Tuesday, March 15, 2016

US Embassy Warns, AGAIN, of Possible Terror Attack in Turkey

Baku – APA. The US Embassy has sent a warning letter to the US companies in Turkey due to possible terrorist attacks that are expected to take place in various parts of this country on March 20, Haberturk reported.
So are we talkin' multiple terror attacks? Reads as if that's the case?
The letter prepared on the basis of intelligence information recommends US citizens to stay away from administrative buildings, buildings of diplomatic corps, places of worship, entertainment and shopping centers.

The US embassy in Turkey issued a security warning to American citizens two days before a blast caused by a suicide car bomb hit the center of Ankara on Sunday evening. At least 37 people were killed and 125 injured in the explosion.

I mentioned the two day advance warning from the US in the post:

Car Bomb in Ankara- 27 Dead/ 75 injured. US warned of terror threat 2 days earlier

Let's consider the terror warning alongside this article:

Kurdish leader warns Turkey of PKK 'vengeance'

I'm completely ignoring the LIE of Bayik's that blames Turkey for the collapse of the truce.
Because it's an out and out LIE. I've had several articles here where the PKK themselves state blatantly they ended the truce. I've posted additional information here the Erdogan and the Kurdish leadership had an agreement on autonomy, and still the PKK ended the truce. 

 Let's read the threats made by Bayik:

Expect fighting 'everywhere'
"At this moment in the struggle, anything our guerrillas are ordered to do will be legitimate," said Bayik, speaking before the bombing.
"Until recently the war with the Turkish army occurred just in the mountains. Then it moved to towns and cities. Now there will be fighting everywhere," he added.
 "Our fight is now existential: to be or not to be," he said. "If Erdogan defeats us, then he can defeat everyone in Turkey who wants democracy, so our main aim now is the fall of Erdogan."
Blatant talk. From a group who is backed by NATO. From a group who knows they can act with impunity (because the US is standing behind them) They sound exactly like the "moderate rebels' in Syria, also backed by US/NATO who stated their goal was to remove and kill Assad. In fact the so called moderates rebels of Syria made that same statement just the other day.

Couple the PKK warning with the US warning of multiple terror attacks by this coming Sunday-

 Don't Miss a must read from

Putin throws down the gauntlet on Syria. Any takers? - UPDATED!

In case you've been under a rock? Though I know my readers haven't been! 

Breaking: Putin Orders Start of Withdrawal from Syria Starting Tuesday


  1. Turkey warned yesterday of a March 20 PKK plot

    You did catch the hellfire missiles intercepted in Serbia from Lebanon. Serb president just thanked Russia for protecting smaller states. Serbs killed last month in Libya airstrike by US.

    Then stingers start turning up in North Africa as NATO fans out deployments and battle plans 'leaked' in Italy alongside the ISIS list (22) with the Paris attackers on it.

    Bomb goes off in Germany as the NATIONALISTS rise again.....

    1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-35806045

      The Lebanese army says the US-bound missiles were for training purposes and did not contain explosives.

      Serbian officials, quoted by Reuters, said they were trying to establish whether the missiles were live or not.

      They said sniffer-dogs had found the missiles on an Air Serbia flight at Belgrade airport on Saturday.

      Air Serbia said it was helping with the investigation.

      A source at the Serbian prosecutor's office told Reuters: "Experts are determining whether the missiles were equipped with live or training warheads.

      "They were packed in proper transportation crates and supplied with paperwork."

      The missiles were due to be transferred to another flight to Portland, Oregon, the source added.

      In a statement, the Lebanese military said: "They [the missiles] belonged to the Lebanese army, which decided to send them back to the American company that manufactured them upon agreement with it, in accordance with legal and administrative procedures and after training with them had been completed."

      the car bombing: Germany is saying not terrorist, but.... I wonder?

    2. with the PKK making such brazen terror statments it's not surprising Turkey would issue such a warning


      This news reads like someone is trying to keep Turkey on it's toes- despite it's contradictory reporting

      "A suspicious car prompted the emergency closure of Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge on March 15.

      "A man reportedly jumped out of a moving car, now abandoned, before escaping in another vehicle.

      Bomb disposal experts detonated the trunk of the car in a controlled manner, while examinations of the car are continuing.

      The driver reportedly parked the car on the Bosphorus Bridge’s emergency lane after it ran out of gas.

      big bridge, I can understand the concern

    3. http://www.naharnet.com/stories/en/191643

  2. The Russians know full well no payoff is coming for stepping back. Watch oil as US just warned us banks to stay away from Russia euro bond deal. Russia just clamped down on the ratings agencies alongside the NGOs.

    Russia smells something and it may have to do with the B52 and lancer deployments. What is it? Putin the compassionate works in the movies

    1. And so it was a stinger in Syria. Those 400 from Benghazi being put to use. With the awacs deployed for the ISIS air force, the B52 announcement and then the Syrian jet downed by a stinger, might this be relevant????

      Syrian Fighter Jet Shot Down by US Stinger Missile – Military Source

      Read more: http://sputniknews.com/archive/#ixzz42zXmmVBA


      Interesting Russia in morocco now after the Algeria, Tunisia meet ups. Morocco just launched mega solar project as Western Sahara heating up.

      IS this what Carter meant when he said the Russians were goign to start to belled in Syria?


      New Libya op needs security council: Russia

      And with Sourh Africa declaring the US is backing regime change, PUTIN has overtly stated by order to FSB to make sure the Spring backers are shut down.


      So Russia consolidating position at home, leaving EW assets in Syria and considerable remote strike capabilities? And with the AWACS in the zone is Russia worried about the introduction of SAMs (Afghan lessons learned?????)

    2. Has Putin front run the planned NATO escalation - SAMs , Russian planes - into the Russia DUMA elections, by declaring partial victory under the Geneva discussions, hedging with assets in country and massive remote strike capabilities? Looks like to the Russians may be preempting another gold bomb

    3. "Russia smells something..." Yep I concur. What? Well the air/ground/sea are obviously uncertain now for NATO as freefire playzones. However the subsurface community is still one Kursk up. The Jimmy C came back very recently after a very,very short deployment, apparently for "repairs". So one wonders why we got to know that fact? What was it up to? Did it go hot? And what will be going off soon to take Russia's eye of the ball?

      If the ISIS mess off Kuwait before Christmas is anything to go by we might have insertion of "special" assets near Vladivostock I'd wager. Russia is going to get it no matter what they do and taking out 2000 Russian nationals(NATO terrorassets) may have made the US move up a long play.

      Any sudden mass movements of Chabbaddees out of a major Russian city this past week?

      The down side is that USofA is going to get it as well. US foreign policy has been played expertly with that outcome in mind. Why everyone thinks it is a mess is beyond me. From Bush 2000 to date it has been something even Bismarck would have admired.

    4. Yes, I see the news about the stinger


      at the above link as well

      And I did read that there are soon to be elections

      AnonymousMarch 15, 2016 at 10:27 AM

      Has Putin front run the planned NATO escalation - SAMs , Russian planes - into the Russia DUMA elections, by declaring partial victory under the Geneva discussions, hedging with assets in country and massive remote strike capabilities?

      That seems the most likely scenario from my understanding. It looks to be a win/win scenario from a Russian point of view- I believe they are still striking targets and I've written about the remote capabilities previously

      But not sure about the gold bomb?

    5. Incoming!!!!!!

      "US foreign policy has been played expertly with that outcome in mind. Why everyone thinks it is a mess is beyond me"

      Yah, I'm one of those people that doesn't believe this is a mess. Though I read lots of that nonsense around- Looks well played to me also

    6. Gold bomb relating to the alleged ISIS metrojet downing no relation to the reserves


      As for the subsurface the Russian called snap exercises last week to match the NATO deployments in eastern med including black sea Varshavyanka-class?


      IFX: Russian Navy reinforces group of ships in Mediterranean - Defense 09MAR16

      also days ago
      Upgraded Kuzbass nuclear sub to join Pacific Fleet in March - Russian Defense Ministry

      Few interesting things

      late last year the Russians deployed a Sub to the far east which announced a delay in arriving owing to alleged weather conditions.

      TASS last September:
      Russian Sub Alexander Nevsky en Route to Kamchatka Base. its arrival was postponed due to complex weather and ice conditions and a number of other reasons. Another Borei-class submarine, Vladimir Monomakh, is scheduled to arrive in Kamchatka late this year or early next, depending on weather
      USS Miami


      More important may be the Russian prediction over a year ago of a Tsunami in the far east. predict Tsunamis?

      The leaks about the explosive laden UUV around Nord stream late 2015 followed shortly thereafter by the Russian UUV leak on point.

      A Week ago Russians deployed antiaircraft silos around Moscow.

      And days ago China information exchange

      IFX: Commander-in-chief of Russian Navy Chirkov leaves military service for health reasons - Russian Defense Ministry

      US policy: it depends on whether one views action or inaction as strategic dominance

    7. Hi Penny. I know history never repeats itself but we have to recognise that the perps have very limited horizons so they only have a finite number of plays for team evil and the crims to get their small minds around.Creative they are not!

      So just to move our eyes over to the, never blockaded or trade sanctioned, head chopping stone age HQ of evildom. Have you caught a whiff of false narrative about them getting their asses kicked in Yemen? It all smells very 1940 Finnish Winter War to me. The stoneagers are putting together an integrative, with UK assistance just like 1930-50 in USSR, weapon system from across the Wahabii satellites and it is currently parked across the Irag/Syria border.

      Just as NATO goes belly up the WahabbiPac has turned up.

      I'd be most interested in your take on that.

    8. Incoming!!!
      this is the first I've heard of this scenario!
      or these satellites?

      can you leave some links or point me to the right direction?
      much appreciated.

  3. I amazed that the evil lord of darkness is warning anyone but then again black ops do best when everyone is afraid.