Saturday, May 14, 2016

May 14th? No Man Made Global Warming Here!

Long term readers here know I do not belong to the  man made global warming cult.
I don't believe lies. And I do not believe that which is simply not believable.

We here in southern Ontario have had an unbelievably cool spring- Leaves have only unfurled this past week- Hubby and I rode bikes on Wednesday. While out and about it seemed finally spring had sprung. Though we do appear to be a good two or three weeks behind what is the norm for us. Mother's day, saw no lilacs on the shrubs. A fond memory of my very first mothers day :)

My rhubarb is in full swing. Love that stuff. A bit late, but, still welcome. I've done crisps and cobblers-
While out and about I notice the wild strawberries.  Their leaves and flowers are very large- Much larger then previous years.  Trout lillies are larger too. But then we've had quite a bit more precipitation the last few years.  Snow and rain. The trilliums are finally out. Late but better late then not at all. They usually appear towards the end of April, but, not this year.  Even though they had access to more sunlight thanks to the lack of leaves...

The migratory birds got off to a late start also- Can't say I blame them. Though I  finally saw a Baltimore Oriole this past week.  Also, for the first time ever we spied a Yellow rumped warbler- myrtle. That was a thrill!  Oh and the pigeons have reappeared! There were missing in action the past couple of years, I suspect because the winters were so harsh, it depleted the population. This spring after a more normal winter, but cold spring, their back!

There more, but, that's all I can recall off the top of my head.

Let's get to the temp today! Absolutely chilling- In fact there is a chance of wet snow. Which means all our plants will have to come into the house- My sage which already has cold damage from this spring 'warmth' lol, will have to come in. As will our tomato plants.

Today it is a frigid, with cold north wind, 9 celsius or 48 fahrenheit presently- Tonight 1 degree Celsius or 34 Fahrenheit

Sun May 15- tomorrow will see night time temps of 1 degree celsius or 34 fahrenheit. With a chance of wet snow Sun, 15 May Mainly cloudy. 30 percent chance of flurries or rain showers

*8:45 am Sunday May 15/16: it's freezing- or should I say it's an AGW induced 4 Celsius or 39 F this morning- with a cold north wind blowing. Wow, we blew away all AGW heat today- Yup a blistering 7 degrees celsius or 45 Fahrenheit- including a bit of ice pellets mixed with rain in the early afternoon- our daughter emailed us and said 'it feels like mid march'!! Yes, it does! Supposed to warm up to normal by the end of this week. Maybe.

Our average norms around this time of year are about 20 c or 70 fahrenheit
Give or take a bit either way- but as you can read- the present and tomorrow temp with snow, we are well below seasonal norms.  Over all this spring has been well below normal temps

Nope. No AGW here.

On the plus side! The cold temps, particularly at night, have made woods walking mosquito free! :)

No need to wear your bug protection- mesh clothing sprayed with bug spray while out looking for wild but delicious mushrooms- Like morel mushrooms. We found five of them. Yes, five of them! Absolutely delicious. Scrumptious.  I can't say where this find took place!

Quoting from the link above:
 "No, I can’t reveal my secret locations… not necessarily because I’m selfish (well, maybe partly), but because it wouldn’t be fun for you.  Morel mushroom hunting is adventurous.  It’s thrilling, and it’s incredibly rewarding!  If you’ve ever found any on your own, you know exactly what I mean.
 Haha. I know exactly what the author of that article means :))

From earlier:

French Intelligence Fail? US wages small "secret wars"..


  1. Thanks for this update, Penny, the weather here over the past weeks has been dry and warm. The leaves are fully unfurled and my hubby put in the veggie garden today. On a sadder note....our ten goldfish that survived the winter (a first) succumbed one night last week to a varmint. Yes, a water savvy varminy aka raccoon...slid silently into the small bathtub sized pond and ate every one of my 6 inch long goldfish! Drat!


    1. Hey GC- The leaves are not fully out, yet.
      Some trees still have no leaves.the maple in my yard is almost there..

      We are supposed to be very near our frost free time- when it is safe to garden- Actually that would be next week end! Victoria Day weekend is the traditional time to plant the garden- garden will be late again- this will be the third or fourth year in a row for late garden- especially peppers and eggplant.

      We've got lettuce and peas in- they can take the cold so their fine- but all else, no way

      Sorry about your goldfish, but, coons will be coons- at least you gave them a nice meal? Clean and all.
      NO dumpster diving.

      Personally speaking I have less trouble with raccoons and most often have opossums and or skunks around

      Opossums don't bother me- skunks- pew!

      It's nice to see all the birds around, because the last two years were very bad, very hard on the birds
      but they've recovered a bit-noticed that for sure!

  2. Your post takes me back home to Indiana and kinder, gentler times. I miss Spring there more than any other season.
    And those mushrooms.. It's been Decades since foraging for those delicious, mouth watering illusive things !
    Mother had a knack and could always see them when others could not. She also could spy a four leaf clover a mile away !

    Ever sauté them and have eggs in the morning ? fabulous!
    I'm no lonely for 'Up North' and the seasons and all that goes with it.
    The absolute quiet after a snow. That first crocus popping up in Spring.
    Asparagus !! Wild asparagus grew along the roadsides, and hazelnut trees could be found along the rail road tracks (something about the limestone they put there)

    Cute note, my Dad found out about the hazel nuts from a 'hobo' during the Great Depression.
    I fear they, and the asparagus are no more, Monsanto and Roundup are the culprits no doubt. They call that progress.

    Thanks Penny for the Spring update. I always enjoy them :)

  3. Hey Karin:
    that's exactly how I had my mushrooms- well almost
    they went into an omelette- with small quantities of red pepper- one ramp (another coveted foraged food)
    After frying the morel in butter and saving the butter to fry the omelette in of course- then melted gouda cheese

    5 star eating in my own kitchen :)

    Wild Asparagus- we 'stalk' those too- Did come across one which filled my omelette a second morning sans morels, though :(

    Haven't made a terrific effort this year, but, we know a couple of places... and need to head to them

    We've also had good spring stinging nettles and yes you can eat them- along with ramps

    I also like to gather herbs and dry them for tea
    Latest was a bunch of catnip- you can drink the tea and it's very beneficial to you- not the least of which is it's mild sedative effect- We have our own herbs in the garden- so I do tea blends for us.

  4. Certainly off topic, it appears Toront's powers that be attempted all sorts of b.s. moves to thwart the efforts of ethnic Russians to organize a March of the Immortals celebration there. Placing all kinds of impediments in their path. It appears the ukronazis provide Toronto's officialdom with enough bribes to see things as they do? Even if most ethnic Ukrainians are not sympathetic to them, money and bibery trump reality whenever politicians (organized crime)are involved in a process.

    1. Hi Charles, Yup, saw that news
      Not a surprise.

  5. We had 1 week of nearly of normal temperatures 2 weeks ago. Now this week was horribly cold, this morning at 9 o'clock we only had 8°C. This spring is really shitty this year. My tulips that blossom around 20th of april every year didn't manage to do it this year (some of them had been trampled on, so they might have a good reason to not open, but the others near the pine in my yard did not open either as they should have). We even had a little bit of snowing around may 1st. The winter had been rather mild, and therefore the media blasting about global warming. Now during spring thyt are silent obviously.

    1. Yah gallier I know exactly what your saying- hubby and I went out for a walk today and still- the leaves are not fully open on most of the trees- overnight it was near freezing- tonight is supposed to be the same
      plus the ice pellet rain mix was a bit much yesterday

      the wind now has turned from the south so it should warm up a bit- we didn't even get two weeks of norm temps- we had a couple of days here and then a couple of days there and overall- to darn cold.

      winter here was more normal this year, I wouldn't say it was especially warm- but it was way, way, way better then the previous terrible two winters

      since the great lakes had their consecutive near freezes we've noticed the spring and summer have stayed cooler as if the water is affecting the local climate

      Here in the great lakes -ontario/erie, it's wine country- warmer then many parts of canada- moderating of temps from the lakes so it makes sense the coolness

      hence no AGW here :)