Saturday, December 12, 2015

Show Me Your Friends..... British Terror Suspect with Friends in High Places

 And I'll tell  you what you are.

What to make of this news item?

*A BRITISH terror suspect accused of plotting a Mumbai-style attack in the UK led a billionaire lifestyle and partied with Prince William and Harry’s friends.
Of course the article omits the pertinent information! Did the 'terror suspect' party with William and Harry's friends when they were in the company of William & Harry? I'll bet he did! Which is why that info was omitted.

Erol Incedal, 27, stood accused of targeting former prime minister Tony Blair and plotting a terror attack similar to the Mumbai attacks in 2008 where 164 people were killed in a series of bombings over four days.
He was cleared of the charges, but was convicted of possessing a document useful for terrorism in Britain’s first secret terror trial.
Yup, a trial held almost entirely in secret.

The majority of Incedal's trial was heard in secret in the interests of national security

Erol Incedal
 Erol Incedal
But following his sentence of three and a half years in prison, information about his background have been released.

Very limited information  no doubt.

His high life entailed him living in a plush bachelor pad, driving a Mercedes and owning a £15,000 designer watch. 
Incedal was friends with Ruslan Mamedov, who had connections to Prince William and Harry.

The terror suspect partied with the royals
 Because he would be spending that evening partying and drinking he would give me the money to look after. He had billionaire friends and he was basically working for them.
"They used to spend £20,000 to £30,000 in clubs every night so he would take out a lot and keep some of it for himself - not telling his boss, obviously.
"He would ask me to look after it in case they looked in his jacket and saw large amounts of money and then I would return it to him the following day."
When he was asked who these wealthy people are, he said that they are sons of a minister in Azerbaijan and are good friends with Prince William and Harry. 
Mamedov rented the flat in Paddington, but allowed Incedal to stay there once his marriage broke down and he was kicked out of their family home. 
Although Incedal went to Turkey to learn about Kalashnikov rifles, he denied he had actually planned to carry out any sort of terror attack in the UK.

Incedal went to Turkey? Hmmmmm......

Incedal also gave details about his trip with Rarmoul-Bouhadjar to the Syrian border in Turkey where he learnt about Kalashnikov rifles and met a jihadi called Ahmed who told him to go home and do some "s---".
But Incedal, who has Turkish roots, repeatedly denied that he had actually planned to carry out any sort of terror attack in the United Kingdom.
Rethinking the use of "Turkish roots" Goes to the Syrian/Turkish border. Yup, were talkin' a Kurdish lad. Searched around a bit. Not long.
Giving evidence at the start of the third week of his trial, Incedal told the jury that his father’s family were Kurdish communists and that his mother was from a Turkoman background, and her family were Alawites.
His father had died when he was six weeks old, and he had arrived in the UK with his mother and siblings when he was around one. An elder sister had subsequently died while fighting with the Kurdish separatist group, the PKK 

The vast majority of the trial was heard behind closed doors, with some in the presence of 10 accredited journalists and a small proportion in open court.

So very curious.


  1. Secret trials are a cornerstone of all good democracies!

    1. Hi majestika:

      Yes, well you know Britain is all about freedom and democracy ;)

      What was interesting about this fellow was the complete lack of background- how this terrorist, allegedly, got near the precious royals?

      Birds of a feather etc.. and I don't think much of the royals at all.

      They consort with all sorts of scum, because they are scum. Recall prince Andrew and his pedophilia buddy?
      Jeffery Epstein

      Scum sticks together

  2. Hey Penny. Funnily enough I was listening to a very interesting podcast on Mr Epstein courtesy of Pearse Redmond @ Porkins Policy Review - worth a listen if you have time :-)

    1. thanks majestika!

      I look forward to listening to this Pearse Redmond person and a new, to me, name to boot!