Friday, March 11, 2016

PM "no combat" Trudeau- Shoot em first. Let God sort them out "Hostile Intent"

The new, hip, trendy, peace Prime Minister  Trudeau has made some changes for the Canadian troops in Iraq. Changes that are contrary to his promises... I know, your shocked, right?!

If you detect "hostile intent"- Just shoot!

How is hostile intent defined?
If someone looks at a Canadian soldier in a questionable way is that hostile intent?
Might a pregnant woman be shot as a "suicide bomber" if a soldier interpreted her pregnant figure as carrying an explosive device. Hence "hostile intent"
What if a young male child expresses anger at a Canadian soldier might that be hostile intent?
Imagine the multitude of circumstances that could be interpreted as hostile intent? 

"The rules of engagement are fuelling more controversy among critics who argue this operation does not sound like the “non-combat” role pledged by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Digression: November 16/2015: Canada PM Trudeau Reaffirms Withdrawal From Combat Role Against ISIS 

 Canada’s new government says it plans to stick with its election pledge to withdraw from a combat role against Islamic State
 Mr. Trudeau told Canadian reporters Canada would still have a “serious military role” in the Middle East and in the fight against ISIS, but with a focus on training local troops.
Sick of him yet? I am.

 Back to Globe and Mail:

The Liberals, who made a campaign promise to “end Canada’s combat mission” in Iraq, are determined to frame the enlarged commitment as something other than combat.
 Ooops, Obama's bromance partner lied! Well birds of a feather do flock together
“The rules of engagement … allow Canadian forces to defend themselves, [to] anticipate their defence so they can engage a hostile act … or an intent before it materializes,” Gen. Vance said. “In other words … we can anticipate to protect ourselves.”
An intent before it materializes?  If an intent doesn't materialize how could anyone possibly anticipate the need for defence?

- an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions
 -the state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve and that (when achieved) terminates behavior intended to achieve it.

"Intent" doesn't necessarily translate to an action. After all the road to hell is paved with good intentions   One meaning of the phrase is that individuals may have the intention to undertake good actions but nevertheless fail to take actions- despite their intent?

Pre- Crime:  Pre-crime intervenes to punish, disrupt, incapacitate or restrict those deemed to embody future crime threats

"A military spokesman declined Tuesday to say how long this shoot-first rule has been in effect. Troops have been in Iraq since the fall of 2014 but rules of engagement are modified from time to time"

All this means is the Canadian soldiers have the ok to kill on a whim. Wantonly. With impunity.
With no repercussions. No responsibility. It's as if the nation's soldiers are a mercenary army
The military says Canadian soldiers are not in combat in Iraq because they are not deliberately partaking in offensive operations.
Nice obfuscation on the part of Canada's military
Mr. Hendin disagrees.
 Stuart Hendin, a legal scholar in the area of armed conflict and human rights, said the “hostile intent” rule means something as simple as an opposing soldier levelling his rifle and pointing it at a Canadian or their Kurdish allies.
“Whenever you are putting people in harm’s way, where there is an armed conflict going on, that is combat,” he said.
“If they are in a front line where they are potentially exposed, that is combat.”
This is not my Canada


  1. "Sick of him yet?" - YET???

    Here is a video from his candidate days back in 2014 - On shared Canadian-Israeli values(from @ 2:00):

    "....democracy, openness, tolerance, compassion, respect for the rule of law and, perhaps above all, the quest for peace".

    Nauseating faux-sincerity, sanctimonious-phoniness with smiling, reptilian facial accompaniments. A worthy ZOG aspirant, in desperate need of some actor-school training.

    Truly puke-inducing stuff but the bewildered Canadian electorate seem to lap it up.

    1. Hey Wikispooks

      This Canadian did NOT lap this (strong word warning) bullshit up!

      See the reasons you mentioned "Nauseating faux-sincerity, sanctimonious-phoniness"

      It really all felt like Obama 2.0, even before I read that he used Obama's PR people for the election campaign.

      It was all apparent, and obviously so- I voted for a 5th party candidate who had enough sense to leave the NDP party.

  2. The link above didn't work - here it is again

    It's worth watching - honest.

    1. I've seen the video previously, I do hope others watch it.