Thursday, December 17, 2015

US Pulls Temporarily Deployed Fighter Jets from Incirlik, Turkey. Mission Accomplished?

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On December 16th it was reported -  "US military says pulls 12 fighter jets from base in Turkey"

Pay attention to the time frame, please.

US Defence Secretary Ash Carter- Addressing US troops at Incirlik, December 15/15

WASHINGTON: The U.S. military said Wednesday it was pulling 12 F-15 Eagles and Strike Eagle fighter jets from Incirlik air base in Turkey after deploying them there last month.
A spokesman at the U.S. military's European Command told Reuters the aircraft had completed a temporary deployment.
A temporary deployment?

The date was November 24th/2015. An F15 shot down a Russian Su24 over Syrian territory
Just 23 days ago. Curious, No? Mission accomplished? Possibly!


Stars N Stripes

Some date prior to November 12/2015 the US moved six F-15c's to Incirlik, to guard Turkish airspace from Russian 'violation'
  A separate wave of six F-15C aircraft, also from Lakenheath, arrived at Incirlik.
Their main mission is guarding Turkish airspace, which Russian fighters have violated on several occasions, U.S. European Command officials have said previously.

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    1. Turkish military presence is needed in Iraq for "security reasons", especially following a recent Islamic State (IS, or Daesh in Arabic) jihadist group's attack on a Turkish training camp located in the country, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Thursday.

      Iraq Kurds repel major ISIS offensive


      And the Fait Accompli?
      Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan began with grand plans for the region, his actions have seen the events and circumstances turn against him, with the 'unthinkable' prospect of a fully realized Kurdish state looking ever more likely, a former EU ambassador to Turkey and Syria wrote on Thursday.

      Israel reconciles with Turkey but Putin comment about Turkish planes flying no where applies on the southern border also...

      "Turkey was flying there all the time before, breaching Syrian airspace. Well, let’s see how they are flying there now.”

      Not a lot of Israeli strikes but for the rumored strike around Damascus over a month ago..

      1. "Turkish military presence is needed in Iraq for "security reasons"

        yes, for turkey's security. That's how it seems- but Turkey pulled back troops after Biden intervened

        because Turkey's security is threatened by that "fully realized Kurdish state"

        I'll have something on that today as it relates to Mosul

        I'll check the rest of the links, thanks!


        Now comes the Iraqis rejecting troops and attack helicopters in wake of float about Russian airstrikes which the US responded to with a us or them. Kurds just said they foiled an ISIS offensive including the Turkish base in Iraq. The US just said it is preping to assist Iraqi troops - read Kurds - in retaking Mosul.

        Those Russian airstrikes in Iraq upset the US balance

        As the PM is getting the Maliki treatment

        Reminiscent of the alleged US drone strike on Iran troops - denied

      3. And why is Italy sending troops to defend the Mosul dam?

        Is this a water play on Baghdad? Form the 2014 dam assualt..

        Somewhat ironic that it was saddam era officers who melted away in Mosul and are alleged to eb running the logistics in view of the Kurd/ISIS truce in Mosul


        Islamic State Looking to take Oil Assets in Libya, Sinai

      5. definitely a water play on baghdad, definitely


      U-turn but who didn't think this was going to happen;)

      1. hey jo!

        Yah, who didn't think that was going to happen?
        rolls eyes
        so predictable