Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Kurdi Psyop Perpetrated on Canada & Almost Everyone Else

The Kurdi drama continues, globally. But it's worse here in Canada because Tima Kurdi lives in British Columbia and the rest of the Kurdi clan has just arrived

If you are at all unfamiliar with the origins of this psychological operation read below:
Pictures outside of a house on the ground? Why? So the media can take pictures without going inside?
Boy on Beach Narrative Riddled with Inconsistencies
Tima Kurdi, who resides here in Canada, is a proven liar. She lied when claiming she made application for boy on a beach and his family. She didn’t. She made application for the claimed uncle of boy on a beach. But not for boy on the beach or his family.

Only when Tima was confronted with the denial of any refugee application, made on behalf of Abdullah Kurdi, by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, did Tima admit she did not make any application for boy on the beach or his family
"Citizenship and Immigration Canada said it received no refugee application from the father of the two drowned boys"
"Tima Kurdi confirmed her family had only made an official request for Mohammed Kurdi, explaining she and her husband could only afford to sponsor one brother"

That makes Tima Kurdi  a proven liar.

The alleged father of ‘boy on a beach’ was the smuggler making Abdullah Kurdi  responsible for the deaths of his own family. - period.

An Iraqi woman identified him as the smuggler. An Iraqi woman who lost her children as Abdullah Kurdi drove the boat while engaged in human smuggling

Hattip tal
Down the Rabbit hole -- now Abdullah Kurdi is accused of being the people-smuggling-boat-driver

Daily Mail- Abdullah Kurdi People Smuggler

Yes, it was Abdullah Kurdi driving the boat,' Ms Abbas told Australian TV station Network Ten through her cousin Lara Tahseen today. 

Ms Abbas said the man she paid to book her passage told her it would be safe because the driver was taking his wife and two children.

'When I lost my kids, I lost my life, how can he lie to the media?' her cousin Ms Tahseen said, translating for Ms Abbas”

Mr Kurdi confirms the Iraqi family was present on the boat but denies driving it-

Abdullah Kurdi :'I know there was an Iraqi family on the boat and two children had died - a boy and a girl. I don't know why Zainab is saying that”

Mr Kurdi can't figure out why Zainab is saying that? Really? Let me help. She is saying this because her children are dead and she wants the world to know  that Mr Kurdi was the smuggler and not some innocent victim/heroic survivor of circumstance as is commonly portrayed by the lying media.

 This whole psyop rests on Mr Kurdi and boy on a beach being victims. He has the most to lose should the truth come out- As does Tima Kurdi, the already proven liar. As I've noted previously this whole narrative relies on the Kurdi family to bolster it. Tima being the key propogator of the lie.

You may ask why am I rehashing this?

Because the Kurdi family has arrived in Canada- It’s a Christmas miracle

The media here is promoting this arrival in an over the top fashion and CBC is as usual censoring comments- In order to control the narrative The arrival was staged. By that I mean it was carefully crafted for proper media presentation.

 Tima Kurdi made a very political sounding speech

Tima Kurdi: "Thank you to the Canadian people," she told a crowd of reporters gathered around the family. "Thank you to Prime Minister Trudeau for opening the door and showing the world how everyone should welcome refugees and save lives."
The Kurdi family was waving Canadian flags and chanting “Thank You Canada” as they arrived for their photo ops.

The family waved Canadian flags and chanted in English:
"Thank you Canada! Thank you Canada!" the family chanted in English after being greeted by about two dozen family, friends and supporters.

They clearly learned to speak those words for the camera because everything else said was interpreted  through Tima Kurdi
“Speaking through his sister, who translated from Arabic, Mohammad Kurdi also thanked Canadians and their government for making his dreams come true
 Yet, they could all chant "Thank You Canada" in English and wave their little paper Canadian flags- what a nice touch for the gullible dupes in Canada- warm fuzzies and all that.

Check this picture out?:

Notice the red scarf starting to the left? Red and white crossing the entire image. Boy with red scarf. Red toque & scarf.  Red Hoodie with Canada emblazoned on the front. Courtesy of Roots, perhaps? All the children wearing or carrying some red and white, along with the flags, at the forefront of the picture?  Everything placed for maximum manipulative effect.

I left a few comments yesterday at CBC pointing out that this was obviously staged for maximum heart tugs and maximum spin- After 45 likes CBC made my comment disappear.
In fact CBC disabled three of my five comments regarding this stage craft. Because in Canada, as elsewhere, the stagecraft is necessary to sell the lies. Always

        Content disabled.

Uncle of drowned Syrian toddler arrives with family to start new life in Canada

And were supposed to get the warm fuzzies because the family was handed flags and told to chant 'canada' for the cameras- what PR company figured that stunt would appeal to the masses? A failed PR campaign

    15 hours ago



Content disabled.
Uncle of drowned Syrian toddler arrives with family to start new life in Canada

the media push on the Syrian refugee meme is getting overworked- Canadians aren't buying no matter how hard the CBC sells it

Too bad CBC doesn't care about ordinary, born here Canadians

Content disabled.

Uncle of drowned Syrian toddler arrives with family to start new life in Canada

CBC loves fiction and lying poseurs- Tima Kurdi lied- How liars are revered!
CBC- Censoring Because they Can


  1. German journalist returns from 10 days with ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria, says organization is confident of its fighting capabilities against the U.S., but not the IDF

    Abu Ahmad al-Alwani, an ISIS military council official who used to work in Iraq's Saddam-era former Republican Guard. Alwani, who hails from Ramadi and who was previously detained in U.S. army-run detention center Camp Bucca

    Top Saudi Cleric Says ISIS Leader Is Lying, Militants Are 'Actually' Israeli Soldiers. but Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz had none of it. "This threat against Israel is simply a lie. Actually, Daesh is part of the Israeli soldiers,”

    1. hey anonymous!

      love the story about how ISIS is oh so afraid of the IDF- roflmao!

      round about kind of way of saying ...we won't bite the hand that feeds us

    2. Indeed.It's showing how deep Israelis delusion of grandeur is seated. They believe their BS so intimately that they include it in their propaganda. After their miserable showing in Lebanon against Hizb'allah nobody sane would brag like they do. It's a giveaway of what kind of people they are.

    3. ... It's a giveaway of what kind of people they are: childish psychopathic believers.
      Funilly, this applies equally to their creatures: ISIS, Saoudian wahhabites and evangelical protestants (to see the link between these 3 groups, one must look at history in a time frame counted in centuries, not in the rythm of news channels).

    4. "how deep Israelis delusion of grandeur is seated"

      I thought about that also- The Israelis always needing an ego massage- oh were so great- lol
      If you are that great, it would be apparent, no need to be reminded.

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  2. Right after he managed to kill off his family there were lots of stories in arabic news about this guy... Name is not Kurdi - only called that because he was kurdish. Lived in Damascus at least the last 4 years so Ayn al Arab aka Kobani had absolutely no effect on him or family.
    So my question now is.... do the Canadian tax payers have to pick up the tab for fixing his teeth - the real reason he left Syria via Turkey???
    Wnder how long they will milk this story??? Nice catch - glad you got in a few comments on CBC :-)

    1. The human smuggler didn't come here- this is supposed to be the brother to human smuggler and his family

      And Canadian taxpayers are picking up the tab for lots wrt the refugees- housing, healthcare, the flights here- costs are being waived for those too
      10,000 dollars for a family of four, and we all get to pay the bill



      "According to a government document obtained by The Canadian Press, the cost of the Liberal government's plan has been pegged at $1.2 billion over the next six years. Of that, $876.7 million would be needed in 2015-16 alone. The Liberal platform only earmarked $100 million for refugee resettlement this year.

      On top of the logistical costs of getting that many people into Canada are the millions more it is going to require to look after their housing, health, education and integration requirements. It is still unknown what costs the cities will have to bear and what financial assistance Ottawa might provide.

      "Premiers and mayors are justifiably wondering how the federal government is going to pay for it," said Mulcair"

      The Fed pays nothing- it all falls on the taxpayers- the broke/ out of work/ underemployed/indebted taxpayer

      When one side of my house, including my father came to Canada after WW2- the got nothing!

      Zip, Zero, Zilch. No housing. No support. NO donations. NO psychological treatment with horses and ponies. No medical care- Nothing.

      But there was work here then. Now there is nothing.



    My analysis of the purported body reveals the child is not deceased and the images were faked.

    1. Thanks "The George"
      I'll have a look at the link