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Narrative Prep for NATO's Invasion of Syria via (NATO Occupied) Turkey

If you haven't read this post- Read it first

NATO Confirms Russian Intrusion into NATO Airspace- SAA gains in Aleppo 

UPDATED- For the record "The Pentagon can confirm that Russia jet entered Turkish airspace" We are aware of reports and can confirm that yesterday another Russian combat aircraft violated Turkish — and NATO – airspace,” Pentagon spokesman Mark Wright told RIA Novosti in a written statement Saturday.
Russian intrusion as a pretext for NATO air support and move on Syria; Enabling NATO backed Kurdish militias to annex Syrian territory?

Hi Pen,
Yes, it is telling that Turkey is being described as NATO airspace. It is also convenient, as you say, that Erdogan will be in Latin America so he won't be able to interfere in NATO's moves as follows.

This looks like NATO is laying the narrative of 'Russia as the aggressor' in preparation for a NATO/Turkish military intervention into northern Syria.

If this happens, then I would expect moves by the US in Eastern Syria at the same time.

The US cannot allow Russia to prevail in Syria as its own (the US) prestige will diminish greatly and with that goes a lot of its power over its allies.

The US needs to keep the fighting alive and ongoing.

  1. Hi James!

    You know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking this is the time NATO's army moves into Syria to connect the final leg of Syrian Kurdistan.

    The timing is perfect!

    By NATO's army I mean the Turkish military controlled by NATO-aka Deep State military PKK fighters and whatever NATO specials ops officers are available- from US, Canada, Britian, where-ever

    I mentioned in this post from Thursday January 28/16

    " The powerful Syrian Kurdish YPG militia and its local allies (that would be all the previously mentioned persons) have drawn up plans for a major attack to seize the final stretch of the Syrian-Turkish border held by Islamic State fighters, a YPG source familiar with the plan said on Thursday"

    If your hunch is right James and it is extremely plausible as hubby says (standing here beside me, presently)I agree wholeheartedly because all the players are present and it all fits

    Now NATO has to set up air support aka protect Turkish airspace- It's the perfect cover for the PKK/YPG and their local allies to strike

    Let's see what plays out?
Also James one last item

If this plays out- Turkey the nation state (not the NATO occupied state) will have "gone rogue"
Perhaps we are looking at the big move to really redraw the map?

  1. Check out some of these latest news items:

    Syrian civil war: Could Turkey be gambling on an invasion?

    Kurdish forces, close to sealing the border, must beware - President Erdogan is unpredictable

    The Syrian war is at a crucial stage. Over the past year the Syrian Kurds and their highly effective army, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), have taken over half of Syria’s frontier with Turkey. The main supply line for Islamic State (Isis), through the border crossing of Tal Abyad north of Raqqa, was captured by the YPG last June. Supported by intense bombardment from the US Air Force, the Kurds have been advancing in all directions, sealing off northern Syria from Turkey in the swath of territory between the Tigris and Euphrates.


    I think this needs a post

    And here it is! Being curious about the news or should I say spin? Erdogan is out of the country - covered in the previous post

    Syrian civil war: Could Turkey be gambling on an invasion?

    Kurdish forces, close to sealing the border, must beware - President Erdogan is unpredictable 

    " The Syrian war is at a crucial stage. Over the past year the Syrian Kurds and their highly effective army, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), have taken over half of Syria’s frontier with Turkey. The main supply line for Islamic State (Isis), through the border crossing of Tal Abyad north of Raqqa, was captured by the YPG last June. Supported by intense bombardment from the US Air Force, the Kurds have been advancing in all directions, sealing off northern Syria from Turkey in the swath of territory between the Tigris and Euphrates"

    So much for the rubbish about porous borders... As previously stated

    Mentioned all this information two days ago:

    "Kurds Gear Up for Major Offensive Against ISIS" aka Annexing Syrian Territory

     The YPG only has another 60 miles to go, west of Jarabulus on the Euphrates, to close off Isis’s supply lines" (LIES, RUBBISH, GARBAGE- this move is a must to completely annex Syria's territory and have a continuous area for Israel 2nd,oops I mean Kurdistan) "and those of the non-IS armed opposition, through Azzaz to Aleppo. Turkey had said that its “red line” is that there should be no YPG crossing west of the Euphrates river, though it did not react when the YPG’s Arab proxy, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), seized the dam at Tishrin on the Euphrates and threatened the IS stronghold of Manbij. Syrian Kurds are now weighing whether they dare take the strategic territory north of Aleppo and link up with a Kurdish enclave at Afrin"

     So, it's going to be Patrick Cockburn delivering the 'lefty version' of  NATO Sykes Picot2- It figures?! I had mentioned the significance of  taking of Aleppo by SAA as a big "no can do" for NATO and their Kurdish backed militias- As recently as the post from earlier today. Also in a post from January 16/2016 Syrian Endgame Could Begin in Aleppo- Who Would Block This Pivotal Win?

     "Turkey could respond to this by accepting a fait accompli, conceding that it would be difficult for it to send its army into northern Syria in the face of strong objections from the US and Russia. But, if the alternative is failure and humiliation, then it may do just that. Gerard Challiand, the French expert on irregular warfare and the politics of the Middle East, speaking in Erbil last week, said that “without Erdogan as leader, I would say the Turks would not intervene  militarily [in northern Syria], but, since he is, I think they will do so”.
     Erdogan has been a good foot soldier, however, the last little bit has seen him out of the loop-
    And he is clearly being set up (narrative wise) exactly as I've mentioned "gone rogue"

    Omar Sheikhmous, a veteran Syrian Kurdish leader living in Europe, says that the Syrian Kurds “should realise that the Russians and the Syrian government are not going to go to war with the Turkish army for them”. He warns that the ruling Kurdish political party, the PYD, should not exaggerate its own strength, because President Erdogan’s reaction is unpredictable.
    The PKK/YPG don't need Russia or Syria to go to war with the Turkish Army on their behalf- NATO, has their back. And has had the knife in Turkey's back for some time now.

     It shall be interesting to see how this unfolds

NATO Confirms Russian Intrusion into NATO Airspace- SAA gains in Aleppo

1-Make of that what you will!
"A Russian SU-34 fighter jet violated Turkish ??? airspace yesterday (Jan. 29, 2016) at 11.46 a.m. local time in Turkey [0946 GMT]," the statement read.
***Yet, that didn't make the news rounds till 24 hours later? Or should I say it exploded on the msm once Erdogan left for Latin American- That's important
The Russian Ambassador to Ankara Andrei Karlov was also summoned over the incident, it added.
Speaking to reporters at Istanbul Atatürk Airport before his departure for Chile, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said the violation of Turkish airspace, which he also described as NATO airspace, was a result of Russian attempts to escalate existing tension in the region.
"Russia will have to bear the consequences if the violations continue," he said."
"NATO has confirmed the airspace violation: "I call on Russia to act responsibly and to fully respect NATO airspace," Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said"
"Russia must take all necessary measures to ensure that such violations do not happen again," he added.

As I've stated repeatedly- Turkey, like Canada, is NATO occupied- "Respect NATO airspace"

2-NATO warns Russia to 'fully respect' Turkish airspace

 Despite Israel's lying media headline....

Stoltenberg said in a statement

 "I call on Russia to act responsibly and to fully respect NATO airspace. Russia must take all necessary measures to ensure that such violations do not happen again,"
As I've stated repeatedly- Turkey, like Canada, is NATO occupied- "Respect NATO airspace"

3-NATO chief urges Russia not to violate NATO airspace again

Stoltenberg:  "I call on Russia to act responsibly and to fully respect NATO airspace. Russia must take all necessary measures to ensure that such violations do not happen again."
 Considering the Stoltenberg statement I have no doubt that the Russian jet shot down in November was shot down by the NATO fighters, most probably Americans, as part of a NATO operation.

Russia says:
 "There were no violations of Turkish airspace by aircraft of the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic. Turkish authorities' statements of an alleged violation of Turkish airspace by a Russian Su-34 jet are naked propaganda," Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.
 "None of these radars are able to establish the type and affiliation of an aircraft — whether it belongs to Russia or to the so-called US-led anti-ISIL [Daesh] coalition," Konashenkov told reporters.

We read NATO's leader label the alleged intrusion an intrusion in NATO's airspace.
While Russia denies any such intrusion at all, anywhere.
This feels like a distraction. Why? Perhaps because the SAA has made large gains in Aleppo?

VIDEO: Syrian Army Regains Areas in Aleppo, Crushes ISIS in Deir Ezzor

An army unit restored security and stability to Tannouzeh village northwest of the Air Force Academy in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, a military source announced on Saturday.
Earlier, army units fired intensively at centers and fortifications of ISIS terrorists in the villages of Jeb al-Safa- al-Seen, Jeb Ghabsheh and Tal Maskour in the same countryside.
The centers and sites with terrorists, weapons and vehicles equipped with machine guns present were all destroyed, the military source confirmed in a statement to SANA.
In the northern countryside, gatherings of terrorists were targeted, with their vehicles getting destroyed, in Hayyan town and Retyan village.
Another army unit destroyed vehicles and gatherings of Jabhat al-Nusra-linked terrorists in al-Mansoura village, 10 west of Aleppo city.
Inside the city, terrorist targets were hit in al-Lairamoun and Salah-Eddin neighborhoods.
UPDATED: Conveniently for the NATO propaganda machine Erdogan is in Latin America
 "We regard this infringement which came despite all our warnings in Russian and in English as an effort by Russia to escalate the crisis in the region," Erdogan told reporters before departing on a Latin American tour. "If Russia continues the violations of Turkey's sovereign rights, it will be forced to endure the consequences."
 Erdogan before departing for Latin America- in a message for the domestic audience, clearly. 

 Erdogan eyes expanding Turkey influence on Latin America tour- filed 12 hours ago

 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday embarks on a major tour of Latin American countries in a bid to expand Ankara's ties outside its traditional sphere of influence.

"Russia will have to face consequences if it keeps on such violations against Turkey's sovereignty rights," Erdogan told reporters at an Istanbul airport before leaving on a Latin America tour. "Such irresponsible steps do not benefit either the Russian Federation, or Russia-NATO relations, or regional and global peace."
Ideal time to ramp up the propaganda war
From earlier:

Zombies and PropaGUNDa: Brian Anse Patrick- Interview

Zombies and PropaGUNDa: Brian Anse Patrick- Interview

 Interview via Red Ice Radio with much thanks for providing it

 Zombies and Memetics (Memetics is more often referred to, here, as perception management or mind viruses)

 I've discussed the zombies that masquerade as living humans previously as far back as 08 when I ran into one of these sad creatures and the only descriptor I could think of was "zombie"  Watch out for zombies promoting genocidal theories!!! Since 08 I noticed the zombie meme being promulgated or promoted much more widely. Including but not limited too Zombie Drills, Zombie Alerts, Canada never becoming a safe haven for Zombies (though it really is!)
 , Zombie Apocalypse Revival- Numerology and 8888?  and numerous other posts here addressing the reoccurrence of  the zombie mind virus. So it was with much interest I decided to give this interview a listen. It's thought provoking. Give it a listen yourself and share some relevant thoughts?

In the first hour, Brian talks about the rise of the zombie phenomenon, which he calls the premier archetype of modern times. We compare the original, minion-like, brain-eating zombie under the control of evil forces with the modern day, mass society version of autonomy – braindead cogs plugged into a constant stream of entertainment and self-affirming social media.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

"Kurds Gear Up for Major Offensive Against ISIS" aka Annexing Syrian Territory

Love the lying  Haaretz headline. The NATO backed Kurdish militias alongside NATO special ops are making their move to annex Syrian territory- Period

There is not and never has been anything but  perverted war theatrics between Kurds and ISIS-  Yes, people die. People always die when a political agenda is being undertaken. I’ve said it repeatedly and I will say it again- Not caring what lies others want to believe. Choosing instead to see what is happening right in plain site. Annexation of Syrian and Iraqi territory. For Sykes Picot redux and the 2nd Israel. In Turkey the annexation process has just begun, but is definitely occurring.  I've stated these things plainly for so long now, yet, still people haven't caught on. I can't understand how that is possible?!

Let’s read the spin but face the reality

Pay attention to the truck the masked YPG is driving in! What is it?

Fighters from the People's Protection Units (YPG), ride on a pick-up truck during what they said was an offensive against Islamic State militants south of Kobani, Syria December 26, 2015

The exact same truck as ISIS drives. Coincidence? NO. Not at all. No coincidence. I've posted pictures here previously of YPG driving around in the same Toyota's as ISIS.  Cheer for Kurdish militias. Cheer for ISIS. Cheer for the destruction of Syria.  A classic controlling both sides of the fight in order to guarantee the outcome. Quite a twisted & perverted reality created by the elites for the masses.

One more thought! It's been reported that wages were cut by ISIS for Syrian 'fighters' so mercs were leaving, maybe for Libya?  Making it easier for PKK to 'fight' ISIS in Syria, no doubt. Funny how that worked out?
 The powerful Syrian Kurdish YPG militia and its local allies have drawn up plans for a major attack to seize the final stretch of the Syrian-Turkish border held by Islamic State fighters, a YPG source familiar with the plan said on Thursday.

Such an offensive could deprive Islamic State fighters of a logistical route that has been used by the group to bring in supplies and foreign recruits.
Annexation by any other name is still annexation. Concerns for Syria's territorial integrity? Where are they?  They must be in the the same place as concern for Iraq's and Turkey's territorial integrity and respect for existing borders. Israel must be waiting for the moment it can pounce on the rest of Golan.
But it could lead to confrontation with Turkey, which is fighting against its own Kurdish insurgents and sees the Syrian Kurds as an enemy. 

After a year of military gains aided by U.S.-led air strikes, the Kurds and their allies already control the entire length of Syria's northeastern Turkish frontier from Iraq to the banks of the Euphrates river, which crosses the border west of the town of Kobani. 
But Turkey says it will not allow the Syrian Kurds to move west of the Euphrates. 
The source confirmed a report on Kurdish news website Xeber24 which cited a senior YPG leader saying the plan includes crossing the Euphrates to attack the Islamic State-held towns of Jarablus and Manbij, in addition to Azaz, which is held by other insurgent groups. 
The source did not give a planned date, but said a January 29 date mentioned in the Xeber24 report might not be accurate.

The YPG has been the most important partner on the ground of a U.S.-led air campaign against Islamic State, and is a major component of an alliance formed last year called the Syria Democratic Forces, which also includes Arab and other armed groups. The alliance is quietly backed by Washington, even as its NATO ally in the region, Turkey, is hostile. 
 Ankara fears further expansion by the YPG will fuel separatist sentiment among its own Kurdish minority. (there was no separatist sentiment- approximately 50 percent of the Kurds voted for Erdogan) It (Turkey) views the Syrian Kurdish PYD as a terrorist group because of its affiliation to Turkish Kurdish militants.

The United States and Turkey have for months been discussing a joint military plan to drive Islamic State from the border, but there has been little sign of it on the ground. 
 Pretty sure I explained months back that this joint US/ Turkey plan was a no go- With the US just paying lip service to Turkey. While they stuck the knife in and turned it! 
July of last year Turkey: Creating "Safe Zones", Fighting for it's Survival, Turkey's letter to UN
 "Washington doesn't want a safe zone- And their 'fight' against ISIS has been a cover all along for the Kurdish/Israeli land grab. Turkey wants the safe zone because the leadership of Turkey understand exactly where that Kurdish land grab will lead..  To the destabilization and destruction of Turkey"
*The so called Geneva talks are going nowhere. By design

* Russia is now calling for talks in Germany Feb 11/2016 

 Russia said on Thursday it wanted to hold an international meeting on Syria -- including key players from the West and the Middle East -- in Munich next month.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov
 "There is an agreement in principle between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Secretary of State John Kerry, and now we will propose to all the other participants of the international Syria support group a time and place -- Munich, February 11," state news agency TASS quoted deputy foreign minister Mikhail Bogdanov as saying.

 And finally!

 Velayati: Zionist regime seeking to disintegrate Islamic states
 Advisor to the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ali Akbar Velayati said that the Zionist regime policy is to based on disintegrating Islamic countries of the region by sowing discord among them.
 He made the remarks in a short interview with Turkish newspaper Aydinlik.
 On the sidelines of an international conference dubbed on dangers of Takfiri groups in today's world, Velayati in reply to a question asked by Aydinlik correspondent concerning statement of the Israeli justice minister on establishment of a independent Kurdish government between Iran and Turkey, said that the regime will not reach this goal at all.
Velayati said that the aim of the Zionist regime is to establish a second or even a third Israel in the region and added that the aim of imperialists and the Zionists is partition the whole region.
He added 'Turkey is an important Islamic country, and we are opposed to disintegration of Turkey and they do not allow such an event to happen and we are all duty-bound to defend Turkey's territorial integrity.'
Related: The YPG-PKK Connection- Erdogan & Ocalan Had Agreed on Autonomy for Kurds in Turkey

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Children addicted to smartphones & tablets- Stunting emotional/social development

Children addicted to smartphones & tablets-
 Nearly half of youngsters are addicted to their tablets and smartphones, according to parents in a new poll.

Some 47 per cent of mums and dads said their children spend too much time in front of their screens, while 43 per cent said this was akin to emotional dependency.

Damaging children one smartphone and tablet at a time- Making anti social miscreants out of your own offspring. That’s not helping your children, it’s harming them. And it’s harm you as a parent are responsible for.

Is Technology Ruining Our Ability to Read Emotions? Study Says Yes

“The researchers provided sixth grade students with a pre-test to establish their baseline abilities to read emotions. The students were shown photographs and videotaped scenes where the audio was silenced. The participants were then asked to infer people’s emotional states based on facial expressions and non-verbal cues.

Half the students were then sent away to a camp where they lacked access to digital media. They spent their time doing traditional camp activities – hiking, archery, and learning about nature. The control group went about their daily activity as usual including their normal access to digital media (which for these students averaged about four and a half hours on the typical school day).

After five days, both groups participated in a post-test. The kids who went to camp showed significant improvements in their abilities to recognize emotions. The control group only showed a slight improvement. The authors concluded that the increased face-to-face interaction improved the campers’ social skills”
that image is embedded in your child's brain- think that's healthy?

Children outdoors

These problems being reported on? They are real. I see them every day. Poor communication. Small children, toddlers, with their faces planted in their mommies cell phone or Ipad. Mommies are generally worse then daddies, sadly. It’s twisted. There is an entire whole huge, real world , all around us. The world that sustains us all. And far too many of us are not participating in it. Often, I walk. In a number of different places and spaces. It is rare to see a child walking with their parents engaged in the real world.  It is rare to see (un)accompanied children in the woods admiring the beauty all around them. It is rare to see any children interacting with nature. Anywhere. Just admiring all there is to admire. It’s not healthy. It is abnormal. On the occasion when I do see a family all together walking, the kids always appear happier and carefree when compared to the children I see having their vibrance & exuberance destroyed by electronic devices. And society is and will continue to suffer for this. Sorry if this is offensive to anyone. It’s not intended to be. It’s just an observation of the world I see around myself. The real world. The one I actually pay attention to and actively participate in.

One last observation.
When we woods walk and we do run into parents and children, over all I find the children happier and chattier. Freely so.  Just animated & brimming with energy.  Like the picture I borrowed from another blog. That little boy portrayed perfectly the happy children we see out of doors- with their families. Having a great time.
When we see the children with their faces planted in a device- they don't look up and if they do their eyes have a distant weird glazed over look. Sigh...

borrowed from here

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The YPG-PKK Connection- Erdogan & Ocalan Had Agreed on Autonomy for Kurds in Turkey

 Prior to the PKK suddenly ending the ceasefire!

Cause Turkey ain't talkin' trash when it's elected government speaks of the ties between PKK and YPG. Erdogan thought he was playing in the big leagues. Turkey being a NATO member. Erdogan forgot Turkey is a member of NATO out of convenience and nothing more.

Btw: this wouldn't be the first time the US double crossed Turkey-  Turkey wanted reassurances way back, when the US attacked Iraq. And those reassurances were not delivered despite Paul Wolfowitz's  understanding ways!  Pt2: Kurd/ISIS symbiosis and the Impending destabilization of Turkey

2nd: Someone by the moniker of Paveway Mk IV had left some commentary regarding PKK/YPG and other assorted alphabet groups- If I understood correctly what Paveway was contending, Barzani was the string puller in this entire situation- Or at least most of it. Admittedly the Kurdish issue is complex, however, from all my reading and writing I can only conclude Barzani is being pushed out- It surely appears to me that Barzani will most likely be gone by years end. Barring anything outside of the remaking the middle east agenda playing out as I expect it too so far   Barzani's troubles... *He has a good relationship with Erdogan and Turkey. *Oil revenues are way down and there are financial troubles aplenty in Iraqi’s Kurdish region. *Not the least of which is the trouble with all the Kurdish refugees from Syria. * Goran is a destabilizing force in Iraq's kurdish area.  You can read Paveway's comments here  Paveway left nothing that would substantiate his claim , so, I don't know? I have previously demonstrated a strong connection between PKK and YPG. Barzani is not included in that partnership. So here is yet another article regarding that connection.  The main reason the YPG wouldn’t bother with a push southward is due to the fact they have another goal. I’ve written plenty about this previously. One post that ties much of this together - A Sober Look at the West's Kurdish Allies
From today:Atlantic Council- I’ll highlight the interesting bits:
In mid-July 2012, the Syrian government withdrew its forces from a large amount of territory along the Turkish border. This move allowed the Democratic Union Party (PYD), a Kurdish nationalist group linked to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)—a US- and Turkish-designated terrorist group—to take administrative and military control over the self-declared cantons of Efrin, Kobani and Jazira, collectively named Rojava. The link between the PYD and PKK challenges Turkey’s interests in Syria and, by its own estimate, its national security.
To support the PYD’s political and military efforts in Syria, Kurds from Turkey, Iran, and Iraq ( In Iraq's mountainous areas-where the PKK is located) have travelled to Syria to join with the People’s Protection Units (YPG), the PYD’s militia. The growing sense of cross-border pan-Kurdish nationalism has contributed to the resurgence in violence in Turkey’s southeast, following the break-down of peace talks in mid-July 2015 between the Turkish government and the PKK. In an interview with the International Crisis Group, an unidentified PKK member underscored the importance of Rojava, describing the war in northern Syria as a historic opportunity to implement its program of “democratic self-administration,” a system of governance based on imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan’s teachings.
As I've stated Turkey has legitimate concerns for it's territorial sovereignty!
Between 2013 and late 2014, the Turkish government tolerated the cross-border movement of Kurds and a small number of radical leftist Turks. Ankara acted out of deference to the then ongoing peace talks with Öcalan and welcomed the large exodus of PKK-allied Kurds for strategic reasons. The government considered the YPG-ISIS war a net positive, given that two entities hostile to Turkey were killing one another.
So, Ankara was happy to let the kurds go to Syria to make trouble because they wouldn't be making trouble in and for Turkey
During this time period, Turkish security forces refrained from conducting military operations in Kurdish-majority areas and the presence of PKK fighters was tolerated in urban areas. A key turning point, however, came in September 2014, when the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) besieged the town of Kobani. In response, the Turkish military sealed the porous Turkey-Syria border that Kurds had been using to fight and trade with their counterparts in Rojava.
For the obvious reason that Turkey didn't want them back- They would only stir the pot, in Turkey. And this claim about Turkey's so called "porous" border is not credible either. It seems more likely that Turkey has been impeding the free flow of Kurdish fighters into and out of Syria. As I've mentioned the Kurdish fighters pour into Syria via Iraq.
"Despite the tightened border, ( so much for the US claims about "porous borders") Kurds from Turkey remain well represented in the YPG, further underscoring the group’s links to the PKK"
"In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Kurdish fighter Zind Ruken expanded on the PKK-YPG relationship. “Sometimes I’m a PKK, sometimes I’m a PJAK [the PKK-allied affiliate, active in Iran], sometimes I’m a YPG. It doesn’t really matter. They are all members of the PKK.”
This is not shocking to me. I've already stated this destabilization will pick up between Turkey and Iran-  With PKK Kurds moving between the  nations. The PKK has drug smuggling routes aplenty to use enabling the fighters to traverse the terrain.  Three Cheers for the PKK? Or EXCLUSIVE: Former top PKK commander Osman Ocalan speaks. I've written about this repeatedly! 

As for Ocalan's 'anarchism' His so called anarchy reeks of OWO tyranny rhetoric. Globalist mumbo jumbo. I've read some of it myself and come away unimpressed by it.
The YPG’s casualty data confirms linkages between international PKK-linked groups. Kurds from Turkey total 49.24 percent of the YPG’s self-reported casualties between January 2013 and January 2016, according to an ongoing Atlantic Council study. YPG martyrdom notices show that 359 Turkish citizens, 323 Syrians, 32 Iranians, seven Iraqis, two Australians, two Azeris, and a person from England, Germany, Greece, and the United States each have been killed fighting with the group since January 2013. To be sure, there are methodological problems with the data: The two authors relied on self-reported numbers and have not been able to cross-reference this information with the PYD.
Nonetheless, the casualty data closely reflects known YPG offensives, including the 2014 clashes around Ras al-Ain with the Nusra Front, the battle for Kobani in September 2014, and the 2015 YPG-led offensive towards the Euphrates river and Ain Issa, a town near ISIS’s de facto capital of Raqqa. According to the data, the battle for Kobani accounted for 38.95 percent of overall casualties and 44.4 percent of the Turkish Kurds killed with the YPG between 2013 and 2016.
During the battle for Kobani, the US-led anti-ISIS coalition worked closely with the YPG to direct airstrikes. Since then, the coalition has retained its close links with the group, deploying up to 50 special operations forces inside PYD-controlled territory and reportedly staffing an airfield inside Syria to ferry supplies to Kurdish-controlled territory. Backed by coalition airstrikes, the YPG has made considerable advances against ISIS and now controls 265 miles of territory along the Turkish-Syrian border.
The Turkish government views this collaboration with suspicion, owing to the YPG’s relationship with the PKK. Officially, Turkey makes no distinction between the YPG and the PKK. However, Ankara’s actions suggest that the government tolerates the US-YPG partnership. US aircraft based at Turkey’s Incirlik Air Force Base fly strike missions in support of the YPG in Syria just as the Turkish Air Force bombs PKK targets in northern Iraq and southeastern Turkey.
The Turkish government is right to view this collaboration with suspicion. What choice do they have but to tolerate the US aircrafts based at Incirlik? Incirlik is a US airbase and Turkey is NATO occupied.
While the US-YPG partnership has put considerable pressure on ISIS, the PYD’s political ambitions inside Syria (matching closely with those of the PKK) pose a longer term threat to Turkish security. This threat has grown more immediate in recent months, following the collapse of a two-year-old ceasefire in July between the PKK and the Turkish government.
According to the International Crisis Group, between July and mid-December 2015, “Violence claimed the lives of 194 security officials, at least 221 PKK insurgents and as many as 151 civilians.” Much of the fighting has taken place in urban areas between the PKK’s youth group, the YDG-H, and Turkish security forces. In recent weeks, the YDG-H has rebranded itself as the YPS (Civil Defense Units), which now flies a flag identical in design to that of the YPG, albeit with different colors.
For now, the PYD remains focused on its political project inside Syria, which requires a YPG-Turkey ceasefire. Open hostility risks opening another front against the Turkish military while its forces are deployed against ISIS. PYD successes in Syria, however, have influenced the PKK’s overarching ambitions in Turkey and, in turn, the Turkish government’s assessment of the threat they pose.
The PKK’s involvement in two overlapping fronts shape this assessment. The first front remains inside Turkey against Turkish security forces for what the Democratic Society Congress (a PKK-linked Kurdish group inside Turkey) recently called the formation of autonomous regions based on cultural, economic, and geographic ties. The second hinges on support for the PYD’s project inside Syria via the YPG. This investment and possible PKK-YPG cooperation suggests similar political ambitions in Turkey and Syria, and is disturbing to the Turkish government.
How the relationship between the Turkish state and the PKK develops largely depends on how the PKK approaches—and defines—autonomous governance in Turkey. 
"Before the collapse of the peace process, leaks about the state of the peace talks suggested that Öcalan appeared willing to support a proposal backed by Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) to transition to a presidential system in exchange for some semblance of democratic autonomy. The move would have helped resolve the issue peacefully by addressing key Kurdish demands (beyond those espoused by the PKK) for greater political and cultural autonomy. The AKP supported the premise of this potential compromise, although many details needed to be worked out before implementation"
Before the Kurds turned their back on the peace process, by ending the ceasefire, the AKP party had offered the Kurdish leader some type of democratic autonomy for the Kurds. Reread that bolded, highlighted section! Instead of taking the offer with an eye to future negotiations, the PKK ended the ceasefire! WHY????? What other players did not wish to see a strong, united Turkey? A peaceful solution worked? I would suggest and quite safely so, the US and Israel as two parties actively promoting and participating in a violent destabilization of Turkey. We know the US is very big on remaking the ME. Israel is certainly another party who would not want to see a peaceful resolution to this issue. We all know Israel wants the 2nd Israel- Kurdistan aka “Second Israel”- Ethnic Cleansing the Indigenous of the Middle East or Kurdistan. NATO’s new Southern Flank? With Turkey and Iran divided and weakened by  Kurdistan/Israel 2.0

And we didn't need the Israeli justice minister to tell us this was Israel's desired outcome!
It's been so obvious for years now, that disinformation/limited hangouts posted on so called alternative sites talkin' it up are way too late to the party!
The PKK leadership in Kandil refuses to return to peace talks unless the Turkish government addresses the group’s demand for “democratic autonomy.” Today, the PYD continues to pursue this vision in Syria, pushing to unite the Kobani and Jazira cantons with Efrin (a disconnected piece of Kurdish-administered territory opposite Turkey’s Hatay region).
The Atlantic Council’s casualty data shows a clear shift in casualties in late 2015 towards the western front near the Tishreen Dam, compared to a few months earlier, when YPG fighters were dying near Ain Issa. The trend suggests that the YPG intends to expand its territory east of Efrin and west of the Euphrates—directly challenging Turkish interests in northern Syria, but in line with the group’s longer-term ambitions in northern Syria.
The synergies between the PKK and PYD’s overarching political goals pose a longer-term problem for Turkish interests in Syria. The violence in Turkey’s southeast contributes to these problems and hastens unilateral declarations of autonomy in Kurdish districts and towns inside Turkey. The United States is now involved in this unfolding conflict through its support for the YPG. Absent a return to Turkish-PKK peace talks that address the autonomy question, these dynamics point to continued violence and, more broadly, considerable friction between the United States and Turkey over the PYD and PKK’s longer term political endgame.

Monday, January 25, 2016

The [Secret] History of FM Radio: Pt 1- Hans Utter and Gnostic Media

Loved this interview!
Thanks to Jan @ Gnostic Media for providing it freely for us all

There are a number of previous interviews posted here on this subject. Just in case you are new to it!
As always, share some relevant to the topic thoughts :)

Syrian Peace Talks Delayed- As Expected

Syrian peace talks that were slated to begin today have been postponed, but U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, while on a visit to Laos, played down posturing by the Syrian regime and opposition as “just tensions.” “We’re going to have the meetings and they’re going to start, but what we’re trying to do is make absolutely certain that when they start everybody is clear about roles and what’s happening, so that you don’t go there and wind up with a question mark or a failure,” Kerry said, saying he hoped the situation would be resolved in the next day or two. His comments come after a stop in Riyadh over the weekend to discuss the planned proximity talks to be held in Geneva.

One of the anon's mentioned protests in Tunisia:

Protests Continue in Tunisia Despite Curfew
After an emergency cabinet meeting on Saturday, Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid responded to popular unrest saying that “Solutions exist but some patience and optimism are needed.” Security forces made dozens of arrests enforcing a curfew, and while protests in Kasserine quieted, activists in Sidi Bouzid shut down streets with torched tires. Protests continued today when thousands of police officers marched in Tunis demanding higher wages.

And there are rumblings about another "spring" in Egypt

Sykes Picot 100 year anniversary just a few months away- 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

US Preps for a Military Solution in Syria- Russian & US Troops in Close Proximity

 To understand the week end news...we're taking a trip through 2 weeks of developments

January 7/2016: The Top US Military Official Arrives in Turkey. Who Greets Him?...
More then two weeks has passed since that post. 

It appeared clear, to me anyway, the destabilization of the Syria/Iraq/Turkey situation was going to take a turn for the worse- Preparations were clearly being made between the US and Turkish Military- With military requests coming from Turkish military being made directly to US military counterparts. This was NATO planning. Erdogan was out of the loop, as he has been for some time now. It would seem the shoot down of the Russian plane was one of many warnings sent to Erdogan. The PKK ending the ceasefire was an earlier warning to Erdogan also. 
"So why is the top military dog meeting with his 'counterpart' in Turkey, alongside other officials, but not meeting the elected leadership?"
 Judging by the news this week end- The US is set to militarily intervene in a way they hadn't previously- As I stated January 7/2016
 " Increasing the destabilization geographically- worsening it in Turkey. Iraq. Syria"

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said on Saturday that the United States and Turkey were prepared for a military solution against Islamic State in Syria should the Syrian government and rebels fail to reach a political settlement.
 That's NATO occupied Turkey.

Digression- Brief, but, extremely important

***Biden shows "loyalty" to NATO ally Turkey- If your idea of loyalty is back stabbing duplicity!  As I've informed my readers here, for well over a year now, Turkey is being targeted by it's NATO "friends"  inc. the PKK.  There are numerous posts on that subject here!
"Biden went on to meet with President Tayyip Erdogan, but an expected joint statement was not issued.
  Biden: "He criticized the Turkish state for intimidating media, curtailing Internet freedom and accusing academics of treason" (Biden has chutzpah considering the state of the US media, internet and freedom in general)
Biden: "Last week, he denounced as "dark, nefarious and brutal" more than 1,000 signatories of a declaration that criticized Turkish military action in the southeast"
"More recently, reforms have faltered and Erdogan has adopted a more authoritarian style of rule. (I've read those same memes "authoritarian/dictator/Hitler wrt Assad, Hussein, Gaddafi, etc)
"In an apparent rebuke, Erdogan told Biden on Saturday that he expected sensitivity from Turkey's allies and that they should avoid statements which may equate to support for those trying to hamper Turkish efforts to fight terror, presidential sources said"
Since Biden is sending a message of support to NATO's PKK terrorists he made no effort to avoid these multiple and very provocative statements! He wants his terror crew to know, the US has your back!

***** Digression, ended

We already know that meeting  (Geneva) has been 'temporarily delayed' The US played every card it held to ensure that happened! Meanwhile Syria has been making battlefield gains with the help of it's allies. Including moving to take back Aleppo- The US/Israel evil duo will not allow this to happen.

January 16/2016

Syrian Endgame Could Begin in Aleppo- Who Would Block This Pivotal Win?

 Consider the Syrian Endgame in alignment with reports of Pentagon Considering Turkish Proposal – Ask yourself what group or organization would want only to deny Syria’s combined allied forces from taking back Aleppo?  The answer is NATO. NATO occupied Turkey will play their role, but, not the civilian government which is increasingly left out of military decisions.

Today we had news coverage reporting  John Kerry & Benjamin Netanyahu talking as if they are the deciders of Syria's future!

Netanyahu with his delusional benign balkanization:Netanyahu at Davos: Syria "best case scenario benign balkanization"

Kerry with his Assad, the terror magnet just had to go:From "Benign Balkanization" to the "Terror Magnet" Regime Change Push Coming

 These statements from two of the most violent and evil men on the planet cannot be taken as anything but declarations of war- Combined with Biden's proclamations, all this planning and talk looks to be ominous-

Yesterday,  January 22/2016 , I posted news regarding US special forces taking over an airbase they undoubtedly created with the PKK/YPG militias in Northern Syria- Alongside the fact that Russia moved troops to an unused Syrian airbase not to far away.

US/NATO War Expansion- Special Ops to Airbase-AWACS and more

U.S. special operations troops have reportedly taken over an airfield in northeastern Syria, potentially clearing the way to flow more American military support to friendly militias fighting the Islamic State group.
 Russian troops:
  While Rmeilan sits in territory controlled by the Kurds Qamishli airport remains in the few enclaves controlled by the regime in that part of Syria.

Russia and US setting up shop in that part of Syria is a highly notable development in the Syrian conflict.

Onto the latest news from WSJ:

Moscow’s new presence at a regime-held airport in northeastern Syria near Turkish border puzzles Washington and rattles Ankara
Rattles Washington and puzzles Ankara is likely more accurate

ISTANBUL—Russia has sent new forces to a regime-controlled airfield in northeastern Syria as American military advisers step up operations with Kurdish militants in the same region, according to U.S. and Turkish officials.
Covered in yesterday's post- relinked above
The parallel military moves, while small, could create new friction between Washington and Moscow, where leaders are angling to protect their competing interests in Syria and shape the direction of peace talks aimed at ending the five-year conflict there.
The new deployments to northeastern Syria come as world leaders are struggling to launch United Nations-brokered talks next week in Geneva, with unresolved disputes between rival factions threatening to derail the negotiations before they begin.
Exactly what the US wants...

With few expecting much progress from the talks, Russia and the U.S. are maneuvering for more influence in key Syrian battlefields.

The U.S. military is stepping up its operations in northeastern Syria as teams of special-operations forces deepen their engagement with Kurdish and Arab militants leading the fight against Islamic State.
Now, U.S. and Turkish officials say, a group of Russians are operating out of a small airport controlled by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s military in Qamishli on the Turkish border.
Their presence has generated alarm in Turkey and some concern in the U.S., with military officials from both countries worrying that Russia is maneuvering for a stake in a vital Syrian battle zone far from its main presence along Syria’s western coast.
U.S. officials said Friday the Russians’ presence at the airfield is small, and there are no signs they are trying to transform it into a hub for bombers to carry out airstrikes. But what Russia’s intentions are there remain unclear.
“We’re dying to know what they’re doing,” a senior U.S. defense official said. “Right now it’s a mystery.”

Since entering the Syrian war last fall by launching airstrikes against Syrian rebels battling the Assad regime, Russia has transformed the conflict and forced the U.S. to rethink its approach. Washington and Moscow agreed to new rules meant to prevent accidental confrontations in the crowded Syrian skies.
But U.S. officials said the memorandum of understanding to prevent accidents wouldn’t evolve into collaboration in the fight until Russia proves it is aligned with U.S. interests in defeating Islamic State and eventually removing Mr. Assad from power.
“The MoU has been effective and proven to be a good way to sustain and promote safety of pilots,” a senior U.S. military official said. “But there will be no consideration of any terms of cooperation until we can achieve common political objectives.”
In Brussels, the chairman of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s military committee, Czech Army Gen. Petr Pavel, said Moscow hasn’t shown “a practical willingness to get in touch” in response to NATO’s efforts to improve military-to-military contacts.
Anything to do with that NATO shootdown of the Russian jet?

Turkish officials have also expressed concerns about Russia’s new presence in northeastern Syria. On Friday, Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper published photos of Turkish military forces digging trenches and deploying tanks along the border across from Qamishli, where the Russian forces are based.
Which Turkish officials? The no name ones?
Russia’s moves could be an issue on Saturday when Vice President Joe Biden meets in Istanbul with Turkey’s president and prime minister to discuss new ways to prevent Islamic State fighters from using the Turkey-Syria border to ferry fighters, weapons and supplies into the war zone.
Turkish and U.S. officials said the new deployment may be a sign that Russia is trying to position itself to boost its ties with Kurdish militants, who have emerged as the most effective fighting force against Islamic State in Syria.
That statement from no name US and Turkish officials confuses me. Why would Russia ingratiate itself with NATO's Kurdish militias?

American support for the Syrian Kurdish militants, known as the People’s Defense Units or YPG, has upset Turkey, which views the group as a direct threat to its security because of its close ties with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK. That larger Kurdish force, whose commanders operated from sanctuaries in northern Iraq, is deemed a terrorist group by the U.S., Turkey and the European Union.
U.S. officials and Syrian rebels say Kurdish militants are already trying to capitalize on Russia’s intervention, which has generally targeted other U.S.-backed fighters rather than Islamic State. In at least one instance, they say, Kurdish forces gave Russian military advisers coordinates to strike U.S.-trained rebels.
This is written to portray Russia and the US as Kurdish allies? Are they? Both? Allies to the same Kurds? Why would Russia ally itself with NATO's Kurds who are waging war against Assad and Syria? Confusing? Or misleading?

Turkish Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz challenged Russia’s moves as counterproductive. “One cannot achieve success by stepping out of the coalition,” he said, according to Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency. “If a fight against terrorism is needed, then international cooperation is needed.”
Robert Ford, a former U.S. ambassador to Syria who is senior fellow at the Middle East Institute in Washington, said the Russians’ buildup gives them new clout to push their interests in the region.

“Russians achieve a triple play with this move: bolstering the Syrian government and Syrian Kurdish allies’ position in eastern Syria; complicating U.S. activities in the process; and securing a new position at the back door of Moscow’s newly found Turkish adversary,” he said.
 Interesting that an unnamed US official and Robert Ford are both claiming the Kurds are allies of Russia - Are we talking an entirely different set of Kurds then the US backs? Which is possible, as the USSR did have their cold war Kurdish allies?

From "Benign Balkanization" to the "Terror Magnet" Regime Change Push Coming

Language & Spelling- Conjuring Reality. Always

Assad the “terror magnet” must go-

How many perception managing ways can the regime change agenda be presented?

The U.S. and six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council said they see no future for Syria if President Bashar al-Assad remains in power as he is a “magnet" for terror in the region.
Of course, Assad is a "terror magnet". But just which terrorist's are attracted to Syria and Assad?
The obvious answer is... The terrorists pushing the regime change/balkanization agenda!

 So let's read what one of those terrorists, magnetically attracted to Assad, has to say with regard to the regime change agenda


John Kerry and I will quote him, verbatim:

"None of us are under any illusions that obstacles still exist for reaching peace in Syria," U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters in Riyadh on Saturday
 “War in Syria cannot end because he is the magnet that attracts the violent terrorism and jihadis who will continue to come as long as his supporters continue to say he’s part of the future.”

He being Assad. His supporters very obviously being Russia in this case- In line with the increased demonization of Russia and Putin. Kerry being one of the terror magnets pushing for the overthrow of the elected government.
Talks between the Syrian government and opposition leaders scheduled for Jan. 25 have been postponed for “a few days”

As stated here days ago- they were not going to happen

The other terrorist, drawn to the magnetic Assad, was mentioned earlier today:

That would be Netanyahu. Netanyahu, like Kerry, shares the same goal as all the terrorists attracted to Syria and Assad. Overthrowing the government and destroying the nation state.

Companion post- Two terrorists speak as one 

Netanyahu at Davos: Syria "best case scenario benign balkanization"

“I wish it could happen, but I’m not sure you could put Humpty Dumpty back together again. I’d say the best result you might be able to get is a benign Balkanization, benign cantonization in Syria. That’s as good as you’re going to get.”


Because birds of a feather really do flock together!

Netanyahu at Davos: Syria "best case scenario benign balkanization"

Is there such a thing as "Benign Balkanization"
Benign;  not causing death or serious injury: not causing harm or damage
Let's think of the violence inflicted on Palestinians by Jewish terror groups before and after the UN decided to benignly balkanize Palestine?

Netanyahu on Syria:

European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Davos, January 21, 2015.
Has there really been no harm done in Syria? No death or serious injury? No damage?

Regarding the future of Syria, the prime minister said he “doubts” a unitary Syrian state can ever reemerge.

“I wish it could happen, but I’m not sure you could put Humpty Dumpty back together again. I’d say the best result you might be able to get is a benign Balkanization, benign cantonization in Syria. That’s as good as you’re going to get.”

Israel has done everything possible to encourage their desired result.

Companion post- Two terrorists speak as one:

From "benign balkanization" to the "terror magnet" Regime Change

John Kerry


US/NATO War Expansion- Special Ops to Airbase-AWACS and more

Friday, January 22, 2016

US/NATO War Expansion- Special Ops to Airbase-AWACS and more

Points covered in previous post: Syria:NO Peace Talks- US to Intensify ISIS "fight" & Israel wants a Kurdish State
*Still doubting the Geneva talks will take place-
*Israel’s call for a so called “kurdish state” should’ve come as no surprise to anyone that reads here
* Israel and Sunni Muslims have long been allied and Kurds are largely Sunni Muslims.
"We must openly call for the establishment of a Kurdish state that separates Iran from Turkey, one which will be friendly towards Israel"
As previously mentioned P5+1 was a ruse. Early Seeds of Iranian destabilization cross the Turkish border 

How much territory has to be annexed  from Turkey and Iran to create Israel’s dream ally?

1st map: This is the area that contained Kurdish inhabitants (1986)- Not Kurdish inhabitants alone- Kurds reside in these areas in mixed populations- From Atlas of Kurdistan

"We must openly call for the establishment of a Kurdish state that separates Iran from Turkey, one which will be friendly towards Israel"

The latest:
PKK across the Turkish border? Not ISIS? Hmmmm......

U.S. troops take over air base in Syria, local reports say

This is the airbase the US created alongside their Kurdish militia (YPG/PKK) in stolen Syrian territory. It's been previously mentioned at the blog

Strategically located airport- ease of access to Turkey, Iraq & Syria
U.S. special operations troops have reportedly taken over an airfield in northeastern Syria, potentially clearing the way to flow more American military support to friendly militias fighting the Islamic State group.

A small team of U.S. troops is setting up a base camp at Rmeilan Air Base in the Syrian Kurdish region near Syria's Iraqi and Turkish borders, according to local reports.

The airfield was until recently under control of the Syrian Kurdish forces, known as the YPG, but was turned over to the U.S. to help expand American support for the Syrian Democratic Forces, which is the loose-knit coalition of American-backed militants fighting the Islamic State group.
"Under a deal with the YPG, the U.S. was given control of the airport. The purpose of this deal is to back up the SDF, by providing weapons and an air base for U.S. warplanes," an SDF spokesperson,

The SDF is the YPG/PKK  Kurds with Arabs in the mix. Same as ISIS. Very clearly the YPG/PKK gave the US control of the airport so the US can assist the YPG/PKK in annexing more territory and helping to create Israel’s best ally in the area.
Rmeilan is near some of Syria's major oil production facilities.

Since it was always KurdIShIS shipping out oil from Syria and Iraq, through southern Turkey supplying mostly Israel, etc As covered very clearly in this previous post: Carving Turkey After a NATO Roasting- Claims vs Reality Read the articles that deal with oil smuggling- The Kurds have been shipping oil out from Syria and Iraq to their besties in Israel- one has to understand that when the headlines claim Israel buys most oil smuggled from ISIS territory - report   We are talkin' KurdIShIS
The airfield is in the Hasakah region, where American-backed militias have been mounting offensive operations against Islamic State-held territory northeast of the extremist group's stronghold in Raqqa.

It is also near a key supply line connecting Raqqa to the Islamic State group's second major city, Mosul, Iraq. Cutting that supply line is a key piece of the current American strategy for defeating the group.
In an area that is conveniently connectable to Mosul- perfect for expanding Israel’s ally:  Kurdistan- Where have I seen this exact scenario play out previously? Recall? Sinjar: Creating a Crucial Supply Route for KurdIShIS & Annexing Iraqi Territory

Control of the airfield would help U.S. troops expedite delivery of weapons and ammunition to the region as well as operate more aircraft such as medevac helicopters, armed drones or intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platforms.

NATO discussing request for AWACS surveillance aircraft in Syrian anti-'IS' fight
Really have to chuckle at that headline- The use of AWACS has nothing to do with any sort of anti -IS fight. AWACS are used for surveillance of other aircraft.

 KurdIShIS doesn’t have an airforce, except for NATO’s. So, who might these AWAC's be used against? We will get to this shortly.
 "We can confirm there has been a request for concrete support from NATO to the anti-[IS] effort in the form of NATO AWACS surveillance planes," the official said on Friday.

The unit of AWACS - Airborne Early Warning and Control System surveillance planes - comprises more than 20 planes which can locate and identify other aircraft more than 400 kilometers (643 miles) away.

The fleet could act as flying command posts, communicating with other aircraft, helping to warn of threats and coordinate coalition airstrikes against IS.

Regarding the intended AWAC target?

Ignoring Rudaw's headline- The area where Russia is setting up the airport is still controlled by the Syrian government:

 While Rmeilan sits in territory controlled by the Kurds Qamishli airport remains in the few enclaves controlled by the regime in that part of Syria.

Russia and US setting up shop in that part of Syria is a highly notable development in the Syrian conflict.

To this date the US and Russians have been operating in mostly separate parts of the country. US air power has been focused solely on bombing ISIS in the east and northeast while Russian air power has been bombing various forces fighting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad across Syria. 

And the why of NATO's wanting to use AWAC's is clear.