Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Media Obfuscation/Newspeak: Rabbi who OK's Gentile Rape & Race Baiting

All lives do matter! Since we're on the topic of race baiting

Check this headline:Israeli military appoints rabbi who appeared to permit rape
 "Karim later said he was not advocating rape, and the military said Tuesday that he denied ever saying that a "soldier is authorized to sexually harm a woman during war."
Of course the use of the word "appeared" is intended to obfuscate- As we know appearances can be deceiving- but just who is pushing a deception in this instance?
Appeared: seem; give the impression of being.
 I took the time to find the statement of this alleged holy man:

In 2012, Karim’s controversy started when the Hebrew religious website KIPA, asked him, in the light of certain biblical passages, if IDF soldiers were permitted to commit rape during wartime despite the general understanding that such an act is widely considered repugnant.
His answer enraged many Israelis.

“Although intercourse with a female gentile is very grave, it was permitted during wartime (under the conditions it stipulated) out of consideration for the soldiers’ difficulties,he wrote. “And since our concern is the success of the collective in the war, the Torah permitted [soldiers] to satisfy the evil urge under the conditions it stipulated for the sake of the collective’s success.”
In other words, soldiers can rape innocent women during times of war in order to keep their morale up.
 Wait just a minute Mint Press!  This horrid rabbi didn't say soldiers can rape just any innocent women- he said specifically they can rape GENTILE women. Or to use the Jewish venacular- (Shiksa)
 Shiksa is a Yiddish word that means "non-Jewish female." It's especially used for an attractive woman who could be a "temptation" to Jewish men.

The people who use this word in conversation very rarely know its real meaning: abomination. And the people who know the meaning and use it for that meaning probably aren't the people you want to spend much time with. The two other translations I've found for shiksa are "impure" and "object of loathing." It is not only pejorative, it is intended to be offensive and cruel.
 And that's what the alleged holy man was talking about- He specifically stated it is ok to rape gentile women! That's appalling. (social justice warriors???) Just think of this man in any type of leadership position at all. Anywhere. Why is the media lying to cover for a man who is obviously monstrous? A perfect example of how some very hateful statements are obfuscated, depending on your status as most favoured or least favoured persons.

The life of gentile women matters!

And speaking of selective media coverage- Always
And selective social injustice warriors- Always

All Lives Matter: Is not wrongheaded. Or racist. All lives do indeed matter.
 Doublespeak is language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words
The media is promoting more divide as they push yet another  double speak campaign  with the intent of race baiting- If only 'black lives matter' then all others do not.

That is the promotion of race wars.

Look at the coverage regarding how bad it is to say "All Lives Matter"?- MSM and fake alternatives..

Time: Enough Already With ‘All Lives Matter’ & Ottawa Citizen   & Vox

Including coverage of some absurd apology from Ian Astbury

Cult singer Ian Astbury apologises after telling festival crowd: 'All lives matter'
  “It ain’t a race thing, it’s a people thing.” The phrase that caused offence, though, was: “All lives matter.”
Which Astbury was chastised for, by some social injustice warrior who used yet another race baiting term "white privilege" "White privilege" is race baiting

Race baiting ‎ The act of using racially derisive language, actions, or other forms of communication in order to anger or intimidate or coerce.

Which is exactly what was done to Ian Astbury- racially derisive language was employed to intimidate or coerce him into apologizing...

Hope no readers here are buying into this because everyone is being baited- Every 'identity' group is being baited.  Everyone. And no good can come of this. I find this frightening.

Newspeak: speech or writing that uses words in a way that changes their meaning especially to persuade people to think a certain way

 I'm going to end with a letter from the Courier Journal that I quite liked

I understand the premises – Black lives Matter.  No one should be singled out just because of his or her race or ethnic background. We as a society need to move forward and quit profiling folks who don’t fit our idea of the perfect citizen.
But consider this. It doesn't matter if you are red, yellow, black or white; a babe in the womb or an elderly person in a nursing home; rich or poor; famous or in prison; if it’s Black Lives or Blue Lives -- we are all precious in His sight.  Life is a gift to all, and ALL lives matter in God’s sight.  He loves us, and sent His Son to die for us because life matters to Him.
We sometimes grow weary trying to fight too many battles  Some aren't ours to fight in the first place. But this is not a carnal battle, as we would expect, it’s a spiritual one. Oh, if we could just learn to let go, and allow God to fight it His way. He’ll fight this battle in a just manner. He knows what He is doing.
So love without dissimulation, because all lives matter.
Encourage one another, because all lives matter.
Continue in prayer for all people, because all lives matter.
And remember, this is God’s battle. Life is His gift to give, NOT ours to take!


  1. So love without dissimulation, because all lives matter.
    Encourage one another, because all lives matter.
    Continue in prayer for all people, because all lives matter.
    And remember, this is God’s battle. Life is His gift to give, NOT ours to take!

    Can I have an Amen?!


    Love that letter.

  2. Hey Gwen: I liked the letter too :)

    that said, I am terrified for my american friends and reading audience

    there is race baiting all around it looks to me as if the gov overtly and covertly with the help of the coercive media are fanning the flames of a race war so they can enact martial law- that will come to Canada-

    In the US law enforcement will be ordered to confiscate guns and disempower the populace completely
    it's not good at all- and it looks planned

  3. Double standards is the province of psychopathy.

    Every time I come across a double standard being applied, I know I'm looking at a psychopath or someone who aspires to be one.

    Human beings are born with an innate empathy for other humans. A uniform standard for all springs naturally from this. It is the basis of justice without which the human race would not have survived the hundreds of thousands of years.

    We survived through co-operation and true co-operation is only possible between people who regard themselves as equal i.e. a uniform standard is a given

    Psychopaths have no empathy for anyone else so a double standard is 'natural' to them because they have the outlook that everyone else is put here to serve them. A double standard makes perfect sense to them given their nature.

    Psychopaths 'out' themselves whenever they call for a double standard.

    1. I give an Amen for Gwen and an Amen to that statement james!

      the f'rs undertaking this are psychos and they hate the masses- and they want the masses to hate and fight amongst themselves-

  4. I'll be updating the post to add this latest act of race baiting.including employing the term "lone wolf"


    The Tenors, Canada's popular vocal quartet, are apologizing for not only altering the lyrics to O Canada at Tuesday's Major League Baseball All-Star Game, but inserting a political and controversial statement in its place.

    During the on-field performance at San Diego's Petco Park, a line in the anthem during Remigio Pereira's solo was changed to include the words "all lives matter."

    The B.C.-based group hastily released a statement on its website and on social media after it was over, calling the incident a "shameful act." Group members are blaming Remigio Pereira, who they say acted as a "lone wolf" to "serve his own political views."

    All Lives do matter- that's not controversial- It's not an insult. It's a statement of fact

    The perception managing military industrial/business/state complex/media wants most of us to believe our lives don't matter.

    Don't buy into this rubbish!

    If it isn't obvious to you at this point in time this is a psychological operation being waged against the populace
    red/white/black/yellow (the Ojibwa colours of man) then please continue on enjoying your managed perception and see yourself as less then worthy- the elite classes simply love the fact of your stupidity!

  5. dig a bit deeper and their 'good book' claims a girl over the age of 3 is fair game because she can be a temptress

    Bush put into effect (bush 1 ) the Noahide laws in the US by Law
    Look into them sometime. Wonder if Canada has done the same.

    1. There is a difference between what is stated in the torah and the talmud. When you are referencing their 'good book' which are you speaking of? Just asking nothing more implied.

    2. The Babylonian Talmud most likely. A disgraceful discourse. If ever one existed. As for scheerson, who bush the elder idolized, he is worse than a poisonous toad. Religion, whew! I for one wish it would be gone.