Friday, March 4, 2016

Yes, Willy Loman, It’s about Blamin’ & Framin’ Turkey & Saudi Arabia

And it has been for a good long while now.

Got this message from Willy Loman:link to post and video from fake peace group
hi Penny. If you have a chance please check out my article today. its about exactly what you are writing here. A fake peace group is pushing regime change propaganda for Turkey, essentially blaming Erdogan for the entire 5 year CIA/NATO operation in Syria and it ends with praise of the glorious Kurds. They are now going all out. I would love for someone like yourself to take apart his Sunsteinesque cognitive infiltration effort. I did the best I could, but I am still very sick. please have a look if you can.
I started to write a comment in the previous thread, but, it didn’t do justice to the topic.
Plus I inadvertently lost it! Then thought, to properly respond, I was going to need a post. 

Why doesn’t it surprise me that some “peace group” was promoting regime change for Turkey?

I guess the garnering of public support at the “grassroots level” had to begin sometime, somewhere- Scott caught one of these groups in action. I’m sure there are other groups in other places pushing the same nonsense. Blaming Erdogan?  It’s a fashionable thing to do.  Lots of fashion victims around. Especially when a bigger agenda is at play.  Turkey, the nation we know today, simply has to be gotten rid of. Because wrongs have to be righted and other such stupidity that will only lead to massive death, destruction and displacement.
Loved the little clip of Joe Biden in that documentary! The problem in the region is our allies- Yup, it was them that wanted Assad gone- Not the little old USA.... Oh, no the US is all about peace, sunshine, rainbows and ponies..... Let’s blame Turkey and Saudi Arabia. And that’s exactly what Biden did! Never you mind about all the weapons the CIA was distributing at the border- Irrelevant! And those weapons that the US was shipping out of Libya? Right out of the Consulate in Benghazi? The US covered their tracks, in that instance, resulting in the death of Christopher Stevens. Good thing he was gay, because it gave the PR machine lots of opportunity to play the weaponized homosexual card while demonizing Libya, while covering up the weapons smuggling and oil deals. Yup, when life gives you lemons, you make lots and lots of lemonade. Mr Biden must have forgotten all about that. He hopes you have. But, I haven’t. And you shouldn’t either

There were a whole host of posts done on this episode-
Libya, Weapons Benghazi etc., If you want to reread or read for the first time:
I'll quote on necessary paragraph to move this post along:
“We know the IHH is involved in arms shipments and arming mercenaries. We can connect the IHH to Benghazi and the destabilization of Libya via Turkey. We can connect the deceased Ambassador to weapons shipments, therefore we can most probably connect him to the IHH.  We can connect the IHH to Syria and the arming of the rebels via Turkey by land, directly. And also with arms shipments brought to Syria from Libya. A simple reversal of the role this NGO played in the destabilization of Libya”
And your reading this and thinking wait a minute Penny, the IHH is a Turkish NGO! So that proves Turkey is bad! Having written about the IHH, on more then one occasion, it's apparent they're just another scummy NGO, registered in Turkey. Operating in varying locales, but, that group has nothing to do with Erdogan what so ever.

*The IHH is not specifically close to the Erdogan government, rather it is close to the Turkish state.
*The IHH was created prior to the Erdogan government. Under PM Süleyman Demirel
*The IHH, though supposedly a Turkish NGO, is more sensibly  affiliated with the global war machine, NATO as is the Turkish (deep) state.

I opened that post with this sentence

"The IHH office raid is highly suggestive to me that Erdogan is going to be shown the door."

The raid on the IHH office, like the raid on the consulate in Benghazi, were most probably done to clean up any evidence that linked the US or UK (NATO) to the arms shipments from Libya to Turkey. Evidence of their involvement in weapons smuggling etc., Underhanded oil deals. And more. Burned in a fire. Removed from a No Good Organization office that had been the conduit for NATO’s evil. And most certainly leaving Erdogan out in the cold- As I've suggested more then two years ago- Erdogan is being shown the door. This plan to blame and frame Turkey has been in action for some time now

But Joe Biden isn’t alone in the disinfo to blame and frame Turkey and Saudi Arabia

The documentary Will Loman was subjected to also mentions trash written by the granddaddy of gate keeping disinfo/half truth media- Sy Hersh! Yup, Sy Hersh. He, who, allegedly exposed the massacres in Vietnam perpetrated by the American soldiers, but, he really didn’t expose it all. He fed just enough information to the public to have them believe his version over reality. But his version was just more of the same sort of obfuscation/half truth/gate keeper stuff that Mr Hersh does very well
Preemptive Manhunting is the new name for assassination and, according to Hersh (quoting one of his usual anonymous sources)”

Sy Hersh and his anonymous sources- Most likely non existent, but, used to give some credibility to  the Sy Hersh narrative. A tidy story that’s cooked up to be spoon fed to you-
Here come’s the choochoo... Whoowhooo. Sy Hersh is good at spoon feeding drivel to the masses

I wrote an entire post on one of his splashy exposes- with the usual anonymous source

Sy Hersh: "Who Controls the Past Controls the Future......."

"None the less there are some interesting aspects about  this Hersh obfuscation/demonization. I find the article sets up the parameters for future spin. The expose appears, at least partially, to be a preparatory narrative for the blow back meme.  And likely the the non cooperation between agencies narrative can also be extracted from the piece"
It also contains, what I consider to be, the framing and blaming of a future nation to be destabilized- Saudi Arabia. And the further demonizing of Turkey. Same as we've witnessed by the likes of Mike Whitney and other alt media darlings.: Mike Whitney- Obfuscating for NATO, AGAIN! Turkey to 'annex' Syria?

Sy Hersh like Joe Biden, planting the seeds in your mind for the next two planned destabilizations- Since Turkey’s destabilization was well under way at the time I wrote “Who controls the Past, Controls the Future” I put more focus on Sy's obvious framing and blaming of Saudi Arabia, while still pointing out the lies concerning Turkey
“By then, the CIA had been conspiring for more than a year with allies in the UK, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to ship guns and goods – to be used for the overthrow of Assad – from Libya, via Turkey, into Syria. The new intelligence estimate singled out Turkey as a major impediment to Obama’s Syria policy”
You see Obama just wanted to arm the good guys, but, Turkey armed the bad guys- LOL
Total lie. I took the time to find the exact statement from the individual named by Hersh. Along with the necessary context.
Hersh “Flynn warned jihadis were in control of the opposition... and it was all Turkey’s fault.”
Except Flynn did NOT blame Turkey.
The rise of ISIS was a willfull US decision:
“General Flynn dismissed Al Jazeera’s supposition that the US administration “turned a blind eye” to the DIA’s analysis. Flynn believes the US government didn’t listen to his agency on purpose.

    “I think it was a decision. I think it was a willful decision,” the former DIA chief said”
The US wanted ISIS and all the bad guys to get the guns. And they did. Because the US made it possible for them to get those weapons using Turkey and Libya,  two of many conduits employed as the US led NATO war machine armed ISIS, Al Nusra etc

Quoting Hersh again:

Here's the blame Saudi Arabia part:
     In January 2014, despairing at the lack of progress, John Brennan, the director of the CIA, summoned American and Sunni Arab intelligence chiefs from throughout the Middle East to a secret meeting in Washington, with the aim of persuading Saudi Arabia to stop supporting extremist fighters in Syria. ‘The Saudis told us they were happy to listen,’ the JCS adviser said, ‘so everyone sat around in Washington to hear Brennan tell them that they had to get on board with the so-called moderates. His message was that if everyone in the region stopped supporting al-Nusra and Isis their ammunition and weapons would dry up, and the moderates would win out.’ Brennan’s message was ignored by the Saudis, the adviser said, who ‘went back home and increased their efforts with the extremists and asked us for more technical support. And we say OK, and so it turns out that we end up reinforcing the extremists.’
Just like Joe Biden- It’s Saudi Arabia’s fault. It’s Turkey’s fault. It's because of the Saudi's we ended up arming extremists- Boohoo.. see the blowback narrative being prepped?
Reinforcing a story line, on multiple levels, as you and I are prepped for the next moves
Joe Biden:“Our allies in the region were our largest problem in Syria,” he said, explaining that Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the UAE were “so determined to take down Assad,” that in a sense they started a “proxy Sunni-Shia war” by pouring “hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of tons of weapons” towards anyone who would fight against Assad.
“The outcome of such a policy now is more visible,” he said, as it turned out they supplied extremists from Al-Nusra Front and Al-Qaeda.
 According to Sy Hersh, Joe Biden, Mike Whitney and many other msm and alt media NATO mouthpieces Turkey and Saudi Arabia are ‘bad’. And they armed the bad guys. And they started this Sunni/Shia conflagration. Bad Turkey. Bad Saudi Arabia.  And of course the US is just the poor little victim in all of this. No mention of Israel, of course.

 Turkey is already under the gun- Saudi Arabia will be targeted on two fronts- One from Iraq- the other front is already active- It’s Yemen.

Both countries are so very bad.  Their America's biggest problem in the region.  Joe Biden plaintively states. Sy Hersh writes all about America's woes in dealing with their next targets. And grass roots 'peace' activists are making meme pushing, perception managing ,documentaries about the bad boy in the region.

Turkey has already moved from ally to enemy- Saudi Arabia has joined the naughty list.

So, yes Willy Loman it is all about framin' and blamin' these two nations for years and years of CIA/NATO interference and intentional destabilization.

I relinked this post earlier today:

Repost: Is Turkey Heading to Partition?

  "It may take a decade, but it is time to begin the countdown to the partition of Turkey. The Kurds will have their state, and its capital will ultimately be Diyarbakir, not Erbil.'

Willy Loman: That's where you and I differ on the Kurdish State. It won't be a Barzanistan.
Barzani will be gone. He has no place in the PKK/2nd Israel/NATO's Southern Front.

PKK Challenges Barazani in Iraq- One ring to rule them all?

I had one more quotation for Willy- Couldn't find it last night regarding the one ring to rule the all PKK vs Barazani:

“The PKK is a supremely disciplined and hierarchical organization, and is neither liberal nor democratic. It does not command anywhere near unanimous support even among Turkey’s Kurds, and it poses a mortal threat to the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, with which it has irreconcilable visions of the Kurds’ future”
That quote is from the National Interest article featured in this post;

Vladimir Putin, Godfather of Kurdistan? Not a Parent of Kurdistan?


  1. Hi Penny. Thanks for the reply. We've been covering this project for a while and it certainly seems they are now finally ready for their product roll-out. I posted a few paragraphs of this on my blog and link back here. Thanks again. You've done a lot of work on this issue and deserve credit for it while so few will do the same and so many fake alternative sites are openly calling for YET ANOTHER regime change operation.

    1. Hi willy: Indeed we have been covering the destruction of Syria, the destabilization of Turkey with an eye to the creation of Kurdistan aka 2nd Israel aka NATO terror state for a long time.

      Thanks for posting at your place, much appreciated.:)

      I included the flashback to Libya, because, I needed to have some background here, that would enable readers to realize this was all connected to what is ongoing at this time. And it's been a plan in motion for a while now.

      I said it somewhere here at the blog, the seeds for the next destabilization are apparent in the activities of it's predecessor.

      The Libyan weapons shipments to Syria,
      The presence of the IHH and all those fighters at Turkey's border- You just knew that was going to turn into a problem.

      The interesting thing about the IHH- and there is lots of interesting stuff about that NGO
      They set up all the refugee encampments at the Turkey/Syria border- Those refugee camps were the housing for fighters that the NATO/CIA brought in from Libya and Tunisia. I imagine some of the PKK was housed there also

      There was a fellow on the Mavi Marmara, Israel stormed the ships, they let him go- he reappeared leading fighters in the take down of Libya and Syria both- I believe he now holds political office in Libya. The IHH was the only NGO allowed into the refugee camps, freely- Why?

      No media was allowed into the camps- they were hidden from sight:

      "As dmodusoperundi pointed out after the UN/ Angelina Jolie freak show the IHH was the ONLY, the sole, NGO allowed into the so called Syrian refugee camps in Turkey"

      "But, it's the next part that's more bothersome. The entire fenced perimeter of each camp is covered with tarps.

      We can't see in, they can't see out"

      So the IHH assited in arming the Libyan fighters- The did the same thing in the camps in Turkey.
      Once the Kurdish fighters and the Sunni militia men, who were armed in those camps, were ensconced in Syria's annexed Northern territory- it was obvious they would target Turkey- and they have been

      Back then (2011) I was more naive and actually believed that somehow Erdogan was involved, as time went on, it became clear he had as much to lose as Assad did.

      Certainly parts of Turkey's military elite/intelligence has been involved- but then the connection between them and NATO is very deep and solid- So much more to write about

      I've had a real run of disillusionment with so called alt media- I just call them NATO alt media
      So for me there is NATO alt and NATO msm. I stick with the few individuals I know and read the news for myself and think about it myself- Using hubby to bounce ideas off the walls with- and a few trusted friends of the blog- that's it

  2. And yeah, we will have to wait and see on the Barzani issue. I don't think he's clinging to power IN SPITE of the Israelis, that's for sure. But, maybe they need to put a better face on their new nation, so maybe you are right, but until he's out of power, forced out by Sugar Daddy US, for my money, it's still Barzani Kurdistan. :)

    1. Yup, we will have to wait and see what happens wrt Barzani !! - I've already predicted here, on a couple of occasions he'll be gone likely before the year ends.

      If he goes- then it's PKK/Israel/NATO's Kurdistan.
      Time will tell us for sure- thanks again Willy
      And thanks for writing on this topic too
      For a long while I thought I was alone on this.

  3. dont tell me someone is defending sauds and turks? for they re blameless in their roles in the war on syria?

    meanwhile what do we see ih turkey but repression of dissident media

    says saudis answer to baby face Nelson: Assad must go

    so please: lets not whitewash sauds and turkey roles even id they are only toolsfin the shed

    1. No body is whitewashin' them brian
      Did anyone, anywhere say they were angels- No.
      Stop acting like a troll!
      You yourself are saying "they are only the tools in the shed"

      FYI tools do nothing on their own, but, sit in the shed- They need someone to come along and manipulate or empower them

      So thanks for bolstering my point about the US blaming the tools they employed- Perfect!

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. novel idea:
    'Turkey is already under the gun- Saudi Arabia will be targeted on two fronts- One from Iraq- the other front is already active- It’s Yemen.'

    Sauds not attacking Yemen, but the reverse? is Penny really enjoining sauds are victims?

    1. Brian: war at anyone's border is destabilizing- same as mass refugee influx- think about it?

  5. '*The IHH is not specifically close to the Erdogan government, rather it is close to the Turkish state.'

    so we have a 'state' that runs Turkey not its government...nothing like a little paranoid thinking. Presumably this 'state' shot down the russian jet...and this 'state' has let jihadis flow thru its borders to syria and this 'state' refuses to hand over to the russians the thug who killed the russian pilot.
    meanwhile the erdogan regime does nothing.
    yes USrael is the likely mastermind....BUT
    we now have seen Putin attacked by Willy, while Sauds and erdogdan are innocent up will willy blame Assad? because Assad has blame Erdogan and sauds for their roles.

    has the black hole of kurdistan sucked in you people to supporting the war on syria by opposing its main antagonists?

    cant wait for the third act of this farce.

    1. Brian: "yes USrael is the likely mastermind....BUT"

      Sorry brian, in my world, those that call the shots and use the tools are the real problem

      "has the black hole of kurdistan sucked in you people to supporting the war on syria by opposing its main antagonists?"

      Brian: did anyone say that, anywhere? EVER?
      Stop being a troll, again. Try. It's easy.
      It starts with reading and addressing the points that are actually here and NOT putting words in anyone else's mouth-

    2. Brian "has the black hole of kurdistan sucked in you people to supporting the war on syria by opposing its main antagonists?"

      Do you support the war on Syria, brian?
      As long as it's for the NATO backed Kurds?
      that's an odd statement, you've made.

      Cause I've never supported the war against Syria. Ever.

  6. Who do you think benefits the most from the ongoing chaos in the region and the crimes of Daesh and al-Qaida?

    The key beneficiaries so far are the US government and the state of Israel, as salafi spreading chaos is the perfect Divide and Rule tool. Zio-cons of all stripes have been very busy spreading the myth of an intra-Islam Sunni against Shi'ite war for years now. This has nothing to do with a religious war. It's about regional power. A fearful, paranoid House of Saud - allied with Israel - is terrified of the ascension, and normalization (vis a vis the West) of Iran.

  7. "The key beneficiaries so far are the US government and the state of Israel"

    I saw that article- so those that manipulate the tools are the biggest problem. US and Israel - Yes, brian, we are on the same page, so what's your point?

  8. I've closed the comments due to trolling by one individual-
    Feel free to post relevent comments and I will put them through- As for the troll brian, his numerous bash Erdogan frame/blame comments proved the very point that willy and I are making very well- that the US and Israel are going to transfer their evil doings on to two fall guys- and using the nato media to advance that message

  9. talk about a strawman argument, in that one comment Brian has me attacking Putin and Assad while defending the Saudi regime. What a joke. I've been writing about the regime change operation in Syria since it began and I have always defended the popular and ELECTED government of B. Assad since day one. Looking at Russia (not just Putin) realistically is not the same as "attacking" them and my work on Ukraine and the color revolution we ran there with the ELECTED government decided not to join the EU stands for itself. and I believe when I write that Greater Kurdistan will be run as a dictatorship like SAUDI Arabia makes my opinion of that totalitarian regime pretty clear as well. Though no, I am not one of those ready to blame the Saudis for everything from 9/11 to "ISIS" as apparently Brian is attempting to do. What a ridiculous little troll Brian is. If you can't win the argument in front of you, just make one up and hope the guy you are talking about never shows up. As Penny points out, this is a prime example of how folks like this operate. Which also exposes the weakness of their position like nothing I can say. If even they don't believe it enough to argue the actual disagreement, what else do you need to know?

    1. Hey Willy:
      brian shows up here almost like clock work to push the official agenda- Brian doesn't want to talk realistically about situations- he wants to push, like a small child, the simplistic black vs white agenda that the elites loves so well.

  10. and I also wish too say I really hate the shallow quality of the whole "Erdogan repressing free speech" meme that is developing not only with Mr. Brian here, but also with "alternative" media like Steve Lendman who certainly know better than that crap.

    Part of any color revolution is getting for-profit activist media moguls to have their papers run abject propaganda about the regime in question, firing up the population with horror stories and disinformation about the leader they want too see out of office. They do it all the time with their local Mockingbirds and it is obvious when you simply take a step back and look at the publication, who owns it, what they have written in the past. The fact that a government has the right to stop the publication of OBVIOUS disinformation being used to DESTABILIZE a country is not controversial.

    You are allowed free speech, but that does not mean you can scream "fire" in a crowded theater.

    By the same token, the neoliberal corporatist media are not allowed to run with stories about Bernie Sanders secretly plotting with "ISIS" to bring Sharia law to America nor are they allowed to say Obama planned 9/11 cus he's a Muslim and provide fake pictures as evidence. And if they did and got shut down for doing it, it's not a violation of freedom of the press, as our neoliberal color revolution NGOs overseas seem to think we have to believe.

    Governments have a right to defend themselves against neoliberal media owners in their countries working hand in glove with the State Department and the CIA to destabilize their country and people like Steven Lendman (whom I used to have a great deal of respect for) should know that. As should anyone here.

    1. It's odd how the same tactics of destabilization are being employed against Turkey and so many are failing to see it? I've pointed that out myself and yet....

  11. I had been thinking this am about the comments made by Biden and Sy Hersh and brian- how much they were all along the same line

    Biden, Hersh and brian all point out the same "troublesome" allies in the regions

    Biden, Hersh and brian all fail to mention Israel's major role in arming Al Nusra terrorists- giving them medical attention at the border and taking them right into Israeli hospitals to attend to their wounds

    Biden, Hersh and brian all failed to mention the numerous times that the IDF actually intervened in Syria, on behalf of the jihadis

    Biden, Hersh and brian failed to mention that this support to the jihadis was so obvious and blatant that even the UN had to admit it was ongoing- When peacekeepers made reports of the collusion going on at Golan

    There are several posts here on that subject.

    "UN report cites contacts between Israel, Nusra Front in Golan Heights
    “UN troops monitoring the 1974 ceasefire between Israel and Syria have witnessed interactions between members of the Israeli Defence Forces and the Al Nusra Front who have taken over a large part of the Golan Heights,” said the report, titled “Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force for the period from 4 September to 19 November 2014.”

    "contacts"? Geez that makes it sounds like their just nodding in passing to one another!
    In fact, Israeli airforce is al Nusra’s airforce.
    Israel’s IDF is al Nusra’s army support.
    Israel is al Nusra’s medical support.
    Israel is al Nusra’s complete and total life/supply line.
    There is zero doubt in my mind that Israel assisted in this terror bombing"

    Just a few of many posts here recording Israels support to Al Nusra front

    Joe Biden, Sy Hersh and brian all forgot about that terror supporting US ally


    Not good news for Syrian infrastructure after the rumored deployment of the B52 (like last year) to show deterrent in Europe.