Saturday, July 9, 2016

Micah X = Malcom X: Parallels being created- Archetypes exploited

 This is really one big perception managing psychological operation to promote a divide to conquer:
Yup Micah X Johnson..   Micah Xavier Johnson or Micah X
-Allegedly, all about black power. Allegedly, willing to use violence against whites.

Black Power Salute

Malcom X-  Associated with the early days of  the black power movement- Promoted the use of violence.

Micah X  attended a Malcom X film festival
 Or his attendance at a film festival focused on Malcolm X, the charismatic black leader assassinated in 1965.
 Mi/Cah   to  Mal/Com- Two syllables- m starting the first- c starting the second

Should we expect Micah X posters to appear at the next black lives matter protest or rally?
Turn him into a martyr perhaps?  That would be super inflammatory, so it seems quite likely. I'll be watching.

Unbeknownst to me the Superbowl show was just another mass dose of perception managing identity politics: Black Power and Rainbow (LGBT)

Beyonce and co being militant- complete with black power salute

One description of the Super Bowl event I keep seeing is  “unapologetically black”. This alludes to the dancers in Black Panther berets performing black power salutes, arranging themselves into the letter “X” for Malcolm X

Then the LGBT identity politic card also got it's play

 BeyoncĂ©’s performance was not the only political statement of the night, with Coldplay’s set featuring a marriage-equality inspired rainbow wave of placards held up across the stadium, which spelled out: “Believe In Love”.

What to make then of the Black Lives Matter hijacking of the Pride parade in TO?

As my hubby and I say, "It's perception management, always" 

Going to hattip Jay Dyer @ Jay's Analysis  for bringing the Super Bowl's  super psyop show to my attention. The superbowl (stuporbowl)  would be ideal for a meme implanting show!! 

Below is Jay's initial audio analysis- he has since updated, but, I haven't read his latest piece- yet.

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  1. got to read Jay's latest piece on the Dallas shooting and not surprising Jay caught the MiCah X/ MalCom X memes

    worth reading at Jay's link in the sidebar

  2. After watching numerous videos and commentaries, performing due diligence and researching, I must categorically state you were correct in your assessment of the dallas sniper/police killings event. Jay's analysis, especially the information that soros has a hand in the BLM organization, provided me with information I was not previously aware of. Kudos to you.

    1. thanks charles :)

      actually when you mentioned another 'three named killer' in your previous comment I went huh?

      That's when I did some digging around and saw Micah Xavier Johnson being referenced in several articles

      I immediately spotted the Micah X
      Pop Culture reference for certain
      Went to Jay's he had his audio up that I embedded, listened and was like "what the heck"?
      I don't watch Superbowl at all- knew nothing of the show- All popular culture is perception management of the masses- all of it- then I started seeing the parallels or patterns..

      I'm sure there are points I'm missing but the manipulation is right in plain site- As alway
      It's always patterns I look for

    2. I played multiple sports and there was a time I would not have missed the stupor bowl. Besides all else that's wrong about major sports, the all hail the military all of the time drove me away from spectacle. Bread, blood and circuses. This one, dallas 2.0, has it all. Gun controls, terrorism, black revolts, race wars. Drives home one of the points made by Chuck D and Flav, "U cain't Trust it".


    Video backup. Take a look when you have a moment.

    1. will check it out- thanks charles

    2. Excellent ten minute video- that guy get's it!

  4. BLM has been stolen from the original people who still trying to figure out what to do and how
    This site takes time to open but it's worth it.

    1. hey jo

      "BLM has been stolen from the original people who still trying to figure out what to do and how"

      I have no doubt of that. That's the standard with any group or organization- which is why it's better to stay away from that type of stuff- completely

      Even this protest in Dallas? I know I've covered and you've read this exact scenario in every nation being destabilized by NATO. Without exception

      Snipers used:

      Egypt during protests
      Libya during protests
      Syria during protests
      Ukraine during protests

      Turkey- used to target Turkish police and ambulance after PKK bombs

      The original black panthers became infiltrated
      The red brigades became an infiltrated organization
      This is a common, very common practice.
      It would be better for Black Lives Matter if they disbanded- because many people are going to get hurt if this keeps up


      Yes, I do believe they need to break up to get rid of the govt. employees inside the BLM. MLK and Malcolm X had the same problems

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  6. The AWACs are up (after being deployed months ago) as US declaring it will not allow Russia no fly zone to disrupt its plans. Rojava? As the Iraqi Militias move north toward Mosul? Is this the no fly declaration into increased Aleppo shelling and alleged US-Russia cooperation (no where evident least of whcih Ukraine as Obama drops in on Spanish Aegis port)?

    "“We will provide AWACS support and the plan is to have them to flying over international airspace and Turkey and that will allow us to look into airspace in Iraq and Syria,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told a news conference July 9. “This is a clear signal of our resolve to help tackle terrorism.”

    IFX: NATO won't tolerate Russia's no fly zones affecting its areas, interests - source

    So was the Russia helicopter shoot down Palmyra (recall reports of new Russian base there in shadow of the nefarious and incomprehensible (rogue) activity around Jordanian border including the alleged Intelligence smuggling of weapons?) a message after it was reported with US weapons? As the Chinese are launching live fire missiles in the South China Sea ahead of declaration.

    This of course comes after the Russians did the Armenia deal on extension. (just as US just announced another round of exercises with Georgia post Kerry drooping off a few billion.

    Then Newt Gingrich shows up at a Iranian opposition demonstrations alongside former Saudi Intel chief in wake of Reuters Foundation arrest and the Kurd kills. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad running for re-election after the security council shakeup?

    IFX: ‎ Gorbachev to Interfax: NATO Warsaw Summit's decisions are step toward preparations for hot war

    Notable how the Taiwan missile launch accident fireing was due to a war 'setting". Similar to that Facebook mistake with the Philippine flag indicating it was at war/

    1. Brzezinski: Obama should retaliate if Russia doesn't stop attacking U.S. assets, urging "strategic boldness,"