Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Coup In Turkey? Neo-Cons Talk Coup & Partition- Juncker: No accession to EU for Turkey in next 10 years!

This from the same man who made the case for the partitioning of Turkey!
And the creation of Kurdistan- with it’s capital in Diyarbakir, not Erbil.
Is Turkey Heading to Partition? American Enterprise Institute

AEI’s- Michael Rubin : American Enterprise Institute- Total Neo - Con, everything for Israel & Zionists, think tank.
Michael Rubin is now talking about the potential for a coup in Turkey- And how the US will look the other way- Which they will, since the US is 100 percent on board with destroying Turkey!

Quoting the relevant section:

So if the Turkish military moves to oust Erdogan and place his inner circle behind bars, could they get away with it?

In the realm of analysis rather than advocacy, the answer is yes. At this point in election season, it is doubtful that the Obama administration would do more than castigate any coup leaders, especially if they immediately laid out a clear path to the restoration of democracy. Nor would Erdogan engender the type of sympathy that Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi did. When Morsi was ousted, his commitment to democracy was still subject to debate; that debate is now moot when it comes to the Turkish strongman. Neither the Republican nor Democratic frontrunners would put US prestige on the line to seek a return to the status quo. They might offer lip service against a coup, but they would work with the new regime.
 Of course the US would work with the new regime! They would be the ones that would install the new regime! Israel is just awaiting the destruction of Turkey.. And all you cheerleaders out there are doing Israel & US bidding! Doing your best for NATO to remake the ME.

 November 2014 

Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey

Pt.2- Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey 


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NATO Bows Out on Turkey. Turkey and Article 4 

From Yesterday- Washington Post spinning large and fast

Washington Post Obfuscates, GREATLY, on Erdogans's Brussels "warning"

Israeli General makes IDF policy clear on Turkey- It's a problem!

*IDF General Calls Turkey a "Problematic Entity" for Israel. And Israel 2.0?

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Of course there is lots more information posted here on NATO's knifing of Turkey
In favour of Kurdistan or Israel 2.0

Kurdistan aka “Second Israel”- Ethnic Cleansing the Indigenous of the Middle East


 And for the disinfo con artists who claim this is all about Turkey getting in the EU- Turkey holding the EU hostage? Baloney! I've already stated my beliefs that what's left of Turkey will be allowed into the EU.The EU is stringing Turkey along- Pure and Simple

Turkey not ready for accession to EU for 10 years: Juncker



Turkey's EU membership is not expected in the next 10 years, urged President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.

Speaking to the German Handelsblatt newspaper on March 16, Juncker said "Turkey is currently not ready for accession".

Jean-Claude Juncker expressed he was "cautiously optimistic" about an agreement expected to be reached for an EU-Turkey action plan to tackle the refugee crisis.

The EU and Turkey have paved the way of visa liberalization negotiations in exchange for Turkey's help to stem the refugee flow.

"In the coming days, we will conclude a binding agreement with Turkey, which we had already prepared during the last summit" Juncker told Handelsblatt newspaper.

"Every illegal migrant will go through an individual asylum process [and] will always have a right to appeal" Juncker added via his Twitter account.

I've removed Turkey destabilization promoters from my blog. I've named some outright.
As stated previously:
 By engaging in what I know to be deceptive behaviours they are feeding, promoting and encouraging the newest Sykes Picot. The refugee crisis. Ethnic cleansing. Destabilization. War. Environmental Destruction. The destruction of  culture.  And more. I can't promote that here. I have to live with me. And the person I am, can't accept these deceptions.
To Thine Own Self Be True

Newsweek has picked up Michael Rubin's AEI's oped: Will There Be a Coup Against Erdogan in Turkey 

(complete with nasty imagery to bolster the desired management of your perception) 

I had not noticed any mainstream media outlets using his Turkish partition piece. So, it is very interesting that Newsweek has chosen to publish this specific opinion piece. Is a narrative being prepped for the masses? I wonder? Stay tuned readers, stay tuned.


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    Creating Frankenstein: The Saudi export of Wahhabism – Redress Information & Analysis

  2. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! I read your comments at Saker as well. I am certain you noticed when comments are made that are indisputable in their factuality, but may not be in complete agreement with the prevailing sentiments there, no comments from saker's disciples ever appear.

    1. I love it when Penny comments at Saker blog. Since i visit both sites daily, it's kinda like when Happy Days meets Laverne n' Shirley.

  3. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! I read your comments at Saker as well. I am certain you noticed when comments are made that are indisputable in their factuality, but may not be in complete agreement with the prevailing sentiments there, no comments from saker's disciples ever appear.

    1. Hi Charles- No surprise no one responded. I didn't even go and check- what's the point?
      I leave a bunch of information to back up my contentions and it's ignored- it doesn't fit the agenda pushed so that's the best option- particularly for the paid troll crowd- who lurk here and leave pointless comments- which I delete or ignore


    Quite an interesting set of comments coming from Barzani in what looks like open defiance. His unceremonious end may have been exaggerated. Curious the comments come a day after another shipment of Russian weapons are approved for transfer to N iraq by Baghdad. Invocation of Sin-jar is all the more ironic considering the US wait it out Maliki strategy (later to reveal it had drone surveillance all along) while the Russians responded with strike aircraft and arms. Where does Iran stand on Barzani considering it was the Kurds who welcomed in the IRG during the IS onslaught.

  5. I wonder what percentage of neocons are currently blackmailed by Turkish intel sex and paedophile rings?

    Donmeh CIA Gullen Satan worship is big in the USA.

    The question, for myself and anyone who cares to understand how modern poltics works, is how and why Donmeh Turks in the USA want to destroy their own country.

    Also, is Erdogan a fighter against them (Donmeh) or is he their tool?

    I can deal with patriotic or nationalist Turks. They are no different from patriotic or nationalist Russians or US-ians. My problem concerns those who allow themselves to be manipulated by false dialectic choices, i.e. AKP-CIA vs Gullenist CIA.

    It seems Turkish patriots have no viable options if they want to prevent the destruction Turkey -- same as US or Canadian patriots opposed to the anglozionist super elite.