Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fire breaks out near NATO/American base in Turkey

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Fire breaks out near NATO base in Turkey



TURKEY: A massive fire erupted near a NATO base within the Buca district, Izmir, western Turkey on Sunday, RT reported.
The inferno started in the evening on the border of the Sahintepe and Mevkiinde districts. It engulfed the grassy wooded area and was spreading closer to NATO’s military base because of strong winds.
Despite efforts by NATO-stationed troops to stop the fire, the rapidly-spreading flames were moving closer to the Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) base at ┼×irinyer (Buca) in ─░zmir, Turkey.
LANDCOM is charged with improving the effectiveness and reaction time of the alliance’s land forces that when needed could respond to an international crisis.

The fire could be due to weather conditions. So, I won't jump to conclusions. Though I can't say the same for the reaction or over reaction of others. The making of lemonade from lemons? (Never let a good crisis go to waste)  If weather conditions there are anything like Southern Ontario right now, all it would take is a smoldering cigarette tossed carelessly away and some help from the wind.
Judging by the video below- there is lot's of wind to encourage the fire to grow and spread.

From Ally 

The inferno started on Sunday evening in western Turkey. The fire blew through the grassy wooded area and is now perilously near NATO’s military base pushed forward by strong winds.


Canadian/Gulen Connection To Turkey's Coup & Turkey releases 1200


  1. Greek wildfires , Burgas? Siberia? India just accused US of weather weapons as India moving to end us of Israeli herons for home grown drone(India .mil plane down recalling that Indo Russia sub accident on INS Sindhurakshak). Burgas has just been resurrected as the Polish opposing Nord Stream - Germans ave told the EU to stay out of it (eg Schroeder / NSA / Steinmeier nexus) as poles just rejected it (reminiscent of Mistrals and leaks after about US opposition and that Thanksgiving Mistral break in whereby electronics were stolen).


    And another German bombing; Soros has a 7 point plan.

    German refugee processing delays resulting from trouble figuring out where they are from. As for filling the labor force, most don't qualify.


  2. US Airbase in Turkey engulfed in Fire after Media IDs US General as Coup Leader -

    "Update: The Fire was started just two hours after Turkish paper Yeni Safak identified US Army General and NATO International Security Assistance Force Commander John F. Campbell as the leader of the coup!"