Saturday, July 23, 2016

Germany’s Mall “Killer” Rehashes Anders Brevik on the 5th Year Anniversary Date

So reminiscent of what always takes place when a 9/11 anniversary is upon us- A rehash: to discuss something, again and again and again. Very strongly linked to trauma based perception management - stress and fear- equals dumb and controllable: From June 02/2010: Using Stress to dumb you down and control population?
What I can hopefully do is get you thinking about stress and how it affects your brain. How it is detrimental to yourself and to society as a whole and let's face it, how stress is used against you, wielded like a weapon.

Thinking here about the constant state of stress, through fear, manufactured by the governments and other institutions that rule over the masses.

In the case of governments, world-wide who abuse us daily with stress inducing thoughts of terror, terrorism and even the war on terror. It is terror all the time with this bunch”

UPDATE: Of course the gunman planned the attack for a year and there was a manifesto-
The Bavarian crime office has carried out a search of Munich shooter’s home, and found materials consistent with the theory that he had been planning the attack for a whole year prior to the act. Police also say a manifesto was left at the site of the shooting.
There always seems to be a manifesto- that's so convenient for narrative creation
- It added that the victims in the shooting were not classmates of the shooter.
That was obvious enough- the whole bullying meme was a scam

So, on the 5th anniversary of the Anders Brevik attack we get a shooter who channels Anders Brevik, including having some sort of Anders Brevik app on his stupid phone, and being obsessed with mass shootings. Allegedly

The alleged killer lured his victims on facebook- Seriously that’s the story- LOL

“A DERANGED gunman who slaughtered four adults and five children in a handgun massacre allegedly hacked a pretty girl’s Facebook account to lure kids to their death”

The posting, sent from a young woman's account, urged people to come to the mall at 4 p.m., saying: "I'll give you something if you want, but not too expensive."

Heimberger says: "It appears it was prepared by the suspect and then sent out."

Some reports suggest the Facebook post claimed that free food would be given away at McDonald's.

Making this planned, not random. Also facebook? Really a post on facebook? So how do we know that the alleged shooter was the same individual who posted the lure on facebook. How do we know the lure was food? Pretty girl and a bunch of guys... I would expect the lure would have been something other then food, but, story for another day. The so called pretty girl’s facebook account that was used? Who is she? How is it that she is  face book friends with all these persons that appeared at the McDonalds- What's their connection? I saw no mention of that relevant information. And btw: Good brand association If the food don’t kill ya, a crazed gunman will...

And what an interesting bunch of friends this ‘pretty girl’ had. Besides the patsy:
Quite an international crowd- He being an Iranian/German. 3 victims being Turkish citizens. One Greek citizen. And three Kosovars- 3 with citizenship from Kosovo.
Three Turkish citizens were among the nine people killed in Germany's Munich mall shooting.
Greece said one of its citizens had also been killed, and three Kosovans were confirmed dead in the attack by their country's foreign ministry.
 Most of the casualties were young people aged 15 to 21
"pretty girl on facebook" had some interesting friends.. I don't believe this has anything what so ever to do with bullying- The patsy is supposed to be 18 years old- An adult. The bullying meme is infantile.

Countless stories mention this 18 year old was Anders Brevik obsessed- Was he? So it’s claimed.
The “Anders Breivik-obsessed” (you've got your mind virus)  loner son of a tax driver has been named as Ali David Sonboly  – a depressed 18-year-old receiving psychiatric care – who fired at helpless children in a McDonald’s, marauded through a shopping mall in a killing spree, before turning the gun on himself and ending his life.
All the depression stuff is alleged. It's not been validated. But that won't matter, because what's most important is to fill the heads of the masses with tawdry nonsense
Sonboly, who had far-right terrorist Anders Breivik as his WhatsApp profile image, was armed with a 9mm Glock handgun and was carrying 300 rounds.
“Cops also said he was interested in violent computer games”
Interested in violent computer games?? How many millions of people play violent video games? Not me, I don't do video games at all- But watch out all you virtual reality killers!

In my opinion it’s way more likely that Sonboly was a victim not the perp. And who the shooter or shooters were, I haven’t a clue. A 9 mm glock and 300 hundred rounds of ammo? I saw the pictures the media is throwing around- I don’t see no stinkin’ glock!
I don't see a Gloch. Nor can I identify the person pictured as Sonboly. Can you?
The alleged killer was pictured on the rooftop of the Olympia shopping mall and appeared to be staggering around. I can’t identify the person in this image as Sonboly. Can you?

Sonboly? On the rooftop of the mall? Before or after?

Close up of roof shot

The gunman's body has been found half a mile from the scene after he reportedly turned the gun on himself. Police now believe he may have acted alone, after they initially went in search of three gunmen

That's right! Initial reports had eye witness reporting 3 gunmen.
Short on first hand eye witness accounts. Very short. Lots of hearsay, though.
Including, but, not limited to this twitter feed

Some journalist giving all kinds of second hand information

9h9 hours ago
do you find it at all odd that eye witnesses said their were 3 gun men with long rifles & now it's a lone gunman with pistol ..
First there were three and then there was one- San Bernadino anybody?

“As the first confused reports began to filter out of the area, police believed up to three gunmen were involved and were carrying 'long rifles' in an echo of Islamist attacks in Mumbai and Paris”

Confused reports? So if an eyewitness or several eye witnesses saw three gunmen those would be “confused reports” I doubt it.

And it took police two and a half hours to find the ‘lone crazy gunman”

The gunman's body wasn't discovered until 8:30pm, leaving two-and-a-half tense hours with the city's transport networks closed and residents put on lockdown and told to stay indoors.

You can guess, quite easily so, that I don’t believe the official narrative one bit!
But, wait there is more:
hatip gallier

I have an interesting information about Munich shooting
look who is the first witness on German TV
Richard Gutjahr!
who is Richard Gutjahr? He's the first witness of the Nice crushing.
What an unlucky guy to be in so short a time witness of these horrible events. He who has suffered, being the husband of a holocaust survivor

He's married to Einat Wilf, Knesset member and known as a NuttyYahoo groupie and military intelligence asset.
But this are only coincidences, aren't they?

The sentence with holocaust survivor was sarcasm, of course.
Thanks Gallier! So the first 'witness on German TV for the Munich shooting is the same man who is the first witness in Nice, France. A man who has apparently 'suffered' greatly. What are the odds that he is at both of these events? Pretty amazing, no?

Before ending this I'll summarize briefly: I don't believe the lone wolf shooter nonsense.
I can't confirm anyone died- However, if persons were killed,  I see this more as crime related. Organized crime related- Perhaps some unreliables or useless individuals were gotten rid of by some smugglers/ drug runners- Noting the interesting mix of citizens gunned down. What this incident has  nothing to do with is Anders Brevik- other then in your stressed out, perception managed mind- As I say, often, don't give in to run away fear.

 Jay's Analysis:



    Hurriyet article probably not an accident.

    1. Saw you had left that and it likely wasn't an accident that article was published- rather an outing out of the perps

      Snipers targeting the civilians on the bridge- So very familiar

  2. Across from Olympics as Russians banned and the Brazilians? Roll up an isis cell

    1. I'd heard or read about ISIS cell in Brazil- but was unaware of the Russians being banned- wow!

      "The entire Russian Olympic team will today be banned from competing at the Rio Games next month, The Mail on Sunday understands.

      According to well-placed sources, the International Olympic Committee will punish all 387 Russian sportsmen and women in the strongest possible way after revelations of their country’s state-sponsored doping programme shocked the world"

      Plus Brazil is looking badly..

      trial by media-

    2. Could have called this weeks ago when the CIA asset with the spanking new California sports lab first became a spokesperson for the IOC sock puppets and their collaboative efforts to demonize Russia.

    3. One last commentary concerning the stupid olympics. Why would anyone wish to subject themselves to the propaganda and advertizing blitz?

  3. Mh370 Iranian photos, ex post report they were doctored. Us just sued Malaysia for a billion



      Last look after the PM retraction was the AF chief. Given the AF prominent role in alleged coup..a lone grey wolf?

    3. So Iran, Iran, Iran... moving Iran into the minds of the masses

      Iranian radiation student held in Brussels bomb false alarm

      A language mix-up with an Iranian radiation student triggered a five-hour bomb alert on Wednesday ..

      Then an Iranian German "lone wolf" I did think the reference to Iran was timely- so were watching mass audience prep or creating the back narrative for when the destabilization of Iran moves to it's next phase- Iran will be on the minds and tongues of the masses- perception management at work?

      That's what it appears to me as

    4. It's possible the pilot was grey wolf. That would put him in NATO's sphere of influence.
      Thanks for all the great info


    6. Knife attacks prominence in west bank vs bus bombings

  4. "Heimberger"? Really?? And McDonald's HAMBURGERS? Good grief.

    US/NATO/Kurdish cleansing operation hitting full stride in manjbij. Who are they fighting? What are they fighting for?

  6. Omgosh... I left this comment on the wrong article first. OOOPS Penny! Silly me.... It was intended for this piece.

    Thanks for this article Penny... and to all the commenters for their links and information. I now know everything I need to know about this, yet another, set up shooting of the masses.

    To be honest, I am so tired of these almost daily shootings now that I am beginning to tune them out. I am tired of them sapping away at my soul. Bad me! Just one after another and... well we know from where they originate. This Richard Gutjahr character is a bit much.... They are bolder than ever. They are amping up the volume of madness, their release of "atheists and nihilists" to put terror into the hearts of us all. So far, everyone quotes Pike but no one really remembers his words... if that makes sense.

    Interestingly, here on the Island, a group of kids from Nanaimo were in Nice according to the CBC. (Yes we know who the CBC speaks for.)

    Nanaimo students in Nice safe but some 'stressed' after witnessing attack, says school official

    Parent unhappy Nanaimo students brought home early from Nice trip. This parent felt that "unnecessary fear" was instilled into the children and they should have remained in Nice.

    I almost DIED last night when my very wealthy, stuffy brother actually said... he who thinks me a political fool... "We are into WW3 you know" as if I did not know anything. I just smiled and said, (as I did when stocks dropped in 08 and he lost cash... I had warned him)... "I hate to say I told you so but I told you so." He looked rather stunned because up until now he dismissed me as a conspiracy tinfoil type. Yeah, that image still exists in the world! Even after so many of our conspiracies have proven true!

    These attacks are definite acts of war. But, hey! NATO Canada is a willing participant in this stuff. Trusty Justy Turdeau (Prime Minister lite) is having noahide rainbow uniforms designed for our troops.....

  7. The important thing that happened here is the unraveling of the Richard Gutjahr persona. That he filmed the Nice truck before it started it's run means that he was placed in the hotel for that reason. That he was in front of the Olympia in Munich and took photos which were uploaded by him on to his Twitter account and then deleted shortly afterwards means that whoever placed him there realized that they had fucked up and are attempting to cover their tracks, too late, as once on the internet they are cached by google. There are also interviews with him on German TV where he speaks as a witness and there are now too many links to delete. What this has proved beyond doubt is that with his connections to Israel these ops are run by the Mossad.

  8. Interesting development in France concerning Bastille Day attack. The municipal police officer Miss Sandra Bertin who was in charge of the video surveillance on the National holiday, did not budge when she was bullied by the national police to falsificate her reports. She spilled it to the media. Now Cazeneuve, that first class idiot, started an official complaint against her. This will blow up against the gouvernment big time, if not, then we're really fucked.

  9. Great comments and info, Thanks.

    Penny, Amerikas puppet in Canada sure rolled over fast on this one.

    1. Of course Justin rolled over- I would expect him to do nothing more- except fetch a bone and beg for a treat- roflmao!

  10. Nice video. I live in Manchester where this practice terror attack took and found it hilarious.

    1. Ally: Got to watch out for those exercises when they take them live-