Sunday, July 17, 2016

President Putin Calls President Erdogan Immediately After Coup Attempt

If you've had your head buried in the sand you can get up to speed, minimally, by reading the two previous posts:

Did Russia provide intelligence that would have enabled the coup plot to be put down? By helping Turkey, Russia would have helped itself.
"In particular, these events would constitute a major setback to the US’s agenda to establish a permanent NATO presence in the Black Sea to contain Russia"

Certainly Russia has no interest in seeing the establishment of a permanent NATO presence in the Black Sea-  As Kerry was dangling offers to the Russians, like tossing a dog his bone, did Turkey with the assistance of Russia, pull the rug out from under Kerry?

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The telephone conversation took place on July 16 and was initiated by the Russian side.

Statement by Kremlin "Vladimir Putin stressed the principled Russian line on strict inadmissibility of actions against states' constitution and resorting to violence amid the violent attempt to overthrow the democratically elected Turkish authorities that took place overnight into July 16," the statement read”

The Kremlin added that Putin expressed to Erdogan his condolences over the number of victims among civilians and law enforcers that countered the coup attempt.
Putin stressed the "categorical unacceptability in the life of a state of anti-constitutional acts and violence" and passed on "wishes for a speedy restoration of strong constitutional order and stability in Turkey," the Kremlin said in a statement.

Putin also passed on his condolences over the "numerous deaths" during the coup during which 161 troops and civilians were killed as well as more than 100 coup plotters, according to the Turkish government and the military.

The leaders also confirmed plans for a personal meeting "in the nearest future," the Kremlin said.
The two earlier discussed a meeting in a phone call in late June after Erdogan apologised to Putin for his forces downing a Russian fighter jet on the Syrian border last year.
So a phone call in June and a meeting in the nearest future- Which looks to be sometime next months- Now just two weeks away. In August.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on July 1 after meeting his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov that Erdogan could fly to Sochi in August for a face-to-face meeting with Putin.

The Turks hitting the streets en masse really reminds me of the Syrians coming out to support Assad.


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    the video is available at the link
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  2. The Turks hitting the streets were mostly islamists, & it reminded me of the staged "Arab spring" protests.
    Erdogan has been a US stooge for a looong time. I actually think he may be in on the Kurdistan project, because his actions only help facillitate it. His behavior harms the country's image, while the Kurds are being endlessly promoted. He is now purging the army, thereby weakning it. It will be diffcult to defeat a large PKK offensive. Plus, he is now clearly moving the country towards civil war, as he sends jihadi gangs onto the street to threaten secularists.

    1. Don't troll here. Your claims with no proof compared to my hundreds and hundreds of substantiated posts over the many years doesn't wash. You're just regurgitating msm cia media. Move along unless you can bring substance to the blog

    2. Penny,
      See Sputnik's article regarding military purge resulting in a weakening of the military if it is too strong. I believe the poster above may have been influnced by it?

    3. I find Afshin Rattansi persuasive in this RT Op Edge interview


      While Erdogan has been supporting Anglo-American policy in destabilizing Syria, just in the past few days observers have noted the sudden rapprochement with Russia – Turkey shot down a Russian aircraft, there have been very frosty relation between the two countries – also rapprochements with China and then revelations of back channels with President Assad himself – the man that Britain and the US have been trying to overthrow now for five or six years. Coincidence that suddenly there is a coup; maybe there are forces within the US that were expecting this.

      Seems to me highly likely that the US/CIA were deeply complicit. For sure, whatever the retribution visited upon the coup plotters and their constituency/supporters inside Turkey - and it is likely to be brutal - Moscow's 'multi-polarity' aims have been advanced further. Add Brexit and increasingly insistent calls for an end to sanctions against Russia from France, Germany and Italy and in spite of continuing US bellicosity, US-NATO geo-political plans look to be in serious disarray.

    4. Dear Penny

      I'm not trying to troll. I have read all your posts re Turkey & the creation of Greater Kurdistan, which I'm strongly against. I agree with most of your posts, but I think Erdogans actions -- even if we put aside the media hate campaign -- play into the hands of the neo-con/Zionist cabal, and I have therefore started to believe that he might just be a puppet weakening the Turkish army, so it can't defend the nation.

      Best regards,

    5. I can't be sure who is trolling and who isn't. And I'm not familiar with you as either Rescue or Sophia. So if I jumped the gun, I apologize. Sadly, I gotta be on guard- I've been abused.

      All my previous problems aside, I disagree that this plays into the zionist cabal hand, based on what I can see and have written however if you would like to expand on your reasoning I and everyone else here would be happy to read it. And I really do mean that.
      Because I've been playing this over and over in my head and bouncing ideas off of my hubby- am I missing something? I've sure tried to think of this from every angle

    6. In a comment on E&R where they presented a scenario compatible with yours, there floated an idea that I found interesting. They noticed that the coup attempt was quite ill conceived and poorly implemented, a lot of people conclude (wrongly imho) from it that Erdogan has done on purpose (false flagging). I tend more to think that it was more a lihop operation (probably with Russian inteligence as you noted). The original idea of that comment was that the announcement of warming relations between Russia and Turkey last week that had us all puzzled, was in fact the bait that forced the hand of USrael/NATO to handle, and handle quickly or else they would lose completely the momentum.

    7. First of all none of us can truly know what is going on. This is a very great game playing out, which will decide the future of the Middle East.
      When I started reading your blog, I was so happy that someone else shared my view of the nature of the Kurds & their role in this great game. I have generally agreed with you. But in the contecst of Turkey, I have been split between seeing Erdogan as someone demonised as the ultimate villan by the MSM, to seeing him as a willing player.
      Example: instead of restoring order to Turkey after the attempted coup, he sends out these sunni fanatic gangs, who have lynched conscript soldiers who had no idea they were taking part in a coup in the first place, and had also surrendered.
      That sort of thing plays into the narrative the united western press have painted of him since the coup: that he is an islamist dictator, who himself organised the coup, as a power grab.
      Turkey is a zionist infested country, & has been so since the young Turks. Therefore I sometimes think that Erdogan might deliberately be taking part in what is the impending Zionist/NATO destruction of Turkey.
      Hope you understand my point better.

    8. All opposition parties, from the Grey Wolves MHP, to the centre-left CHP, to the pro-Kurd HDP all denounced the coup attempt yesterday. Turkey has suffered many coups in its history and they have been quite bloody.

    9. Rescue: I understand your point a great deal better- thanks for taking the time to explain it to me- And I do understand your concerns wrt Erdogan- I too waivered on him for quite some time

      "Turkey is a zionist infested country, & has been so since the young Turks"


      I'm in the process of working on a monstrosity of a post and hope you will come back to read it

      Thanks again :)

    10. Ally: I've read a bit on the history of the coups- all succesful coups have been extremely bloody-

  3. The soldiers who took part, thinking it was a drill, were heavily beaten afterwards, some almost to a pulp, and some were killed by the opposition. To me, that doesn't fit in with a cooperative coup between Erdogan and military. Those soldiers still alive must have feared for their lives so how could they trust their oficers again, if it was a fake coup?

  4. There have also been some shenanigans in Yerevan, Armenia. A group of armed opposition people took over a police station, along with some hostages. They were demanding the release of their leader who is being held on charges relating to illicit weapons and ammuntion. They also demanded the government resign. This is a violent follow-up to the earlier 'electric Yerevan' which was a classic color-coded regime change attempt - the government was to resign over high electric prices following piratisation.

      Doesn't surprise me that Germany randomly after 90 years recognised the Armenian Genocide. They are trying to lure the Armenians into their sphere of influence.

  5. Breaking:

    What do you make of this? Another Gladio, false flag? Or is it possible one of my statements concerning the Dallas event, basically enough is enough, retaliatory shootings, might have a smidge of truth?
    Time will tell.

  6. The fact that a report was recently made warning the Baton Rouge police that a purge against them could be imminent. Gladio 1, retaliation ?

  7. Report/warning issued by the FBI. Gladio 2, retaliation by black radicals? Of course suspected perp dead. There may be another shooter at large still. Gladio 3. Retaliation 1/2.


    A Clinton-Gulen Connection? Very interesting.

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  10. Penny, one of your commenters linked to this writer. I'm finding his(?) view of what is happening in Turkey to be quite interesting.

    There are related articles within this one:

  11. I don't think the people in the street for Turkeys president are anywhere near Assad people. My take is more like this story below. Then what do I know?

    Turkeys citizens are headed into the dark times. Sad

    1. I'm currently reading Goebbels biography from David Irving and it's now established fact that Hitler, Goebbels and Göring did not plan for the Reichstag fire. They exploited it politically but they were as surprized as everyone of the event. The Goebbels diaries are up to 1934 quite genuine and really surprizing, not at all politically correct (for the nazis). From 1934 on they get more and more self-censored an more difficult to interpret (Goebbels was nearly on the wrong side during the night of the long Knives, so he knew the dangers of his office).
      All this to say, that an article trying to find an analogy in one of the "big lies" events is problematic from the get go.

  12. From a couple of weeks ago...

    "Erdogan is NOT the power in Turkey." >>> AGREED! <<<

    "I just said that Erdogan is going to take control of Turkey, sever relations with the U.S./EU, pull Turkey out of NATO, form a military alliance with Russia, and an Islamic block with Saudi and numerous other Arab and muslim states, because THAT is what the think tanks that write history SAY he is going to do."

    Now keep your eye on Bernie Sanders at the Democratic Convention.

    The man has greatness written all over him.

  13. Have to read comments in the morning but wanted to drop this off in case you hadn't read it yet

    I don't know if I said it here or just at twitter, but (as Pepe claims) The Sultan got wind of the coup (Russia?) and let it happen and masterfully it appears, made it play out to his advantage..
    got to give him credit, even tho he is who he is.

    win.. Erdogan at least for now.. The Middle East's bad days are far from over though.

  14. A Business Insider post from 2013 shows that Gulen was being set up as a replacement for Erdogan back then. Erdogan would fail in 'an election or sooner' which is an intriguing statement.

    1. I remember that article. I also watched the interview which I found at Turkey website.
      Gulen is 'rumored' to have altzeimers disease and is on medication.

  15. Just a question about the inconsistency, if it's true that NATO etc supported the coup then are they not departing from their usual ambition in the region?

    I read everywhere that Turkey's military enforces secularism in the country should politicians seek to pursue a more Islamist society. The narrative is that Erdogan and his party are tending towards theocratic policies which would make this different to the typical globalist agenda of beheading secular leaders (Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad) in favour of more militant, theocratic groups.

    Or is this a tradeoff the zombie Western leaders were willing to make in order to help the Kurds/Greater Israel?