not real YPG, Penny. That's what the US/Israeli handlers call them and they wear YPG uniforms and fly YPG flags, but they are not real Rojava YPG local militia. The SDF fake ZATO YPG Kurds are thought to be Barzani-friendly mercs hired from Turkey or Iraq. They are intended to REPLACE the real Rojava YPG/YPJ units, who are not loyal to Barzani or ZATO in the least.

    The U.S. and Israel originally planned to usurp the Rojava PYD political party to take control of the Syrian Kurds and their local militias, the YPG/YPJ. They were successful at replacing a few key leaders with ZATO puppets and now have influence in the PYD, but it did not have the intended effect.

    The YPG/YPJ is NOT the PYD's military - they're loyal to the Rojava Kurds, not a political party. The PYD carries out some bureaucratic and administrative duties in Syria, but does not 'rule' the Rojava by any means. The real YPG/YPJ are local militia for self-defense. They fight for their homes and farms, not for any fake ZATO Kurdish 'state'. They would never go to Raqqa or anywhere else to fight because that's not part of Kobane Canton and there are few if any Kurds there.

    The one exception about the real YPG/YPJ fighting anywhere else was when they went to help the Yazidi in Sinjar when ISIS invaded. That was not a land-grabbing scheme. The YPG/YPJ were helping the Yazidi local militias (unsuccessfully) defend Sinjar. They had some part in the recent retaking of Sinjar, but Barzani hates them and didn't even acknowledge their help. This was because Barzani wants to own Sinjar for his new Kurdish Barzanistan. Barzani let Sinjar be overrun by ISIS so he could take it for himself later - the Yazidi know this. It was never part of Iraqi Kurdistan, but Barzani wants it now. He does not want Yazidi local militias or the real YPG/YPJ around. He wants Sinjar under the control of Peshmerga loyal to his clan.

    The SDF ZATO YPG took Tishrin Dam as a control tool for the Rojava Kurds. If the Rojava won't obey the ZATO-usurped PYD political party, then they get no electricity or water. Kobane local militia - the real YPG/YPJ - are not going to fight the fake (but well-equipped) SDF ZATO YPG. The real YPG/YPJ don't have any medium weapons. They have old soviet junk for small arms and are constantly scrounging for ammo. The U.S. will never arm or equip the real YPG/YPJ - they're trying to destroy them and replace them with a ZATO-friendly fake YPG.

  2. "The SDF fake ZATO YPG Kurds are thought to be Barzani-friendly mercs"

    That's not plausible. It's speculative, but, not plausible and there are posts here that contain information to the otherwise

    I will also point out to all my readers that Barzani is on the S- hit list- so that's a timely speculation

    "The Democratic Union Party (PYD) affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) managed to become the dominant actor on the ground due to the influx of experienced PKK fighters that trained Syrian Kurds, grassroots supporters, and organizational networks"

    "Many PKK fighters returned to Syria during the civil war. Jordi Tejel, an expert on Syrian Kurds says, “already in April 2011 the PKK sent one thousand armed fighters to establish the YPG in Syria"

    1. from a post:

      It's also been covered here that the Yazidi militias are attached to PKK

      And they are all attached to NATO- but Barazani is being pushed out

    2. So you're contending that the U.S. managed to find something like 40,000 local militia from Syria that all chose to leave their home YPG/YPJ units and fight/die to retake the Arab city of Raqqa? That's basically fighting for Barzanistan, not Rojava Kurd territory.

      The reason it's plausible is because among the tens of thousands of Turkish PKK Kurds, there were some Rojava (now mostly back in Syria fighting for the YPG) and some Iraqi Kurds (still in Turkey or holed-up in northern Iraq). The Iraqi Kurds in the PKK didn't need to return to Iraq to establish local militias. If they did return to Iraq, they stayed in the mountains in the north, hiding from Turkish troops and remained PKK. There were plenty of mutually-beneficial reasons why THOSE PKK could be enticed to join the SDF by ZATO and/or Barzani. It wouldn't do to let them remain calling themselves PKK. It was ZATO/Barzani that organized them under a fake YPG banner.

      I'm not sure how you figure they wouldn't realize who/what they were fighting for in the SDF. The YPG has no money to support 'extra' soldiers. Between ZATO and the KDP, someone found enough money to pay Kurds from somewhere to form new YPG units to fight for the SDF. No way there were that many Kurds in the tiny local militias around Hasakah. Granted there are SOME Hasakah-area Kurds in the SDF, but not 40,000 or whatever is claimed.

      The West has long tried to confuse the YPG/YPJ as a PYD militia (they're not) and goes to great lengths to show some kind of strong connection between the PKK and YPG/YPJ when there is none. It's true that PKK mostly FROM Rojava returned there from Turkey to organize the Rojava local militia in 2011, but the YPG/YPJ have nothing to do with the goals of the PKK in Turkey and the PKK has no political aspirations for Syrian Kurds. In fact, the only real connection the PKK and YPG have is their social-democratic political views, but the YPG/YPJ do no desire a grand, unified Kurdistan with big government like the PKK seeks. Just the opposite as a matter of fact. It's only Western MSM and neocon think-tanks that insist on an imaginary PKK/PYD/YPG cabal.

      Before the YPG/YPJ was organized in 2011, the only real professional Rojava soldiers were the ones that left to fight WITH the PKK in Turkey for that cause. The PKK didn't randomly send 1000 fighters back to Syria to organize the Rojava YPG - most of the PKK fighters that returned WERE Rojava to begin with. The PKK and YPG are obviously supportive of each other, but their goals are entirely different.

      Furthermore, Iraqi PKK forced out of Turkey have a different set of motives today than either the present-day Turkish Kurd PKK or the former PKK that returned to Rojava to organize the YPG. The different Kurdish groups operating around Aleppo are in an entirely different situation with regards to their relation with the PKK.

    3. Paveway: you have contended that the YPG as presented are Barzani loyalists- that's your unsubstantiated claim or opinion- I've left a link above to an article thatsubstantiates the involvement of the PKK with the YPG:

      "to retake the Arab city of Raqqa? That's basically fighting for Barzanistan, not Rojava Kurd territory"

      Was Raqqa taken? Nope. Looks to be still "ISIS" territory. And how are you connecting this to Barzani? I haven't a clue. What interest does Barzani have in Raqqa- An Arab city you point out YPG wouldn't fight for, but, expect myself and others to believe Barzani's kurds will?

      Again, not plausible

      It's up to you to support your position, I've supported mine many, many times. I've written literally hundreds of posts on this subject requiring me to read many hundreds of varying articles from a multitude of sources-

      As for dissent or disagreement among the Kurds, I've covered that too.. What I call the YPG are NATO affiliated/PKK affiliates. If the Syrian Kurds were non cooperative, which some of them were. They have paid or will pay for their disobedience. I've covered that too- The sad truth of the matter is a great many Syrian Kurds were displaced by the PKK/YPG from Syria and are supported in Iraq's Kurdish region-

      I've covered that also