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Thank- You E. William Engdahl! And Yes, it's the Mosul Dam, Again

Before I raise the issue of the Mosul Dam collapse, for the third time this month, I’d like to thank Mr Engdahl for linking to my post of March 10/2016.
 E William Engdahl: Will Obama Murder One Million Iraqis Simply to Steal their Oil?
“In the event of a breach, there is the potential in some places for a flood wave up to 14 meters high (45 feet) that could sweep up everything in its path, including people, cars, unexploded ordinance, waste and other hazardous materials,” (yours truly)
I appreciate the nod to the blog and my work :)

In an initial Mosul Dam post, from March 2/2016:

  I wrote an expansive article on the numerous issues with Mosul Dam.  Mosul Dam Set to Fail- Intentional Take Down? Disaster Capitalism to the Extreme? At that time I wrote that no matter how the dam failed,  if it failed it was the fault of the US. Period!

Launching airstrikes near the dam? 
 Could the US have damaged the Mosul dam, accidentally, on purpose?

The statement added that since Aug. 8, Central Command has carried out 68 airstrikes in Iraq, including 35 near the Mosul Dam.
 However, the maintenance work was badly affected by the crippling UN sanctions imposed on Iraq following Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990.
After reading this one could also say thanks to the US and it's multiple invasions, it's sanctions regime, it's incessant war making and bombing they virtually guaranteed the destruction of this vital dam anyway
 Then of course we have the dam being controlled by US, Italian Troops and PKK Peshmerga for sure.

I followed up the March 2 article with the one Mr. Engdahl included in his article. Linked above.

Mosul Dam- The latest.  
Let's call this warning about the dam and pushing the incompetence, negligence angle against the Iraqi government- "Iraqis Kept in the Dark About Mosul Dam"

The US is definitely creating a specific narrative regarding the situation with this dam
Despite intense U.S. pressure to act to keep Iraq's largest dam from collapsing, Baghdad has done little to prepare Iraqis for the possibility of a burst that could unleash a flood reaching the capital and killing hundreds of thousands of people.
See the US "cares"  They are intensely pressuring Iraq to act to keep the dam from bursting- What a joke!
The government signed a $296-million contract with Italy's Trevi Group last month to reinforce northern Iraq's fragile Mosul Dam, but it has not announced any specific plans to try to rescue people in the event of a breach or instructed them in detail how to react safely. 
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's most significant public statement on the dam, which was not widely distributed, advised millions of people living in the path of a potential flood that they should move to higher ground, but provided few specifics
U.S. officials have said Washington feels Baghdad has failed to take the threat seriously enough.
A U.S. government briefing paper released in late February said the 500,000 to 1.47 million Iraqis living in the highest-risk areas along the Tigris River "probably would not survive" the impact of a flood's impact unless they evacuated. Swept hundreds of miles along in the waters would be unexploded ordnance, chemicals, bodies and buildings.

A senior official at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) said the most lives could be saved by advising people in advance of what to do in the event of a breach of the structure, once known as Saddam Dam and opened in the mid 1980s.
On Jan. 21, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met with Abadi in Davos, Switzerland, and handed him a confidential note from President Barack Obama pleading for urgent action.
Cause the US cares so very deeply...
The president's personal intervention indicated how the dam's fragility has moved to the forefront of U.S. concerns over Iraq, reflecting fears its failure would also undermine U.S. efforts to stabilise Abadi's government and complicate the war against Islamic State.

Iraqi forces launched a new offensive last week in Makhmour, 60 km (40 miles) south of Mosul, as the beginning of a broader campaign to clear areas around the city but so far progress has been slow.
Mosul is a highly, highly contested city- The Kurds want it.  Both competing groups.The Iraqis want it.
 And it turns out there are also internal rivalries when it comes to the Kurdish fighting for Mosul. The most recent involve a dispute between Iraqi Kurdistan’s most powerful political party, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK
Despite the claim of Baghdad being unconcerned
"Baghdad updated a 2006 evacuation plan last year that calls for moving people to the southern provinces, a government source briefed on Mosul Dam planning said last month"
So why does the US keep pushing the Mosul disaster theme, alongside the Iraqi government negligence story- This has everything to do with the fight for Mosul!


USAID and the U.N. development agency UNDP began working with the Iraqi government weeks ago to set up an early alert system using sirens and other mechanisms, but it is not yet ready and little else has been done to prepare residents.
Gee with the help of the UN and USAID,  and President Obama's concern I simply can't imagine why this early alert system isn't up and running? Can you?

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If the dam goes, it's intentional.


  1. After murdering a million and a half of them, what's a few hundred thousand more?
    I'm not a religious sort, however, I know pure evil when I see it. Empire and its .0001% are just that, evil pure and simple.

    1. Hi Charles!

      Did you catch the link regarding the discord competition between PKK and KRG
      Recall I've mentioned that previously?

      "Although the PKK is not an Iraqi group, they too have signalled that they wish to be part of the fight for Mosul, mostly in the form of their affiliated Syrian Kurdish militia, the People’s Protection Units, or YPG. They are also associated with Yazidi militias in the Sinjar area.

      "We have decided to participate in the liberation of Mosul because we believe the city’s security and stability is essential if the security and stability of other nearby places, like Kirkuk and Iraqi Kurdistan, is to be ensured,” Agid Kalari, the head of the YPG in the Sinjar area, told NIQASH.

      Kalari leads a force of around 4,000 fighters stationed in the Sinjar area, which borders on the Kurdish parts of Syria, where the parent party, the PKK, is largely in charge"

      Recall my post on the PKK Kurds aka YPG and some Yazidi affiliated militias annexing Sinjar-


      My summary from that post..

      Clearly what is going on in Sinjar has zip to do with fighting ISIS. The US is aiding the Kurds in their annexation of Iraqi territory- Same as in Syria. Same as will be done in Turkey. The US is redrawing the borders of the ME, using ISIS as the pretext, as has been suggested here for a very long time! As the US aids the Kurds in their land thievery and nation destruction they are also ensuring a supply route to continue this redraw. Complete with ethnic cleansing and massive displacement that will see yet more movement towards Europe- As intended!

    2. Barzani comments recently about wanting the PKK out of SinJar and Mosul being not essential to Iraq Kurd declaration lay out the contrasting memes.dynamics.

      "regional security threats.”

      PKK, PYD are the same, Barzani says. “Any support to the PYD means support for the PKK,” London-based Al-Monitor quoted the KRG leader as saying during an interview, when asked about deepening military ties with the U.S. and the PYG, which fights against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Syria. “The PKK should leave Sinjar, and we want them to leave Sinjar peacefully — not by force,” Barzani also said."

      The US keeps announcing more deployments in support of Iraqi troops. Has there been a statement from the Iraqi troops mounting operations pushing north about a joint US effort?

      THE USA Today piece on how the offensive is failing and sectarianism etc.. is telling in this regard. The Iraqis have rejected more US equipment both in Ramadi and the now as the move on Mosul

      USA Today:
      Iraq Army's Mosul offensive stalls in face of fierce fighting, desertions. Iraqi commanders declined to comment on the operation or allow reporters near the front lines, but many Sunni Arab villagers displaced by the fighting were critical of the mostly Shiite Iraqi army

      Virtually the same article as today's USA TODAY piece from back in May 2015 on the Iraqi lack of will to fight

      "Senior U.S. officials on Sunday questioned the will of Iraqi forces in the ongoing battle against Islamic State militants, drawing a sharp response from Baghdad and fresh criticism in Washington about President Barack Obama's strategy to defeat the group."

      So are these more troops following the Marine firebase 'invited'?

      And what of the PM's comments? Syria Assad just said Turkish troops are in the country and iraq has asked the Turkish troops to leave.

      “Turkey’s security zone starts from Latakia and through Aleppo, Mosul and Sulaimani,” Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News quoted Davutoglu as saying in a meeting with local journalists during his two-day visit to Jordan. There, he explained that Iraq and Syria are no longer capable of securing their borders, and discussed several other regional security threats.""

      Little wonder the coup rumors are floating as Erdogan out of country

      And days after Turkey says wants better relations the pilot killer is apprehended

    3. Penny, I did read the links. As usual your past comments were prescient; again you called it. I'm sometimes amazed that your past analysis are so correctly predictive of how events play out. There's more to it than simply reading information out there. It's your ability to maintain clarity, to see through the trees that I admire. As always, great work.

  2. 'Bad' ISIS needs to be replaced by 'good' Kurds. The empire needs boots on the ground but it is not monolithic. Israeli rebels fight NATO rebels fight CIA rebels and so on.

    The point is chaos from which all sides benefit excluding the locals, whose lives are turned upside down. Their sons are 'stolen' and their daughters forced into prostition. Their property is taken or destroyed. These are the people who must be supported if you wish to support yourself.

    Meyssan says this was enabled by Erdogan and I completely agree, but this does not mean he is primarily responsible. I don't think he is but he is the enabler of everything after Libya and he has profited handsomely at every turn. He is a ganster and a sociopath who has put his country and people at grave risk. Davutoglu is even worse.

    Defend Turkey. The people of Turkey. This is a
    legitimate cause.

    Now, despite everything that's happened until today, Erdogan and Putin could one day be standing shoulder to shoulder, celebrating their victory over the zionists. If Erdogan survives and demonstrates courage instead of arrogance, history may yet judge him positively.