Monday, January 18, 2016

Canadian Filming the Liberation of Kurdish Syria? Fabricating History

Kurdish Syria?  Never existed!  The “Kurdish Syria” of this documentary  is devoid of Arabs, Assyrians & Armenians.  But ethnic cleansing doesn’t matter when it’s a NATO operation.

The reality of what has been happening in Syria- The ANNEXATION by FORCE of Syria’s territory is never mentioned in NATO media. Alternative (so called) or main stream.
 Annex: the  act of acquiring something (especially territory) by conquest or occupation =  theft.
 We’re supposed to believe a "kurdish Syria” is just happenstance.  Organically taking place.  I’ve said this before and I will say it again- The making of this  kurdish Syria is similar to the making of both Kosovo & Israel. A fictional narrative accompanies them all-  Plucky freedom fighters actually terrorists. Ethnic cleansing, raping and pillaging buried under obfuscation (a land with no people/a people with no land) and feel good language to cover up  the reality of the situation 

This documentary will of course hit all the right perception managing memes. Pay attention readers because this is how the fictional history taught to  future generations is made.

Toronto Star

Toronto documentary filmmaker Nadim Fetaih (an Egyptian, who also made a documentary about the so called Egyptian revolution ) is on the ground, capturing the revolution that’s taking place as the people of Northern Syria emerge from under ISIS rule.
Women taking power in ways the Middle East has never before seen. Men, at their side, taking the radical transformation in stride.
And together, by consensus, both fighting tooth and nail against the Islamic State — and winning — liberating towns and villages in northern Syria with the promise of a new kind of freedom, where all are welcome to a fair share of collective self-rule, regardless of gender, religion or ethnicity.
How many feel good memes in those few paragraphs? WOW! The illusion of equality for all.

It reads like a revolutionary daydream from John Lennon’s songbook. But it is actually happening throughout the sliver of terrain known as Rojava, the predominantly Kurdish territory abutting Syria’s border with Turkey.
The Islamic State group doesn’t like it. Turkey doesn’t like it. Bashar Assad doesn’t like it. Yet the quiet revolution ( a distinctly Canadian meme) in Rojava isn’t just taking root; it is growing, thanks in part to the White House, which has deputized the mostly Kurdish revolutionary fighters as America’s most effective boots on the ground on the Syrian side of the campaign against the Islamic State.
The fruits of the U.S. alliance with Syria’s Kurdish paramilitary fighters — the People’s Protection Units, or YPG, and their female counterparts, YPJ — became especially clear over Christmas, with the Kurds leading a four-day sweep south from Kobani, snipping some 640 square kilometres from the caliphate’s map and seizing back from the Islamic State a key piece of infrastructure, the Tishrin Dam.
Ah, that's Syria's territory and Syria's dam?!  No matter! Why let the facts weigh down a fictional & thoroughly deceptive narrative?

Throughout the operation and ever since, independent Toronto filmmaker Nadim Fetaih has been on the ground with a crew of two other Canadians, capturing the changes unfolding as the fragile Rojava revolution takes hold. Fetaih doesn’t expect to release his documentary until 2017 — today he is sharing exclusive images and insights from the project with the Star.
“We’ve been able to get access inside the military complex in Kobani and spend time with the wounded fighters — a fairly even 50-50 split of men and women and they’re all badasses.
Like the IDF? Men and Women both 'badasses' Very pop culturally appealing.

Among the bigger questions: Is the transformation in Rojava a singularly Kurdish national effort? 
Or does it have potential to become a model for the broader Arab world beyond?

The transformation of Rojova ? (which didn’t exist) is not a singular Kurdish effort!
What a stupid question! We already know- “The fruits of the U.S. alliance with Syria’s Kurdish paramilitary fighters” , makes abundantly clear this is not a singular effort, but rather a planned and supported annexation of Syria’s territory- I won’t use the feel good transformation word.

“ Or does it have potential to become a model for the broader Arab world beyond?”
In what context? A new Sykes Picot? A 2nd Israel?

Can't stomach any more of the Toronto Star article- You can read it for yourselves.

Oh look a boy and 'pet goat' smiling
 Fetaih, 27, came to Canada at age four with his parents, both Egyptian political activists. He grew up in a home where political awareness — and the regime of former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak — was routine conversation around the dinner table.

Using unreality to create an unreal version of reality


  1. We should all notice this fact for a comparison:
    Crimea according to NATO media was forcibly annexed- except there was a vote by the mostly Russian people- the election had international observers and was by all accounts fair and free-

    the NATO media still spins this as an annexation all the while a real ANNEXATION is taking place in Syria, Iraq and Turkey, but it is presented in the context of heroic struggle/freedom fighters/equality and collectivism?

    Managing your perception all the time.

    1. Well said!! A number American anarchists, like a lot of other clueless people who should stay out of politics, fetishize the Kurds and completely ignore the larger war going on in the region. They take for granted that every ethnic group deserves its own geographical region (I won't say state) and dream about decentralized economies with no leadership anywhere to be seen. A couple of American anarchists almost got blown up this year showing "solidarity" with a small Kurdish town in Syria by going there with a group a Turks carrying a few inconsequential supplies. But even almost getting blown up didn't shock them back to reality -- they came back clinging to their fantasy of an anarchist Kurdistan.

    2. thanks Diana- I'm working on a new post regarding this deception and do hope you stop back to read it
      "Fetishize the kurds", love it!!!
      An anarchist Kurdistan- Stupid is as stupid does, sadly

    3. I cannot wait for it. I've recently engaged or should I say argued with a poster at another site concerning the Kurds being some anarchist leaning, communist group. More BS simply. And I wish to thank you for your insights regarding the Kurds. Allows for me to see the picture much clearer.

    4. Hi Charles

      The Kurdish PKK etc as an anarchist leaning communist group? Scares the you know what out of me!

      What they are, clearly, are globalist mercenary destabilizers under the tutelage of the global tyranny's military- NATO

  2. The Kurds are responsible for the genocide that slaughtered millions of Christian Syrians, Armenians and Greeks in Southeast Anatolia. They were promised the spoils of war if they committed this "jihad" against the Christian infidels. So, they now claim the land that was once majority Christian only a century ago as the historic Kurdish homeland. It could not be more fictitious, you are correct. The saddest part of it all is that while they pretend to be these anarchist revolutionaries fighting for justice as the liberal media, and the Kurds themselves, try to portray, the fact of the matter is that they are STILL ethnically cleansing Christians in Syria and Iraq. They know that the only people who have a legitimate claim to the land are the Christian Syrians and Iraqis who they are still trying to exterminate just like the Israelis and Kosovars trying to eliminate the indigenous people of Palestine and Serbia. Any land that they secure should be followed by a law suit claiming all the stolen lands that Kurds occupy plus reparations for genocide.

    1. Hello anonymous:

      I am somewhat aware of the genocides perpetrated by the Kurds, perhaps not every detail- but have written about their involvement in mass killings alongside the Turks/Ottoman empire- Kurds killing under Saddam Hussein in Iraq- and today, killing other Kurds, Arabs, Christians- burning their homes down and worse in the present time- including but not limited to calling in US airstrikes to kill mass amounts of Syrian Arabs it's all here.

      For myself and this blog, fact is fact and reality is reality-

      I noticed Arevordi @

      Wrote about the Kurds killing Armenians from an Armenian perspective and yet they're are duplicitous Armenians partnering with the Kurdish militias- undoubtedly NATO backed also, who will turn on Armenia if told to do so

      "From an Armenian perspective, a historic opportunity was presented during the early months of the First World War to free Western Armenia from the bloody clutches of Turks and Kurds"

      There was also a massacre with an unusual name that had taken place in Syria I had read previously about- past history- not the past 5 years

      "the fact of the matter is that they are STILL ethnically cleansing Christians in Syria and Iraq"

      "they are still trying to exterminate just like the Israelis and Kosovars trying to eliminate the indigenous people of Palestine and Serbia"

      the similarity between the Kurds, Israelis and the Kosovars is uncanny

      KKK- Khazars, Kosovars and Kurds. ? Curious?

  3. Hi Pen - totally unrelated to this topic, but I've been hoping to hear from you talk about this great fiasco of an American election, and the false idols the US public is given to worship as potential candidates.

    Ran across this very well done documentary-styled thing on Hilary Clinton, and the the Clintons in general:

    It doesn't delve in to the countless suspicious murders from the whole rise to power of her husband in Arkansas, choosing instead to stick to very fact-based stuff, as opposed to suspicions . .. but it does mention many scandals that I was previously unaware of.

    1. Thanks slozo- Been busy, sorry for the delay
      I've never seen that documentary- however briefly the election looks to be a dog and pony show- Palin endorsed Trump- pure theater

      I've got to make time to watch that- should be interesting! I know her and Bill are evil. And Bill has been tight with Jeff Epstein as has the sickening "Donald"

  4. Hey Penny - I got another problem with this story they trying to spin... just last week Kurds were all up in arms Turkey wouldn't let their wounded fighters from "kobani", which was still being fought over by "ISIS" - they wouldn't let those YPG guys into Turkey. So, if that town is still contested how did they manage to leave and travel to Tishreen dam to again miraculously defeat ISIS there?? Reports out of arab news were questioning the air support they had and where those US special forces were while this fantastic kurdish victory took place. Or are kurds just being given credit for taking the dam so US can't be blamed for occupying it?? Call them crazy, but Iraqis still remember all the lies they were told during their "liberation" turned occupation.

    1. " Kurds were all up in arms Turkey wouldn't let their wounded fighters from "kobani"

      Interesting, because that is so contradictory to NATO media's claims about Turkey and it's porous borders....
      That claim should indicate to us that the borders aren't porous enough for the US and any talk of securing them is to make them insecure

      Oddly enough I thought kobani had been taken at least twice now by the kurds- so, not sure what is exactly going on

      Or are kurds just being given credit for taking the dam so US can't be blamed for occupying it?

      Possible? Very possible.

      I don't call the Iraqi's crazy and have no doubt they can clearly recall the innumerable lies they were told during their 'liberation"

  5. Curious cross border shelling into Syria as Assad marches on Aleppo. Replay of the Syrian 'shelling" of the Golan and Israeli response.

    The UN calls for aid into the villages on the Lebanese border have the same odor as the refugee camps and safe passage corridors.