Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Public Relations Stunt: Syrian 'rebels' let 'ISIS' fighters live

 Public Relations stunt

Mirroring the slick production values of ISIS propaganda video, the footage opens with captives being led along a dusty road in orange jumpsuits by men in balaclavas

Suddenly a message flashed up on the screen: “Muslims are not criminals.”
Astonishingly, the masked men holster their weapons and walk away.

This video is, as usual, for the gullible western masses and has much to do with the resistance of European, American & Canadian populaces to the mass of refugees being pushed into their respective nations....

Syrian rebels and ISIS, same/same. So it's easy enough for them to work together to produce such obvious propaganda videos


  1. That was the weirdest piece of crap video I've ever seen! But maybe I haven't seen many ISIS videos, so there's that . . .

    It's 100% clear that the 'prisoners' are not in any fear of death. It never goes down quietly like that among a larger group, and not without many different perceptible and frenetic reactions to impending death. I've seen enough footage (unfortunately) of real scenes like that to know the difference. But even as a somewhat perceptive person, you should be able to tell.

    Why do people believe that a terrorist group could so easily post videos with great production values and not get instantly smoked afterward? Get their posts shut down? Lose their ability to even have a website? I don't understand how people can't see how easily international and domestic authorities can shutdown online operations when they want to . . . it's a massive cognitive dissonance. That, and not understanding that to sell oil, it takes many helpers along the way to make it happen, including a buyer and middlemen.

    1. All "ISIS" videos are like that, but, this is supposed to not be an ISIS video

      " it's a massive cognitive dissonance" Yup, it's the fear that blinds people and makes them stupid

  2. When we experience the "attack" that blogs at Blogger experienced last weekend....it makes us understand how vulnerable we are to those who control the Internet (it is controlled by the US military). So, the video you linked being allowed to stay up and nobody tracing it to its source...says everything you need to know.

    1. "So, the video you linked being allowed to stay up and nobody tracing it to its source...says everything you need to know"

      Yup. As for blogger- I suspect they like to take blogs down, randomly, so we uppity bloggers know they can- It's happened to me previously- blog just gone
      then it reappeared?
      Kenny was still around then :(

  3. Does anyone really believe these guys in camo are "rebels"? As the Libyans call them F/UK/US (FUKUS) would never allow this stunt. It actually is against the Geneva Conventions to parade them in front of the cameras like this and could also be considered a mock execution. If trying to prove how "moderate" they are - might want to consider these things next time they put out a promo. Reminds me of Jaish al Islam leader Aloosh going on Al Jazeera to tell us how good he is then returning to Damascus suburbs to shell the city some more. LOOOOOL

    1. Some people believe that ISIS is what the media says, sadly, very sadly...
      I run into those people still and well they are annoying, to say the least

  4. Looks like Rita still has her production company... may need new directors and writers though, like Hollywood this shit is getting old.

    Buffy Bewildered ;)