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Christians Complain As Kurds Seize Land : Occuring in Iraq and Syria

The Kurd land seizure of Christian lands.. So reminiscent of their besties in Israel
And this is not taking place in territory governed solely by the KRG
I’ve covered the Kurdish militia/elites theft/coveting of Christian land, historically and recently. In Iraq and Syria. Some Flashbacks and additional news before the main news item!
Kurdish militias are not my idea of heroic fighters- They equal the Contras

Another news item:Tensions soar between Syrian Kurds and Christians
The Christian neighbourhood of al-Wusta in Qamishli was the scene of clashes between Kurds and Christian militias on Monday night, with security sources in the town telling Middle East Eye that at least one Kurdish civilian and one Christian militiaman were reportedly killed. Five other people were also injured after the Kurds tried to break up a newly established Christian checkpoint, the sources added. 
 Christians in Iraqi Kurdistan complain about land seizure

As amply demonstrated Christian land seizure by Kurdish militias is not limited to Iraq. And NATO is perfectly OK with this going on because it is the agenda- ISIS shock troops- Kurdish clean up crews....

- Christian citizens in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq issued complaints in court June 15 that Kurdish residents are attacking and seizing their villages in the provinces of Dahuk and Erbil

-the KRG had prohibited residents from eight Christian villages in the Nahla area in Dahuk province from accessing the KRG's headquarters to protest and demand that an end be put to the encroachment upon their land on the part of Kurdish individuals and populations

-However, some of them managed to make it to the sit-in location and stage a protest as they held a banner that reflected the deep sorrow plaguing Christians in the region. “Our [Christian] people’s lands are encroached upon across the Kurdistan Region,” the banner read.

Kurdish individuals and tribes have been seizing lands and properties belonging to Christians since the 1980s. In 1986, Saddam Hussein's regime demolished these villages, leading to the displacement of the residents. (who would have been Kurds) However, as soon as the military operations of the former regime had finished, the Kurds returned to these villages and many seized Christian territory, taking advantage of the residents' forced absence, as per the testimonies of Christian residents of those villages.

That reads to me as if Saddam stopped the Kurdish land thievery and allowed the Christians to come back to their homes- Once the Iraqi military operation ended the Kurds came back and displaced the Christians- Rah, rah! 

What prompted residents of the villages of the Nahla area to protest is a set of new encroachments made by Kurdish citizens on their land. Earlier this year, several houses were built on these lands in the Nahla area.

Israel 2.0

The director of the Ninevah Studies Center, Michael Benjamin, told Al-Monitor that the KRG is seemingly aware of the problem, as it has put forward several initiatives between 2001 and 2010 to resolve the crisis, “but nothing has changed.”

Benjamin is an activist interested in the issues of minorities and indigenous peoples, and he relentlessly examines and follows up on the issue of Christian lands in the Kurdistan Region. Benjamin said the seized Christian lands in the various regions, towns and villages of the provinces of Dahuk and Erbil are estimated to measure “thousands of acres.”

Yonadam Kanna, the chairman of the Rafidain Christian parliamentary bloc in the federal parliament, told Al-Monitor, “The seizure of Christian lands is part of the process of demographic change.”

He said, “There are more than 60 Christian villages inhabited by non-Christians across the Kurdistan Region, and this is part of the demographic change. We stressed the need to restore those villages and properties, but the KRG measures were not serious, which delayed the issue."

Kurds forcing Christians out is part of the demographic change

In this vein, Benjamin pointed to the role of “partisan and tribal relations,” saying, “The rights of small groups and minorities will be undoubtedly violated as they are the weakest link and lack any strong partisan, political or tribal support.”

However, Kanna pointed out that “a Christian delegation recently met with Iraqi Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani, who asked for details about the issue and promised to restore the Christian lands.”

Benjamin said, "The ongoing violation of Chaldeo-Assyrian and Christian property rights for nearly 25 years since the founding of the Kurdistan Region is one of the prime reasons that leads indigenous citizens to feel abused and lose confidence in the government, and this forces them to opt for migration.”
And migration is absolutely the desired outcome

Naqshbandi said that even after the change of regime under the US occupation in April 2003 “only few Christians returned, thus allowing Muslim (Kurdish) families to cultivate and build homes on Christian lands.”

He added that Christians returned in the past few years “and reclaimed their villages and houses. But  (Kurdish) Muslims said they would not leave unless they are compensated for their cultivation and development of those lands.”

Consequently, after Kurdish citizens clung to the lands they seized, the Ministry of Awqaf was forced to issue a fatwa prohibiting such practices,” Naqshbandi said.

However, Mikhail responded to the fatwa by saying, “I do not think that this fatwa has helped or will help Christians restore their lands. There are many complicated issues related to several sides and ministries that date back many years. With all due respect, we believe that the fatwa will not be implemented unless the highest authorities have a real political and legal will to enforce the law, bring about justice and ensure the rights of minorities in the region.”

The seizing of territories, especially when accompanied by the tribal force that governs social relations in the Kurdistan Region — particularly in the provinces of Dahuk and Erbil, where the population is known to hold on to tribal traditions — may lead Christians to migrate, as occurred in Baghdad and other provinces in Iraq.

Recall this one?  Kurdistan: Plans for Northern Syria & Jews of Kurdistan want more recognition

 "It was truly so darn good and convenient that  NATO backed ISIS grabbed and occupied all the land that was so conveniently intended to be the newest NATO state - Kurdistan or as I like to call it Israel 2.0
Yup, convenient!
How is it I was the only one to see that as it unfolded? It really was quite obvious.
Thankfully Willyloman-American Everyman caught on, or I would have felt truly alone.

So many others, though,.... busy cheering for NATO’s destabilizers - The bestest fighters of them all- Backed by the biggest guns. The poor beleaguered Kurdish militias completely supported by the biggest global terror army: NATO.  Kurds: Annexers of Syrian, Iraqi and soon Turkish territory. While so many died. And so much has been lost. Wasted.   Because the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and expect a different result-
No wrongs will be corrected- Just a whole big batch of new wrongs are being created"

Btw: Kurds of "Rojova" declare Qamshilo their new capital

 Officials from the Kurdish-led “Democratic Union Party” (PYD) said to ARA News over the weekend that they are declaring the Syrian city of Qamishli their new capital, despite objections from Syrian government and opposition regarding their federalist endeavors.

  1. PennyJuly 5, 2016 at 9:25 AM
    Disgusting- but not surprising. 

    Rah, rah for NATO's destabilizers- Israel 2.0 and remaking the ME violently?
    Right mindless cheerleaders? 

    Oh Look the Kurds have White Toyota Pick Up Trucks- Just like ISIS
    I've pointed out the Kurdish militia having lots of Toyota pick ups to use, including posting pictures here previously of Kurds and their Toyotas- but my bad for pointing out all that symbiosis between the NATO backed A and B team- Truth can be so inconvenient for so many


  1. That arab toyota dealership has been having a boon in business while the rest of Middle East gets more poor.

    Quick couple of paragraphs on Turkey Syria Kurds Iran + Russia

    1. ty karin

      I like katehon too- I should give them a link in the sidebar as they post very credible info - Superior to Fort Russ in my opinion anyway..

  2. Which begs the question of the elephant in the room: the Russian-Vatican-Assyrian nexus (see popes latest comments on Syria). Russians have warned quite explicitly about the christian minorities (Palmyra) going so far to call a Christian-Phobia conference in Europe a few years ago (relating to the Eye of Sauren (Tolken distinct Chrisitan undertones) exhibit a few years back whcih the Russian Church (& Putin) opposed.
    20APR15: Russia seriously concerned over Christians’ exodus from Middle East — Lavrov

    " "We are seriously concerned about the future of the 2,000-year-long presence of Christianity in the Middle East, its historical area. Since the beginning of the armed conflict in Syria, the Christian population in the country has reduced from 2.2 million to 1.2 million. Christian holy sites are being attacked, and militants are taking Christian hostages. Orthodox Metropolitan Paul Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox Metropolitan Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim have been held captive since April 2013," Dolgov told the newspaper Izvestia in an interview.

    ISIL operations in Iraqi lands have been catastrophic for Iraqi Christians, he said. Dolgov noted that the problems of Iraqi Christians started "much earlier, actually right after the U.S. invasion in 2003. During the years since the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Christian population of that country has reduced ten-fold, from 1.5 million to 150,000. Entire cities, such as Mosul, have fully lost the Christian presence," Dolgov said."For some reason, it has become politically incorrect in a number of Western countries to indicate one's belonging to the Christian religion. People begin to feel embarrassed about Christian values which are the cornerstone of European civilization. Aggressive secularism is gaining strength. Notions of morals and traditional national, cultural and religious identity are being washed out. Cases of vandalism and desecration of churches, cathedrals, holy sites, cemeteries and Christian symbols are growing in number. It is increasingly difficult for believers to openly defend their views," Dolgov said."

    Does this dovetail with Vojvodina e.g. Balkan Rojava?

    Balkan Route, Austrian Re-election, Italian banking crisis, alleged Russian base in Serbia, Renzi in trouble with the nationalists -> same trade?
    Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday he was hearing for the first time about Russia "wanting a training center at the Ecka airport near Zrenjanin."

    Aleksandar Radić says the Emergency Situations Center in Niš, southern Serbia, is not an attempt to "secretly install a Russian military base."

    1. Also rumors of Russians using the NATO landing strip since denied as Russia says carrier will stand in for theistrals suggests the Russians and the close in attack helicopters prepping for ground support action when so needed. And the lavrov comments about Turkey and Russia seeing the same list of Terror groups may be an indication that the Russians are not so wed to the Kurdish alliance or at least the YPG.

    2. wrt the christians and the middle east being the birth place of christianity- i wondered where are all the phony social justice warriors???

      It's seems the persecution of Christians is ok with the phony, wouldn't no a good deed if it was right in front of them crowd... Interesting isn't it?

  3. Su-25 pilots have been practising for several months landing and taking-off from a Kuznetsov simulator at a military base in Crimea.

    The idea that Turkey (read NATO) would allow the RUssians to use the major NATO airbase at Incirlik is laughable, as is the idea that the Russians would accept. Why would they need to? They have full legal authority to operate in Syria. Why would they offer legal cover to the primary ISIS enablers - after all if RUssian aircraft attacked from Turkey, why not NATO? They have managed to do more with 30+ aircraft from a small base in Syria than NATO has with its multitudes of aircraft based at numerous ME bases over several years.

    1. Also the Kurds are setting themselves up for serious grief. They will have Turkey against them on one side and Syria/Russia on the other (as both have declared Syrian territorial integrity is sancrsanct, and its fate is to be determined by the Syrian people as a whole)

    2. I read the statement from Turkey's foreign minister and it didn't read as an offer, just a flippant comment- Did notice the media jump right on it, so had to go look at what he actually said

      Turkey could no more offer Incirlik for Russia's use then Canada could offer a base here-

      Agreed the Kurds are setting themselves up for serious grief- I'm sure their planning to sacrifice some ordinary folk for the cause-

      Fighters will fight and kill anyway..

    3. Take a look at the saker's vineyard for an excellent analysis concerning the Kuznetsov.

    4. Here is the link:

      It is certainly not by ant means a game changer.

      An increase in the number of modernized older attack aircraft and gen 4/5 attack aircraft would be a more effective measure in my certainly not expert opinion.

  4. Not been around for some time but great articles.Assad has also said that he opposes foreign fighters joining the YPG. Penny, could you do some research about another 'colour revolution' taking place in Greece? They just like Turkey have separatists - the Macedonians.

  5. Hi Ally! I wonder if this is somehow related to pipeline politics? maybe that deal with Israel?
    Have to look into where pipelines are to be built etc
    If I have time, I'll check it out

    Meanwhile if you find anything of interest...and wouldn't mind leaving it that would be great! It would help me out and I would appreciate it a great deal

    1. Burgas alexandria pipe was just brought up days ago. Gazprom building posiedan potentially versus the us backed tap via Albania. Macedonia not holding a referendum on mato accession. See comment above on refloating of the south stream which would make that northern serb area critical real estate amidst rumors of refugee stuffing like rojava.

      Greek port is the balakn onramp to maritime silk road. Israel just said it is accelerating cypru's field development as the race is on. The Israel ccyprus Greece pipe is longer term project. If lebanon ever does auction the blocks the outcome seems for ordained.


      Bulgaria not to participate in black sea fleet. 16JUN

      Bulgaria nuclear power referendum,_2013

      Elections pulled forward as the governement collapsed in wake of vote.,_2013

      Burgas died.

    3. Watching Abkhazia as US moves on Georgia and Moldova

  6. I will :)
    To know more about Turkey and the Middle East, check out a woman called Sibel Edmonds. She is Turkish but has lived in the US for quite some time. Worked for the FBI and writes/talks about a lot of interesting things.

    1. Boiling frogs always felt like Michael yon