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Vladimir Putin, Godfather of Kurdistan? Not a Parent of Kurdistan?

Brief but necessary ramblings:
Russia has sold Syria’s sovereignty down the river. As the US long did.
Both the US and Russia claim Syrian sovereignty is non negotiable. Both are lying. Would everyone feel better if I said- misleading?  Russia jumped into the Syrian fracas to block a split, a complete split, or a balkanization.  Pushing for some type of federated Syria instead of the US fracture. Speaking for myself, I wanted Syria to remain the nation that stole my heart. But, pretty much figured Russia was not going to save Syria in the way I’d hoped.

We’re still looking at competing  ideologies when it comes to Syria-
Total balkanization vs some kind of loose federation.
Much was made about Kerry and his plan B talk. Kerry’s plan B, or some version of it,  was mentioned by Putin in his speech- I quoted and highlighted what he said in this post
  Putin: “Russian and American troops will jointly delineate the territories where these groups are active”

Delineate  to trace the outline of; sketch or trace in outline; represent pictorially:outline or define. Is Syria being divided up? Putin's statement certainly suggests that.
Putin told everyone there is a plan to delineate Syria- He said it himself. Kerry’s plan B is a partition. The devil may be in the details. The details are yet to come. But, as I've stated already it seems Putin is talking provinces or states under a central government- Kerry is advocating  multiple separate states each with their own government.



Russia has certainly got some sort of agreement or cooperation with the YPG/PKK.  However, it is not as broad, expansive or all encompassing as the deal with the US and Israel. Perhaps, it’s a ‘foot in the door’?  That said Russia has to walk a fine line with the PKK terrorists because Russia has good relations with Iran. I don’t think they would wish to jeopardize that beneficial partnership.

And Iran does have a problem with the Kurdish terror crowd. We’ll certainly be hearing more about that in the near future. When Khorosan or an affiliate of Khorosan rears it’s terrorist head. Yup, Khorasan. It will happen. Of that, you can be sure.

Background gotten through, I’m going to post sections of a rather large article from:
 “The National Interest” Vladimir Putin, Godfather of Kurdistan?  Worth reading entirely

“Meanwhile, inside Syria, the PYD’s armed wing has been using Russian arms and Russian air support to aggressively expand the amount of territory it controls along the Syrian-Turkish border. Ankara is alarmed, and rightly so. Despite possessing its own acronym, the PYD is a subsidiary of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (Partiya Karkeren Kurdistane), or PKK, which is currently intensifying the insurgency it is waging in Turkey’s southeast. There, PKK activists have declared Kurdish self-rule and PKK fighters are holing up in cities, digging trenches and taking on Turkish security forces with everything from snipers and rocket propelled grenades to improvised explosive devices”
I’m not sure about the “Russian arms’ claim- Every Kalashnikov is not necessarily a Russian made arm. I will agree with the use of Russian air cover- Happenstance or not, the PKK terrorists are benefiting from those airstrikes
“Erdogan has declared his determination to crush the PKK, but no one should hold their breath: the Turkish Republic has been trying to vanquish the PKK for over three decades. Yet the PKK has perhaps never been so robust and well positioned, militarily and diplomatically, as it is now. Exploiting the collapse of central state control in Iraq and Syria, the PKK built its headquarters in the secure Qandil Mountains of northern Iraq a decade and a half ago. More recently, it established, via the PYD, the de facto autonomous governorate of Rojava in northern Syria. Now it is again waging a burgeoning insurgency inside Turkey’s southeast”

My, my, my doesn't the PKK sound just like ISIS? Exploiting the collapse of the central government in Iraq and Syria?? The PKK is very robust present day because it’s supported by NATO. And has been for some time in my opinion. Long used to keep Turkey off balance and in line. Enriched with money from drug smuggling and extortion. The PKK has what it takes to push forward, on the ground, the US/Israeli agenda of remaking the ME. And that includes ending the ceasefire with Turkey and pushing forward it's insurgency inside Turkey.
“Perhaps most significant is that the PKK’s contribution to the fight against ISIS has won it unprecedented international legitimacy. Whereas in 1997 Washington formally declared the PKK a terrorist organization, and was followed in this designation by the European Parliament, today, U.S. Special Forces are training and arming the PPK’s subsidiary inside Syria. Washington justifies such collaboration with the fiction that the PYD is separate from the PKK, but efforts are under way in both the United States and Europe to remove the terrorist label. If those efforts succeed, they will yield a major boon to the PKK.”

Blah, blah, fight against ISIS- Theatre. Bad theatre. Here is the most important part.  The destruction of Iraq and Syria. The utter betrayal of a long standing NATO ally, Turkey. Goes to show their is no allegiance (loyalty) in NATO.  To create Kurdistan/2nd Israel,  the newest NATO terror state ala Israel & Kosovo- You have to legitimize your terrorists. And you do that with a rebrand and a new PR campaign.  

Hope you read that above, cause, I’m repeating it below so it sinks in.

“Washington justifies such collaboration with the fiction that the PYD is separate from the PKK, but efforts are under way in both the United States and Europe to remove the terrorist label. If those efforts succeed, they will yield a major boon to the PKK.”

That’s right the PKK will be terrorists no more- It’s as simple as rebranding the product.
Related:  Patrick Cockburn: Connects PYD to PKK

-I’ve talked about the USSR and their Kurdish relationship previously- It was mentioned in a PDF I had linked here way back: The Kurdish Minority Problem:
We can see a bit of history repeating when we browse that document and read this NI article in full though the article doesn’t deliver any real proof of Russian/ Kurdish collusion, though I think it does exist, present day.

I also come away with the idea that the TNI piece is written to take the heat off of the US in it’s collusion with the PKK. That's definitely one idea I take away from reading it.  TNI  mentions the ideology of Ocalan, but states clearly the PKK was NOT a Soviet creation. I do not believe the PKK was a Soviet creation, myself.  I see it along the lines of the Red Brigades in Italy- Created to mislead, while terrorizing the populace.

-The Red Brigades was also supposed to be a leftist marxist organization. The PKK originates around the same time frame (1970 for RB, 1978 for PKK)  and has the same flavour to it. The Red Brigades kept Italy and Italians terrorized. Even killing a Prime Minister. The PKK kept Turkey and Turks in line and terrorized. Possibly killing a Prime Minister? Who knows?
“A young Turkish Kurd named Abdullah Öcalan founded it in 1978, during the heyday of Soviet-backed national liberation movements. Although the PKK was not a Soviet creation, as its name indicated it was certainly in the Soviet ideological camp” 

Hyping the communist threat was something the CIA was very good at- It was very self serving for them to do so. Keeping that in mind. Let’s get back to the article from TNI

This is not to suggest that a Russian push for Kurdish statehood is imminent. Self-interest has guided both sides in the Russian-Kurdish relationship. Moscow’s priority in Syria is to save Bashar al-Assad’s regime, and although Assad is now willing to recognize wide autonomy for Syria’s Kurds, he has not yet signaled a readiness to accept the secession of Rojava from Syria and the redrawing of Syria’s borders. Another brake on any rush to recognize a fully sovereign Kurdish state would be Iranian opposition. Iran is an essential partner for Russia in Syria. It is only thanks to Iran’s far larger military commitment to the Assad regime that Russia’s effort to prop up Assad can succeed. Iran faces its own violent Kurdish insurgency, one led by another PKK subsidiary, PJAK, and has no desire to see an independent Kurdistan. Indeed, prior to the outbreak of the Syrian civil war Turkish-Iranian relations were amicable, thanks in large part to a common animus toward the PKK and PJAK”

I don’t hold the opinion a Russian push for Kurdish statehood is imminent or realistic.
I do believe a US/Israel push for Kurdish statehood is on. The highlighted sentence implies the difference between Russian and US ideas for Syria.

“Still, the proven ability of the PKK over the course of more than three decades not merely to defy efforts by Turkey and others to suppress it, but to emerge as a regional player, guarantees that the question of Kurdish self-determination will remain high on the regional agenda. Whether or not the PKK’s ascent is a good thing for Kurds is not as clear as it might appear. The PKK is a supremely disciplined and hierarchical organization, and is neither liberal nor democratic. It does not command anywhere near unanimous support even among Turkey’s Kurds, and it poses a mortal threat to the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, with which it has irreconcilable visions of the Kurds’ future”
Success in achieving self-determination rarely comes without assistance from an outside power.
And admission by TNI that there was lots and lots of assistance from an outside power for the PKK- I've already made very clear to readers here where I see that assistance emanating from. The PKK have had help aplenty from outside powers- Keep in mind this article’ headline is Vladimir Putin- GODFATHER to the Kurdish State- That should immediately tell you some other entities will have to give birth to the Kurdish state first- The parents would be the US and Israel.

The last two paragraphs of the article below:

“Russia’s Kurdish play should also shake up Washington. American policymakers’ willful misreading of Russian interests and persistent underestimation of Russian capabilities has allowed Russia to successfully blindside U.S. policymakers in Georgia, Ukraine and now Syria.

 It is no secret that Putin seeks the disruption of American alliances and aspires to weaken the NATO alliance. American partnership with the PYD has introduced severe tension into relations with Turkey. There is no mystery why. The PYD’s parent organization is seeking through violence to change the political order in Turkey, and the PYD’s success in Syria will aid the PKK immeasurably. The war with the PKK has claimed an estimated forty thousand lives over the past three decades, and it will claim more. There has been considerable angst in Turkey that U.S.-supplied arms will be employed not against ISIS but against targets inside Turkey, whether civilian or military. Brett McGurk’s visit in February to PYD-controlled territory in Syria prompted Erdogan to ask angrily and openly whether the United States was on Turkey’s side or that of the PYD. Many Americans, of course, have posed precisely the same question about Turkey’s past policy toward ISIS.(Turkey’s policy toward ISIS- lol- Official narrative gibberish)
Brett McGurk's visit covered in this post:  US Envoy/NATO visit to Annexed Syria- Turkey under fire- PKK warns Barzani....

Brett McGurk, the United States' new envoy to the coalition it leads against Islamic State, speaks to reporters during a news conference at the U.S. embassy in the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, Iraq, December 9, 2015. REUTERS/Thaier Al-Sudani

These are signs of a painfully fragile relationship. Among other lessons, what Americans needs to take away from Russia’s Kurdish play is that they are not the only game in town, and that their leverage over the Kurds is limited. The Kurds have options, and in Russia, the PYD and PKK see a patron with extensive experience—and without the best interests of the United States at heart”
No Russian role was every necessary. No Russian role needed. - So I find these last two paragraphs a bit melodramatic. America partnered with the PKK  knowing full well it would cause trouble with Turkey. And they wanted that trouble. Russia stepped in late in the game to get their piece of the pie. To maintain some influence in that neck of the woods- I have long written that the US is destabilizing Turkey with an eye to balkanization. That view was voiced here long before many others who are now talking about Erdogan being overthrown started making their rounds. 

Originating theory posts: 

That's pretty much how I'm seeing this situation, at this time- Thanks for reading 


  1. So, now I get why the PYD PKK connection is being outed by msm- publicly acknowledged.

    The US and Europe are going to rebrand the PKK terror group as freedom fighters- and launch a new sales campaign
    Turkey will have a "civil war", same as Syria
    You gotta love spin- The PKK terror, murder, drug running and extortion will give way to these absurd Ocalan ramblings, alleged ramblings, resembling John Lennon's imagine- it's all perception management all the time

  2. hi Penny. If you have a chance please check out my article today. its about exactly what you are writing here. A fake peace group is pushing regime change propaganda for Turkey, essentially blaming Erdogan for the entire 5 year CIA/NATO operation in Syria and it ends with praise of the glorious Kurds. They are now going all out. I would love for someone like yourself to take apart his Sunsteinesque cognitive infiltration effort. I did the best I could, but I am still very sick. please have a look if you can.


  3. Hi Scott: I will gladly take a look at that, then write a response or something here at the blog- I've been trying to solve my issue of not being able to comment at word press blogs, or comment but not leave links, whatever- I probably need to do some browser update or some such stuff like that, just not sure what to do-
    I will take the proper time to read and write later- but briefly I went to read and yes, it appears to be a unified, planned effort to prep the masses for the destruction of Turkey- That thought has been rolling around my head for the last week or so
    thanks for the link

  4. I appreciate it. I also notified Storm Clouds Gathering how his work was used to push regime change over on his Youtube page for the video Ernesto hijacked for his purposes. Hopefully he will watch how it was used and disavow Chris's conclusions. we'll see.

  5. Putin's, and therefore Russia's, actions which, as you state, sells Syrian sovereignty out, down the river, proves a point I've argued at the saker site prior to my finding this one, on numerous occassions. That being Russia like the US/NATO gang serve their own interests first and foremost. I was attacked for not being rah! rah! Russia enough. All else is secondary. They may hold, and I stress may, hold a higher moral ground, however three issues are most important to them. First, opposing and preventing the installation of puppet government subserviant to empire. Second, maintaining control of its base on the Mediterranean and Third, elimination of as many of the takfiri groups as possible as well as their members who in the future potentially could become an internal threat. It seems the best interests of Syria and the Syrian people are a secondary consideration at best. Ruthless are the major players. As ruthless as the others.

    1. Hi Charles: I have to make a call on what Putin himself said- And he did state that Syria was going to be delineated

      Putin: “Russian and American troops will jointly delineate the territories where these groups are active”

      Those are his exact words- I don't know how else to take what he said? It's pretty clear to me- he is saying lines will be drawn

      Then put that together with

      "Assad is now willing to recognize wide autonomy for Syria’s Kurds, he has not yet signaled a readiness to accept the secession of Rojava from Syria and the redrawing of Syria’s borders"

      That reads as a statement of fact- So it would seem Russia is pushing for some type of loose federation as opposed to balkanization.

      "That being Russia like the US/NATO gang serve their own interests first and foremost. I was attacked for not being rah! rah! Russia enough

      It's quite obvious that Russia will serve it's interests first and foremost. People should stop looking for heroes and face a bit of reality
      It's too bad you were chastised for not cheering enough :(

      Charles: First, opposing and preventing the installation of puppet government subserviant to empire. Second, maintaining control of its base on the Mediterranean and Third, elimination of as many of the takfiri groups as possible as well as their members who in the future potentially could become an internal threat.

      I agree with you, wholeheartedly- This is exactly why Russia would intervene. Plus they have agreements with Syria for eastern Mediterranean gas rights- I've covered that previously here- these are where their interests and Syria's co-mingle or align so this is where Russia would direct it's energies.

      Yes, all the major players are ruthless- And so are some of the middling players

    2. My comments were not meant to disagree in any way. I was simply getting across that Putin/Russia's interests are primary. If those are best served by "a loose federation" in their minds then that policy will take precidence.

    3. Don't worry Charles :)

      I didn't think you were disagreeing I was just explaining aloud, the lines I was thinking along.

      Besides I agree with much of what you said, as stated.

      I'm behind today on all the other comments though- not a good day today!

  6. I feel that Russia and Putin were given to much credit to start with. What did they do for Libya? Nothing. What did they do to stop the US from illegally bombing and destroying Iraq? Nothing. Afghanistan this time around? Nothing. Sudan? Somalia? How about Yugoslavia for that matter? How about the return to colonization of the whole of Africa?

    I think in Syria it was different because so much depends on the Greater Kurdistan project so they had to get involved and because world opinion was so dead set against what Washington was doing, it was a clear and present opportunity to win a hearts and minds battle, albeit a small one.

    But in the end, I think the game of brinksmanship with the kinds of terrorists who hire terrorists was eventually stalemated. Putin knew we were already reporting "missing nuclear material" in the press and thus, he knew the next stage we (CIA) would sink to in order to get what they wanted. So, they then open negotiations with Syrian Kurdistan and set in place a plan to keep part of Syria as Syria and make the best deals they can in the short term with Greater Kurdistan, which does include, of course, regime change in Turkey and the creation of Turkish Kurdistan as part of the package. Maybe they call that a draw. Maybe they still get their pipeline deal done through that part of Syria only having to deal with the Barzani clan instead of the Syrian people.

    Is that better than allowing the US to use dirty weapons of mass destruction on the Syrian people and then using that false flag to bomb all of Syria back into the stone ages? I don't know. But I do know, most real Syrians have already been driven out of that region by the Kurds/ISIS and they would never get it back... kind of like the Palestinians.

    But is Russia the hero here? No. The day they cut deals with al Sisi to give him weapons to use on his own people to stay in power is the day I knew Putin was no hero no matter how many pics there are of him on a horse.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. brian: Read the posted information and make a relevant comment- Read the post and all links- then join in the discussion

  7. That Russia will sell or already has sold Syria is no brainier, for those who "knows" Russia FP. They had sold Iraq, Libya, Iran they voted in the UN SC against the Huti again.

    For long time I have suspected that this will going to happen. Many people are still living in illusion that Russia is SU, although SU was pretty much impotent in world affairs. Russia after counter-revolution and restaruration of capitalism, nation-state and (neo) liberalism is just mirror of its "partners", as the Russian's officials like to call them, from the West. It is still not fully fledged imperialist power due weak economy but an expansionism is visibly present as well as their version of "exceptionalism".

    What I can gather the whole thing so-called "federalization" of Syria is modeled after the Bosnian one, i.e. Dayton Agreement. Even the current lines of confrontation inside Syria are similar to the Bosnians. Such constitutional framework means only one thing, if happen, Syria will be no longer "normal" country. Bosnia is definitely not normal country and that model unknown is the theories of the state and the law. But is it not by accident, who benefits? Global Fascists aka capitalism.

    1. Pretty sure I've posted information about the Dayton Agreement here?
      From what little I understand of the Dayton Agreement it's a freakin' nightmare- An agreement that virtually guarantees future conflict- Almost as if it was done to guarantee strife when properly encouraged, let's put it that way

  8. Read this, quite shocking and quite humiliation for Assad.

    "Churkin: Don’t assign too much importance to Assad's words"


    1. Did Putin say that ? No so ignore Churkin

    2. brian, again, no one attributed this to Putin
      Churkin made the statement- you're the only one bringing up Putin- what's the point?

  9. FYI : Putin not president in 2011: EU oriented Medvedev was
    Putin didn't sell out Libya and opposed the UNSC res 1973

    1. brian: read what is written, no one stated Putin sold out Libya

      " Russia will sell or already has sold Syria is no brainier, for those who "knows" Russia FP. They had sold Iraq, Libya"

      The statement was clear, russia was cited.
      Hone up on your reading skills

    2. "FYI : Putin not president in 2011: EU oriented Medvedev was Putin didn't sell out Libya and opposed the UNSC res 1973"

      Umm...I guess you consider yourself "well informed", do you? This is from National Interest article " Russia, as a diplomatically experienced country..." now you want me to believe that Medvedev alone acted and had made such decision?

      I remember the day when at the Libyan embassy in Moscow was raised new Libyan flag, and when Qaddafi asked for help from Moscow but it was not coming, just silence. Deal behind closed door? Just week or two ago Russia voted for embargo on weapons on Yemeni's Huti, they did the same thing to Iran couple times. Russia was member of so-called Contact Group when Dayton Agreement was made etc.

      If there were no Iran, I believe, Syria today would be like Libya today.

  10. I'll respond to everyone else tomorrow, thanks for the thoughtful comments
    Sadly, I have to address brian's disruptive behaviour.

  11. I made what I believed were some relevant comments concerning Putin and Russia's actions in Syria. In todays world nations being targeted for destruction, nations that have had war declared upon them, such as Russia, China and Iran, by empire must consider their own interests first. These, whether you like it or not, are upper echelon players. Do not believe they are not fully aware of empire's ultimate goals. In light of that I believe some are being a bit harsh in their analysis of Putin and Russia. Whose eyes are not wide shut by any means. It would take more time and space than I feel is acceptable to elaborate my reasons. As for dirty weapons and bombing Syria back into the stone ages, have you looked at film or photographs of towns, cities and other infrastructure there recently. It appears the task is mostly accomplished already. You also place blame for other events on Putin. Bosnia, when did events I believe being referenced occur there? Instead of making a list, I'll simply state many things mentioned were inherited and not created. You must also take into account the actual conditions in Russia after the dissolution of the USSR. The extent to which the west had captured the government and its financial institutions. The battle against the Atlanticist factions and western finance is still being waged. A phrase I live by is "know your history". Everyone should.

  12. Charles +100

    The latest row in Egypt involving an Italian student [emphasis] looks very interesting. First the Sisi rumors, then the speech, then the China drop in - eg note the latest Petrobras loans - then the ISIS libya leaks, then the US spec op deployments , French deployments and within past few days we have UK troops deploying to Tunisia. Also German troops deploying to Tunisia in wake of Kasserine - no symbolism there of course.

    Russia FM shows up in Algeria this week. Coincidence, just like the float of the S400 over the summer deployed in Algeria. The constitutional reforms and the strange case of the infirm president shuttling back and forth to France only raises the stakes. Algeria is the target. Now UK troops bumping up on the Tunisia Algeria border after the strange incident of Moroccans arrested trying to transit Algeria weeks ago?

    Italy agrees reluctantly to defensive drone hits in Libya out of Sicily as Renzi appears to be facing the same quandary as Berlusconi with the Bond markets and ratings agencies. Why is Renzi so conserned about keeping the borders open? Could it be he is front running the next logistical move of refugees coming out of North Africa with the Balkan route now being shut down? Italy has a problem and that Eni field find in Egypt didn't help matters.

    While Syria is drawing attention the action is ramping up in North Africa, including the Russian warnings on airstrikes that just killed some Serbians -emphasis.

    The Russian position on the Kurds seems a lot more nuanced than the a kind of black and white bellingcat meme. One must consider the US moves on Khazak (Eurasia), Armenia, Kyrgz, Turkmenistan (ISIS afghan) and the Crimea / Georgia / Caspian / Black Sea and critically next gen warfare (space UUVs) altogether when considering how Russia is approaching the delicate issue of the Kurds/MENA more broadly (even Iran pipes to Europe while pushing engagement). It would seem that the comments by Alistar Cooke are particularly relevant here and about as close to the truthiness of what is occurring in Mosul as it is going to get.

    “It would be very important if the non-American, the non-Turkish forces can take both Raqqa and Mosul. It will end the idea of creating a wedge in the Middle East of a Sunni state that is under the influence of Turkey and Saudi Arabia and acts as block between Iran and the Mediterranean and between Iran and Syria,” he explained. The former MI6 agent also pointed out that, interestingly enough, those who are fighting in Syria, are, in fact, different US-backed groups fighting each other"

    On its face it would not appear that the Russians have a medium term interest in a greater Kurdistan bumping up on their southern flank/Black Sea/Caspian. However as Charles points out the Russians have a national interest rather than friends to parrot thatcher. And while Syria and its exclusive offshore rights are part of that interest the Russians are seeing action in Europe (NATO), Ukraine escalation as rejection of sanctions rollover stretches from Canada to Japan, South Korea, Arctic, Eurasia, Afghanistan, Pakistan into SCO expansion, the India relationship under assault, the Balkans and other hybrid elements touching aerospace.

    1. Charles: "You must also take into account the actual conditions in Russia after the dissolution of the USSR. "

      Seems Correct. And the delicate balance between the legacy oligarchs and the nationalistic clawbacks undertaken under Putin including the more offensive moves on internal SWIFT, the declarations about BRICS getting off the commodity standard, the joint science projects and China energy clearing (possible pipes through NORTH KOREA after the Russian waived the debt into US pressing crushing sanctions and SCS escalation).

      Russia it appears is playing a different game. If you look close enough at the FX (petro recycling/ED$) markets, it is painfully obvious. Whether that regime is successful it is too early to tell. The Vitriol against Putin who will come and go is misdirected when considering the Russian horizon. The single most important development in Russia may not be kalibr or iskander, but the aggressive move on GMO - Green corridor with Iran - and Putin emphasis on import substitution and the growth of technology which is evident in satellite chip builds and the in-sourcing of the aerospace supply china (like the pledges to fully supply the Superjet and the move into the wide-body market). Nobody forgets the tragic Indonesia crash on pilot error.

      One might see the latest glimmer of this in the ratings actions in South Africa, China and Brazil.

      The Kurds are a footnote, albeit an important one, in the Russian strategy. Or so it would seem.

      As an aside Erdogan spending a lot of time out of the country in LATAM and AFRICA into the growing coming revolution calls. Maybe he met with the Patriarch to discuss the religious wars , redemption and his courage....

    2. Finally there is the latest conflagration in Lebanon after the "Saudi" canceled the deal, blast Hezbollah and the TOW leaks. The massive rush to dump arms into Lebanon the past few years TOWS included beg the question: Why are elements inside Saudi so disillusioned with the Lebanon army?

      Lebanon is being maneuvered and the shadow bombings in the wake of Paris seemed like the kickoff. Was the Lebanese army unwilling to play ball with the elements inside Saudi TOWing outside lines?

    3. Putin warned days before this happened of the instability heading into elections

      TASS: Putin warns of response in case of foreign intervention in Russia's elections


      Nanny at Moscow court claims 'Allah ordered' child beheading - Daily Star

      Textile fire?
      Of the three children who died, one was a small baby, he said.



      Russian opposition pays respects to slain Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov.US ambassador John Tefft was among those who came to pay respects, laying a wreath with a ribbon saying “From the American people”.

      Refugees Putin's fault

      Full throttle

    4. it also shouldn't be lost the Federalization plan and the Kissinger drop in to Moscow. Kissinger has taken a much more nuanced view of the role of Russia in the world. He has advocated partition in Syria from the start. And he has advocated the US pull back in Ukraine. His drop in with Zemin however don't bode well for Russia (that aside)

      Predictable as Syriasn move on Raqqa: US ramping up operations in Iraq after the Iraqis rejected more US forces in Ramadi

    5. Hello Anonymous and Charles:

      you both left very good responses and anonymous & charles you seem on the same page when you both seem to say this is not a simple black vs white situation- like the Russia good
      Or Russia the bad
      it's not like that at all
      anonymous you've made interesting points wrt Italy and their role in the next refugee push- I will be watching that situation

      Here in Canada we have taken more then 25,000 refugees and are set to take another 15,000 more
      All taxpayer funded and a nation that has very high unemployment and high youth unemployment- lots of poverty of our born here citizens- it almost fells like our government is intentionally setting up this nation for conflict- I resent this fact a great deal- but, what else to expect from all the corrupt governments- yeesh!

  13. Looks muddy over here. This is why I rarely comment anywhere, in fact, this is about the only place I ever do other than Twitter where I can block trolls :D

    That said, I check Tass during cig and coffee breaks
    This was there, and at the bottom of that is a link from Dec OpEd on Kurds / Syria / Russia Russia supports Kurds who fight against terrorist Islamic State in Syria that may glean more on their stand. ??

    Russia has a big thing about their own sovereignty and territory and is well aware their resources look increasingly good to other powers. Cameron even recently said Russia frontier should be up for grabs ( or words to that effect ) and everyone knows about World Island plans.

    For some reason I can't see them supporting any break up of Syria as it would contradict their very Strong Stance.
    More later, maybe if time

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. For some reason I can't see them supporting any break up of Syria as it would contradict their very Strong Stance

      Russia isn't pushing a break up- but, they have likely agreed to a federation of some type- They don't really have a choice in the matter- This may be the lesser of evils type of deal. Russia can't take on the NATO nations- they can only chip away at their control

      Russia has a big thing about their own sovereignty and territory and is well aware their resources look increasingly good to other powers.

      Yup, and that would be the place they would direct the bulk of their energies- to their own sovereignty and resources

    3. Penny,

      Good. we are on the same page on that score. I too fell in love w/ Syria way back when this all started. Before people left and the horrors of Aleppo, I have several twitter contacts with the most wonderful friendly and Intelligent people I've ever met online.

      I gathered so many pictures they shared w/ me, and one of the downsides of the old computer fail w/ all info, was the loss of those pics, probably forever.
      Aleppo was a beautiful wonderland and the neighborhoods had iron balconies with flowing flowers hanging down.
      The French influence architecturally was evident.

      100% agree on Russia's choices At the end of the day they have to protect Russia first and the Baltics are being primed just like Ukraine was, along w/ Siberia and Caucasus countries ++
      They know they need, and are planning on a multi directional assault IMO

      Turkey has to be taken out somehow. or weakened. Syria, Iran Lebanon will never survive w/ Turkey at their rear and the usual suspects from the front / south .
      Possibly ( but low probability ) is that Kurds are using support from other factions and Russia / Syria has aligned w/ them for the bigger picture.. even a chunk of Turkey ??

      Here, just getting ready to read this and bring it by here. Turkey Deconstruct May Be Academic
      may not be relevant at all, but it fit into the conversation on this thread.

      Some bright minds commenting here of late. Hope to have time this evening to read some of those.

    4. I had an article here, last year on the breaking apart of Turkey from, I believe, Brookings
      Nope, AEI,
      August 29/2015