Sunday, March 13, 2016

Car Bomb in Ankara- 27 Dead/ 75 injured. US warned of terror threat 2 days earlier

One of the earliest reports of this news

Video at above link also
At least 27 people have been killed and 75 wounded in a car bombing in Turkey's capital, the local governor's office has said.
The explosion happened in the centre of Ankara around 6.45pm local time, the official statement said.
"The blast was caused by a vehicle packed with explosives close to Kizilay square," it said. 
Ankara is the capital of Turkey
Location, location
Kizilay is a main shopping and transport hub close to the city's embassy area.

The car detonated close to a bus and caused several vehicles to catch fire, local media said.
The windows of shops that line Kizilay square were shattered in the blast.
Emergency services at the scene

Dogan Asik, 28, told the Associated Press he was on a bus when the explosion happened.
"We were thrown further back into the bus from the force of the explosion," said Mr Asik, who sustained injuries on his face and arm.
Police sealed off the area and pushed onlookers back, warning there could be a second bomb.
Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has called an emergency security meeting.
"Gunfire was also heard after explosion, officials told Reuters"
 Gunfire would indicate the presence of snipers-   They would be targeting police,soldiers ambulance, firefighters, basically any emergency workers. This is certainly a known PKK tactic. We have also read of this tactic employed in Syria and Ukraine

It comes just weeks after at least 28 people were killed in a car bombing in the city.
Kurdish militants claimed responsibility for that attack.

The CCTV video:

"The BBC's Mark Lowen in Istanbul says three attacks in the Turkish capital in less than six months show the multiple security threats that Turkey now faces" 

 Of course, since Turkey is being intentionally destabilized! Rolls Eyes!

The explosion took place in the Embassy district..
The U.S. had warned its citizens in a March 11 statement over a potential terror attack in Ankara. 

“The U.S. Embassy informs U.S. citizens that there is information regarding a potential terrorist plot to attack Turkish government buildings and housing located in the Bah├želievler area of Ankara. U.S. citizens should avoid this area,” read the stamenet"

 “We advise U.S. citizens to review their personal security plans, remain aware of your surroundings and local events, monitor local news stations for updates, and follow local authority instructions,” it read.

Earlier today:

ISIS Abandons Strategically Important City in Iraq- Kirkuk to Israel Pipeline


  1. Check back for updates to this story and be sure to check out the story from earlier today

    ISIS just up and leaves a strategically important Iraqi city
    linked to ..... a pipeline that brings Iraqi oil to Israel!!

    You're shocked. I know ;)

    I put that link into the above post, but, just scroll down :)

  2. Penny,

    Soros supports Turkish EU membership :)

    EU is NOT stringing Turkey along, they DO NOT want Turkey, a real threat to EU. Soros wants Turkey EU membership, for its open society open borders one world government. It is all about a one world government.

    1. "EU is NOT stringing Turkey along"
      Then why don't they just stop negotiating with them?
      It's really that simple
      I mean they've been 'negotiating' for how long now?
      16 years or more?
      If the EU really wanted Turkey in they would have been there already.

      You yourself say "they DO NOT want Turkey" and your right they don't want Turkey, the state it is today yet they still dangle membership in front of them like a carrot to a horse

      Here's a piece from 1999

      "But, if the EU membership process does go forward, the ride will be bumpy and fraught with Turkish suspicions that the EU is merely stringing it along to wrest changes and concessions from the Turks without the sincere intent of offering membership"

      And that's exactly what the EU has done. Since 1999

      As I've stated what's left of Turkey will be allowed into Europe-

      from the other post

      "Only when the dust settles and that little tiny piece of Turkey, actually in Europe remains, will Turkey get EU membership"

      I'm standing by that prediction-

    2. Both austria and france requires a referendum if turkey is offered EU membership, which is 99.9% sure that Turkey membership will be rejected, hence this manufactured refugee crisis, and the talks about membership thru the back door, start with visa free then it will just happen.

  3. Penny,

    EU is not stringing Turkey along. EU, especially germany is totally against Turkish membership. EU is being Forced by US/NATO intelligence to negotiate, hence weaponized migration. The "stringing" along is part of a intelligence war between EU and US. The same thing is happening in Ukraine. Its about George Soros/US intelligence changing the demographics of Europe.

    The recent volkswagen scandal is also, I believe part of a ongoing intel operation by US against Europe.

    "Only when the dust settles and that little tiny piece of Turkey, actually in Europe remains, will Turkey get EU membership"
    I don't believe this prediction. US intelligence is trying to send as big of a muslim minority into Europe to change voting patterns to break German/French elite. The "partitioning" of turkey is misdirection. It is about creating as much refugees as possible into europe. If partitioning created peace, they wouldn't do it. I also find NATO's de facto full partitioning of Turkey to be unrealistic, considering Iran/Russia strategy. Turkey's military while suffering casualties, still control the majority of the country. Kurds are launching terror attacks, but are unable to fully divide Turkey. Their attacks are mostly designed to send refugees to Europe. Certain Southeatern Turkish regions will send refugees to Europe, but Turkish troops will likely remain and control defacto territory, i.e like Pakistan.

    1. avirgo: if my prediction is wrong, that's fine.

      "US intelligence is trying to send as big of a muslim minority into Europe to change voting patterns to break German/French elite"

      I thought Turkey was doing that? "Turkey is using Weaponized migration, with refugee camps into EU" That was your claim. But, now you've changed to state the exact position I have stated on multiple occasions here?

      "The "partitioning" of turkey is misdirection"

      Is it? Did you see the bombing today in Turkey
      And all the other bombings?
      Are you ignoring the fact that Turkey is being destabilized, intentionally?

      "If partitioning created peace, they wouldn't do it."

      Exactly! Partitioning creates ethnic cleansing and displacement. Partitioning creates refugees

      Just like when the UN partitioned Palestine to create the first modern terror state. Israel. That created lots of refugees.

    2. Penny,

      Both turkey and US intelligence have interests that are both for and against each other. Turkey wants Eu membership for ease of business. US intelligence wants Turkey as a landing ground for refugees from pakistan, syria, iran, iraq, libya, etc.
      Every country/faction has their own agenda, it does not mean that they will be totally against each other. China is against america, yet they cooperate, do trade,do military exercises together, and cooperate on Iran deal. Russia hates america more than china, yet they "talk" on syria, START treaty is still active, Iran deal, and space cooperation still ongoing. Iran hates American the most, but they still cooperate on the Iran Nuclear deal. Just because people hate each other religiously, doesn't mean they dont totally cooperate with each other.

      ""The "partitioning" of turkey is misdirection"

      Is it? Did you see the bombing today in Turkey
      And all the other bombings?
      Are you ignoring the fact that Turkey is being destabilized, intentionally?"

      Penny, What is the PRIMARY GOAL of US intelligence?

      Who is US intelligence? Mostly ethinically "jewish" and anglo financiers.

      What is their political philosophy?
      They want a One World government, based on Communist China (see how rockefeller, brezinski, kissinger praise chinese style government)
      They are politically and philosphically in the Trostsky camp, who btw advocated communist cooperation with financiers.

      Big question: Would a One World government tolerate separatism and partitioning?

      Why all the partitioning then?
      If you look closely at history, Trotskyites, really hate nationalists, and the aristocracy. They see them as natural enemies of their class, the financiers. If you look closely at the Origins of Nazism, you will find that anglo-jewish financiers, Hjalmar schacht, zimmerman, Rockefeller along with US industrialists, creating Nazism. The entire point, of the chaos is to destroy aristocratic/nationalist movements, i.e Putin, Trump. The Nazis, and other nationalists were controlled opposition designed to make nationalists look bad. They were designed to destroy nationalist credibility among the population (i.e Germany).

      US intelligence is NOT anti-EU, look at how they are against UK leaving. US intelligence wants a "reformed" EU. They are against a German empire. Soros wants DEBT MUTUALIZATION, which would destroy german power. They also want sizable "controllable" muslim minority that listens to SOROS NGOs.

      The partitioning i.e Yugoslavia, was not "pro-partitioning," human rights, ethnic minorities have a right to their own lands. It was designed to destroy Russian nationalist influence in the balkans. The "partitioning" of Turkey's main goal is not partitioning Turkey but as an aid to destroy german influence in Europe. As from my previous posts, Kurds are not viable militarily.

      In addition, The NWO intelligence is NOT pro-israel
      Shocking isnt it? Even though they are jews, they do not support zionist state. See Kissinger, Soros, they don't support israel. They see israel as a pawn, staging ground. You cant logically have a NWO, One world government with a nationalist israel. Nope.

      As I said before, Jewish american bankers were responsible for creating Nazism, Soros has admitted to robbing jews who were going to die. These people are sociopaths who don't care about anything except about a socialist neoliberal one world government.

      The VW "scandal" and Ukraine crisis is an attempt to create problems between Merkel and Putin.

    3. Avirgo:

      Partitioning is the perfect OWO play- Lots of weak little states ruled over by one big gun.

      Before the dust settles on the multitude of weak states you have cultural ruin. Displacement. Ethnic cleansing.

      And after the dust somewhat settles you have a predictable internecine squabbling that will guarantee the partitioned states stay weak.

      But the military industrial complex still makes money!!

      win/win/win for the OWO- which is really the banking, oil. multinational/weapons cartels
      (including big pharma/chemical/toxic agriculture)

      " Kurds are not viable militarily"
      They have well placed friends and have been doing quite good so far. Look at all the territory they've annexed for themselves
      Let's get back on topic

      What are your thoughts on this car bombing, pretty big- tragically lots of dead and injured.

      How about ISIS suddenly vacating that strategic town from the previous post?
      Any thoughts on that?

      I did post those news items for you and others to talk about with me. And would like to read what you have to say on either of those posts
      thanks :)

    4. What are your thoughts on this car bombing, pretty big- tragically lots of dead and injured.

      Looks like pakistan.

      How about ISIS suddenly vacating that strategic town from the previous post?
      Any thoughts on that?

      I don't know why they left the town. But building a pipeline to israel in a war zone, looks like a dumb idea. Murica can't even build keystone pipeline.

  4. Penny,
    Alot of weak little states ruled over by one big gun is a Hegemony, not a One world government. Many small states and one big state is not the NWO plan. Look at china and Russia, they are huge. They have small client states around them. Do you think that the NWO OWG really wants this? They Dont. They want a single united states. Look at how SOROS wants debt mutualisation in the EU and UNITED STATES OF EUROPE. Soros wants a single language, and a single religion based on eastern mysticism, and a single culture, and with racial mixing a single race. They do not want multiple small diverse states with their culture.
    The military industrial complex is also a pawn as well. See Kissinger calling soldiers dumb animals, pawns of foreign policy.

    Kurds are around 10 million people, they are in the middle of the desert and surrounded by much larger enemies. They are armed by US, and now Russia. Are 10 million people in a desert in the middle of nowhere really that important to the bankers? Or is control of the EU, population 500 million plus, and the world's largest economic zone more important.

    You are right about Kurdistan being Israel 2.0, but not the way you thought.

  5. '. This is certainly a known PKK tactic. We have also read of this tactic employed in Syria and Ukraine'

    only PKK not active in ukraine, and the syrian snipers were i Deraa

    so perpetrators are still unknown

  6. so who done it? the kurds or the turks or someone else?

  7. Coincidentally,

    A mystery investor who first appeared a year and a half ago with $450 million of bets on a single day, almost double the market average, is now executing major transactions with increasing frequency, scaring away competitors who can’t figure out when he or she will strike next, traders and bankers said.

    Citadel Securities, the trading firm started by Ken Griffin, owns one of the 38 accounts frozen by Chinese exchanges as authorities investigate whether algorithmic traders are disrupting the nation’s stock market.

    The Russian