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More Contrived Grass Roots/ Petition Signing Opposition to Turkey- Zaman/Gulen/CIA

My oh my. It's funny to watch (as in humorous) the NATO alt media outing themselves in their push for regime change in Turkey.  Stumbled across this today: Kick Turkey out of NATO You see there is a petition at change.org demanding the suspension of Turkey from NATO. Yah, because NATO is such an "honourable auspicious organization" So revered globally. Me being obnoxiously facetious.
"Why kick Turkey out of NATO?
  • Turkey just shut down the largest Turkish newspaper using tear gas, water canons and brutality"
And I'm supposed to sign this petition, why?

Because by signing I  would actually and foolishly demonstrate that I 'believe' that there really is a free press?  Anywhere in the world? Anywhere at all? - Signing that petition would just make me part of the larger delusion. *I might consider signing a petition demanding the total dismantling of the tyrannical NATO global alliance. *I might consider signing a petition demanding NATO stop it horrible interventions But, signing a petition to demand Turkey is kicked out of NATO??? Absolutely pushing a war making NATO/CIA  covert destabilization operation!! Readers here know that I've posited Turkey is being targeted by NATO, for years now. I've written post after post on the topic. The article from Washington's blog promoting the demonization of Turkey, via more 'grass roots' movements is absurd to the nth degree. I'm not sure what change.org is?

However, when I look at the promotion of the NATO agenda via their absurd poll, promoted by the NATO alt media, all I can say is "I am Ukrainian" !! Or how about "Get Kony/Phony Kony"? Or how about, just the other day this post: Yes, Willy Loman, It’s about Blamin’ & Framin’ Turkey & Saudi Arabia

"I guess the garnering of public support at the “grassroots level” had to begin sometime, somewhere- Scott caught one of these groups in action. I’m sure there are other groups in other places pushing the same nonsense"
Gee, change.org seems to be pushing more of that alleged grassroots public support type stuff with the help of Washington's blog- Under the guise of what promoting press freedom and peace? I laugh!

Let's talk about the shutting down of the newspaper..... mentioned in this petition.

Turkey seizes control of Zaman newspaper linked to Gulen
Zaman is closely linked to the Hizmet movement of influential US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, a former Erdogan ally.
Only a NATO/CIA alt site and a NATO/CIA supported grass roots organization could be concerned about the CIA affiliated Fetullah Gulen's newspaper being shut down. That's right. Zaman/Fetullah Gulen- CIA linked. Runs suspicious school's the world over. Schools that are outlawed in certain parts of the worlds- Has CIA friends. And ties back to the Boston Bombing

Promote or sign this petition- No way. No how. Not a chance of it happening

Flashback to a post here from 2013:

Turkish PM Erdogan threatened/challenged by Fethullah Gulen?

Very, very curious. I have long felt there is something, can’t quite put my finger on it, going on in Turkey.
Turkey is an interesting nation. Lots of coups. A military largely externally controlled.
Similar, very similar to Egypt.
Did Erdogan get too comfy?  Is Erdogan not wanting to see Turkey balkanized for a Kurdish state?
Are we witnessing a narrative change? One I have mentioned in numerous previous posts? From Arab Spring to 'terrorism' fighting or otherwise?

Fethullah Gulen. What about Fethullah Gulen? Someone who reeks of ties to western intelligence

Remember this interview? I had it posted previously. It’s time to give it a relisten if you did then or catch it now for the first time. Fethullah Gulen gets some good coverage
Muhammed Fethullah Gülen (born 27 April 1941) is a Turkish writer,[3] former imam [4] and preacher [4] and Islamic opinion leader. He is the founder of the Gülen movement. He currently lives in a self-imposed exile in Saylorsburg,[5][6][7] Pennsylvania, USA.
 Gulen who is in a ‘self-imposed exile’ in Pennsylvania, USA????
The man who can drum up a protest at will?  
 Fetullah and his Zaman newspaper

 Fethullah Gullen, Uncle Ruslan, Graham Fuller and the Boston Bombing
Turkish preacher named Fethullah Gülen has been living in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania since 1999. Despite not having an education goes beyond the 5th grade, he has several hundred educational organizations such as K–12 schools, universities, and language schools (mostly English) that have been established around the world, mainly Central Asia, Caucasus, Balkans, and including U.S.A.
How did he receive his US residency status while he was ‘wanted’ by the –then- Turkish Government, is still a mystery. Now, this man owns and operates charter schools in USA –through various foundations- despite the fact his Madrasas were outlawed in countries like Russia and Uzbekistan. His schools were under investigation in the Netherlands. Plus, the origin of his immense wealth, which he used to open and operate these schools all over the world, is unclear.
Lives in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania in self-imposed exile when he left Turkey in 1999.
He operates schools that are outlawed in Russia and Uzbekistan- (Think Chechnya, ok)
A former CIA station chief in Kabul and the author of “The Future of Political Islam,” Graham Fuller was one of Gulen’s official references in Gulen’s Green Card application, along with another ex-CIA George Fidas and former U.S. ambassador to Turkey Morton Abromovitz, after Gulen rushed to U.S.A. from Turkey in 1999. It is curious how and why an Imam from Turkey had this sort of connections in U.S.A.
Ex-CIA Graham Fuller who served 15 years as an intelligence officer in various countries of the Middle East and Asia, wrote a book about Turkey, titled “The New Turkish Republic: Turkey as a Pivotal State in the Muslim World”, published in 2008. In his book, he fervently promotes the idea of “Moderate Islam”. The problem is, the man he helped escape to U.S.A. by providing references, Fethullah Gulen, was anything but a “moderate.”
Fuller was deeply involved in Afghanistan in the 1980s, encouraged the Reagan administration to begin arming Iran against Iraq during their slugfest, and suggested to the Clinton administration that it should use Muslims to further US interests in Central Asia.
 Morton Abramowitz, the other reference for Gulen’s Green Card, was also deeply involved with Afghan mujahedin and Kosovo rebels. Currently, he is a Council Member (Senior Fellow) of US Asia Pacific Council.
 In 2010, a retired Turkish Intelligence Chief, Osman Nuri Gundes, published his memoir titled “Close Witness to Revolutions and Anarchy” where he claimed Fethullah Gulen’s worldwide Islamic movement based in Pennsylvania has been providing cover for the CIA since the mid-1990s, and that in the 90s, the movement “sheltered 130 CIA agents” at its schools in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan alone.

Arevordi over at  Heralding the Rise of Russia , Brought this article to my attention in 2013:  Meet “the Most Dangerous Islamist on Planet Earth” He lives in Pennsylvania
" The cable that speaks of the “brain-washing” was written in 2009 by James Jeffrey, the U. S. Ambassador to Turkey.
 In the cable, Mr. Jeffrey describes Gülen as a “political phenomena” in Turkey even when he resides “in exile” within a mountain fortress in Pennsylvania"

An aerial view of the Golden Generation Worship and Retreat Center in rural Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, is seen in this picture taken July 9, 2013.

The spooky Fethullah Gulen also, amazingly, got a nod as Time magazine most influential person
 Fethullah Gulen is among the world’s most intriguing religious leaders.
 Gulen, however, is also a man of mystery.

Intriguing and man of mystery are tell tale words for we don't want to tell you too much, or we can't pass this guy off as someone positive
   Illustration by David Despau for TIME
It should not be a surprise that Mr Gulen's friend and sponsor has been writing lengthy diatribes against PM Erdogan

 Strikingly, Erdoğan also turned on the Hizmet movement of Fethullah Gülen

Notice that Fuller sounds a whole lot like the post from Washington's Blog and that Change.Org petition?
Erdoğan has considerably intimidated or muzzled the press, fired journalists, and forced the expulsion of other critics from their jobs via political pressure;

Flashback: Corbett Report- Who is Graham Fuller - Boston Bombing

 In the days of hysteria immediately following the Boston bombing, an unlikely media darling emerged. Ruslan Tsarni, the alleged bombers’ uncle, known to the press as “Uncle Ruslan,” gained notoriety for the ferocity with which he denounced his own nephews and their alleged Islamic radicalism.

 In an official SEC filing from 2005 it was revealed that Ruslan Tsarni had worked as a consultant for USAID, ostensibly an independent federal agency which is little more than an adjunct of the US State Department and is a known front for deep cover CIA agents in various geostrategic corners of the globe.

 Fuller’s ties also extend to the network of Imam Fethullah Gulen, an Islamic preacher who was run out of Turkey for allegations of conspiracy to overthrow the secular government, Gulen ended up in Pennsylvania where he now oversees a vast organization known as the Gulen Movement which has over $20 billion at its disposal for setting up Islamic schools in over 100 countries.

Sign a petition that is promoting, via a grassroots type movement, the very thing which NATO is after? Destroying Turkey? Removing it's elected leadership?  Even promoting this petition?
Highly suspect. Considering all that is ongoing. Considering Zaman and Gulen as CIA backed people and operations. No doubt promoting destabilization. Probably inciting segments of the population.
And I'm going to support this? No way in hell! 

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  1. Minsk all over again. As Eu spokesperson warns of proxy going wider war


  2. This 15 min. video from 2nd Chechen War shows why Russians understand Gulen and who he works for (CIA / MI6 / MIT). All were training, funding, sheltering these "people" before, during and after both Chechen wars and this is what REAL head choppers in action looks like: https://youtu.be/DEI_tY4TQZs

    1. I don't know if I have the stomache for that video
      I hate gory stuff and that sounds as if it would be horrid

  3. Hi again Penny. I just wrote about the petition and the recent "ISIS" attacks against Turkey just in time to keep NATO from having to defend a member state from "ISIS" thanks to this petition... I give you and this article a hat/tip.


    1. Hi willy- thanks for the hattip over- yah interesting petition that washington's blog was promoting I went over and read your post

      Ian Fantom
      I am Phantom (spook)
      interesting name
      I have to get something new up here asap

  4. Is it not curious that in wake of all the Chechen leaders 'issues' including his comments about the Chechen COINTEL in Syria the US just announced they think they have killed Omar the Chechen




    The controversy surround the Chechen leader, especially the Ukraine battalion nexus to the alleged Putin assassination attempt, the firefight on eve of Putin speech (04DEC14) last year and the reveals about Chechen embeds in Syria not to mention reports of the ISIS training ground in the Pankisi have put a target on the leader. The nexus to the Nemtsov murder going back to the Chechen battalion connection which draw in the UAE exile that Russia wants extradited. The murky and mysterious background of Adam Osmayev of the Dzhokhar Dudayev battalion [ and his UK upbringing after fleeing Chechnya] puts the controversy surrounding the Chechnya leader in perspective. One could speculate that as the EU countries move ahead of Germany and shut down the Balkan refugee route, the Eurasia route (Turkmen, grey wolves, Tatar nationalists: all have showed up in Eurasia and Crimea already) is being considered aa an alternative flow values alongside the case we have made about Italy and the north African routes.

    It comes days after the Nemtsov march - with the decidedly CHECHEN angle to his murder - and the latest US Europe deployment (in the shadow of the growing revolution of US led sanctions in France (Fillon) and Sarkozy (EMPHASIS). Keep that attack in the Chechen capital on the eve of the Putin address in mind.



    Also curious is the recent trip by Nayef to France as the Saudis leak they are looking to negotiate with the Houthi (recall the US stepped up Yemen engagement in August after losing all those weapons post the coordinated embassy break-in yrs before). The US is now providing greater logistical support in what is clearly a template / precursor to the current Saudi (invitation) trap in Syria. Are the French, or some elements therein, front running NATO (TOTAL CEO?), as the alliance fans out in Europe?

    LOOK at the chronology in Lebanon? Is this a Saudi operation (or an invite to the party like Syria & Yemen)?

    1. A skit, but not a leak, ridiculing Nasrallah goes viral in Lebanon (28FEB16)
    2. The video evidence of Hezbollah involvement in Yemen (25FEB16)
    3. Saudi and GCC tell citizens to exit Lebanon 23FEB16
    4. Saudi cancel $3B weapons deal to Lebanon 19FEB16
    5. Israel allegedly strikes near Damascus 18FEB16
    6. Nasrallah threatens Israeli chemical facilities 16FEB16
    7. US busts massive Hezbollah drug and money laundering ring (01FEB16) - GERTZ, emphasis lest we forget Hezbollah rolling up the CIA
    operation in 21NOV11
    8. 11OCT11 alleged Hezbollah plot to assassinate Jubeir
    9. Kuwait rolls up alleged cell linked to Hezbollah with small arms (15AUG15)

    Nasrallah warning that the GCC is carrying water for the Israelis reverberates when considering those comments by the former Saudi intelligence chief back in October 2015 that Hezbollah is a response to Israel policy. The allegation a month later by the Saudi chief cleric Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Sheikh saying that ISIS are Israeli soldiers in December 2015 (brings into focus the latest assassination attempt on the Saudi cleric in the Philippines, the allegations surrounding US evacuations in Ramadi (WAPO denial ), the reported US supply helicopter shot down in Iraq back in 01MAR15, the Russians mocking the US investigation into the supply of those Toyota trucks used by ISIS, the lost pallets of humanitarian aid in Syria on eve of ceasefire and most critically the Israelis calling for the world to recognize their expropriation of the Golan.).

    1. The Philippine (Saudi cleric) assassination has the feint recall of the blown New Zealand Mossad operation and the Australian prisoner X insofar as proximity (considering the invocation of Chabad in the Thailand attacks, latest ISIS kidnap rumors about Najib and the initial Iran invocation in the MH370 disappear). Then this after the BND says it is re-engaging Assad and German troops fanning out across Syria, Iraq and North Africa (Tunisia and Kasserine with emphasis):


      Back to the alleged Russian general assassination? Rumors recall a similar murky scenario back in July of 2012 when the head of Egyptian intelligence head (19JUL12) and anti Brotherhood crown Prince Nayef both died (16JUL12) mysteriously within hours of the decapitation strike on Assad regime . So while Suleiman was said to die in the US rumors floated in the same ToI Israeli paper (among others) he died in Damascus (alongside possibly the dead and alive again Bandar whose disappearance was unnoticed until those CHECHEN hordes threats 02JAN14). The Russian general’s death if the reports in the Israeli media are to be believed, namely the heart attack meme, have the hallmarks of the blown 2010 Dubai operation to assassinate Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh (incidentally also invoking an Australian passport going back to Prisoner X).


      Bandar 22 years as US foreign minister ups and goes missing in Feb 2014 after the Chechen threats, after the 2010 disappear. MH370 goes poof in March. Then the Russian planes offshore in April 2014 as the LAX systems go down to a U2 overflight weeks after the GLONASS system wen down. Then in July, the Europe ATC systems blanked, MH370 and then Mh17. World will be watching the latest Russian mars probe launch

      • April 1, 2014, at 21:15 UTC, all GLONASS satellites started to transmit wrong Broadcast Messages (BM) as previously reported by GPS World. http://gpsworld.com/the-system-glonass-in-april-what-went-wrong/

      • “Russian Bombers Fly Within 50 Miles of California Coast,” By Bill Gertz, June 11, 2014
      • Jets vanishing from Europe radar linked to war games June 13 2014 Reuters
      • MH-17 allegedly shot down over Ukraine 17JUL14

      Now look at the oil chart. June 2014 waterfall. In view of the events, dioes it look like the Saudis launchedan ‘oil’ war on the Russians? Far from it



      Then the Israelis and the TOI and Jpost working overdrove. In the latest they says the Russians halted S300 transfer because of their intel. Considering the alleged Israeli strikes on the alleged Russian missile transfers and rumors of direct weapons supply to Hezbollah by the Russians (Daily Beast last year/grain of salt) is the Israeli claim believable?


      While the US is moving in Iraq, is Israel preparing something in Lebanon + Egypt? It would explain Sisi vitriol against those plotting in recent speech, the Italian – emphasis – student kill pointing to police torture and the growing economic destabilization like the latest move today to relax dollar limitations.

    2. http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2016/Mar-09/341399-clinton-iran-should-face-sanctions-for-reported-missile-tests.ashx

      Heading off the to head off the Su30s, SSJs,

      Delivery of Russian SSJ-100 Planes to Iran Needs US Suppliers' Approval

      Read more: http://sputniknews.com/business/20160216/1034823511/ssj100-russia-iran-us.html#ixzz42QuzxCOd

      Who partners on the SSJ: Italy. Russia just committed to in-sourcing all parts.

      For aangfan when she drops in


  5. http://bigstory.ap.org/82a9e40e92124661ab0321f3027eb646



    Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority of Finland (STUK) has detected an exceptionally high amount of radioactive cesium in the air here, local media revealed on Tuesday. Risto Isaksson, spokesman of STUK, told the Finnish daily Iltalehti that the detected amount of cesium corresponds to findings in Finland in the spring and summer following the fallout of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident


    1. thanks anonymous, I need to get to all my reading :)
      much appreciated!

  6. Gullen and Erdogan, good cop vs bad cop. They've been working together a while now Penny, towards a neo islamic ottoman empire. Each move by the gullenists leads to an immediate and predictably harsh crack down.

    Its the same game everywhere. Elites are in it together although they certainly compete, sometimes viciously, they have the same totalizing objectives.

    Never be a useful idiot for fascism. Free press is an invented notion, we agree, but if that's you should understand it's not institutions being silenced but honest to goodness people. Even if they're wrong you have no right to silence them.

    1. CI eh? See the contradiction in your statement?
      This is what your saying:

      Even if people are being useful idiots for fascism, it should not be pointed out by someone such as myself.

      I can't "silence them" as you imply, nor did I try to. That's simply not possible. But I certainly can point out the fact that they are being used as tools for fascism. Which is exactly what I did.

    2. No contradiction Penny. Your frame is misleading, not intentionally, I am sure, but you effectively justify a harsh crack down on Turkish people. CIA rag Zaman is irrelevant.

      All parties work together against the interests and well being of their people. That is the correct context in which to introduce your points.

      Anyways, I check in daily. You are relentless and sincere, which I appreciate. No one does a better job than you on the chemical manipulation of humanity.

    3. CIeh?

      "Never be a useful idiot for fascism"
      "Even if they're wrong you have no right to silence them"

      It's your word choice that is misleading

      Don't be a useful idiot for fascism, but do nothing to raise awareness of people being employed as useful idiots- Those are your words.

      "All parties work together against the interests and well being of their people."

      So, why take exception with me demonstrating that point?

      Why? Unless you are here for nefarious reasons?
      Why would you take exception to my post pointing out that people who sign that petition are being used for an elitist war making agenda?

    4. Because without the full context you help justify Erdogan's repressions.

      Gullen (CIA) vs Erdogan (CIA-MIT). Target the puppet masters, not the useful idiots.

      I'm here because I care to pay attention. I'm here because I am terrified of how events are unfolding. I'm here because most of the time I can learn something from you. Take it however you want.

    5. CI eh?

      It is the "useful idiots" that enable the puppet masters to pull strings-

      "Never be a useful idiot for fascism. Free press is an invented notion" Those are your words CI eh?

      Sign the petition if it makes you fell better, I choose not to

  7. CI Eh?

    Your argument is moot. "The people" working at these institutions or directing them are not "wrong"... they are deliberately attempting to destabilize the legitimate government by inciting violence in the population with the EXPRESSED goal of enacting regime change.

    That's not being "wrong" anymore than staging false flag operations is "wrong" or conducting sabotage against indigenous infrastructure is "wrong" or demolishing the economic system on purpose is "wrong".

    Any and all of these things is well under the purview of an elected OFFICIAL government to take action against in order to protect the peace of the nation.

    Ergo... Erdogan and the ELECTED government of Turkey is well within their rights, legally and morally, to take steps to stop the Gulenist corporation from inciting violence.

    it's just that simple.

  8. Seconded! The illinformed and misinformed make great sheep. They fail to know the whole or see it. Their attention is easily directed toward emotionally charged issues like freedom of expression without caring to learn what lies underneath. It's a case of failing to see the forest through the trees.