Friday, May 27, 2016

Leafletting Mosul Ahead of Annexation Operations- Coordinating with Raqqa?

 With Iraqi forces occupied/distracted in Fallujah. This is absolutely the perfect time to move on Mosul- For annexing Iraqi territory for Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0. As I'd mentioned previously it would be a feather in the cap for Barak Obama.  To triumphantly announce the defeat of "ISIS" before he leaves the White House. Wowee! Of course we are coming up on the two year 'anniversary' of ISIS taking Mosul. To take it back from the dastardly bad guys in just two years? That would be so sweet- such a propaganda coup

Flashback! May 3/2016 : Pt.3 Iraq’s Maidan Spring- Operation Annex Mosul is Well Under Way
It would seem to me the US might like to have Mosul safely annexed and in the hands of their PKK terror counterparts by June. June of this year. A two year anniversary celebration has such a nice ring to it. Obama could use the  successful retake/ annexing of Mosul as a real  'feel good' ending to his presidential legacy.
It appears the US and company are making their move on Mosul!

Clearly tied to coincide with the move on Raqqa, Syria. Or shall we say, annexation of Raqqa? Yah, I'm good with that!  Raqqa home to yet another dam. Tabqua Dam. And it's a big one.

 Long time readers here know we've talked water wars, water control and everything monopolized in one nice NATO/Israeli terror state: Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0

Notice the Peshmerga spokesperson in the video?
Is that really an Iraqi helicopter? Or is it an American helicopter?

Notice the disinfo contained in this Reuter's article?

Iraqi's fleeing Mosul, the UN is preparing for their move into Syria..

"the United Nations refugee agency said on Friday, adding it is gearing up for up to 50,000 people to leave the Islamic State-held city and cross the border"
Into Syria? Of all places? From the frying pan into the fire? Seems to me the UN is aiding in the forced migration of persons to a place they would never head to. 
 "Driving the exodus (from Mosul) appear to be reports that IS militants have stepped up executions of men and boys in Falluja since Iraqi government forces launched an offensive to re-take the city"
 So residents of Mosul are fleeing Mosul due to ISIS action in Falluja? That doesn't jibe with me!

They are fleeing , soon to be by the tens of thousands, because the US dropped a massive amount of leaflets announcing an impending attack!

Finally Reuters spills the beans- five paragraphs down though! Headline skimming never cuts it!
So it’s a desperate bid to escape (IS)-held Mosul," UNHCR spokeswoman Melissa Fleming said.
"The reasons for that are the pending battle to re-take it (Mosul).
The UNHCR has begun a five-day air lift to bring aid supplies from Jordan to Qamishly, where it will be loaded on trucks for distribution to Iraqi refugees and internally displaced Syrians.
 Who else is picking up on the theme of feather in Obama's cap?

 Two weeks late to my party, but with way more readers, it's Patrick Cockburn!
Independent (Not bloody likely!)  Now this obvious fact, mentioned here two weeks ago, will spread because Patrick is an accepted/believed authority by many on the 'left'- You know the humanitarian interventionist war types?  (rolls eyes!)

 The US would like to recapture the city this year. Mr Karim believes that President Obama “is desperately trying to get Isis out of Mosul before the end of his term.
 What a legacy- kidding just being facetious again!

The US Push to Recapture/Annex Mosul- Fact over Fiction


  1. Moving on Mosul during the memorial day weekend in the US-
    rah, rah- USA

    1. Bunch of MonkeysMay 27, 2016 at 5:14 PM

      One wonders whether the "scorched earth" plan will coincide with the "water world" plan or if the entire Mosul dam collapse angle was designed merely as a psy-op to assist in driving the resident "squatters" out of a city whose ownership has apparently already been transferred to someone else.

      I was leafing through a 1969 Encyclopedia Britannica volume 21 checking out the Tigris river. Turns out that the maximum flow of the Tigris river downstream in Mosul (pre-dam) occured in April and clocks in at 48,750 cubic ft/s. (1,380 cubic m/s). The lowest flow is 5,300 cu ft/s during dry season.

      The spillway capacity according to Wiki discharges 13,000 cubic m/s (or 1.1 cubic kilometers per day) and the reservoir holds 11.1 cubic kilometers of water when full. The surface area of the reservoir (Lake Dahuk) is 380 square kilometers so the top 10 meters of water constitutes roughly 1/3 of all water. The single functioning control gate could lower levels well below that so flooding would largely be intentional if it occurs. Let's hope it doesn't because these poor folks will soon be fighting for their survival.

      (If anyone has info on the current water level in Lake Dahuk it would be appreciated.)

      P.S. Great view of the "repairs" made to the concrete footwall of the earthen dam here >

      And here >

      And a great hi-def aerial view of the entire dam here. Notice that the area of the "repairs" to the erosion caps can be found at the top of the long 'pond' at the base of the dam near the generating facilities >

      Place you bets...

    2. "or if the entire Mosul dam collapse angle was designed merely as a psy-op to assist in driving the resident "squatters" out of a city whose ownership has apparently already been transferred to someone else."

      I've wondered about that also- the replay and replay about the most dangerous dam- was it all to aid in driving people away or as you say 'place your bets'?

      Scary to consider. either way- Cause I don't think the US and their peshmerga allies are going to rain sunshine and rainbows down on those who reside in Mosul- that's for dam sure!

      Cheezy pun, I know, I thought about it afterwards, but left it!

  2. Control of fresh water has been a part of the neo-liberal agends for the last couple of decades. The Nestle's, Bush's, and a myriad of psychopathic corporatists are buying the earth's major sources of fresh water. Above ground and below, aquifers. The control of food, fresh water and the creation of money results in total control of people and government.

    1. " The control of food, fresh water and the creation of money results in total control of people and government"

      You got it charles- that's what all this gmo food crap is about. That's what the entire carbon control reduction agenda is about- controlling life. period

    2. Thanks, Penny. "Carbon control reduction agend" pertains not only to reduction of carbon based inanimate resources but carbon based life forms. Humans included.
      I would especially like to read your past posts concerning carbon control reduction agenda and the man-made global warming narrative.

    3. there's not nearly enough of them- lack of time, but they are here

  3. Hey Penny, are the Kurdish militants and their US helpers still freeing Raqqa from Isis? There is a famous girl I follow online called Mimi al Laham who has posted a video of a US soldier saying 'kill them all' and she said this means kill all the residents of Raqqa. Do you think this is true or is Mimi going over the top? And is Turkey getting kicked out of Nato?

    1. Ally- where do I find Mimi's latest? I went to youtube and all that's showing is two weeks old, wanted to check it out- leave a link for me? thanks :)

      Do I think Mimi is over the top? No. Ethnic cleansing has been the plan, so, it will be the plan.

      My husband says... did Obama go to Japan and apologize or really acknowledge the numbers of people the US and allies burned alive, first in the massive firebombing.. then when they detonated the two nukes?

      Obama glossed over and used flowerly language, but, nothing of substance for the holocaust of the Japanese
      And then there is Germany- so the track record of the US and it's allies, UK, Canada, etc., Speak loudly for themselves

      Is Turkey getting kicked out of NATO- NO!
      Turkey- weakened and substantially smaller with be in NATO- same as always
      Kurdistan will be NATO's new Southern Flank
      I wrote about this in 2014

      "If all goes well for NATO, Israel and the Kurds. Turkey will be supplanted as NATO’s Southern Flank. It seems to be just a matter of time.....I hold the opinion that Turkish leadership has become aware of what looks to be it’s impending betrayal

    2. Penny, I am not able to post the link because Mimi posted it on FB. If you have FB, type Mimi Al Laham. She has 33,000 followers and it is her 4th post so scroll down. Let me know if you don't find it :)

    3. that's ok Ally, I shall go and find it and see if it's elsewhere, maybe twitter?

    4. Read this:
      Found the video. Here it is:

  4. And suddenly there is no real news out of Mosul?
    I've been looking and looking and almost nothing- at least nothing of substance..

    1. No news is usually bad news when it comes to Empire's shenanigans. Meaning consolidating their next moves.

    2. Penny, you can follow Mimi on twitter where she's known as @partisangirl. She's great.