Monday, December 7, 2015

PKK Burns 16th Century Fatih Pasa Mosque in Diyarbakir.

The PKK terrorist organization torched a centuries-old mosque in southeastern Turkey on Monday in the latest instance of deadly violence in the region, which is now targeting cultural heritage sites.

Targeting cultural heritage sites? Where have I read & heard of that previously? Why yes KurdIShIS in Syria has done just that- Erasing Shia, Christian and Assyrian history in particularyu.....

The 16th century mosque in the Sur district was the target of an attack in the early hours on Monday by terrorists armed with homemade explosives. As flames engulfed the building, police and firefighters rushed to the scene, but terrorists in the area opened fire on crews, stopping them from extinguishing the fire in an area where a curfew was in place to stop terrorists.

The mosque, also known as Kur┼čunlu (leaded) because of its lead-covered dome, joined the long list of historic sites that fell victim to the PKK violence that resumed in July after a few years' lull. Built in the early 16th century, the mosque is the first Ottoman landmark in the city and was among the non-residential places damaged in the renewed PKK violence. The militants had opened fire on the mosque recently, damaging its walls, door and windows.

It is also located in an area where the terrorists dug ditches on the streets for street clashes and set up explosive-laden booby traps. The area also houses several other historic mosques as well as Armenian Catholic and Protestant churches.
This looks to be the mosque 

Via translate 

"Between the years 1516-1520, the period Diyarbakir Governor Mehmet Pasha was built by mustache.(??) Fatih Pasha mosque in the neighborhood that is known by the public because the name Leaded Mosque in the upper mantle covered with lead. It holds an important place in the development of the mosque structure. It differs from the structure plan as Diyarbakir. The dome is supported by four half domes in the center emphasizes the Sinan style. With regard to plans and architectural features of the mosque it is separated from the other Ottoman mosques in Diyarbakir. Dome, seen here not seen in other mosques in Diyarbakir expansion system. It is believed that Prince Mosque in Istanbul Sinan's architectural development preparation will give him ideas for creating the ideal structure in which the central Mosque. Karen has a space on the right and left of the narthex of the planned mosque. The last congregation place is covered with seven domes carried by eight columns. Seven-domed narthex was mobilized in this section largely outside niche places are opened. Black and a rich appearance is made ​​of white stone. Located right next to the minaret of the mosque showing increased further. Cylindrical single balconied minaret minarets k reflects the classical Ottoman architecture"

Is the destruction of a historically significant mosque ok, cause it's done by NATO's militia, the PKK?
Same as the ethnic cleansing is ok, because it's done by the western backed Kurdish militias?


  1. Sad, but this is what amerika orders it's salves to do;(

    1. It is sad when such an old beautiful historical building is intentionally destroyed.