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Repost: Is Turkey Heading to Partition?

This is a repost from August 29/2015:
For all who didn't read this last year. Or for new readers to the blog?

Is Turkey Heading to Partition? American Enterprise Institute

Well, well, well. So let’s see I’ve been prognosticating the destabilization/destruction of Turkey for how long now? I had dropped hints through out the blog on many an occasion.
 But then finally in November 2014 I started solidifying my theory
Flashback  nearly 10 months ago:

Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey

Followed immediately by:

Pt.2- Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey

After that two post kick off  there have been numerous other posts delving deeper into and expanding a bit more on the subject of Kurd/ISIS symbiosis leading to the impending destruction of Turkey. The Kurd/ISIS symbiosis is not coincidence. That symbiosis points to a cohesion. As stated here on multiple occasions.
I took my lumps for this theory. I was derided. Attacked. Trolls visited. I seem to have been blocked from gatekeeper sites for pointing out what appeared obvious to me.
So considering my thesis? I was completely unsurprised to see this piece from Michael Rubin at American Enterprise Institute.

Michael Rubin

American Enterprise Institute- Total Neo - Con, everything for Israel & Zionists, think tank. Not really a surprise considering so much of the information that’s been posted here on the subject of the collusion between Israel & Kurds. Remaking the middle east for the benefit of Israel/NATO Including the inevitable terror state creation which will be known as Kurdistan.

Is Turkey heading to Partition-

Is Turkey heading to partition?

Foreign and Defense Policy, Middle East

The Turkish government, its military, and Turkish diplomats may deny any implication that partition could be Turkey’s fate, and US officials will do so publicly, but behind the hot denials, it seems increasingly likely that some sort of division will be the second order effect of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s cynical drive toward autocracy.

Yes, yes, blame Erdogan- didn't I point out the demonization of Erdogan had begun in earnest?

Erdogan "ensconced in his Palace"- Yup, it's the dreaded Dictator/Palace Meme!

It is now clear that Erdogan’s much ballyhooed interest in a peace process with the Kurds was motivated less out of a desire for peace and more for electoral gain. Erdogan hoped that he could leverage Kurdish support to provide a deathblow to Kemalism while at the same time providing Erdogan with the support he would need to change the constitution to solidify his position.
 It was the Kurds that breached the ceasefire! I've covered that here.

PKK Ended Ceasefire Weeks Ago? A stream of the latest news

"When the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) agreed to a ceasefire in 2013, they were in a strong position: They controlled territory in Hakkari and southeastern Turkey, and had growing overt support among Turkey’s Kurds. Years of purges and arrests of the top brass by Erdogan had left the Turkish Army demoralized and a shadow of its former self. Indeed, the Turkish military has in just over a decade gone from being among NATO’s fiercest and capable to little more than a banana republic level of competence. The PKK also had nothing to lose. Imprisoned since 1999, Turkish authorities had long declared PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan irrelevant. But, by seeking to negotiate with Öcalan, Erdogan affirmed his relevancy as the predominant Kurdish politician"
That's right Erdogan tried and tried to negotiate with the Kurds, including with their drug running PKK terror leader Ocalan. To no avail. Because the Kurd "stay behind" /NATO drug running militants had other plans

EXCLUSIVE: Former top PKK commander Osman Ocalan speaks.

"Erdogan’s buffoonery also has had a price. Diplomats may favor stability over change, but Turkish support in the international community is no longer solid. The list of places where Erdogan has made himself persona non grata is long. He is not welcome in Egypt, Libya, the Palestinian Authority, Israel, Syria, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and perhaps even Saudi Arabia. His reception in Europe and a post-Obama United States will be cool"
Erdogan is definitely getting the NATO cold shoulder- As was stated here a month ago!

NATO Bows Out on Turkey. Turkey and Article 4

By embracing Hamas as both a liberation movement and a group with democratic legitimacy, he undercut any opposition to the outside world treating the PKK the same. After all, the PKK—through its electoral proxies—has won majority support in southeastern Turkey.
 The electoral proxy is of course the HDP party- you know the identity politics/divide to conquer party? If you've read here for a while now you know what it is I am referencing!

Stealing an AKP win? HDP = Divisive Identity Politics- NGO's counting ballots

"The major difference between Hamas and the PKK is that the former targets civilians with terrorism and attacks indiscriminately, while the latter wages much more of an insurgency"
What nonsense from Michael Rubin- The Kurdish militias have been wantonly killing, raping, stealing, ethnically cleansing and generally abusing everyone. Including other Kurds. I've covered that many, many times!

Erdogan may have been shocked by his failure in June 2015 to win a majority of seats in parliament, but rather than abide by the spirit of democracy, he has sought to subvert it further. New elections will now be on November 1, but the combination of Erdogan’s drive to assert dictatorial powers and his efforts to suppress the main Kurdish party and its supporters may be the final nail not in Kemalism but rather in the territorial integrity of the Republic of Turkey. Charismatic Kurdish politician Selahattin Demirtas, co-chair of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), has declared that the curfew imposed by the government on Kurdish supporters of the HDP gives the Kurds little choice but to demand autonomy.
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk declared the Republic of Turkey almost 92 years ago. Erdogan increasingly shows himself to be the anti- Atatürk in more ways than one. It’s no longer a question of secularism vs. Islamism. It may take a decade, but it is time to begin the countdown to the partition of Turkey. The Kurds will have their state, and its capital will ultimately be Diyarbakir, not Erbil.
 A partitioned Turkey- It's in motion- The American Enterprise Institute has just planted the seeds for the public outing of that plan. Of course, you all read it here first! 

Internet gatekeepers/dupes keep on pushing the 'fierce' Kurd meme!! It helps NATO/Israel so very much. It serves NATO/Israeli interests quite well.  Keep shoring up the artificially contrived good cop/bad cop routine. There is no difference between the Kurds/ISIS. They are one & the same in this situation. Each "cop" has their job to do. They are performing their assigned duties. Remaking the ME. Nation destroying. Killing civilians. Forcing the relocation of people who have homes, jobs, families etc. from their  own nation state. Driving these intentionally displaced persons onto cohesive societies in Europe in order to break down and destroy those long standing European societies. Enriching human, organ and drug traffickers. As for Kurdistan? It won't even benefit the Kurds. It will represent the expansion of Israel.


  1. Sorry for no post yesterday and no responses I was taking a sick day- Under the weather


    The move to pit Russia against Sunni / Saudi is at fever pitch.

    1. Lebanon again....

      Puts the "Saudi" move in perspective.

    2. Anonymous: I'm not getting how this puts the Saudi move in perspective? Can you explain that so I can understand what you mean?

      I see from the first link, much wild speculation and yet, this story has to be published and promoted for a reason- same as that JP story about the Russian generals all killed in Syria

      But how does this relate to SA-

    3. If the Sunni regimes were behind the assasination of a russian general - eg the Dubai blown Mossad op recall - would the Saudis and other GCC countries not want any of their personal in country? Even if the GCC weren't involved in the alleged plot but knew of the leak(or some faction was opposed) the evac would still make sense. The moves on Hez were well in the works including the US drug bust and the kuwait 'cell' arrests.
      \Juxtapose it against the GErman comments on Saudi exporting terror instability an the voted weapons ban plus the leaks about the US calling for more transparency on Saudi debt holdings amidst the rolling downgrades. Putin said over a year ago that leaders were being blackmailed or might be (going back to those pictures of Putin and his dog being intro'd to Merkel). Much of the Saudi action has been at the US request. Jubeir was recall at the center of the US hezbollah plot and he is the chief spokesperson for the Defmin. Russian discussions with Saudi may be taxed but the channel is open.

      If Erdogan only move was Eurasia. His options ended with the shoot-down. Saudi Arabia ha been maneuvered into the same position. It is why the domestic actions inside the Kingdom ar e to be watched closely. Very closely.

      And then there is this: From interfax days ago in wake of the ost recent 2 SLBM launches


      What might those radical proposals be.

      SA cleric killed and video taped in Philippines days after the video evidence of Hez operate in Yemen prior to the saudi move.

      This on Turkish ship arms into Lebanon

      This on Mercs being trained in counties Jordan and Turkey Saudi

      Keep these two things in mind

      “Israel enjoys relative peace now, but that is not sustainable. It can come to the negotiating table from a position of strength. That would be a much better way to go forward than to maintain the status quo and have a flare-up once in a while that only brings more condemnation and more isolation, and the growing boycott movement throughout the world against Israeli goods and Israel itself.” He also rejects another frequent Israeli claim about past accords and withdrawals: that instead of peace, they produced more bloodshed. “There are two sides to the story,” he explains. “If it wasn’t for the 18-year occupation of Lebanon, there would be no Hezbollah. In 2005, Sharon withdrew from Gaza without any consideration for what Gazans want. ‘I’m leaving,’ he said, and then imposed a quarantine that only fostered fermentation, a sense of resistance and animosity toward Israel.”

      Then Feb at the Muncih conference this exchange with Saudi

      Ya'alon also said that Sunni Arab states were “frustrated and furious from the lack of Western support” in dealing with Iran."We do have channels to speak with our Sunni Arab neighboring countries. Not just Jordan and Egypt — Gulf states, North African states,” Ya'alon revealed. Ya'alon's comments raised the ire of Saudi Arabia's Prince Turki al-Faisal, Haaretz reported.

    4. Israel has been pushing the Saudi cooperation for years- only to be refuted. The destabilization isndie the kingdom speaks for itself inclduing the hajj stampede and Iran ambassador to Lebanon

      all just disinfo possible

      IDF planes in Yemen and US coordinating Yemen fight out of KSA plus providing the logistics to support the strikes.

      And that makes the ongoing Sarkozy stance on Russia / break with US all the more relevant to situation in Lebanon, Egypt and Israel (Germany aside)

      Is Sarkozy representing another viewpoint in and out of France?

    5. more helicopters in for ground logisitics

      Canada, Italy, Germany, US in a hurry

    6. also interesting

      day after

      Curious Russia says base ops not affected by the blackout as thy bring in more radars