Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Porkins Policy Radio- The Case of Jeffrey Epstein

Majestika left a link for a great interview; Jeffrey Epstein the billionaire pedophile. I finally got to listen and it's worth the time to do so! Particularly for those Donald Trump lovers who think he is not totally owned.  I have a few posts on the Mr Epstein here at the blog- Epstein, Prince Andrew. Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz are also tight-

I'll relink the older posts later- Gotta find them first

Hat tip majestika!
  1. Hey Penny. Funnily enough I was listening to a very interesting podcast on Mr Epstein courtesy of Pearse Redmond @ Porkins Policy Review - worth a listen if you have time :-)



  1. Trump is not owned? I don't think so (h/t Brother Nathaniel)

    1. Not me, I think Trump is a total stooge/diversion/illusion of choice candidate.

      Hillary is going to be the next President, in my opinion

    2. Clinton is everything the Republicans could wish for in a president - obeisance to Israel, pro-MIC, pro-war, pro-corporations. Plus, if TSHTF, the Democrats get the blame. What's not to like?

      But, but, but - guns! The so-called top anti-gun politicos (esp Obomber) are the best salesmen the gun lobby has. When gun sales flag, just run up a "they're gonna get your guns" scare and whaddya know, a massive boost to sales.

  2. Hey Penny, glad you liked it. Pearse does another series called 'The Great Game' which crosses over with a lot of your coverage of Caucasus issues. Happy Holidays to you & yours x

  3. Very interesting talk/interview. It's incredibly crazy that the interconnecting web of politicians/decision-makers with the pedophiles/criminals/deviants is never covered at all in the media.

    What the American public has been brainwashed into thinking is appropriate and not appropriate is based strictly on what they are told by mass media is appropriate/not appropriate. All of these vermin should be publicly shamed and jailed for life (this is the humane and germaine punishment - I wouldn't be averse to the more drastic of punishments) and instead, it's all glossed over by the media, and then by default, the unthinking masses.

    The more you know, the tougher it is to have hope for humanity. Illuminating, but . . . feckin' depressing. Tough to take as a parent.

    1. Hi slozo

      It is tough to take as a parent. And, it is crazy the interconnecting web of politicians/leaders and pedophiles- How is it that people look up to these despicable individuals?

      This is why the hero worship thing bugs me soooo much!

      btw: I didn't dig up the old posts- no time to do so, but, when I do I will relink them