Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Canada: Second Biggest Arms Dealer to the Middle East & 6th Globally

- Canada has soared in global rankings to become the second biggest arms dealer to the Middle East
- It’s a first for Canada, according to IHS Jane’s, the defence industry publisher that tracks military spending. Canada was previously the sixth-largest weapons vendor to Mideast countries. The United States is No. 1.

Wow, that’s a big jump in weapons sales ranking for peaceful, liberal Canada! Of course the US is still number 1!

- Canada has also vaulted to sixth overall among all arms-exporting countries, based on rankings released by Jane’s this week. This means only five countries are currently selling more weapons and military equipment.

- IHS Jane’s analyst Ben Moores said he suspects Canada has never ranked so highly among all arms-exporting countries and that it certainly hasn’t held that position in the past 15 years.
Under years of Harper's governance, Canada didn't have these soaring weapons sales. Yet under the true war mongers, which are always liberals... the sky's the limit!

-The Trudeau government, asked whether it took pride in Canada’s expanded role as a weapons seller and would feature this achievement in trade promotion materials, referred the questions to a department of Global Affairs bureaucrat. The civil servant instead said Ottawa hopes to toughen screening of weapons sold to foreigners.
The government of Canada remains firmly committed to introducing more transparency and rigour in export controls,” spokeswoman Rachna Mishra said.

Canada remains ‘firmly committed’ to INTRODUCING more transparency and rigour to export controls. WHAT is the timetable for  that transparency introduction? Ten years? 
20 years? Never ever in a million years? Empty words that sound and read nice, but, tell you nothing about when this so called action will take place just that there is a commitment to introducing transparency. In plain talk the disgusting lying liberals intend to do nothing.

-The Trudeau government gave the green light for the $15-billion sale of fighting vehicles to proceed to Saudi Arabia.

-The Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
-Cesar Jaramillo, executive director of Project Ploughshares, a disarmament group in Waterloo, Ont., that is an agency of the Canadian Council of Churches and tracks arms shipments, said Canadians should be worried that their country is now the second-largest arms exporter to “the most volatile region in the world” today.
This ranking comes days after Canada addressed the UN Security Council and highlighted the importance of protecting civilians in conflict zones … it is civilians who are often most at risk as a result of arms dealings, in particular to regions engulfed in conflict and notorious for their poor human rights records,” Mr. Jaramillo said.
-Adam Taylor, a former Harper government staffer, said Canada should be pleased with its ascension through the ranks of arms suppliers – or indeed any expansion of international trade.

“Canada should be proud that in a fiercely competitive global context Canada is competing and winning against the best in the world in the defence sector,” said Mr. Taylor, a trade consultant at Ensight in Ottawa.
Adam Taylor and the revolving door from government to the private sector
“All of our closest political allies are our fiercest economic competitors. Those governments support their businesses’ pursuits of global opportunities and so should Canada’s.”

Like I said, the LIEberals are no different then the CONservatives- Oppisames


  1. All birds of a feather, taking bribes together.

    1. Exactly Charles
      WHich is why I call them lieberals and CONservatives

      Neither of them would know the truth if it jumped up and bit their ever growing pinocchio noses off

      they lie to us and con us- ALL of them

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