Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Syria Kurds (Not!) Say They'll Declare A Federal Region in Syria

The region would border the Kurdish autonomous area in Iraq and Kurdish areas in Turkey

The Kurds pushing this are not Syrian Kurds- Many of them are Turkey's or Iraq's Kurds.

Heck even Iran's Kurds- We even have Kurds based in Germany making the call!

BEIRUT — A powerful Syrian Kurdish political party is planning to declare a federal region in northern Syria, a model it hopes can be applied to the entire country, a spokesman for the faction said Wednesday.

Nawaf Khalil of the Democratic Union Party told The Associated Press that his party is not lobbying for an only-Kurdish region but an all-inclusive area that would include representation for Turkmen, Arabs and Kurds in northern Syria.

The declaration is expected to be made at the end of a Kurdish conference that is being held Wednesday in the town of Rmeilan in the country’s northern Hassakeh province.A federal region could be a first step toward creating an autonomous region similar to the one Kurds run across the border in Iraq, where their territory is virtually a separate country.
It could also usher in similar demands for federal regions elsewhere in Syria and in effect lead to a partition of the war-shattered country.
However, both the Syrian government and the opposition, at least in theory, reject any form of partitioning of the country.
“As a Syrian citizen, I say we reject talks about a federal Syria … our people will reject any attempt to divide Syria,” Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said at a weekend press conference in Damascus.
The minister’s remarks came a day after the U.N. envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, said the possibility of federalism for Syria has not been taken off the table for the peace talks in Geneva.
Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Monday also said federalization is one possible option in Syria if it is the will of the Syrian people. He said Russia will support whatever solution the Syrian government and the opposition devise to end the country’s war, including “any form (of government) whatever it may be called: federalization, decentralization, unitary state.”
Khalil, distinguished between prevailing autonomous rule for the Kurdish areas — which has been in effect in Syria since 2013 — and the federalism project, which he said was ethnically inclusive.
“The federalism project is a model for all Syria,” he said in a phone interview from Germany, where he is based.
Khalil, based in Germany.- PKK. The PKK is a terror organization and should not declare anything in Syria!
 A federal region in northern Syria is sure to anger Turkey, which considers the Syrian Democratic Union Party, or PYD, as a terrorist group. Its military wing, the people’s Protection Units, or YPG, leads the fight against Islamic State extremists in Syria.

A separatist region in Syria was ANNEXED, by the US and NATO, to destroy Syria as we have all known it! As I've stated all along. The PKK is a terrorist organization. YPG is their affilliate and is full of  Kurdish and friend terrorists. The plan was to balkanize or federalize, as the compromise, Syria. This will, as has been stated here, embolden the PKK, as it has been, to tear Turkey apart. And they are.

BTW:  A Syrian "Kurdish" region could not have bordered an Iraqi Kurdish (as stated in the TIME article) region unless the Kurds had ANNEXED more Iraqi territory- Which they have. With the help of the US and NATO and Canada etc. I've written about this on a number of occassions. One below the image
Iraq's Kurdish Region in the light green- Barely touching Syria

However with the taking of Sinjar and the territory connecting autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan????
Suddenly the picture looks quite different

Sinjar: Creating a Crucial Supply Route for KurdIShIS & Annexing Iraqi Territory

Geez, I must be psychic or something. ISIS as the proxy to create Greater Kurdistan. Is it obvious enough yet to everyone?  How long have I written about that here?!
All the coopted media obfuscating this very fact through their word magic? 
Coopted msm and alt. All of you terrorist cheerleaders our there!
Cheering for the PKK/ISIS or as I call them KurdIShIS to destroy nations, kill, murder, maim, ethnically cleanse, displace and worse. All of this was done in plain sight. And many of you sold the agenda?  Despicable!
Mike Whitney- despicable
Zero Hedge- despicable
All msm- despicable

And if anyone else noticed others in the alt media, in particular, spinning for the KurdIShIS leave a link and I will happily add them to my despicable list- I gave up on the lying alt media for the most part. It's enough to read the lying msm


 ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - A Kurdish official in Syria claimed that the autonomous cantons in Syria Kurdistan (Rojava) will be dismantled and replaced by a federal system.

"A conference will be held in the town of Rmelan by the democratic self-administration cantons in Rojava to discuss their dismantlement," the official told Rudaw, adding that "in their place, a federalism system for Western Kurdistan [Rojava] will be declared."

At the conference a committee will be formed to prepare procedures of federalism rule to replace the administration of the cantons, the source claimed

So let me see? ISIS and all the alleged moderate rebels will be incorporated into Rojava?
Or will they just melt away as they always have?


""Now the conference has just started in Rmelan, about 200 representatives of Rojava have joined [the event]. They represent different ethnicities and nationalities. There are Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Syriacs, Turkomans, Armenians, Circassians and Chechens,"

How many Chechen's lived in Syria prior to the destabilization?
According to common spin all Turkoman are Erdogan loyalists.....?? 
It appears that is not the case.

Just a few relinks of the 100's written around this topic

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  1. I've updated the post with the map of Rojova
    The cantons joined into one unified stretch of annexed Syrian territory

  2. I'm reposting this reply from my website to yours in regard to how little reaction this article is getting from your readership.

    "Whenever I publish something, it automatically posts a Tweet on my account with the title, images and a link back to the article. I have about 670 followers on Twitter and I can usually expect a couple reTweets and Likes on each one, especially if it’s something I wrote and not a blurb I posted linking to another site (like I did yours today). Well, when I write about this subject… nothing. Nothing. Not one single thing. And of those 670 followers, most of which are legit alternative media outlets or activists or just plain folks who want to see real change in this county, to a person they seem to be reluctant to even talk about it. I don’t know if its that they don’t see it happening, it’s to “forest for the trees” for them or if they simply don’t care that a major nation building event is taking place from the shattering of 3 entirely separate legitimate nations. You would think that would be a major story, as big as the illegal bombing of Iraq at least or even bigger than Benghazi to them (since BOTH of those events are parts of the Greater Kurdistan sum) but no. Nothing. Zip. Zilch.

    Maybe they all buy into the new freedom fighters mythology. Maybe they have been successful, these fake alternative sites out here, in demonizing Erdogan by linking him with Obama and the Globalization project to the point where they simply don’t understand. I don’t know. But it’s sad it’s taking place right now in front of everyone and no one says a word. Not a peep."

  3. Also of note: today, "Syrian Kurds Declare Autonomous Northern Region" and... they say they don't have to abide by terms of the peace deal since they weren't invited. That means they can continue to kill and main and ethnically cleanse all that Syrian land they want to steal for their new Greater Kurdistan.

    That pretty much sums it all up, right?

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    2. take 2

      willy loman "they say they don't have to abide by terms of the peace deal since they weren't invited. That means they can continue to kill and main and ethnically cleanse all that Syrian land they want to steal for their new Greater Kurdistan"

      Wow, can it get any more obvious- the peace deal would include Turkey,and I think Iran (?), That's why they won't abide by it, even if they had been invited. (Considering the agenda- there was no sense inviting them)

      Keeping in mind the PKK is the YPG and the US is trying to get them moved off of the terror list....