Sunday, July 24, 2016

Canadian/Gulen Connection To Turkey's Coup & Turkey releases 1200

Two quick items of interest!

Canadian/ Gulen Imam arrested in Turkey

First up, we have a dual national-  Turkish/Canadian/American?- Employed by Corrections Canada as a prison Imam (think recruiter) Arrested in Turkey- Who happened to be there on vacation? Or to visit his father? Visiting an ailing parent can hardly be described as a vacation.
- A family friend says a Canadian man is being held in Turkey on accusations he was a leader of the failed July 15 military coup in that country.

-Davud Hanci, who lives in Calgary and works as an imam for Correctional Service Canada and Alberta correctional services, went to Turkey for a holiday on July 7.
-Malik Muradov says Hanci and his family went to Turkey to visit his ailing father.

-Muradov says the reports claim Hanci -- who he says is a dual citizen of Canada and Turkey -- is from Pennsylvania and was working for U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, a critic and former ally of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Muradov says that Hanci is from Pennsylvania and was working for Fethullah Gulen (the ctv sentence is not clear at all, I would say, intentionally muddy)

The Globe and Mail states the wife is a dual national Turkish Canadian citizen
Selman Durmus, the brother of Hanci’s wife Rumeysa Hanci, says she called her family in Toronto as her husband was being arrested.

Durmus last spoke to his sister Sunday morning and says she isn’t being held, but he and his family are concerned for her and her two young sons’ safety, and want to bring them back to Canada.

 Durmus says the family travelled to the Turkish city of Trabzon to visit Hanci’s ailing father. He says his sister is a dual Canadian-Turkish citizen, and the couple’s sons were born in Canada.
 Notice the brother in law does not mention the citizenship of David Hanuci? If the question was asked at all? Instead we get this same obfuscation- David Hanuci is from Pennsylvania, is working for Gulen, and is a dual Canadian/Turkish citizen- from Pennsylvania..

-Turkish media reports claim Hanci — who a family friend says is a dual citizen of Canada and Turkey — is from Pennsylvania and was working for U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen.

So if he is from Pennsylvania?  Was/is he an American citizen? Did he live there for a time? How long? Doing what? Why did the brother in law mention only mention the citizenship of his sister and the two children? A glaring omission.

Turkey has freed 1200 soldiers detained after the coup attempt

I posted this for the obvious reason that we will never get this news from NATO media.
PanARMENIAN.Net - Turkey has freed 1,200 soldiers detained after the failed military coup, a top prosecutor said on Saturday, in its first major release of suspects amid global criticism of the crackdown, AFP reports.

Those released were privates, Ankara's chief prosecutor Harun Kodalak was quoted as saying by Turkish media, adding that the authorities were seeking to swiftly sort out those who had fired on the people from those who did not.
There have been fears that many of the over 7,400 soldiers detained in the wake of the coup were young conscripts who had no idea what was going on.

"We are committed to moving forward with the legal process diligently," said a Turkish official, confirming the prosecutor's comments on the release.
Well, well, well- Unlike the US military, where the blame is placed firmly on the grunts, rather then those in charge- Thinking of Abu Ghraib- and their 'few bad apples' at the bottom of the heap of rot

Be all you (twisted sicko) can be! In the US Army.


  1. Penny, what do you think of the massive fire breaking near NATO bases in Turkey
    ffs Turkey is filled with all these 'bases'.

    1. Hi ally- How has the weather been in Turkey?
      Here it is so dry we are having grass fires.

      Sabotage? I guess anything is possible
      I understand that there have been issues with some Turkish citizens not wanting the NATO thugs there- Understandable, of course

      Could someone linked to the base have set the fire?
      Of course.

      Maybe the American will say it was ISIS?
      Can't put it past them

    2. And yes I know Turkey is full of American/NATO bases
      I had a map here at on time with the bases shown
      Turkey is really an occupied territory, much like Germany- and Canada

  2. Not sure what the weather is like in Turkey, I'm assuming it's quite sunny and hot now. But in England, the weather changes every few hours - sunny, rains and then it's dry but it is warm. A lot of Turks know who really is behind this coup, most opposition parties have organised rallies against the coup and Erdogan.
    What do you think of this?
    And Erdogan is meeting up with Putin next month. The whole fate of the ME & NATO really depends on Erdogan. His actions will have effects for the globe...

  3. from farsnews French group says ISIS funding floundering, shows where some is coming from

    ironically, in the same illegal areas as kurds
    I'm sure it's nothing