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Turkey & Israel’s Illusory Rapprochement? Appearances ARE Deceiving !!

Very deceiving.  Read entirely before commenting please and thanks! I've left the best for last. 
    (especially in international relations) an establishment or resumption of harmonious relations.
After paying particular attention to the news of Turkey and Israel making nice to one another. I’ve come to the conclusion that whoever did the negotiating for Turkey- negotiated AGAINST Turkish interests. By Turkish interests I am referencing the nationalist state of Turkey
This one sided agreement greatly benefits ISRAEL!

Keep in mind that President Erdogan,as President, is a largely ceremonial or symbolic. position. I’ve mentioned this on at least two or three different occasions- The PM looks to be the real power holder. 

Again, Erdogan's Presidency is Symbolic!!!!
“Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday approved a new government formed by one of his most (allegedly) trusted allies, who immediately asserted his intention to institute constitutional reforms that would expand the powers of the presidency, the Associated Press reports”
Asserting an intention is NOT the same as getting the job done! I’ll bold the very important information. The facts. Below

Binali Yildirim, 60, formerly minister of transport and communications, replaces Ahmet Davutoglu, who stepped down on Sunday amid a range of differences with the president, including Davutoglu’s apparently less-than-enthusiastic stance toward an overhaul of the constitution to give the largely ceremonial presidency executive powers.
I recently mentioned the largely ceremonial presidency of Erdogan in an exchange with 'bunch of monkeys'

 Erdoğan wants to change the Turkish constitution to turn the ceremonial role of president into that of a chief executive, a Turkish version of the system in the United States, France or Russia.
We should all be clear now that Erdogan is NOT the power in Turkey
Digression ended 
The new government — which Yildirim is widely believed to have formed in consultation with Erdogan —

Yildirim is WIDELY BELIEVED to have formed the government in consultation with Erdogan. Yah, well Santa Claus is WIDELY BELIEVED in also. Widely believed does not necessarily inform us of fact, it merely informs us of that which is believed. By who, I don't know?

WSJ has this big article on the subject of Israel Turkey patching it up:

An unnamed public official from Turkey is cited repeatedly. I cannot verify if the official is actually from Turkey. Or NATO. There is no information what so ever on the unnamed individual alleged to be from Turkey. While Benjamin Netanyahu is mentioned as is John Kerry.

I will highlight this anomaly:

Officials from both countries said late Sunday that negotiators in Rome had reached a deal that will be made public in Jerusalem and Ankara on Monday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in Rome to meet with Secretary of State John Kerry and discuss the agreement.
At a briefing in Rome on Monday morning with Mr. Kerry, ​the Israeli leader called it an important step toward normalizing relations that would have​”immense implications” for Israel’s economy. He didn’t provide further details but was scheduled to speak at a news conference later in the day.
“It’s a positive step we wanted,” Mr. Kerry said. “We hope it’s the beginning of others.”
Pay attention to the named individuals vs the unnamed individuals?

 The deal won’t end the tight controls Israel imposed on Gaza’s borders in 2007 to hold Hamas militarily in check—a concession Turkey had demanded.
A concession Turkey demanded but failed to have granted!
 Israel will also make it possible for Turkey to launch major development projects in the West Bank, a Palestinian territory whose borders are also controlled by Israel, a senior Turkish official said. (Who is this Turkish official? Can't be verified) 
If Israel wants, they will make it possible for what ever is left of Turkey to launch some sort of development projects
 “There are absolutely no references to Hamas in the agreement. Turkey will continue supporting the Palestinian state and the people of Palestine... We are pleased to announce that representatives of the Palestinian government and Hamas have voiced their support to Turkey within the context of the negotiations,” the Turkish official said early Monday.(Who is this Turkish official? Can't be verified) 
The Turkey-Israel talks accelerated after the falling out with Russia, one of Turkey’s biggest trading partners. Since then, Turkey has been looking to diversify its energy sources and ease its dependence on Russian natural gas.
Hmmm, just like the EU.
During negotiations, Turkey and Israel discussed a proposed pipeline that would move Israeli gas to Turkey and on to Europe. Such a project isn’t part of the deal to be announced on Monday, but talks on a pipeline are expected to continue.
That would remove Russia from it's role as supplier to the EU, wouldn't it?
Turkey, which allows Hamas to maintain offices in its territory, is now in a strong position to play a mediating role, said Ofra Bengio, a senior research fellow at the Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and Africa Studies and senior lecturer in the Department of Middle Eastern History at Tel Aviv University.

Ofra Bengio? Where have I heard or read that name previously? Of course, Israel, the Kurds & Kurdistan.

Below is the third piece, followed by second and then the first article featured at the blog by Ofra Bengio:
Israel & the Kurds: Love by Proxy   
Recall?  Kurdistan aka “Second Israel”- Ethnic Cleansing the Indigenous of the Middle East Ofra Bengio for Tablet Magazine
Or?  After declaring autonomy, Syrian Kurds (behind the scenes) ‘open to ties with Israel’ Ofra Benigio for The Times of Israel

Clearly Ofra Benigio is the authority and voice on the topic of Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0..

Can't imagine why I see this as a take from Turkey and a give to Israel??? Can you?

“Erdogan announced to Hamas that he had done everything possible to lift the siege or ameliorate it,” Hamas official Ahmed Yousef told the Palestinian news agency Ma’an.
 Hamas tells us what Erdogan announced? That's heresay. Worthless
 Unverified information heard or received from another; rumor.

 To summarize. Someone just roasted Turkey. But, it was NOT Erdogan

Flashback! Carving Turkey After a NATO Roasting- Claims vs Reality

This next article may give us an idea of just who negotiated on behalf of Turkey
Netanyahu: Turkey to help Israel integrate into international agencies

Turkey to drop it's objection to Israel being officially a part of NATO
The agreement on normalization obliges Turkey to promote integration of Israel into the international organizations where the Turkish side has its membership, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu  stated, RIA Novosti reported.
He particularly indicated that the rapprochement of two countries has already led to the fact that Ankara withdrew objections against opening of an Israeli Mission to the NATO headquarters in Brussels.
Last month, Israel has received Alliance’s proposal to open permanent mission in Brussels and accepted this invitation.
 As of right now, I believe no one negotiated on Turkey's behalf

How does all this relate to the breaking news of earlier today?

Breaking: Kremlin- Erdogan Apologizes Over Death of Russian Pilot


  1. It sure looks to me as if some groundwork is being laid for the creation of Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0

    1. . . . and Erdogan needs an ally - one that won't stab him in the back. Hence Erdy's "I'm sorry but it really wasn't me" message to Putin.

      Ah, the dangers of swimming with the sharks ....

    2. Ah, the dangers of swimming with the sharks ....

      Indeed james, indeed!

    3. Bunch of MonkeysJune 28, 2016 at 6:22 PM


      "Erdogan is NOT the power in Turkey." >>> AGREED! <<<

      I just said that Erdogan is going to take control of Turkey, sever relations with the U.S./EU, pull Turkey out of NATO, form a military alliance with Russia, and an Islamic block with Saudi and numerous other Arab and muslim states, because THAT is what the think tanks that write history SAY he is going to do. And the MSM news to date has been supportive of that narrative.

      And now it looks like he is well on his way to becoming friends with Israel. Truly amazing!

      Anyway I didn't come to your site to stress anyone out but I seem to be doing a great job of just that.

      Best wishes to everyone and don't forget to buy a lot of popcorn! ;)

    4. BoM

      Your not stressing me out- And that's not specifically aimed your way- I just want everyone to understand that Erdogan is not the sultan or the whatever everyone is saying- he is really quite small in the grand scheme of things.


      "I just said that Erdogan is going to take control of Turkey"

      How is he going to do that? I know you've said that but you haven't said how? Unless your suggesting the Turkish military which is integrated completely with the NATO global war machine is going to turn completely against their paymasters- in which case a good portion of their equipment which is integrated with nato's will be useless

  2. You know the groundwork has been being laid for quite some time.
    Since the Zio/NATO terrorist organization dreamed up their destruction of seven sovereigns policy agenda to support their goal of global domination.

    Please excuse this trip back to Brexit land. It was asked recently if Soros had boots on the ground there. The answer, as stated then, was yes. From the Vineyard:

    Hopefully the power above will provide all some relief from the likes of george and remove him from among those alive.

    1. Thanks Charles- I will get over to read it
      Brexit sure looks to be much ado about nothing so far
      Even the stock market recovered.... as expected

    2. It's another dog and pony show extravaganza. If one takes the time to read the EU agreement, one would see that there are a series of steps necessary before a nation can exit. I would think if a member state just said we're out, the consequences would be enourmous.

  3. prior to the gas deal signed between Israel and Turkey, the traitorous Hamas leadership visited the Sultan, as you know Israel claims the gas fields which belong to Palestine (Gaza), Lebanon, Syria. As Israel has no official borders it claims many of the fields from the neighboring countries. I suspect Hamas leadership have signed away their rights to the gas reserves and have been promised political and lifting of sanctions which will never been delivered.

    1. Hamas was created by Israel...
      And yes, I am aware that Israel is stealing everyone's resources

  4. The Three Rogue Nations: Producing Order Out Of Chaos

    1. will read this still, cause I had n't seen it before

  5. and the syria no fly inches closer

    But what of those Russia warns on US ships in Med

    Next up base announcement in Iceland after the Panama paper take down?

    1. thanks anonymous 7:59
      did see the news about the ships- NATO and more patrol flights - no fly zone by stealth eh?
      Iceland, a convenient location to encircle Russia


    More Kurdish kills in Iran as new armed forces head and council juggling.

    Comment in spam

    1. anon 8:03

      nothing in the spam folder- I've no clue what would have happened- Sorry :(
      Can you leave the comment again?

    2. btw: yah I saw the news regarding the heating up of destabilization in Iran

  7. btw:

    The Council of Ministers look to be the real power in Turkey

    "The Council of Ministers (Turkish: Bakanlar Kurulu) is the body that exercises supreme executive authority in Turkey"

    A debate on Turkey and it's presidential power

    "Constitutionally Turkey is a semi-presidential country with a president whose constitutional powers are more than ceremonial but less than executive"

    This would be why Erdogan wants constitutional changes?
    Which he'll never get
    The Turkish constitution was enacted in '82 while under military control-
    Telling. Who controls the military controls Turkey
    And who might that be?

    1. Which is why Erdogan was confused so to say as to who gave the shootdown article. later after the now defunct PM recanted his responsibility it turned on an air force general

    2. Was it Erdogan that initially said they shot it down?
      I thought it was Davotaglu??? (spelling?) the now defunct PM- wasn't it him that said yes, Turkey did it?

  8. I'm LIVID !!
    self-chosen isreali archeologists are said to be at Palmyra !
    I could Kill

    since Debka is at least 50% PR for the slime, I hope it's just that.

    1. hope no Israeli's are there, but, I would bet they are
      after all it is Israel that wants Assyrian history erased


    Concerning the letter of apology from Turkey to Russia. Read above.

    1. I wish Russia would make the letter available.
      For not it's second hand information. Perhaps Erdogan wrote it and perhaps he didn't. It's interesting the timing, and the wording that is being pointed out..

      The main concern is for the Russian people to accept the apology


    Additional thoughts and analysis concerning the "apology".

  11. Thank you for post, great to read :)

    1. Penny, another attack.

      A few days ago there was a forest fire in a tourist area in Turkey. It was believed to be opened by people who are unhappy with the government building something there, so they were protesting against it. But the HDP and other Kurdish 'sources' tried to spin this and say that it was in a Kurdish city called Lice, Diyarbakir and that it was started by the Turkish military setting houses on fire. It was not in a Kurdish area at all! They were lying about this. Already, I am seeing how Turkey is becoming like Syria; Everything being spun and blamed on Erdogan.

    2. Ally,

      Sputnik is literally full of articles pertaining to Turkey, Erdogan and the ongoing demomization/destabilization process. The wolves in sheeps clothing from the zio-apartheid state, that bastion of democracy, are hunting and Turkey has become their prey of choice at this moment in time. I would trust them not at all. Their real agenda is seldom what it seems to be.

    3. Hey Ally and Charles

      It looks as if the attack actually took place with quite a lot of casualties- sad really

      But then the PKK warned of this explicitly one more then one occasion

    4. Penny, if we look at Turkish foreign policy, Erdogan's role is largely ceremonial and NATO controlled. Erdogan does very little here but seems to get the blame for everything. But domestic policies are controlled by him.

    5. Charles, can you post some links?

    6. AllyJune 29, 2016 at 3:37 PM

      Penny, if we look at Turkish foreign policy, Erdogan's role is largely ceremonial and NATO controlled. Erdogan does very little here but seems to get the blame for everything.

      That's because it's easy to blame him for everything. He's a convenient scapegoat