Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ally's Family in Turkey is Safe! Good news. Breaking News Updates!

I'm working on a monstrosity of a post- Hopefully I'll have some of it up tomorrow? Since it didn't work out so much for today. And Ally updated us on the well being of family members living in Turkey; they are scared but safe as clashes continue in Ankara

Ally: How's your family doing?


  1. Hi Penny, I have been panicking for a few days. My family in Istanbul and Ankara are afraid to come out of their homes. My Diyarbakir family are holidaying in Istanbul. Ankara is still seeing some clashes but things have generally calmed down. I think that you should continue to read Andrew Korybko's articles because he is really good. All opposition parties, from the Turkish fascist MHP all the way to the pro-Kurdish HDP have all denounced this coup. There has been many coups in Turkey and they have been quite bloody so it won't get much support from many, not even his fiercest opposition. The mainstream media is hinting that Erdogan's time is nearing to an end. They are calling for regime change in Turkey and it is going to get bloodier. Today my cousin in Istanbul said that she hopes things will get better. I said 'I hope so'. I feel like crying because things will only get worse. Many say that the coup has failed, I'd say it's just begun. But Erdogan himself is digging his grave himself. The first time in history a leader has cut of the US from its nukes in Incirlik. Erdogan's way of saying 'I am the Syltan of this country and if you support coups against my country, I will take my revenge'. The US is now trying to start a colour revolution in Turkey and get rid of Erdogan in even more extreme ways. Just want Erdogan to stop slamming the West as it will only encourage them even more and for the West to stay out of Turkey!! The Guardian now describe it as the Erdogan 'regime' as if the regime here is any better. Our Islamist/Shariah sympathising leader Theresa May wasn't even elected. I don't support Erdogan but the country and world is much safer with him in power. I would also like to note that Gulen owns many charter schools in the US, something that is obviously not going to be mentioned in the MSM news. Can't the world just see that what is happening to Erdogan is the same thing that has happened to Saddam, Gaddafi and Assad - another many who won't obey US orders. Feel so bad.

  2. Sorry for the rant

  3. Don't be sorry Ally- I was thinking about you and your family this whole time and I can understand your panicked feeling, because believe it or not Ally, I felt absolutely panicked when you told me the news. You can even ask my husband- He thought my hair was standing on end! The risk of escalation endangers those far beyond the borders of Turkey and that's what makes this episode frightening to me too.

    Hugs from Canada- :)

Breaking news:

At least 42 helicopters have gone missing from Turkey's military inventory in the wake of the failed coup attempt on Friday evening causing concern that there may be another act to the attempted overthrow of Erdogan.
Emergency measures have been taken in Turkey's Istanbul, as 1,800 additional police troops were deployed in the city and ordered to shoot down helicopters without prior warning, local media reported on Monday, citing a police source.
Special operation troops are deployed in strategic locations of the city while military hardware is arriving to the city, Anadolu agency said. The emergency provisions are underway in response to at least three helicopters flying over Istanbul that have been hijacked away from the Erdogan government.
 Tomorrow we'll talk about Egypt's bizarre behaviour during the coup and afterwards- I would say Egypt was surely involved.


  1. Thanks, yep. Egypt vetoed the UN condemning the coup. The US government is playing with fire. The soldiers who took part in this coup didn't even know that it was a coup. They were told that they were doing some training exercise. Thanks for being one of the few people who know what is going on, and taking your time to write about it. When will it end? I hope it will end soon and things will be better again

  2. dropping this off for you to file I have not read it yet.
    Iran Warns to Destroy MKO Bases Near Borders with Iraqi Kurdistan Region

  3. Refueling Tanker sent up to refuel the allegedly co-opted fighter jets alleged to have taken off from Incirlik Airbase?

    What to make of the German dust up a few days pre coup?

    GERMANY has threatened to withdraw hundreds of troops from a NATO base in Turkey after authorities there blocked access for German diplomats.Germany sent troops, six Tornado surveillance jets and a tanker aircraft to Incirlik late last year as part of the fight against Islamic State militants.

    Woerth recalling that strange hack of the German patriots. 08Jul15

    Germany's spy agency is working again with Syrian President Bashar

    BND recently purged over NSA reports? 27Apr16
    Angela Merkel Abruptly Fires Germany’s Spy Chief

    Is there a German nexus that is being glossed over? Turkish media has made the case that the reason the coup got accelerate was because the plotters knew they were under surveillance. French shut down ankara. Germans banned form the base few days prior to the coup???

    1. And days after russians wanr of a new syria in eurasia
      Two people exchanged fire in Georgian Justice Ministry establishment, both hurt - media
      3 police, 1 civilian shot dead in Almaty terrorist attack on police station
      Several people arrested near seized police building in Yerevan

      Situation in Turkey, Yerevan, Almaty cannot be described similarly: coup attempt made in one place, crime committed in another - Kremlin

    2. Per your Question on tail hedge days ago

  4. Turkish Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar was held at gunpoint and ordered by his private secretary to sign a coup declaration, as all force commanders were taken hostage by their secretaries, aides and guards on the night of the coup attempt, sources have claimed


    1. Fighting extradition

    2. More US Iraq deployments as Syria chokes off the eastern route to Aleppo. Drone shootdown miss over golan?

  5. still crawling, internet fixit guy not appeared yet
    I did however manage to get Colbert - Sibel Edmonds video interview on Turkey coup to play
    sorry, forgot to bring link

    Interesting about 42 helicopters gone missing. I'm staring at a topographical map of Turkey thinking 'oh where oh where can they be'
    possibles are slim
    1. still in turkey?
    2 Georgia ? have to have pre arrangements to hide
    3.Cyprus ? nah
    4. and most likely Syria , Iraq or Iran 'kurdistan' or the desert, but seems they would stick out like a sore thumb

    She (sibel) suggests this was a warm up coup of sorts and that would explain the helicopter 'theft' ( for want of another word)

    *thinking outloud*
    Oh.. Azerbaijan also but, have to cross over Iran space practically to do that.

    1. Egypt UN vote. Italy refugee / Libya Drone. Tunisia N/A)France terror links (spec op deployments). Romania/Bulgaria. Operation Sea Breeze kicks off Black Sea.

      missiles for iran S300s
      S400 to crimea and new radar


  7. for the record, that ? was not 100% genuine, I have a strong sarcastic vein :)) . My main point is, how do you 'hide' 42 helicopters from satellite imagery which countless countries have going on in Middle East
    Those helicopters are only 'lost' to the citizen narrative. Possibly a few got away scottfree, but surely not all even if they each and every one went in a different direction