Thursday, July 7, 2016

ISIS Attacks? Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sisi, the PKK and more

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Here’s some tidbits I’ve had saved:

I've updated the post to cover news about a reported suicide bombing targeting Syrian soldier in Aleppo- Scroll down

The Islamic State just made a potentially disastrous mistake- That just happens to work in favour of the NATO- US/Israel agenda
In the global revulsion at the past week’s terror attacks in four Muslim countries, The United States and its allies have a new opportunity to build a unified command against the Islamic State and other extremists.

NATO- Cui Bono?
The savage attacks in Turkey, Bangladesh, Iraq and Saudi Arabia should convince Muslim nations and the West that they share a common enemy in extremist groups such as the Islamic State. What they need now is a shared command-and-control structure,

It’s Ignatius so there is plenty of baloney- I’ll cut to the chase
Syria is the test case: The Russians have been asking the U.S. for months to share targeting information about Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra positions in Syria, so that Russian forces can attack the jihadists and avoid hitting groups that, in theory, are working with the U.S.

If Russia accepts such a real limitation on President Bashar al-Assad, then it should join the team. But if it continues unlimited support for Assad, Russia will only fuel the jihadists’ rage — and complicate American efforts to build a broader, unified command.
Yup, all that jihadist rage, is Russia’s fault, even though that jihadi rage benefits the US/NATO alliance. And the US can save.... the world!
“If the U.S. offers strong leadership now, it can repair that breach — and help organize a military and intelligence alliance against a common threat”
 Ataturk airport killings- I’m really wondering if there was an element of targeted killings, or tying up loose ends involved in the attack? Call it a gut feeling

“Among the dead were 13 foreigners, including Saudi, Iraqi, Chinese and Ukrainian citizens”

That’s a list of the whose who of NATO backed mercs- Saudi, Iraqi’s Uighurs and Ukies. Thinking about that pilot - Nolan Peterson, the fly boy between Ukraine and Iraq? Recall him?
Flashback!! NATO Backed Kurds Move on Mosul- Canadians and/or Americans on Frontlines?
Mr Peterson is so "in" he got an award from none other then Geoffrey Pyatt- Remember him? Oh, I'm sure most of you do!

 With US Amb to -- I was honored to get an award from last night!

Then the helicopter crash that feels like a possible housecleaning of Turkish military brass- Nothing to do with Erdogan illusory power. I'm  talking potential military coup? Or some other military intervention to split Turkey? Maybe these individuals would be less then cooperative? All that  Turkish Military brass that went down in the helicopter- Conflicting death tolls and Yildrim spins the narrative- As he did with the Ataturk airport attack-  
Only Yildrim  and the CIA boss made specific statements pointing their fingers at ISIS
Six people killed when Turkish military helicopter crash in northern turkey: CNN Turk
The crash, which occurred in the highlands of Giresun province, appeared to be an accident caused by poor weather, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim told reporters in televised comments.

Seven killed in military helicopter crash in Turkey’s Giresun

Seven people were killed and eight others were wounded on July 5 when a military helicopter carrying top soldiers crashed in the Black Sea province of Giresun, the Turkish General Staff has announced.

The Sikorsky S-70 helicopter was carrying 15 people, including Gendarmerie Region Commander Brigadier Mustafa Dogru, Region Commander Executive Officer Col. Ünal Bayhan, Provincial Gendarmerie Deputy Commander Lt. Col. Saadettin Sahin, Gendarmerie Staff Sgt. Cemalettin Çoban, Gendarmerie Specialized Sgt. Adem Kara, Pilot Cpt. Hilmi Özer, Pilot First Lt. Yüksel Kandemir and Gendarmerie technician non-commissioned officer Muhammet Bedek, along with the wives of the military personnel and three children. They were returning from an Eid al-Fitr visit to military posts and the families of fallen soldiers in the region.

Initial reports that the helicopter had crashed in the Tohumluk highlands of the Alucra district of Giresun started arriving at 5:30 p.m.

Seven people, including soldiers, were killed in the accident while eight others were wounded, the General Staff said in a statement.

 Sahin and Özer were killed in the accident, in addition to Dogru’s wife Nuran Dogru and daughter Berrin Dogru, Bayhan’s wife Didem Bayhan and Kara’s wife Sema Kara.

“Initial information suggests there was a problem related to sight, hence there will be a thorough investigation once the injured and the dead are transferred and work with the wreckage is complete,” Yildirim said.
“This was not a terror attack; it does not seem possible. We understand the accident was caused by weather conditions,” he added.
Yildrim says there will be a thorough investigation but announces it wasn’t terrorism (or sabotage) and it was the weather- No investigation necessary  when Yildrim is on the job! Same as at Ataturk. I do not trust Yildrim one bit!

Multiple suicide bombings in Saudi Arabia- Blamed on ISIS.

Suicide bombers attack sites in Saudi Arabia including mosque in Medina

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, but the bombings in Qatif and Jeddah were consistent with the modus operandi of Islamic State (Isis) in its targeting of Shia Muslims and US representatives, as well as Saudi interests.

This may be why Turkey and Egypt are at odds with one another.....

Sisi government met PKK three times: Turkish intelligence report

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s government met with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) three times over the past six months in Cairo, according to a Turkish intelligence report.

The report, which was prepared by long-term tracking by intelligence officials, said Egypt gave the green light to the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) to open an office in Cairo.

“The first contact between Egypt and the PKK started with the mediation of the central government of Iraq. A delegation from the PKK was allowed to go to Baghdad in the middle of December last year. The PKK delegation went to Cairo with a visa they obtained from the Egyptian Embassy in Baghdad,” said the report, while adding that the second meeting was planned during the first one.

“A more authorized PKK delegation went to Cairo and met with some high-level officials from the Egyptian intelligence service in January 2016. Egypt gave the message that it could support the PKK for the first time in this meeting. Egypt transferred weapons and money after this meeting,” the report added.

The last meeting between Cairo and the PKK allegedly took place in April 2016, in which seven PKK members participated.

“Seven people participated in this meeting: Mustafa Karasu, an Executive Committee member of the KCK [Kurdistan Communities Union]; Gülüsan Eksen (Fatma Adir); Seyithan Ayaz (Demgat Agit), who is responsible for the KCK’s foreign relations; Velid Halil (Aldar), someone with the code name Azad and two others who could not be identified,” the report read, referring to the KCK, which is an umbrella organization that includes the PKK.

In the last meeting, it was agreed that the PKK would gather intelligence on members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey and would commit actions against its members if necessary, according to the report.

The sides also allegedly agreed to continue the meetings and that Egypt would give weapons and monetary aid to the PKK.
UPDATE BEGINS- Unverified from IHS Jane's  ISIS at work, ooops I mean "syrian rebels"

ACCORDING to the pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an unspecified number of soldiers were killed in a suicide attack carried out by Jabhat al-Nusra militants in the area of the Shahib factory in Syria's Aleppo governorate on 4 July. ( same date as Saudi bombings) Casualty figures provided by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights cannot be independently verified but have been assessed to be the most reliable.

From the past 24 hours:


  1. Penny, I agree with what you're saying about the Ataturk airport attack - no one has taken responsibility. Kurdish militants normally take responsibility a few days after the attack but they haven't either. So who was it? And if it isn't ISIS, why doesn't Erdogan come out and say who it REALLY was? He hasn't challenged what Yildirim is saying.

    1. If he hasn't challenged Yildrim it may because he has no power and no standing to do so..

      I don't know for sure, but, that's how it seems?

  2. I think it is good to remember what ISIS actually is. It is the frontline fighting organisation of israel and various NATO countries. It relies on logistical support from these same states. It is generally conceded that 5-8 logistical staff are need to keep 1 soldier on the frontline.

    This logistical support can only be provided by states and therefore any terror organisation is totally captive to these supporting states.

    ISIS might have the resources to put together some suicide bomb vests and get them to the Ankara Airport. But do they have the ability to do this without NATO knowing about it? Pretty much impossible in my book.

    Would they do it without permission? Highly doubtful, imo.

    ISIS would also have the problem of getting into Ankara Airport with their guns and bombs without being detected by the israeli surveillance apparatus which is in place there. Again, I think this almost impossible.

    I doubt very much that ISIS has the infrastructure and capability to plan and to set off bombs in KSA, Bangladesh and wherever else. Some ISIS dupes could be transported to these places but they are always just the foot soldiers.

    So who does have this planning and logistical capability? US, NATO, israel

    But why?
    Erdogan (for his own personal political reasons) did a deal with Russia with the result that the Turkish tourism industry could start to recover. The above states obviously didn't like that as they are continuing to demonise Russia (this has EU ramifications). So they did the single most effective thing they could do on such short notice and bombed the Ankara Airport and sent the hopes of the Turkish tourism industry, and Erdogan's ability to shape international politics, down the drain (again).

    To possibly answer Ally's question, "And if it isn't ISIS, why doesn't Erdogan come out and say who it REALLY was?",
    - Erdogan will not have the proof though the message is clear. Turkish intelligence is not going to provide him the evidence as they are owned by NATO and are against his attempted rapprochement with Russia.

    - In any case, Erdogan probably does not want to advertise that NATO is opposed to him and thus expose his lack of power to supporters. Power is all about perception.