Sunday, December 6, 2015

PKK Occupy 3 Assyrian Iraqi Villages- Turks to Mosul and more

NATO's PKK Terrorists at work:

 PKK Members Continue to Occupy Assyrian Villages in North Iraq
Members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militia continue to occupy three Assyrian villages in the Nahla Valley of north Iraq. The occupation began on November 23 (AINA 2015-11-24). The occupied villages are Rabatke, Upper Hezani and Lower Hezani.

In the village of Rabatke, the house of Oshana Samuel is now occupied by PKK members.

In Upper Hezani PKK members have occupied a house belonging to the cousin of the wife of Emmanuel Khoshaba Youkhana, the leader of the Dwekh Nawsha Assyrian fighting force. The village residents have heard rumors that the PKK plans to build a hospital in Upper Hezani.

In Lower Hezani, PKK members have occupied a house near the school which has 177 students. The house belongs to Mr. Youkhana. The school building houses both the Hezani Primary School and the Merga Secondary School. The primary school has 133 students, the secondary school has 44. The mayor of Lower Hezani spoke with the female commander of the PKK militia, which is comprised mostly of women, and expressed concern for the safety of the students. The commander dismissed his concerns and said nothing will happen. There are 10 PKK fighters in the village with another 100 camped in a nearby valley, waiting to come to this and other villages.

When asked by an employee of the school why the PKK is occupying the village, a PKK fighter said "you [Assyrians] have the opportunity to leave the country, why are you staying here?"
The PKK, occupying the homes of others, pretty much tells them to to leave their home & country so these terrorists can just take it over- 

In the village of Jouleh PKK members asked for a list of empty houses which they could occupy. PKK members also asked for a list of empty homes in the other Assyrian villages in the Nahla Valley, including Belmat, Khalilaneh, Kash Kawa, Kasre, Chameh Chale and Merokeh.
The PKK is occupying and hoping to ethnically cleanse Assyrians in the Nahla Valley-
Look at the map! Note the location

Flashback:Kurds Fully Participate in Generational Assyrian/ Armenian Christian Genocides

The Sunni Muslim Kurds have killed the Assyrian christians previously

Flashback: Ramadi to Palmyra: KurdISHIS/Israeli collusion- Stealing Assyrian history

As they collude to rewrite history with their Israeli besties

Now let's address the reason that Turkey sent troops into Iraq

Look at the  map above again?  

Kurdish Party Member Refutes Reports of Turkish Military Base in Iraq
On Saturday, the Hurriyet newspaper reported Turkey would have a permanent military base near the Bashiqah region of the Iraqi province of Mosul, where Turkish troops are training Iraqi Kurdish fighters, also known as Peshmerga
Would have? That's speculative of course! Hurriyet is speculating.
Let's read the statement of fact below- not speculation, a statement of fact.
"There are no agreements with Turkey on military bases in Iraqi Kurdistan. The only accord was concluded with the international coalition of 62 countries, which includes Turkey, but it does not provide for existence of military bases, only the training of Kurdish forces fighting terrorism and air support," Saadi Ahmed Pira, a social democratic Iraqi-Kurdish political party representative, said in a telephone conversation.
No base. No agreement for a base. Why then did Turkish troops enter the area? 
Look at the map! Recall me informing readers here some time ago of the discord and competition between Barzani & the PKK? If you don't recall my mention of this fact,  re-read this post:

PKK Challenges Barazani in Iraq- One ring to rule them all?

Last paragraph:
 It appears that the PKK is the 'unifying' force amongst the Kurds- I didn't say the agreed upon unifying force- Rather, the unifying FORCE, needed by NATO to create a Kurdish 'state' Whether or not the Kurdish population itself really wants one.

It seems plausible that the PKK is set to launch an attack on the Barzani government in Iraq's Kurdistan, because the Kurds are not one people, they are not unified, but will be forced by a terrorist organization propped up by NATO (PKK) to coalesce into a NATO terror state of no benefit to anyone other then Israel and the NATO global tyranny. Turkish troops may well be there to assist the Peshmerga as claimed- Barzani and Erdogan have good relations

The other explanation for the presence of Turkish troops near Mosul, considering the positioning of the PKK, is to surround the PKK/remove the threat before they can wreak havoc in Turkey.

The rubbish about Turkey annexing Mosul- is just that. Rubbish. Turkey is in no position to annex territory- period.  I simply cannot believe the garbage in the alt media at this time! It's a complicated situation- and this simplistic blaming Turkey for the sun not rising is little more then NATO/Israeli propaganda being regurgitated.  
Reread the disinfo presented in yesterday's post by Ribal al Assad: Always Suspicious No Good Organizations Advancing Questionable Narratives-

Flashback: Is Turkey Heading to Partition? American Enterprise Institute

Now there is news of the US building a military base in Northern Syria-

 I hope this is incorrect reporting? But, if not, recall I mentioned well over a year ago that Kurdistan (2nd Israel) would be NATO's new southern flank?

Kurdistan. NATO’s new Southern Flank? 

Speaking of the PKK and their abuses: Reports of abuses by Iraqi, Kurdish forces against Sunni Arabs increasing, UN rights office says

 “Reports indicate that Iraqi security forces, Kurdish security forces and their respective affiliated militias have been responsible for looting and destruction of property belonging to the Sunni Arab communities, forced evictions, abductions, illegal detention and, in some cases, extra-judicial killings,” Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) spokesperson C├ęcile Pouilly told a news briefing in Geneva.

 Say it isn't so! Those spunky, funky Kurdish militias. Darlings of the western media. Alt and main stream alike. Backed by NATO. Looting, destroying property and killing non compliant persons- 

 I, for one, am less then shocked! Particularly since I've written a whole bunch of posts on this topic- Unlike the numerous disinfo sites around? All of them, amazingly,  never once reporting on the abundant abuses the Kurdish militias have dished out on other Kurds, Arabs & Christian


  1. I KNOW my open minded readers can take an alternative view- backed by solid info.
    The expansion of war is not good for anyone. It's clear and abundantly so that Turkey is getting the usual treatment from the NATO media. The dispute between Turkey and Russia is being played up to the hilt and I personally find that suspect.

    Since when does NATO media concern itself with a dead Russian airmen?
    They don't!
    Because as they deride Erdogan, they demonize Putin at the same time:

    Look at the headlines containing tsar and sultan in the past couple of weeks?

    Vladimir Putin fancies himself a tsar standing up to Turkey’s would-be sultan

    Arabs caught between Turkey’s Sultan and Russia’s Tsar

    The over wrought reporting on Turkey's oil trade with Daesh- all ignoring the fact that Israel's the biggest purchaser of that oil- while focusing on the he said/he said drivel between Putin and Erdogan

    Zero Hedge managed to put out a load of stuff ignoring the fact that Israel is the number one buyer of stolen oil- How is that possible?
    Other alt media sites didn't bother with that extremely important news either- why?

    It's been a tough week and I feel extra disgusted with was passes as discourse in some of the most 'revered' sites-
    And while I am at it- Gwen brought to my attention that another blogger
    Willy Loman is talking up Kurdistan
    Myself and one other blogger? That's it!
    Besides james and GC, that is

    How is that possible when there is literally tons and tons of information available on that topic that so few are talking about it?

    This is one of those times when silence speaks volumes- signing off broken hearted still and majorly disgusted!

    1. Wow, that quartz piece "Vladimir Putin fancies himself a tsar standing up to Turkey’s would-be sultan" is quite the propaganda piece! But look at the author, 'Nina Krushcheva' great-granddaughter (or/and granddaughter) of Nikita Krushchev (nee Solomon Perlmutter) who gifted Crimea to the New-Israel-Project.Ukraine. Nina is a Jewish American, member of CFR, lefty academic, and a lesbian feminist - iow a typical lefty propagandist and think-tanker.

      Bravo, Penny, on your clear-thinking on the New-Israel-Project.Kurdistan.

      Catching up- happy birthday and condolences.

    2. Thanks MMM

      Yes, those pieces are astounding and isn't it interesting that no one but myself and one other blogger is writing specifically on the New Israel project?

      Even those that claim "all wars are wars for jews" (xymphora) stay silent on the creation of greater Israel via kurdistan? Isn't that odd? While cheering on NATO's plucky little Kurdish killers

      pretty big contradictions in logic there?!

      I've really become disillusioned with these sites and many others over the past year- It's been eye opening- I should mention Ziad at Syper has always expressed concern, legitimate concern over the Kurdish issue- and with good reason

      So there have been a few, but, not many

    3. "typical lefty?"

      what does that even mean?
      brian- I expect better then that for here. Participate with substance or take it elsewhere

  2. Not sure why but my comments are not appearing. That said you are so right about the lack of coverage on something that is so obvious. been following your and willys blog for sometime now and to be honest the only two i,ve found that have any kind of critical thinking on the subjects that are critical current affairs. love your blog you are awesome, i have great repect. rachel

    1. thanks rachel- I looked at willy's stuff wrt Kurdistan because gwen brought it to my attention- so I have to thank gwen for letting me know.

      re: the lack of critical thinking- I guess that's what is shocking to me- shakes head, sighs

  3. the issue for iraq is a foreign army has entered iraq without permission....sovereignty is becoming an outdated notion
    Iraq may get russias help
    ...will turkey seek USA?

    Turkeys shooting down a russian jet from behind may have emboldened them, but both actions dont make turkey look good on the world stage

  4. went over to willys and left this....

    'Recently I wondered aloud if perhaps Russia and their allies in Turkey might have staged the shoot-down in order to justify Russia putting S400 systems in Syria as a response to the perceived “threat” from the “mad dogs” in Turkey. It’s still a possibility, but as I wrote in that very article'

    No Putin is a machievellian schemer?
    this is Erdogan over Putin! and is bizarre rationalisation

    1. Turkey has aUS base on its soil.
    2. Turkey has been a conduit for weapons going to jijadis in Syria
    3. ERdogan seeks the ouster of Assad
    4 FSA is housed on Turkish soil
    5. ISIS is happy to set up home in iraq and syria...,but not turkey

    so who is really in charge in turkey?
    FSA in turkey wage war on syria

    so either Erdogan is responsible for aiding the war on syria or he doesnt run his country

  5. has Turkey offered any aid to syria? they do to Turkmens...but not to syria...


    “What matters is to weaken the regime to the point where it gives up power. [...] What matters is to repeat here the Kosovo [War] precedent. Otherwise, [just] a 24 hours hit-and-run wouldn’t work.”[Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, press remarks at the Victory Day reception, Cankaya presidential residence, Ankara, 30 August 2013]2

    now why is Erdogan so keen to see Syrias govt leave power? hes not syrian

    willyloman is also so happy to defend Erdogan he attacks latter is no socialist....since when was erdogan?

    here is willy:
    'Of course, you can expect a bevy of spammed comments from the usual anti-Erdogan crowd to be immediately posted once I publish this. Take them for what they are worth'


    'Putin is certainly no socialist. we can all put that to bed now.'

    i left my comments.he like them,,nor will Penny
    Its come down to Putin/Assad vs Erdogan/Obama

    and russia still has no US base on its soil

  6. again at Willys

    'Erdogan bashing is the new black!';

    so whos in charge in Turkey>? Erdogan or someone else?

    'As I have already written (ad nausea I am told) I believe the Nov. 24 2015 shoot down of the Russian Su-24 bomber over Syrian airspace may have been (MAY have been) a premeditated act planned by certain elements inside Turkey designed to damage the growing geopolitical relationship between Russia and Turkey and to help destabilize the country to the point where a military coup would need to be set in motion in order to avoid further chaos across the nation.'

    has Erdogan said he didnt authorise the shootdown?he has ample opportunity to deny involvement

  7. willy plays games of what if:

    Let me just toss this out there right off the bat. What if it wasn’t the Gulenists embedded in the Turkish military leadership who decided to shoot down the Russian plane? What if it wasn’t them in conjunction with NATO assets and US intelligence operators or even Mossad agents? What if it wasn’t the “mad hatter” Erdogan trying to protect his “Islamist” political party or his oil-soaked kid?
    What if none of the usual suspects were involved at all?
    What if…. it was the Russians?

    Erdogan should hire him as his PR man

  8. another willy piece

    he really loves Erdogan, who is waging war on Syria bhy way of his turkmen bros and FSA, to snipe at Putin

    1. Muddying the waters again, brian?

    2. "he really loves Erdogan"

      How do you know that brian? I don't know who he loves, how do you?- That pure ad hominem

    3. well i just webt over to Willy Loman...and tho he has a case that Turkey has sonme nasty things waituing in the wings (aka GUL)...he goes so far as to suggest maybe Putin down the russian jet.
      At least it raissed the question of who diod order the shoot down, as so far noone has come forward to admit it. Cant blame that on the kurds

    4. " Cant blame that on the kurds"
      that's the whole issue you have distracted from here- the kurds and their murderous ways and their cooperation with Israel and NATO

      That's your last disinfo comment here brian.

  9. SO who knows who ordered the shootdown of the russiaan jet? so far Erdogan hasnt denied it.....or has he? and if he didnt do it who gave the order, and didnt inform the head of state?

  10. is that muddying the waters, james?

  11. Yep! Your confusing narrative with lots of questions is simply introducing more confusion and doubt as to what is going on. It is also leading away from Penny's post. If we want to read about your interaction with Willy Loman, we can read about it at American Everyman. Just post a link and a short sentence as to why we should go and read there.

    Instead of asking multiple questions as you have above in your multiple comments, how about you figure out the answers and let us know when you have something to add to our knowledge?

    1. youre easily confused i see..i guess that

    2. brian:
      what are you on about? Not a clue. I mentioned willy loman in the context of one other individual even mentioning Kurdistan

      And then this
      "Zero Hedge managed to put out a load of stuff ignoring the fact that Israel is the number one buyer of stolen oil- How is that possible?
      Other alt media sites didn't bother with that extremely important news either- why?"

      The only one that appears confused is yourself, because, your comments appear to have no relevance to the post topic or my opening comment

    3. the issue is not whos buying it ..thats known as whos transiting it..thast turkey.
      the larger issue is what seema s defence of Erdogan. He bears command responsibility for events such as shooting downa a russian jet and sending troops into iraq.
      You raised scott at Willy Loman as a fellow traveller. Inwent and checked..his defence goes as far as surmising Putin shot down the russian jet. Thats not good company.
      but it does raise the question, i raised it tehre and do so here: who is in control in Turkey..and is stoking WW3?

    4. The issue is who is buying?
      Cause if no one is buying- no oil would be transiting.

      I mentioned him wrt Kurdistan- as you should be able to read for yourself, as referenced by Gwen

      btw: stop engaging in logical fallacies- I detest that!

  12. Replies
    1. James- thanks! If brian has an issue with willy loman he can take it there as for the rest of his all over the place, non topic comments???? I don't know, I'll just leave them

  13. From March on Russia/Assyrians

    The moves on Kurdistan and Egypt share similarities after the laughable report by the BIS that ratings agencies dont weigh in against emerging markets. Which is of course why China and Russia building their own clearing and ratings apparatus.

    In wake of leak about the smuggling routes an international court finds for "Qatar" gas against Kurdistan

    Wage protests / Liquidity plaguing Barzani: "Iraqi Kurdistan’s cash crisis hits banks Iraqi Kurdistan’s cash-strapped government has seized billions of dollars in deposits at two branches of Iraq’s central bank since 2014, bankers said, calling into question the region’s image as a business-friendly paradise in the Middle East. "

    "It also owes millions of dollars in arrears to international oil companies such as Norway’s DNO and Genel Energy, which have been developing oil fields in Kurdistan."

    Genel of course GLENCORE (eg Rich/Iraq running oil replaced by ISIS running) - HAYWARD - NAT Rothy. Obvious question, why not just print money and for everyone else..

    Think Yukos

    Then days ago another arbitration find against Egypt: Egypt re Sinai pipeline blows and Israeli deliveries as the Leviathan deal is pushed

    Egypt freezes energy talks after ordered to pay Israel Electric $1.8 billion - Business

    Egypt appealing afte the central banker replaced:
    Can Egypt's new central bank chief calm currency crisis?

    Dolphinus gas import deal with Israel in months

    After the Eni find and the MEE expose on Egypt challenging general waiting in the wings
    Sami Anan: Former chief of staff with ambition to replace Egypt's Sisi

    After much pleading of how the Algerian president is in control - including the leak of the S400 in country back in August - the mercurial former head of intelligence - little seen - is out saying recent convictions in the ongoing .mil purge need to be righted. If the question is who is running Kurdistan then a similar question should be asked of Algeria, especially in wake of alleged 'coalition" Libya deal (which sounds a lot like the Afghan 'wait out Karzai" coalition deal brokered by the US and now in shambles).

    "Publication of the former spy chief’s open letter on Friday came after Algeria's President Abdelaziz Bouteflika travelled to France on Thursday to undergo “routine medical checks”.

    Kerry goes to Afghan after the US opted to wait out Karzai on the basing deal

    Hybrid economic war when capital flight fails...

    It isn't just migration...

    Interfax: Interior Ministry warns of danger to use migration processes in 'hybrid wars'

    1. thanks, I've much to check out and I see some interesting links there I've missed

      The Barazani 'gov' is basically having an economic war waged against it- The agenda being to turn the Kurds in Northern Iraq against the Barzani government and towards the PKK aka the Gorran movement

      Yes, I know there is more to it then that, but, off the top of my head this is what comes to mind

  14. The Kurds Trying to Beat Islamic State Have Lots of Other Problems Bloomberg

    Now BBG is on the financial theme...

    Zerohedge useless

  15. Is this what sealed Erdogan fate..

    Iran, Turkey, India, and China have suggested using the barter system in the food industry with Russia to avoid transactions in dollars, Russian agricultural watchdog aide Alexei Alekseyenko said Wednesday.

    Read more:

    1. “We have been getting suggestions from various countries that accounts should be handled in national currencies, or even using mutual goods, that is the barter system. We’ve had negotiations in Tehran, Ankara, New Delhi, Beijing, and so forth,” Alekseyenko said during an international grains trade conference.

      Turkey suggested barter alongside China and India and Iran? Well isn't that interesting?

  16. Penny have you seen this Barzani propaganda video yet??

    Not sure what to make of it but Rudaw is a known Barzani outlet so why is he showing an almost complete base as opposed to what Turkey claims??

    Only answer I can come up with is....Israel won the lottery for KRG friendship??

    1. hey silver palamino

      Hadn't seen it, but, didn't know that about Rudaw?
      From what I had read the base that the unknown number of Turkish troops went to is a base that's been in existence for years- saw something this morning with a base name- see if I can dig it up again

  17. Found some info on the town Turkey has gone into in Iraq and it is claimed by KRG. Among other things they have been trying to Kurdicize this Assyrian town since at least 2012.

    People there seem to be flexible except when Barzani signed a deal with Exxon Mobil and their town was included in it. Don't know if it means anything for Turkey, but was true to Kurd standards.

    1. read the article: sad that people can't just leave the little town alone

      Interesting they found bombs on their way to a shiite mosque

      "many locals think it was on the way to Mam Ritha, a centuries old Shiite Muslim shrine"

      Considering the PKK area mostly sunni muslims...