Friday, July 15, 2016

Nice, France, Bastille Day Truck Attack: Ban Trucks Say Truck Grabbers!!

Any truck grabbers out there making absurd demands to grab the trucks?- Cause here we have the truck as a dangerous weapon! No different then any day on the highways and byways. That said, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to point out the absurdity of the gun grabbers!

A bit of a chronology:

Last week: July 8th to be exact:
French President Francois Hollande has said Russia should not be considered a threat but rather a partner.

"NATO has no role at all to be saying what Europe's relations with Russia should be,” Hollande said on July 8 as he arrived for an alliance summit in Warsaw. “For France, Russia is not an adversary, not a threat."

Shaming Hollande over his costly coiffeur:
French President Francois Hollande’s hairdresser is paid a gross salary by the state of 9,895 euros, or $10,958, a month. Just a third less than Hollande’s own salary.......

 Cue the Nice attack:  nice attack? (job well done?)

1-Attacker identified: With government issued identification, not by dna

NICE, France (AP) — Police: ID found with Nice truck attacker is of French petty criminal, 31, of Tunisian descent; no DNA confirmation

2- Buildings Across the Globe Illuminate in Solidarity With France- making this a global ritual of mourning

3-France stunned after truck attacker kills 84 on Bastille Day in Nice

Creating the back story
Investigators search local apartment after man believed to be 31-year-old French Tunisian turns celebration into carnage
 The armed man, believed to be a 31-year-old French Tunisian who lived locally, zigzagged the vehicle at high speeds for more than a mile along a beachfront esplanade, instantly turning a festival atmosphere of fireworks and families into carnage. Police shot him dead inside the truck’s cabin.
 The French president, Fran├žois Hollande, extended a nine-month state of emergency for another three months, declared three days of national mourning starting on Saturday and then flew to the scene of the outrage.
WSJ " He had said earlier that he would end the months-long state of emergency on July 26"
Well didn't that terror attack just happen in the nick of time!? Wanna bet another terror attack will take place in just under three months time so the state of emergency can be extended, yet again?? Late October? Early to mid November? Bataclan (November 13) anniversary?

4- WSJ continues:  Headline  Kerry Says Nice Attack Underscores Need for End to Syria Crisis


Pressure tactics to create a sense of urgency (this is a familiar tactic)
 At the start of a second day of discussions on a U.S. proposal for closer military cooperation with Russia in Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry invoked the attack in Nice to emphasize the urgency of bringing about an end to the crisis in Syria.

“Nowhere is there a greater hotbed or incubator for these terrorists than in Syria,” Mr. Kerry said Friday, at the top of a meeting with his Russian counterpart Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. “People all over the world are looking to us and waiting for us to find a faster and more tangible way of them feeling that everything that is possible is being done to end this terrorist scourge.”
 Are people the world over waiting for the US to find a faster and more tangible way of ending this terrorist scourge- by bombing nations to bits. Really?

5-France to Escalate Strikes in Syria and Iraq After Nice Attack

"We will strengthen our actions in Syria and Iraq, we will continue to strike those that attack us from their cells," said Hollande in a national address. He said he will present the plan to extend the state of emergency to parliament next week. He had said earlier that he would end the months-long state of emergency on July 26.
So Hollande said Russia's not so much of a problem- He's then shamed in the media. Nice,France has a 'terror attack'. So called. As they identify the perp from government issued identification (which government issued the ID, I have no idea) No DNA. Then search the alleged perps apartment, undoubtedly for weapons (that he didn't use for the attack, no matter, be afraid of guns) probably a manifesto- a variety of passports- the usual stuff. The response to the so called terror attack is to increase attacks on Syria and Iraq- Exactly as was done after Bataclan, November 2015.

Such a familiar pattern



    only with a passport.


    Gingrich also was just at the Paris rally led by the iran opposition.

    paging Sam Huntington

    1. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has announced that a group of military forces have engaged in a "coup attempt" against the government.

      Yildirim made the announcement late on Friday, as he vowed that the "perpetrators" will be contained.



      Gulen extradition yesterday


    1. no worries ally!
      no worries, my hope is your family is ok.

  4. Today
    Shoigu reports heavy losses among Syrian troops resulted from attacks by suicide terrorists near Aleppo over past 3 days

    Into the Kerry meetings and those US Spec op deployments and the rather large deployments into Turkey (it not Syria the target?)

    1. A not very bright move on Russia's part accepting and cooperating with devils from the US and NATO. It gave them an opportunity to rearm, reinforce and reorganize their takfiri proxies.
      Hopefully, the Russians have finally seen the light and cease being played by and cooperating with the anglo-zionists.
      How many times do they have to be kicked in the seat before they understand their "partners" in the west do not play nice.

    2. I'm referencing the so-called cease fire to be clear.

  5. The escalation continues on all fronts. Horse Face, I mean kerry, continues spewing delusional absurdities from that hole in what he calls a face. He's obviously being mind controlled. If he isn't he couldn't possibly keep a straight face. My gag reflex goes into overdrive witnessing his comments concerning Syria, terrorism, and the ME in general. Then seeing the representative of the zionist Khazarian Mafia, the bobble-head nuland, there for support. What a reprehensible sight, a very bad dream.
    Finally, KUDOS once again to you. The current event in Turkey validates your analysis once again.

    1. Thanks Charles:

      Do you realize how much I took it on the chin for my analysis- Chased off of web sites for being a so called Erdogan apologist- despicable treatment from others- I can only put that down to disinfo trolls on the net- The hostility towards myself had been really palpable

    2. At times it becomes difficult to keep the faith. You just can't let them bring you down. And you know what? In the end You win!!

    3. Thanks Charles- I can't express to you how often I want to be wrong...

    4. You are a dedicated and faithful woman Penny. There would have been many reasons for you to give up on Erdogan, but despite all the media and everything the world was saying about him, you stood by your beliefs. I don't like him but if he goes, there will be even more chaos and there is always a reason why leaders like Erdogan get so much attention in the media when the Wahabbi tyrants in the Gulf States are even worse but get no media attention. I sound dramatic but even I was falling for the zionist/wahabi/imperialist propaganda until I found this page which subsequently led me to finding other good journalists. I am interested in geopolitics and spend much of my spare time reading on the internet so it is good to find people who understand what is going on in the world!

    5. Hi Ally:

      I did stand by what I saw to be correct and true- to the best of my abilities- Erdogan is not my President- he is the leader for the Turkish people-

      I feel that it is for the Turks to decide their leaders and their course-

      That said there were repeating patterns I had written about over the many years I have written this blog which lead me to believe Turkey was and is being targeted- I wasn't wrong- though I wish to have been :(

      I look at this from the perspective of a Canadian who wishes the leadership here - Justin Trudeau- would be concerned with our nation and our citizens
      I would like that our leadership stays out of other nations business- I don't like the way NATO is some global tyrannical army- And it really bothers me that in all my life Canada has never really shown itself to be a nation that can stand on it's own- though it could- but being strategically located just north of the US we've always been under the sway of the US and the UK

      "I am interested in geopolitics and spend much of my spare time reading on the internet so it is good to find people who understand what is going on in the world!"

      I find the real world politics and intrigue sooo much more interesting then anything I could view on tv or at a movie- It puts fiction to shame.

      And if Erdogan goes, thinks will get much, much worse- I think that can be counted on.

      Thank you for reading here and all your inpoint- I enjoy it very much :)

    6. Thank you for reading here and all your input- I enjoy it very much :)

  6. Hollande: "We will strengthen our actions in Syria and Iraq, we will continue to strike those that attack us from their cells,"

    Err... so when is he going to start bombing his own country?? That's where these people come from. They are NOT from Syria, they are the people in France and other EU nations who have been totally forgotten, ignored, and used by empire dreaming elites on both sides of Atlantic.

    One other thing you should add to the list is he recently came out against TTIP. Since Obama wants that signed before he leaves office, this was another attempt to control the outbursts from Frenchie.

    Also it was reported somewhere - forget where - that Hollande had asked Russia to increase its bombings in Syria. Certainly not what US/NATO wanted to hear.

    1. "Err... so when is he going to start bombing his own country??"

      In some ways he already is! But, I know what you mean.