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Jewish vigilantes jailed over Paris ‘savage gang attack’ on pro-Palestinians at Gaza fundraiser

Wow! First I've heard of this! And how is that even possible? Savage attacks on unsuspecting persons, minding their own business. Trials that take 7 years? Je suis Charlie and other rubbish memes- Where is the free speech rights of the people at the music festival to raise money for as they choose? How about the rights of the people to protest freely? Without being attacked by these JDL thugs? Who once the tables are turned, turn and run and receive protection from the police- Lots wrong with this story.
The first wrong is the lack of media coverage, globally.
The second wrong is the length of time to get the trial to conclusion
The third wrong is 3 of the 6 men were allowed to leave France and hide in Israel- free from any chance of extradition.
And one other wrong... This was an obvious and blatant crime of hate- And these JDL thugs did nothing to hide that. But, then, why would they?

JDL Thug Jason Tibi

Updated at 18.05 GMT to include a statement from French prosecutors that 3 of the 6 men are thought to have fled to Israel.

Six  Jewish vigilantes were jailed in Paris on Friday over a 'savage gang attack' targeting attendees at a fundraising event for Gaza in 2009 in the French capital.
The defendants used iron bars, baseball bats and bike chains in the onslaught, in which they deliberately targeted anybody who looked like an Arab or a Muslim.
Among their victims was a 22-year-old singer who suffered a ‘lynching’ by the 20-strong mob who chanted ‘Death to Arabs’ and ‘Long live Israel!’
All were leading members of the Jewish Defence League (JDL) – a notoriously violent group banned and classified as a terrorist organisation both in the USA and Israel.
Despite this, the JDL is allowed to demonstrate openly in France, and its yellow and black clenched fist flags are regularly seen at events across the country.

The 10th Chamber of the Paris Correctional Court heard how all had beaten up Hatem Essabbak and Mustapha Belkhir outside a Paris theatre in April 2009.
The case is considered one of the most sensitive in recent legal history, because of the way it illustrates how the Israel-Palestine conflict has been exported to the streets of major French cities.
No less than five examining judges were involved in the Paris enquiry, with four resigning one after the other because of the intense pressure.
Five judges were involved and four resigned 'because of  intense pressure'
From who? Who applied intense pressure or coercion to these judges to such an extent, such and intense extent that they resigned one after the other
The six men found guilty of carrying out aggravated violent assaults were Jason Tibi, Rudy Lalou, Azar Cohen, Maxime Schaffier, Yoia Bensimou, and Yoni Sulman.
‘Arrest warrants are being executed for Tibi, Azar and Lalou, but the others are not accounted for,’ said a prosecuting source. ‘It is thought that they have fled to Israel’.
Israel does not have an extradition treaty with France, and other JDL gang members who have committed crimes in Europe are known to have taken refuge there.
Tibi has admitted serving in the Israeli army while waiting for his case to come to court.
A damning verdict reads: ‘The facts of this case illustrate how the violence was aggravated by victims being targeted because of their race and religion.
Dominique Cochain, Essabbak’s barrister, said: ‘Normally, this type of case is dealt with within three months. It has to be said that this is a very sensitive issue.’

Video of the JDL attacking pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Paris with banned weapons, and then hiding behind the French police once the pro-Palestine group charges.
Essabbak, a 22-year-old singer at the time, was with his girlfriend outside the Adyar Theatre, close to the Eiffel Tower, on Sunday April 12th 2009.
Both were taking part in ‘Our Talents for Gaza’ – a showbiz event raising money for the surviving families of more than 1,400 Palestinians, including 400 children, killed by Israeli forces during an offensive a few weeks before.
Essabbak was surrounded by the JDL men who used their iron bars, bats, bike chains, crash helmets and fists in the ‘unprovoked lynching’, the court heard.
Essabbak said: ‘I was repeatedly hit in the face, around the head, and on both legs. I then fell to the ground, and was hit again around the head. They carried on until they saw I wasn’t moving. My life stopped on April 12th2009.’
Mustapha Belkhir went to help Essabbak, and was also badly beaten up. Both men ended up in hospital.
Witnesses heard the attackers shouting: ‘Have this, it’s for Gaza, you dirty Arab’, and ‘Us Jews are going to f*** you, you dirty race’.
Most of the JDL members had their faces covered, but their mobile phones were later traced to the scene of the attack.
Tibi – who was described in court as the leader of the group – at first denied any knowledge of the attacks, but admitted taking part when confronted with evidence.
Tibi and and Sulman received two year sentences, while the others were handed sentences of between nine months and a year.
Beyond the theatre attack, 27-year-old Tibi has a previous prison conviction for smashing up a Palestinian book shop in Paris, and has been filmed fighting in Marseille.
Ms Cochain told the court: ‘The evidence is that Mr Tibi has not changed. Videos on Google show that in 2011 he disrupted a pro-Palestine meeting in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, accompanied by JDL members, and wanted to stop debate.
‘They were shouting slogans like ‘F*** Palestine’. He was also in Marseille in June 2011 to protest against the Gaza flotilla taking supplies to the blockaded Palestinian territory. His face was covered in blood and he was saying ‘I’m here to protest’, ‘Israel will live, Israel will vanquish’.
The JDL is regularly involved in attacks on pro-Palestine activists, politicians, journalists and other perceived enemies across France.
There have been numerous calls to ban the JDL in France, with Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve condemning their behaviour as ‘excessive’.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Have reposted on other sites

    1. You are very welcome and this news definitely deserves a wider read then I can provide it :)

    2. Doesn't it warm the cockles of your heart to know that the JDL is not a terrorist organization in Canada? Indeed, they have given public advice to Jason Kenney that has resulted in quite a few people being denied entrance into Canada.... George Galloway, David Icke, what's her face from Code Pink, etc...

      Getting mighty ugly in Europe.

    3. Hey Noor

      OH, yes it does ;)
      So many things about my country, the true north strong and free.. ahem. Warm the cockles of my heart
      Our collusion with obvious terrorists aka jdl etc
      is just one of the things about Canada that gives me the warm fuzzies (puke)


  2. Thanks Penny for all the great info. I do have question for you of the of the so-called border. Why didn't the Canadian govt. build the fence so crazy teddy cruz and family would be on your side;)

    1. hey jo!
      sorry about Ted Cruz. :(
      But I gotta be honest, we have enough crack pots here and we are only 1/10 the population- so excess crack pots have to go to the US- quotas and all :))

  3. And just think, if you deny the holocaust, make "antisemetic" comments or accuse the local orthodox rabbi of anti-humane speech, the man come and take you away.

  4. Off-topic somewhat, but in line with your previous commentary, rt America (It may be likewise at other of their stations) now has an on-line petition in support of the kurds and critical of Turkey's terror campaign against the suffering kurds. Rt would you describe them as alt msm. I would.

    1. oh that figures!
      that just figures. Turkey's 'terror' campaign
      NOPe! Turkey's campaign of self defence!

      We had talked about the previously here and I think with the help of Gallier- we had figured they were targeting the more mainstream audience. They are pretty much in line with cbcnbccbsabccnnbbc etc

      What they are is agenda pushing, undoubtedly.

  5. Really interesting story and even in this story, many details are missing that normally appear in cases like this that don't involve jews attacking muslims.
    - full extent of injuries of the victims
    - physical consequences for the victims after the attack (can't walk, permanent scars/disfigurations, etc)
    - details of initial arrests, detentions, release dates, etc. Only thing stated is that a warrant has been issued for those that fled - indicating that they are not in custody

    7 years later! And I never heard of it of course.

    Wonder how many others I never heard of?
    Thanks for this Pen.

    1. Hi slozo

      thanks for pointing out more of the missing information

      Had the parties been switched you know, not only would you and I had heard about this case- we would have seen the parade of victims, been shown their stories in full and unrelenting details and then we would have the holocaust remix shoved down our throats.
      Injustice and double standards run amok

    2. Oh, there are several misdeeds of the LDJ that are unfortunately not reported. They mainly target alternative journalists. The problem is that they are protected by the gouvernement. The LDJ is the best indicator of the depth of the zionist control of the french nation.
      Here a video
      showing how LDJ thugs go to their Krav Maja trainings which take place in police facilities.

      Here an outdated list:
      As you can see, they like to attack anyone questioning jewish supremacism and the offences are often very serious, stabbings a police captain in Paris, throwing acid, etc and not a peep in media

    3. thanks gallier
      going to check that list out asap

  6. Hey Penny, just an fyi I have had a terrible time adding any comments on your blog today. Finally I can now.

    This sure doesn't surprise me and nation after nation are clamping down like crazy.

    I just got booted out of 'discussion' group myself! This will never, ever see air time here in Canada, or Israel North.


    1. Hey buffy!
      I've wondered about you! Glad to know your still kicking around :)

      blogger blocking you from commenting? I don't know what to say? I've noticed google can do funky things with the blog- but, I've no money for a paid site

      Geez, what discussion group did you get the boot from?
      Obviously a group that didn't want to discuss reality, right?

    2. I am always around and reading you! Also posting your work where I hope others will see it :)

      I got booted from the NDP Discussion group after I was targeted by a JDL shill. NO reality allowed!