Saturday, March 19, 2016

Turkey: Suicide bomber/s attack Istanbul’s Pedestrian Mall- Car bomb defused Thursday

Just as the PKK warned. 

US Embassy Warns, AGAIN, of Possible Terror Attack in Turkey
"At this moment in the struggle, anything our guerrillas are ordered to do will be legitimate," said Bayik. Now there will be fighting everywhere," he added. Bayik- " so our main aim now is the fall of Erdogan."
And Israeli's IDF hinted at? Yair Golan -“I wouldn’t go for direct hostilities, that’s not wise"
To which I queried?:  But, how about indirect hostilities?

Five people have been killed and at least 20 wounded after the explosion, the city’s governor confirmed.

The blast happened on Istiklal Caddesi, a wide, pedestrianised boulevard that is lined with international stores and shopping malls.

Many foreign visitors are currently in the Turkish city for the final day of Istanbul Fashion Week.

 Turkey’s health minister said 12 of those wounded in the blast were foreigners.

The * twitter link makes very clear this is indeed a very real and deadly attack
Witnesses have seen helicopters circling overhead, and television footage has shown terrified shoppers running from the area.

Some photographs show police securing the area, while ambulances tend to the wounded.
People have been forced to take shelter inside the shops that line the street.
‘It was one loud explosion,’ said Muhammed Fatur, a Syrian who works at a nearby butcher shop. ‘Police came to the scene and sealed off the area.’

People leaving the scene hastily

Bomb-laden car found outside gov't building in southeast Turkey- Further deaths prevented

 Police in southeastern Turkey defused an explosives-laden car found parked outside a government building.

The vehicle, which contained 150 kilos (330 pounds) of explosives, was found Thursday in the Hani district of Diyarbakir province, where security forces have been engaged a major offensive against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) since the collapse of a ceasefire in July.
Police bomb disposal experts defused the device and took the vehicle away for examination, the security sources told AFP.
The German embassy in Ankara, German consulate in Istanbul and German schools in both cities remained closed for a second day Friday following what Berlin called "very serious" indications of planned attacks against Germany's diplomatic missions.
In January, 12 German tourists were killed in a suicide attack blamed on IS in the heart of Istanbul's tourist district.

UPDATE: CCTV Video via Daily Mail:


  1. Isn't it curious that after the statement made by the near top gun of the IDF, it turns out possibly 3 israelis were killed by the suicide bomber and Israel is concerned that you know it's anti semitism and blah, blah, blah...

    "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Israeli press that officials were investigating if Israelis had been targeted in the bombing"

    "Israel has ordered an emergency situation, saying 11 Israelis were injured in the attack on Saturday, four of them in serious condition. A group of Israeli tourists taking part in an organized tour were at the scene of the attack in Istanbul, according to Israeli Foreign Ministry"

    Attacks on Israelis in other parts of the world almost always turn out to be mossad operations undertaken for a variety of reasons.

    Reinforcing the terror meme at home
    the bad arab meme
    the jews are safe no where but in israel
    turning up the heat on turkey

    In this instance we had the IDF guy talking publicly about the problem Turkey poses for Israel (Kurdistan 2.0)
    And -“I wouldn’t go for direct hostilities, that’s not wise"

    And then you get a suicide bomber that explodes near Israel tourists

  2. As I suspected this one was a so called ISIS bomber- this isn't the first ISIS suicide bomber to strike Turkey- but as soon as I read the victims were Israelis- that immediately ruled out the PKK as the perps- and that was only going to leave ISIS- Israel's friend/enemies as the possible perps.

    "We have determined that Mehmet Ozturk, born in 1992 in Gaziantep, has carried out the heinous attack on Saturday in Istanbul. It has been established that he is a member of Daesh," Ala told a news conference broadcast live on television, using an Arabic acronym for Islamic State.

    Israel has confirmed that three of its citizens died in the blast. Two of them held dual citizenship with the United States. An Iranian was also killed, Turkish officials have said"

    Now Israel can claim they were attacked by ISIS- this presents Israel with options.


    Turkish authorizes reported on Sunday that DNA tests have confirmed the identity of Saturday’s Istanbul suicide bomber who killed three Israelis and one Iranian citizen.

    Mehmet Ozturk, a 23-year-old terrorist affiliated with ISIS, has been named as the attacker in the deadly blast that rocked a popular Istanbul shopping center.

    Initially Turkey had named Kurdish separatists affiliated with the PKK as being suspects, but later shifted their investigation to ISIS members.

    The bomber’s DNA, found at the scene of the attack, was compared to samples taken from Ozturk’s family, confirming the identity of the attacker.

    Ozturk was a native-born Turkish national from the southern city of Gaziantep, just 60 miles (95 kilometers) from the Syrian city of Aleppo.

    Interesting the choice of wording from the Israeli media
    "Turkish National" Which certainly implies he could have been an ethnic Kurd- member of ISIS- And yes that's entirely possible!


    "Interior Minister Efkan Ala said in a press conference on Sunday that evidence in hand shows the suicide bomber can be identified as Mehmet Öztürk, who was born in 1992 in the southeastern province of Gaziantep.

    Ala said that the suspect is believed to have ties with Daesh terror organization; however, he was not sought by police or gendarmerie units since Öztürk had no criminal records.

    Security officials have so far detained five suspects in connection with the attack, the minister added.

    The Doğan News Agency reported Sunday that DNA samples taken from the assailant's family matched with the ones taken from the bomber's body. Accordingly, the bomber was identified as Öztürk,.

    Media outlets had earlier reported that Öztürk, who had security and intelligence records as a Daesh member, was among the primary suspects of the bombing.

    The Turkish newspaper, Karar, previously reported that Öztürk's mobile phone signals were detected during the investigation that followed the bombing and police units searched a residence believed to be occupied by him in Gaziantep.

    Öztürk reportedly did not have any criminal records prior to the bombing and his family had filed a missing person's report to police"

  5. I had to replace the video I had embedded yesterday, because, all the code was removed. Grrr... obviously google's handiwork