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Mosul Assault "ISIS Hostage" John Cantlie in Mosul- Taking Mosul for Kurdistan

 We're going long, I've been working at this one for a few days now.  Mosul is ominous. The US plans for Syria don't look to be peaceful either. But then they never have been.

Mosul Heating Up
Iraqi officials tell me the operation to liberate Mosul began in March, and will pick up pace in the coming months. One suspects U.S. President Barack Obama would also like to see mission accomplished before he leaves office.
Despite the spin of the perception managing media, indeed, the move on Mosul has been in the process for months- It wasn't off my radar. Having written several posts on the subject beginning:
April 21/2016:  Gearing up for the Annexation of Mosul. Destroying Iraq &; Maybe Mosul Dam too! More recently: May 18/2016  The US Push to Recapture/Annex Mosul- Fact over Fiction With quite a bit of information posted in between. Mosul has not been far from my mind.

John Cantlie is no ISIS Hostage 

 He's clearly a spook masquerading as a journalist.  Much like Marie Colvin-  Recall her? I certainly do! Marie Colvin's name has been back in the news recently. Family of Marie Colvin, Slain U.S. Journalist, Sues Syria Which has caused an upsurge in visits to the blog of  interested persons reading up on Marie Colvin.  Marie never met a terrorist she didn't run amok with. Nor did she miss a destabilization. From Egypt, onto Libya, meeting her demise in Syria. Or so the story goes??? If you are interested in this perpetrator of crimes against humanity, I've relinked some of the older posts regarding Ms Colvin- below her picnic with terrorists picture.

Marie picnicking with terrorists in Libya

I'm not going to spend too much time on her story, except to say this: Miss Colvin ran with very bad people, terrorists in fact,  and she was in Syria because she had her spook self smuggled into Syria in order to spin lies and deception about what was really happening in Syria. No sane judge should award her family a dime. However the judicial system is most likely full of corrupt/ contemptible and compromised judges. So, we can't hold our breath for any real justice- Just think about Hillary getting her 'get out of jail free card'?

Let's now move on to John Cantlie:
John Cantlie, interestingly appears in Mosul, Iraq: He is recounting the damage done by coalition bombings to that vibrant city- In particular the university of Mosul. 
This is not an ISIS propaganda video, it is in fact a coalition video, proclaiming their evil and oppression to all- Proud that they've smashed Iraq!
'If you look behind me you'll see it's been pretty much smashed to pieces. You have to ask yourself: ''Why did the Coalition decide to destroy the university?''
'The level of destruction is absolutely massive. Mosul University was the biggest and finest in all of Iraq.
'If it was a military point or a weapons cache or a training ground for the mujahideen perhaps you could understand - but it was simply Mosul's and Iraq's finest university, now reduced to a huge pile of rubble.'

Yes, the coalition did bomb Mosul University! I covered that information in the third installment  of  series of post on the Operation to Annex Mosul:  Pt.3 Iraq’s Maidan Spring- Operation Annex Mosul is Well Under Way

 * Mosul University was bombed with ninety two deaths and one hundred and thirty five injuries. Earlier estimates were higher, but many were pulled from the rubble alive. "They were students, faculty members, staff members, families of faculties, and restaurants workers."

As I've been saying for months now the coalition of the killing has been decimating Mosul in advance of the final onslaught that will see it annexed from Iraq. Forcibly. To become Kurdistan/Israel 2.0. I had  saved the article from the Economist late last week, but, got side tracked by Dallas and all the race baiting! Before we get to that article, a brief refresher:

It's been discussed here that the "Kurds" are not one big happy family- Rather they are a dysfunctional bunch, who can't even agree on just who or what a kurd is. There are multiple factions working against one another- However the thugs in the PKK  may have abused/displaced and stolen the children of enough Kurdish persons, that the rest will accept the tyranny?

 Kurdistan- Dream on hold   

PESHMERGA militiamen pile armchairs and sofas high on a removal van as they decamp from the dam above Mosul (good if it collapses, no?) to the plain below. Mosul, Iraq’s second city and the nerve centre of Islamic State (IS), lies in their sights. Thanks to coalition arms, training and air power, the peshmerga, Iraqi Kurdish troops whose name means “one who confronts death”, now surround it on three sidesTogether with Baghdad’s army, they are also closing in from the fourth side, the south

Yup, as has been said repeatedly here- The 'poor beleaguered kurds had the big guns behind them. Neither the coaltion or the PKK want the Iraqi army in Mosul- they are in a dangerous position being south of Mosul- Very dangerous
“Whatever we take, we hold,” says a peshmerga intelligence officer, surveying IS dugouts from a trench on the front line.
 For 28,000 square kilometres (11,000 square miles) behind him, Kurdish flags now fly over the remains of deserted and destroyed Sunni Arab villages and towns. (that's ethnic cleansing boys and girls and it's been covered here- repeatedly. I don't cheer for NATO's mercs) Time and again, the peshmerga have chased the jihadists out. In Syria, too, Kurdish forces boast similar gains. Thanks to the war on IS, they control some 600km of Syria’s 800km northern border with Turkey. (KurdIShIS) In March they declared their own autonomous region there, Rojava. In Turkey and even in Iran, Kurdish armed groups have ended years of ceasefire and taken up arms. Rarely in their century-old bid for statehood has the dream of carving a Kurdistan from the rumps of four states appeared so nearly within reach.
 As I've stated repeatedly- It was the Kurds that broke the ceasefire in Turkey- Sadly the disinfo spreaders had more voice then I :(  As for Iran- It's been covered a number of times here that the Kurds have taken up arms against the Iranian gov. This past Monday was just the most recent coverage of yet another attack: Iran’s Kurds Now Growing Restless?? Kurdish Mercenaries Attack Iranian Gov. Officials

 Back to the Economist:
Mayhem in all four has helped their cause. ( cui bono? ISIS shock troops tag teaming with Kurd land grabbers) In Iraq the area ruled by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has been beyond the effective control of Baghdad since 1991; only Kurds over 40 now speak Arabic there. Having struck oil, the KRG’s leaders sell it independently of Baghdad, exporting it through their own pipeline to Turkey. “Iraq is over,” says Heman Hawrami, a confidant of the KRG’s president, Masoud Barzani. “Statehood is the only practical solution.”
Yet if so, why do they delay declaring it? In a referendum in 2005, 99% of KRG voters chose Kexit. A decade on, Kurdish officials say they need a second vote, but will not name a date.
Infighting is the main reason for delay. Having taken back control of their territory (never their territory) in Iraq and Syria, the Kurds have proved incapable of sharing it. The alphabet barely has enough letters to cover the acronyms of all their quarrelsome factions. A Syrian analyst counts 45 in Rojava alone. In Iraq there are almost as many.
I've talked about this infighting as already mentioned. Here are two posts with links back to still more posts:  Bye Bye Barzani. Hello, Israel 2.0 aka Kurdistan & The end of Iraq is Nigh: Gorran Leader Nashirwin Mustafa returns from London.
And their are likely still more posts- Long term readers are surely familiar- Others can use the labels below to find more, many  more posts on this subject.
The quarreling has been and is in the process of being crushed by the PKK

Continuing with the Economist:
Instead, on either side of Iraq’s northern border with Syria, Kurdish militias now train their guns on each other, hungry for control of the territories and oilfields they have captured from IS or the Assad regime. The People’s Protection Units (YPG) hold Rojava as well as bases in Mount Sinjar, west of Mosul, on Iraq’s side of the border. Opposing their advance, Mr Barzani has cobbled Syrian Kurdish exiles into his own “Rojava Force”. “We’re upholding Sykes-Picot borders,” says one of its commanders wryly, using the shorthand for the partition of the region into various Arab states but not a Kurdish one. (Like I said, no Kurdish lands, ever)
  Western support for the Kurds, too, has its limits. Since 1991, when the UN set up a modest Kurdish haven in Iraq’s snow-capped mountains, Western powers have been the Kurds’ guarantors.
Trouble within:
But in their single-minded focus on IS, they have turned a blind eye to Kurdish infighting, sent copious arms and provided the air cover to expand Kurdish control in Syria and Iraq. A slew of Arabic towns have acquired Kurdish names. (Kobani, the Kurdish name for Ain al-Arab, is said to derive from the mispronunciation of Company, after the railway contractors who worked there.) “The US is subsidising Kurdish bad practices,” says Bilal Wahab, a Kurdish academic in Sulaymaniyah.
 Why yes the US is subsidizing Kurdish very bad practices. Very, very, very bad!!
Of course the economist article continues on- You'll have to read it for yourself-

Here's where I wrap it up- Kurdistan was not for the Kurds- At least not for many of them. Kurdistan is being created to break up the nations of Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq. Kurdistan is being created as an extension of Israel. Kurdistan is being created as a NATO terror state to guarantee ongoing fighting in the region and to expand on that fighting. Kurdistan was only nominally about the Kurds. We're still a way off from some form of Kurdistan, but, it will not be anything like the fictional media creation. (peace, love and equality- that's just lies)

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  1. One more item of interest

    Omar Shishani has died- again

    "The Amaq news agency said Shishani was killed in combat in the town of Shirqat, south of Mosul in Iraq.

    The Pentagon said in March he had died from injuries sustained in a US air strike in north-eastern Syria.

    Shishani's real name was Tarkhan Batirashvili but he was also known as Omar the Chechen"

    I have a post here where Omar or Tarkhan was killed by the Kurds- but what the hell!?

    the media could tell the masses over and over that this guy died- it would go right over their twitter text heads



    Russia brings the Tupelovs back into the fray. Air campaign heating up. I do not believe the bombastic statements made by empire's cast of fools will make the Russians blink.

    1. I do not believe the bombastic statements made by empire's cast of fools will make the Russians blink.

      It's the danger of it all that scares me
      Iraq, Syria- Turkey- Never mind Iran and NK (Nagarno Karabakh) Armenia Azerb, Georgia..

      Then all the race baiting going on in North America

    2. And the Russians and caspian nations about to ink a deal. As former citigroup ceo pandit was fond of touting north south trade

  3. more war messaging as Kerry touches down

    50 strikes since Jul 12 - Interfax

    Sidenote: Saudi king leaving the country and Nayef to preside over affairs: Watch it.Tail hedging mgiht be in order...

    1. ...and the humanitarian access calls.
      Aid agencies repeatedly call for regular access to areas under siege, while the Syrian government only gives intermittent and often conditional approval to such convoys.

      And the Lebanon war talk, again -matter of time as Israel warns on 120,000 Hez rockets while US pushes the financial sanctions

    2. I did see the news regarding Lebanon and the energy to market- thanks for keeping me on top of things :)

      Sanctioning Lebanon?! Come on. A dirt poor nation under a ton of refugee stress already and sanctions?

      I am at a loss for words

    3. It's clear that Saudi Arabia is on the hit list-

      but not clear on what you mean here
      "Nayef to preside over affairs: Watch it.Tail hedging mgiht be in order...?

      Nayef will be in charge, got that but what do you mean tail hedging?

      Also saw reports that the prince was deathly ill

      Saudi Arabia has denied

      Also frontline did a very obvious hit piece on Saudi Arabia back in March- saw it the other night or should say saw bits of it, then shut it off-

    4. Cia brennan out today talking up isis threat to kingdom as the kind is departing. The deputy crown prince was just in the us on a goodwill tour touting the privatization bonanza. Will nayef catch the Latin American disease?

    5. Recall the strongly anti brotherhood nayef Sr diedsuddenly back in 2012 around the same time Egypt former Intel chief allegedly checked into the mayo clinic and never checked out

    Israel's Next War in Lebanon Is a Matter of Time

    After the Syrian army’s collapse, the Iraqi army’s evaporation and the Egyptian army’s turning into a friend, Hezbollah is today the sole conventional factor that poses a significant threat to Israel.

  5. Now Boris Johnson is new FM, more covert aid to the Kurds will happen. however the main priority is Iran, things are more severe then Iran let's us know, lots of American and British NGO's have been arrested or deported of late. Iran must be destabilised before Hezbollah can be attacked.

    1. So Boris Johnson is a a kurd devotee?
      I know nothing of them man except his is presented as goofy or strange- however- that is likely a clever cover
      for some liar and cheat

      What's the story with this new British PM- a woman!
      I read one piece on her and she is the devil in a dress

    2. Boris Johnson is part Turkish, he talks about it a lot. Apparently it is where his blonde hair has come from

  6. Now Boris Johnson is new FM, more covert aid to the Kurds will happen. however the main priority is Iran, things are more severe then Iran let's us know, lots of American and British NGO's have been arrested or deported of late. Iran must be destabilised before Hezbollah can be attacked.

    1. Iran will not sit idley by and allow the Turds (intentional) to steal their territory. Iran is not broadcasting their countermeasures. They are not Syria or Lebanon. They are a legitimate military power in the region. I agree with your assessment, except that if they are waiting for Iran to buckle prior to attacking Hezz, they'll have to wait far longer than they believe they will.

    2. Certainly the destabilization of iran has begun- hopefully Iran nips it in the bud, quick

  7. Hey Penny -
    Great post!!!! I'm still thinking US wants "kurdistan" as its 2nd "unsinkable aircraft carrier" - aka Israel??? The whole thing or as much as they can get reminds me of how NATO/US broke Serbian province of Kosovo off and continues to maintain the huge Camp Bondsteel there. With a ruling elite made up of pure mafia US has allowed and supported all manner of equipment "missing" which somehow (with Georgian military help) ends up with the freedom fighters of the day. Not to mention the civilian workers they transport to Iraq from Kosovo who disappear upon arrival only to show up with those freedom fighters days/weeks later.

    1. hi silver palomino

      "I'm still thinking US wants "kurdistan" as its 2nd "unsinkable aircraft carrier" - aka Israel???"


      I've often compared Kurdistan (how ever that pans out) and Kosovo as terror states... and they have plenty in common
      Kurds, Kosovars and Israelis have plenty of common pursuits
      from organ trafficking- human trafficking- sex trafficking- drug trafficking

      terror states all of them- people abusers etc

  8. I'll have something new up for tomorrow
    too tired today

  9. with the Nice, France attack I was afraid this might get 'lost' so dropping it by.
    Another needle in the haystack

    Bomb discovered (1 ton) at customs gate between Iran and Turkey
    little doubt in my mind who is behind that.

    1. Dec 6 2014 Holland's Russia stopover
      Jan 15 Hebdo

      French president says Russia is neither enemy nor threat to his country

  10. I was thinking about the fact that Hollande had made very pro Russian noise lately... and then Nice happened

    1. also interesting:
      controversy about France deploying the carrier days before Paris attacks

      France announced yesterday the redeployment of the carrier for ISIS operations pre attack

      The Trudeau look alike is already on its way to the rescue?

      The 38-year-old former investment banker, who launched the En Marche, or Forward, party in April, has kept the country guessing about his political ambitions, refusing to confirm or deny whether he would run for president in next year's election.

      The Socialist Austerity candidate? Pro NATO?

    2. S-400 deployment in Crimea to seriously bolster Russian defense - Adm. Komoyedov
      New military conflicts probable near Russian borders – Shoigu

      Kazakhstan attack the kick off after the US General called Eurasia a denied zone? Georgia NATO push?

  11. karin:

    No doubt in my mind either; PKK
    look at the mountains all around- the domain of the kurdish smugglers..